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Imperial God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1291 Resurrection

Chapter 1291 Resurrection

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Translator: Aran

The bronze medal was clearly giving out more heat as they reached the third great hall.

Ye Qingyu continued walking forward with his expression unchanged. He did not inform the others about the medal.

The treasures in each great hall were even more wonderful as they continued advancing. There were various picturesque scenes like medicinal plantations, gardens, canals, rivers and artificial mountains surrounded within barriers set up by ancient Emperors. All of them were constructed with rare, sacred gold or jade, and even the artificial mountains were made with minerals that were usually molded into Emperor weapons. Divine liquid that was channeled by magic flowed in the canals, preventing it from ever evaporating or solidifying throughout the millennia.

Qin Wushuang was beginning to blank out.

Even though he had become calm after his huge life changing experience, he was still feeling a little anxious after seeing all these riches. Any one of these artifacts could turn his family or even his entire domain into the most prosperous within the Vast Thousand Domains. Such a foundation could transform them into an unrivaled power.

Even the worldly Ye Qingyu, Yan Xingtian and Hon Kong were also continually surprised.

Ye Qingyu had entered the suspicious palace of Luosu, the [Formation Emperor], and seen the alarming legacy of the Martial Emperor. He had also been to the Underground Moon Immortal Palace of the Clear River Domain and seen the stockpile of the [Lightning Emperor], but the riches left behind by these two deity-like figures, who were ranked among the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, were more related to martial techniques or training resources. Compared to the Ye Family Palace before him, it was stocked with raw riches and treasures that could drive warriors insane.

"This should be the hidden treasure trove of an ancient Emperor race, one that was accumulated over countless numbers of years," Hon Kong exclaimed.

Yan Xingtian nodded. "Indeed. Even a Martial Emperor could not have stocked up so many treasures, as someone who has reached the pinnacle of the martial way would not lust after such things anymore. He can suppress the entire world with his might, and all of the rare artifacts in the world would belong to him alone."

Only a long lasting Emperor race could have accumulated so much wealth through many generations.

Everyone was sure, as they thought about the "Ye" word on the stone door and tablets along the passageways and that it had to be the ancestral ground of the Ye Emperor race.

They walked through nine imperial halls and saw many rare treasures along their journey.

They arrived before the tenth imperial hall.

Like the stone door, a huge, lifelike "Ye" word was carved on the door covering the tenth hall.

Ye Qingyu had also sensed that the warmth radiating from the bronze medal was already reaching an extreme level as they arrived at this imperial hall, even exceeding the level of warmth he felt at the priest temple of the Snow Empire imperial family. It felt as if a divine fire were burning.


Eventually, the medal automatically emerged from his storage space. It floated above Ye Qingyu's head like a ball of golden flame.

Yan Xingtian and the other two looked in surprise at Ye Qingyu.

At this moment, they could start to sense that Ye Qingyu actually had some relationship to the Ye Family imperial palace.

Even Ye Qingyu himself looked surprised.

The bronze medallion would only produce such a reaction during events that were closely related to him. This time... he could vaguely sense that the mystery of his origin was about to be revealed within this imperial hall.

Golden flames flickered on the bronze medallion, and it floated toward the tenth imperial hall as if it had grown a will of its own.

At the same time, it emitted a ray of light that illuminated Ye Qingyu's figure.

Ye Qingyu instantly sensed that a familiar and warm calling was appealing to him from within the hall. It was a kind of warmth related to his own bloodline, just like when his mother was calling him when he was young.

He felt an urge to dash into the hall.

Soon enough, he arrived before the gates of the hall after walking down the stairway.

The flames covering the medallion shone over the large "Ye" character on the gates before infusing themselves into its grooves like a yellow liquid. The entire process took about five breath cycles, and the word seemed to have been instantly coated with a layer of gold, shining brightly at that moment.

The inscription surged with a power which enveloped Ye Qingyu just as he walked up to the gates.

Ye Qingyu's figure vanished in a blaze and entered the tenth hall directly.

Yan Xingtian and the others were shocked by the sudden change of events. They immediately walked up to the gates and tried all sorts of methods but were not allowed in. The inscription on the gates, which had originally turned gold, was beginning to fade. Eventually, the color disappeared from it, reverting to its white form.

