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Imperial God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1295 - Earth-shaking wealth

Chapter 1295 - Earth-shaking wealth

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Translator: Aran

Divine General Jue's and Divine General Zhi's expression changed.

They had awakened after the end of the half-reincarnation and regained the memory of the past. In their long endless lives, it was unknown how many memories were engraved in their mind, and how many unforgettable moments there were. Their fourteen years spent with Ye Qingyu may seem brief, like a speck in a vast ocean, when compared to their millions of years of life, especially since the present Ye Qingyu was, in a way, their superior. Thus, from the beginning, they had very carefully tried to cover up those fourteen years of emotions.

But Ye Qingyu's sincerity had emotionally moved them.

If they seriously thought about it, in their long endless life, Ye Qingyu was their only ‘son’, but also the only one who had made them feel familial love. It would be a lie to say that they had completely ignored this feeling because of the awakening of their memory.

“Please get up.” Divine General Zhi supported him up at once.

“Little Yu...” Divine General Jue's eyes also reddened.

Ye Qingyu insisted on bowing respectfully on the ground three times before he got up. “No matter what, in my heart, you will always be my parents.” From the dialogue just now, Ye Qingyu had completely straighten out his thinking. Whether or not these two were related to him by blood they would always be his parents.

The atmosphere immediately became much warmer.

Ye Qingyu deliberately no longer questioned further about those secrets. Instead, he talked about his childhood, and the many interesting stories that only the three of them know about. Many feelings welled up within the two Divine Generals, and under Ye Qingyu's insistence, they also no longer addressed Ye Qingyu as Lord, but directly called him Little Yu.

For a moment, Ye Qingyu had an illusion that time was turned back to the period of his early childhood, when he was living carefree and worryfree with his parents. Those years were simple, beautiful, and unforgettable. How many times had he dreamt of his childhood before, but now, everything was so real, so beautiful, that it made him tremble.

After a long while, all three gradually calmed down.

“Father, why are you here? If I'm not mistaken, this palace should be the place where the Ye clan's wealth is stored,” Ye Qingyu asked.

Divine General Zhi nodded with a smile, “Indeed, this is a palace of wealth that countless generations of the Ye clan had spent years to build. Ye Chongsheng established the Ye clan and began to gather wealth, hunt for treasures, and plundered all over the world. After he disappeared, the desire and pursuit of this wealth had never faded from the bloodline of the Ye clan. Every generation continued to gather riches of the world. The wealth that is unimaginable to ordinary people is stored in this imperial palace. This imperial palace is constructed by the remarkable Ye Chongsheng back then. Several top figures and major forces have also discovered this place and attempted to plunder, thereby wounding the Ye clan several times. However, in the end nobody managed to break through the imperial palace. The wealth and treasures accumulated in the imperial palace can be said to be unrivalled and unimaginable.”

Divine General Jue added, “This is the tenth palace hall, the control center of the entire Ye clan's imperial palace. In addition to the treasures contained in the imperial palace ahead, there are another eighty-nine imperial palaces, which store even more astonishing treasures. Not only are there refining resources and divine materials, but also the inheritance of countless ancient forces, including the martial arts of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, as well as the cultivation mantra of major sects of past generations. There are even all kinds of Emperor weapons. This imperial palace of the Ye clan is the world's largest treasure trove.”

Ye Qingyu couldn't help gasping with astonishment when he heard this.

There are eighty-nine imperial palaces behind this, which house even more astonishing treasures?

The wealth and treasures stored in the nine treasure troves he saw along the way could already make him speechless. Unexpectedly, the previous nine palaces were only one strand of hair of the oxen. This was simply crazy. Even if Ye Qingyu's cultivation base had reached a world-shaking level, and it was difficult for external objects to make his mind fluctuate anymore, his heart was still palpitating uncontrollably when he heard this.

This was the greatest wealth that an Emperor clan had accumulated over millions of years.

That Ye Chongsheng was indeed a terrifying person to create such a powerful family and treasure trove.

“Since the Ye clan possesses such wealth, then as long as they want to dominate the world, then it should be very easy to do so. In the entire world, there is most likely no other people, domain, sect, or force who could be compared to the Ye Clan. Even the foundation of the Domain Alliance is not as deep. Also the camp that the Sky Emperor has been secretly operating in the Dark Realm also does not possess such huge wealth.” Lowering his head, Ye Qingyu pondered for a moment, and finally couldn't help asking, “Since they have such capital and strength, why did the Ye clan not do so, and instead their strength greatly declined?”

Ye Qingyu told them about what happened in Ren Puyang's funeral hall in the Domain Alliance and how he killed Ye Chongsheng.

