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Imperial God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1294 - Disappearance

Chapter 1294 - Disappearance

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Translator: Aran

A person's name immediately jumped out at Ye Qingyu when he heard this——

The peerless God of War.

The peerless God of War who created the Snow Empire, created the Light City, and who created the Light Palace.

As expected, Divine General Jue continued, “It really is a coincidence, this person also has the surname Ye. When we met him in this reincarnation, we were like thirsty travelers dying of thirst on a long journey in the desert and finally saw an oasis, because the talent he showed was too astonishing. He was able to learn any martial arts right away, and even created his own martial arts. Excuse me for saying something disrespectful about His Majesty, but even His Majesty did not have such a talent. In less than one hundred years of teaching him martial arts, he had become an Emperor and possessed the strength to move unhindered across the world.”

Ye Qingyu inwardly gasped with astonishment.

This talent was indeed shocking, and can be said to be unparalleled.

Divine General Jue did not disguise his admiration for the peerless God of War.

But in fact, thinking back, Ye Qingyu had taken much less time to progress from the beginning of the practice of martial arts to the present achievement of Martial Emperor, and had already begun to control the power of life. It had only taken him tens of years to do so, then isn't he more of an evildoer?

Divine General Zhi, who seemed to have noticed this, smiled, “Of course, Lord Ye Qingyu, your martial arts path is even more unbelievable than the former Lord Ye.”

Ye Qingyu grinned.

However, Ye Qingyu was still a little upset that the two people called him Lord Ye Qingyu.

After all, they were the closest people to him in his memory.

“And then?” Ye Qingyu branched away from the topic and continued to ask.

Divine General Zhi continued, “This Lord Ye not only has talent superior to Ye Chongsheng, what's rare is that he is intelligent, tenacious and kind. After he became an Emperor he fought against the Sky Emperor and had inflicted a severe injury to him. His ideas and retaliation were very similar to those of His Majesty. He was almost like the second coming of His Majesty. The only difference is that he did not care about fame, did not want to create an unrivalled force, but had been fighting and fighting all along. He traveled deep into the forbidden land, slaughtered the evil spirits, and had even gone outside of heaven to kill the demons. He had also removed the ancient evil forces that existed in the world. The God of War had been doing all this in secret without the world knowing...”

Ye Qingyu nodded.

The good warriors have no merits.

This explains why so few people had heard about the name of such a remarkable figure who existed only a hundred years ago. It was only the imperial family of the Snow Empire, who had received his favour and knew about his existence, but were unaware of his true background.

Ye Qingyu asked further.

Why did the God of War create the Light Palace in the Snow Empire, and also told his former Divine General to gather in the Snow Empire?

Divine General Zhi answered, “Lord was injured in a battle and fell into Heaven Wasteland Domain, where he found that everything was in line with the conditions of a primitive domain. There were infinite possibilities. More importantly, it was isolated from other domains, like a hidden land of peace and prosperity. This was when he made up his mind to stay in Heaven Wasteland Domain. Perhaps Lord Ye saw something even more profound. In any case, he completely changed from his usual self, settled in Heaven Wasteland Domain and began to restructure this domain that was still in the Era of Sects. He chose the Human Race snow clan as the object of support and built an Empire, and under our proposal, left the Light Palace in the Light City, even... he even chose to marry his wife here and start a family.”

Ye Qingyu did not ask what sort of enemy could wound the peerless God of War.

He had seen some secrets in the Imperial ancestral temple of the Snow Empire, and was therefore vaguely aware of these matters.

He also knew that the peerless God of War married Yu Junhan as his wife.

“So, am I the son of this Lord Ye?” Ye Qingyu asked, “I have previously had an exchange with the Snow Empire's Yu Junhan. Since she is the wife of Lord Ye, then I am their son, is that right?”


Divine General Jue and Divine General Zhi looked at each other.

In the end, Divine General Zhi said, “This is our guess, but we are not sure.”

“Huh?” Ye Qingyu looked at the two people, “What do you mean?”

Could it be that these two also do not know the entire truth?

Divine General Zhi hesitated, “Because from the beginning to end, Lord Ye did not personally say that you’re his son, and we also did not see Princess Yu Junhan give birth to you... That year, it was Princess Yu Junhan who handed you into our hands, brought us the arrangement of Lord Ye, and told us to go to Deer City to raise you as a couple.”

Ye Qingyu nodded thoughtfully.

The two Divine Generals' statements were made out of cautiousness, and not out of negation.