"What... happened?"

Qin Wushuang was shocked.

"It should be related to his bloodline. Great Emperor Ye Qingyu has some relationship with this place," said Hon Kong. He had also discovered some things.

Yan Xingtian nodded.

He believed that Ye Qingyu had not left them outside the hall on purpose, but rather he was drawn in unexpectedly. He was actually an admirer of the Great Emperor's poise and magnanimity.

"Let's wait here for now. Everything will be made known once Great Emperor Ye Qingyu emerges," Hon Kong said somewhat excitedly.

The treasures in that underground imperial palace were shocking. If used for the right purpose, there was no problem to transform the Heaven Wasteland Empire into the top ranked domain in the Vast Thousand Domain, much less rebuilding the White Deer Academy or Deer City.


Within the tenth imperial hall.

Ye Qingyu stared in stunned silence at the sight before him.

He could only react when he was already being drawn into the hall.

Unexpectedly, there were neither riches nor treasures inside, nor were there any sculptures or statues. There were only rows of tombstones and stone tables, as well as a massive stone box shaped like a casket. They were placed very closely together in an orderly fashion, and the domed roof of the hall was fused with bright pearls that emitted a gentle glow, illuminating the dust in the chamber. The eerie feeling of being in a graveyard was not present.

Of course, what shocked and made Ye Qingyu tremble were not these.

Rather, it was because he saw two figures sitting quietly on an altar of light, just in the middle of the hall in a cross-legged fashion.

They were two familiar figures.

They had taken great care of him and nurtured him when he was young; they had also taught him breathing exercises and the ways of the martial arts.

The figures in his memories.

They fell while defending the city against the swarm of beasts and were buried underground before resurfacing six years later, to be later sent off in a watery burial. He witnessed how the same people were sent into the lake.

Ye Qingyu had never expected to meet them there.

They were... his parents.

"How could this be?"

Also, Ye Qingyu was incredibly shocked to notice that his parents, who were supposed to be already dead, had clear signs of life as they sat cross-legged on the altar of light. Even though they were not breathing, and he could not sense their hearts beating, they still looked alive somehow.

How could this be?

Ye Qingyu felt as though he had been struck by lightning, and his entire body began to shake.

In a flash, he appeared right in front of the altar of light.

"Father, Mother, you..." since becoming an Emperor, Ye Qingyu had never lost his poise and felt so emotional. His voice was trembling, and his eyes had turned red. Tears appeared uncontrollably in his eyes.

He took the stairs toward the top of the altar.

He feared that it could be a dream or an illusion. He opened his eyes wide and dared not blink.

Very soon, he appeared at the top of the altar.

There was a buzz as his feet were planted on the altar. A strange energy wave was generated, and ripples of light formations on the ground flickered, as if something was about to be activated.

Ye Qingyu was shocked. He was afraid that some accident was about to occur that could damage his parents' bodies.

The life force coming from their bodies began to pulse as the light formations spread to his parents. At the same time, they began to breathe, and two long white puffs of air came out from their nostrils and mouths. They then opened their eyes together.

They're are... resurrected?

Ye Qingyu went wild with joy upon seeing this, and his heart nearly leaped out of his throat.

"Father, Mother, you... both of you are really alive... you..." Ye Qingyu cried with joy. He was so emotional that he was at a loss for words. He charged up to them in an instant.

It was like a dream.

He had dreamed of this scene many times, and now it was being re-enacted right before him.

His parents were not really surprised to see him, as if they had long expected this to happen. Both of them got up slowly, and there was a strange calm and peace written over their compassionate looking faces. They smiled gently as they walked toward the weeping Ye Qingyu, and stopped two steps away from him, to have a good look.

"Father, Mother, am I... dreaming? You... what exactly is going on?" Ye Qingyu charged forward with the intention of hugging his parents.

He was simply feeling too emotional.

However, his parents took a small step backward and avoided his hug.

"Father, Mother, you...?" Ye Qingyu was perturbed.

The awe-inspiring Immortal God Emperor was like a lost child now. If the obsession of the Divine Light Emperor was to return to his hometown, Ye Qingyu's was to see his parents. He had completely lost his self-control.

"My Lord."

"My Lord."

His parents smiled gently and bowed to him instead.

Ye Qingyu was agape.

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