Divine General Jue smiled, “There is something Little Yu doesn't know. When Ye Chongsheng established this world-shaking arsenal, he also set up quite a lot of restriction barriers. The rare treasures he plundered from all across the world were placed in a specific imperial palace. There are strange formations all over these imperial palaces. Basically people were only allowed to enter and not allowed to leave. The head of future generations of the Ye clan also couldn’t enter many of these imperial palaces. This is a very strange cycle. The Ye clan had exhausted the whole family's efforts, like ants collecting food, to store the world's most precious and valuable things in this arsenal, but the share that they could utilize was very little. The power of the Ye clan gradually declined, and later generations had also suffered several severe blows. Although they had withstood every time, there was still inevitable damage done.

Ye Qingyu nodded. So it was like this.

In this way, it seems that Ye Chongsheng’s original intention to establish this arsenal was a bit strange.

Could it be that Ye Chongsheng had some sort of psychological problems?

He was like a compulsive hoarder, constantly plundering, searching and storing these supreme riches, but did not convert their value into practical benefits that could be used by the Ye clan. This approach was a waste of resources. Adding to this, he also had not considered his descendants.

“Hundreds of years ago, Lord Ye learned about the Ye clan's affairs, and for some reason he went against the opinion of the masses and decided to personally attack the Ye Clan. He broke through the Ye clan’s Emperor's palace very easily, and the Ye family almost lost their greatest support overnight. In the end, a large number of descendants of the Ye clan died in the battle, while others surrendered and were then expelled. The Ye clan's imperial palace changed its master for the first time in history since it was built.”

Ye Qingyu opened his mouth.

“The... the power of this peerless God of War had reached such a level?” He had repeatedly overestimated the cultivation base of the peerless God of War, but had no idea that he was actually this powerful.

He had heard that neither side won in the battle between the Sky Emperor and the peerless God of War, but didn’t think that the War God could break into the Ye Clan’s palace that the Sky Emperor had never managed to do so in these millions of years. Moreover, Divine General Zhi used the word ‘easily’, which meant that it did not require the peerless War God much effort to capture this imperial palace.

“It was not because of strength, but Lord Ye seemed to have known the method of opening the imperial palace. Thus even if the people of the Ye family rose up to resist by operated the formations in the palace that could kill an Emperor expert, it was still no use.” Divine General Jue said strangely, “The battle that day, I was also at Lord Ye’s side. Along the way, no matter what mechanism or formation it was, he was able to break through it effortlessly. The Ye clan wanted to use the killing formations in the palace to obstruct the enemy like they have in the past. Who would have thought that they were utterly defeated, and finally only a small part of the Ye clan obtained some treasures from the imperial palace and left with the permission of Lord Ye.”

Divine General Zhi also nodded, “Among the people who left, there was also the head of the Ye clan, Ye Chongsheng. Since then, the Ye clan began to deteriorate. There was no longer an opportunity to turn over. They call themselves the Ye clan, but still hated Lord Ye to the bone. Unfortunately, there was no way they can compete with Lord Ye. In the end, the Ye clan left the Vast Thousand Domains and went to the Dark Realm, and later relied on help from the Sky Emperor.”

“Relied on help from the Sky Emperor?” Ye Qingyu exclaimed, not expecting such a thing to have happened.

Then, the Sky Emperor also knows about the existence of the Ye clan's imperial palace. Those earth-shaking treasures and riches must have great attractive force to the Sky Emperor who had been operating the camp.

“Yes, however, things did not develop in the worst direction. The Ye Chongsheng of later generation also knew what the Ye clan's imperial palace means for his clan. Thus, although he relied on help from the Sky Emperor and revealed some information, he did not tell the Sky Emperor the real value of the imperial palace. He hoped to use the hand of the Sky Emperor to recapture the imperial palace. This was of course a delusion. The Sky Emperor was conceited, and although he accepted the Ye clan, he never really treated them sincerely. In the end, Ye Chongsheng was unable to fulfill his wish and died in depression. After his death, the clan members’ understanding of the imperial palace was even more one-sided. After a hundred years, the Ye clan was no different to ordinary imperial families. The Ye Chongsheng you killed in the funeral hall should be the last descendant of the Ye clan. However, his strength was not enough, and was short-sighted. He betrayed the Sky Emperor, and escaped from the Dark Realm. Although he was called Ye Chongsheng, he really does not live up to this name.”

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu was able to connect some of the things in his memory.

The guy who calls himself Ye Chongsehng indeed escaped from the Dark Realm. Moreover, the armoured guards, housekeeper and other people at his side also possessed many treasures. After he was killed, a large amount of pseudo-emperor weapons and treasures were found on him. Presumably, this was some of the resources that the original Ye clan was permitted to take away when they were forced to leave the imperial palace. Compared with the real treasures in the imperial palace, those could only be considered as defective goods.

“And the reason we appeared in this imperial palace is because after you moved the tomb for us, we were able to leave Deer City with the help of the water channel, and returned to the imperial palace in accordance with the instructions of Lord Ye, waiting for the arrival of you, Little Yu,” Divine General Jue explained.

Divine General Zhi also nodded. “Lord Ye had instructed that, after your arrival, the earth-shaking wealth inside the imperial palace all belong to you. From now on, you are the master here. All the riches and treasures here, you can withdraw at will.”

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