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Immortality Cultivation Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 239 You, Go to Hell!

Chapter 239 You, Go to Hell!

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Master Wen’s eyes are as sharp as blades that can pierce through everything.

His eyes are also a bit playful.

Chen Long starts to sweat from his head.

Faced with Master Wen’s question, he can only keep silent.

Gao Ge stands at the door, watching them talk with each other. He also heard Master Wen’s words.

Qin Yuming told him that Chen Wangshi was an abandoned child, who was a bit special.

If she is really an abandoned child picked up by Chen Long, he can’t know her date and hour of birth.

In no way can he know.

Although Gao Ge is curious, he is aware that now is not a good time to probe into this matter.

“Let’s find the girl first.”

Gao Ge’s words also wake Chen Long up.

Gao Ge glances at Master Wen with a frown and walks out of the store.

Walking behind Gao Ge, Master Wen holds his compass in the palm and stares at it carefully.

The needle of the compass rotates slightly, which keeps pointing at the same direction.

“Actually, we don’t need to worry. The kid will be fine.” Master Wen says out of breath while following Gao Ge.

Gao Ge turns around to look at him.

“Something is hiding inside the kid…”

“What is it?” Gao Ge asks.

Master Wen shakes his head, “I don’t know. My master must be able to figure it out, but I am not that capable.”

“What is your master’s phone number?”

Master Wen is speechless.

The dripping sound comes.

The little girl is wandering in the woods.

The short pine forests are green throughout the year. In winter, the trees full of pine needles look extremely beautiful.

A woman, who is wet all over her body, is still following the little girl.

They walk through the woods together.

In front of the woods is an empty yard.

At the door of the yard, there is a wasted tractor.

The iron door of the yard is also shabby, which is covered with rust. This place has been deserted for a long time.

Through the yard is a big tile-roofed house, outside which a wolfhound is tied up there. Attached to the wall of the house, there is an iron tent and under the tent two cages are placed. A group of kids are chained up in the cages.

Upon seeing the little girl, the wolfhound starts to bark madly.

As the wolfhound barks, the door of the house is pushed open.

A middle-aged man in black walks out of the house with a smile in his face, who waves at the little girl.

“Come on. Here you go.”

Another young man follows him out of the house with a Soul Summoning Pennant in his hand smilingly.

“Brother, this is the ninth one. We still need 9 more kids.” The young man says.

The middle-aged man sighs and says, “I don’t think we can collect all the 18 kids here. This place is so small that it is really difficult for us to find 18 special kids.”

“It’s okay. We can wait. Maybe other brothers can find several kids.” The young man says.

“You are right.”

The little girl pushes open the iron door and walks inside slowly.

“What?” The middle-aged man suddenly frowns.

“Brother, what’s wrong?”

“Look! A ghost is following the little girl.” The middle-aged man says with a frown.

The young man rubs his eyes and feels surprised.

“My Soul Summoning Pennant can only get the kid here. How come it also brings this ghost here?”

“No worries. Let’s eliminate her.” The middle-aged man says with a sneer.

The young man also smirks.

Such a ghost comes here out of no reason.

She must be really unlucky.

The little girl enters the yard. So does the female ghost.

She suddenly widens her eyes and looks at the kids in the cages.

“Hey! Who are you? Why are you here?” The young man walks forward and asks with a sneer.

“Why… do… you… catch… these kids?” The female ghost seems to be a bit sane but she still stammers, making her words sound quite awkward. She is staring in confusion at the two men before her.

“It’s none of your business. If you leave now, you still have a chance for reincarnation. Otherwise, you will be eliminated for good.”

Right at the moment, the eyes of the little girl in red suddenly turn bright from dullness.

She is like having her soul back.

She starts to look around in shock and horror.

The kids are locked in the cages. There are several bowls filled with water in front of the cages. Something dirty is floating on the water.

All the kids are curling up at the corner weakly. They are shivering, which is the only sign that demonstrates that they are still alive. Yet, with their clothes in rag, they also have a lot of wounds on them. Some of the wounds are covered with scabs and some of them are still bleeding, which seem to be caused by an animal’s bite.

“You… You are bad people!” The little girl says in a loud voice.

After saying that, she turns around and runs towards the door of the yard.

“Hem, you want to flee?” The middle-aged man snorts and rushes towards her.

The moment he is about to reach her, he feels a chilly wind across his face. He can’t help retreating.

Looking at the female ghost standing in front of the little girl, the middle-aged man is stunned and then bursts out laughing.

“Interesting. A female ghost who has just taken shape tries to protect others?” The middle-aged man says that and then reaches out his hand. As he makes a finger gesture, a golden light appears from his hand and shoots towards the female ghost.

Seeing the female ghost thrown away, the middle-aged man snorts and catches the little girl back.

“Let… Let go of her…”

The female ghost gets up from the ground slowly.

The middle-aged man and the young man are both shocked.

“Brother, your blow didn’t disperse her directly?” The young man asks in surprise.

The middle-aged man snorts again.

Seeing that the female ghost gets up instead of being dispersed, he feels a bit embarrassed.

“Since she is not dispersed, I’ll give her one more blow. I must satisfy her if she wants to suffer more.” The middle-aged man says in a voice full of grimness. His eyes contain more killing intent too.

In his eyes, she is like an overconfident chicken that comes to its natural enemy, making threatening gestures.

“Let… go of her!” The female ghost drags her feet towards the middle-aged man.

“Get lost!” The middle-aged man grabs the little girl with one hand and meanwhile takes out a talisman with the other. As he throws out the talisman, it burns instantly and flies rapidly towards the female ghost along a straight line.

The female ghost cannot dodge it in time and gets struck away again.

“Hem. Damn it!” The middle-aged man puts on a stern face.

“Let go of me. You bad guy! Let go of me!”

The little girl keeps struggling to shake off the middle-aged man.

However, she is too weak to fight against a middle-aged man after struggling for a while. Hence, she opens her mouth and bites the man’s arm.

The middle-aged flares up and kicks the little girl aside.

He looks at his arm. A row of tooth prints is left on his arm, which is bleeding now. Instantly, he is burning with anger.

He reaches out his hand to release the barking wolfhound.

Just like a flying arrow, the wolfhound pounces on the little girl immediately.

“You… Go to hell!” The female ghost says.

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