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Imperial God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1292 - Ye Chongsheng

Chapter 1292 - Ye Chongsheng

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Translator: Aran

“Father, mother, you...” Ye Qingyu stared wide-eyed, not knowing what his parents meant by this.

What made him feel even worse was that his parents’ demeanour was completely different from before, not the kind and affectionate demeanour they had as he remembered in his memory. Their gratified expression was accompanied with a kind of deference, and it was this deference and reverence that revealed an isolating feeling that was entirely different from familial love.

This isolating feeling was like a knife.

“Lord, we are not your parents.” Father Ye explained, “I am Divine General Jue of the five divine generals under the Divine Light Emperor.”

“Yes, I am Divine General Zhi,” Mother Ye also said with a smile.

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.

After listening to what these two people had said, he suddenly realized something, but still found that huge loss difficult to bear. He did not want to believe everything. “But... but when I was a kid... you... I clearly remember, impossible, Father, Mother...”

“Lord, we did play the role of your parents. We started raising you shortly after you were born, but we're not really your parents.” Divine General Jue explained, “Back then, it was the Light War God who sent you to us. I am sorry that we haven't told you the truth. We did not intentionally conceal it, but that we were forced to do so.”

“In order to allow you to grow up safely, we had to do this,” Divine General Zhi explained.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback again.

In truth, after obtaining a string of clues about his life, Ye Qingyu had also thought of this possibility before, especially after he saw in Lan Tian’s memory the appearance of the six great Divine Generals as they enter reincarnation. But he was reluctant to believe it because his childhood memories of his parents were so beautiful and sweet that he would rather believe that was the truth.

But now...

An indescribable sense of loss made Ye Qingyu lose his spirit.

He looked at the two people who he had thought about and who he had dreamt about countless times before. It was the same familiar faces, the familiar smiles, but he couldn’t feel the closeness and affection he had in his memory. After these two people revealed their identity, Ye Qingyu could clearly feel that what they had towards him was more of respect, rather than the kind of affection that parents have for their children.

This feeling was extremely unbearable for Ye Qingyu, like his heart being slashed with a knife.

“This... what actually happened?” A pained expression arose on Ye Qingyu's face.

He was sad that even if Divine General Jue and Divine General Zhi were only ordered to raise him, they were still considered as his adoptive parents. They had raised him from birth, watched him grow up, and were like his biological parents, but the two figures in front of him, when they looked at him, even if there was a slight gratified expression, there was more of respect, and was not how parents react when they see their son.

“The two of us are the Divine Generals under the Divine Light Emperor millions of years ago...” Divine General Jue seemed to have predicted this and began to recount the whole story.

And some of the things he said at the beginning were precisely what Ye Qingyu had seen in the memory world of Lan Tian——including the Sky Emperor's betrayal, the collapse of the Divine Light Court, the invasion of the sovereign fiendgods of space and time, as well as the Divine Light Emperor's final counterattack, and the six Divine Generals including the monkey spirit battle pet sent into reincarnation.

Ye Qingyu was even more upset when he heard this, because this proved that what Divine General Jue told him was the truth.

Ye Qingyu gradually calmed down as he listened to Divine General Jue recount the whole story.

Given his present cultivation realm and state, it was unknown how many times he had experienced life and death situations. His state of mind was unimaginably tough, and his will was incredibly strong. If it wasn’t because what happened today was too astonishing, he would not have lost control. But now he began to accept reality.

“After we entered the reincarnation cycle, we have experienced countless different life journeys. Each reincarnation was a different life.” What Divine General Jue said next was what Ye Qingyu didn’t know about. “And in every life, we would follow the orders of His Majesty God Emperor to search for the one favoured by the heaven and earth, find the protagonist of the world's martial arts. But in the first twenty lives we couldn’t find such a person. After all, the destiny qi of the heaven and earth on His Majesty's person had not dissipated for long enough, and the operation of the heaven and earth order was not considered long enough. Therefore, it was impossible for the child who can bear the world's destiny to be born.”

Divine General Zhi added, “There is another reason, in those twenty lives, following the collapse of the Divine Light Court and the order of heaven and earth thrown into disorder, the law of order was destroyed and the major races and other living beings were constantly fighting for power. In particular, the Human Race, because of the destruction of the Light capital, was close to extinction. Coupled with the fact that the Sky Emperor was stirring up a storm in the dark, it had led to a state of darkness and chaos for tens of thousands of years... Such an era, it was impossible for the real child of destiny to be born!”

Ye Qingyu nodded.