He was almost ninety-nine percent sure that he was the son of the peerless War God. After all, even Yu Junhan had personally admitted to it. Everything was very clear.

“What happened after?” Ye Qingyu asked further.

It hadn’t been easy for him to know the truth. Ye Qingyu wanted to thoroughly understand the mystery of his life.

He wanted to know where the God of War had gone and why he was never seen since.

Who would have thought that when he asked this, the expression that Divine General Jue and Divine General Zhi had turned strange. The two people exchanged glances with each other and finally Divine General Jue answered with a bitter smile, “After this, Lord Ye disappeared.”

“What? Disappeared?” Ye Qingyu exclaimed.

He was surprised by the answer.

Divine General Jue nodded, and then continued, “Yes, after Princess Yu Junhan handed you into our hands, just like Ye Chongsheng back then, Lord Ye also disappeared. We couldn't find him anywhere, but, unlike Ye Chongsheng, even if Lord Ye was gone, he had still made a lot of arrangements. The six Divine Generals each had different missions, especially the two of us, which was the most special and most confidential——We had to assume the identity of an ordinary couple and raise you, without anyone else finding out the truth.”

“In other words, before that Lord Ye disappeared, he had arranged what each of you Divine Generals would need to do, and the identity and whereabouts of you two were the most confidential, and the other Divine Generals also do not know about it?” Ye Qingyu frowned, “It is unlikely that Wen Wan who was also in Deer City would not be able to recognize you from your appearance. It wouldn’t take him so long to know your whereabouts.”

Divine General Zhi smiled, “This is the magic of the cycle of reincarnation. The reason we were able to not die for such a long period of time, possess the life span superior to an Emperor, and watch the flood of time and space, lies in the reincarnation. Each reincarnation is like living a new life, but our last reincarnation was a little special, or rather... well, it was a half reincarnation.”

“Half reincarnation?”

“Well, an experience that is almost like reincarnation, but was not a complete reincarnation. We still had the same previous body and appearance, but had forgotten some of the past. Before awakening, we only had instinct, or could only remember something that should be remembered. It is similar to hypnosis, except countless times more real than hypnosis.”

“I see.” Ye Qingyu nodded thoughtfully.

The six Divine Generals, under the power of the Divine Light Emperor, were able to enter reincarnation and experience a different life every time. However, unlike ordinary living beings, they can remember the past, or can awaken, find each other, and then fight for the common goal. Perhaps it was from experiencing numerous reincarnations that they had a better grasp on the meaning of reincarnation, and were able to reincarnate themselves.

“In other words, during those years, you really thought you were my parents, and I was your child. Everything was true, it was not a deliberate act or a disguise, was it?” Ye Qingyu asked, “Like Wen Wan, after a half reincarnation he also really thought he was a Teacher of White Deer Academy, and had temporarily forgotten his true identity?”

“That's roughly what it means.” Divine General Zhi responded, “However, this half-reincarnation retains a lot of things, and will also, with the passage of time, lead into a stage of awakening, like a person who lost his memory slowly remembers the past. After the phase of awakening, they will also realize what to do next... All of this was planned before the half-reincarnation.”

Everything made sense.

There was nothing illogical.

So Ye Qingyu chose to believe.

However, the biggest puzzlement was the disappearance of the God of War.

Why did this happen again and again. It was first Ye Chongsheng and now the peerless God of War?

Could it be because they sensed something after their power had reached a certain level?

Ye Qingyu remembered the figure of the space-time fiendgod sovereign who appeared in the battle of the collapse of the Divine Light Court.

“We were awakened in stages, and began to remember some of the arrangements that Lord Ye left before he disappeared. From those arrangements, he seemed to be guarding against certain threats, such as the Sky Emperor... During Ye Chongsheng’s era, the Sky Emperor was always hiding in the dark, dominating the development of the Dark Realm. Everything was in his control. Lord Ye's last battle was against the Sky Emperor. It was also him who severely wounded the Sky Emperor’s group of people. Lord Ye did not want us to be found, but at the same time, wanted to let us know that, when you are fourteen years old, we can let you leave home to make your way in the world, and will no longer need our protection. Therefore in that siege battle, in the face of the Sky Emperor, we chose to fake death.”

“In any case, you were my parents, had raised me and taught me everything. That memory is real, you are my parents, and always will be.” Ye Qingyu respectfully knelt down, “Child pays respect to Father and Mother!”

He couldn’t let go of this familial relationship after all.

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