Indeed, the Divine Light Emperor and the Divine Light Court can be said to be the peak of the Human Race of the ancient age, but also the peak of order. Following the collapse of the Divine Light Court, the disappearance of the Divine Light Emperor, the destruction of the Light capital, and the result of civilization being destroyed, there was bound to be brutal suppression of civilization. The whole world seemed to have become a pot of hot oil. All living beings were struggling in this oil pot, and only the murderers and the ambitionists would love this era of chaos, where they can take advantage of the crisis for their personal gain.

“After twenty-one reincarnations, we found a talent who possessed the characteristic of the child of destiny. He was born with the power to control lightning and thunder, and belonged to the body of the former heavens. His body was cultivated with the laws of lightning, and his name is Qin Ming...”

Qin Ming?

“The Emperor of Thunder and Lightning Qin Ming?” Ye Qingyu exclaimed in astonishment.

The leader of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, the first Martial Emperor in the memory of later generations, the Emperor of Thunder and Lightning, Qin Ming?

“Yes, he became an Emperor with the power of lightning and thunder, and in the records of later generations, he was called the Emperor of Lightning and Thunder. He fought everywhere, swept away the haze of the age of darkness, and had brought light to the nearly extinct Human Race that had been struggling bitterly. With his powers, he almost brought an end to the era of darkness... The reason why he could become an Emperor was naturally because he had the support of the Divine Generals...” Divine General Jue was not surprised that Ye Qingyu knew about Qin Ming's origin. He then let out a sigh before he continued, “Unfortunately...”

Divine General Zhi continued, “Unfortunately Qin Ming's luck was limited. But also because the evil legacy and influence that the era of darkness left behind was too deep, despite the wars he fought he still couldn’t completely end the era of darkness. In the end he failed to completely change all of this, his blood sprinkled across the battlefield... We were disappointed. He was not the one we were looking for.”

“In truth, from Qin Ming's body, we saw some of the shadow that only His Majesty had... He was also a great man, but not a true child of destiny.”

Ye Qingyu felt a very strange feeling.

Because he had no idea that there was such a story behind the Emperor of Lightning and Thunder of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

But what followed made Ye Qingyu even more shocked.

According to Divine General Jue and Divine General Zhi, not only the Emperor of the Lightning and Thunder, the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Human Race, including the Formation Emperor Luosu and the Storm Emperor, were also people they have chosen and sought, and were considered to be the child of destiny. It was also because of their support that they were able to become Emperor. Unfortunately, what happened later, had proved that, each of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, although all worthy of the greatest admiration and had supported the whole Human Race for a period of time and tried to force an end to the era of darkness, there was no one that could bring about the peak power and influence that the Divine Light Court had back then. They were naturally not the child of destiny that the Divine Light Emperor spoke of.

The two Divine Generals only spoke succinctly, but the shock in Ye Qingyu's heart was already almost indescribable.

It was one of the greatest secrets.

It turns out that there was such a story behind the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

Is this the true origin of the most remarkable ancestors of the Human Race?

In other words, the Divine Light Court had written the history of the rise of the Human Race for this world?

The Divine Light Emperor really was a God-like existence. Although disappeared, he had, in such a way, with such means, saved the Human Race of later generations and rewrote the history of the world. The history that was distorted and destroyed because of the invasion of the fiendgods of time and space was forcibly pulled back on the right track.

He really was a great man.

And the six Divine Generals were also the legends of the Human Race, the heroes of the Human Race.

“After the era of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, we were very disappointed. After reincarnations time after time, when we thought we had found hope, we were disappointed in the end. We created a period of magnificent history, cultivated legends that can support an era, but cannot reach the height that His Majesty hoped for... Every reincarnation was as though going through a very different life. His Majesty hoped that we could find the true meaning of our existence in the reincarnations, find the origin of the great Dao, but what we hoped to do was only to complete the task that His Majesty had entrusted us. No matter how many times we failed, no matter what method we use, we will all keep on trying.”

Divine General Jue's face was filled with a sincerity similar to a devout follower of a religion.

Divine General Zhi carried on again, “In every reincarnation, we will harvest new memories, but the memory of the past will not be completely forgotten. We have gathered enough experience to cultivate a Martial Emperor-level expert that it became very easy and almost routine. Also things finally began to turn around. Approximately five million years ago, in another reincarnation, we met a person called Ye Chongsheng. This person met almost all the special characteristics that the child of destiny should possess. Under our training, he soared to the sky and became an existence superior to the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. He was the strongest existence we have encountered in our countless reincarnations.”

Ye Chongsheng?

Ye Qingyu's mind flashed a snow-white light.

He had heard the name before.


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