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Imperial God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1296 - A born schemer

Chapter 1296 - A born schemer

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Translator: Aran

Give it all to me?

Ye Qingyu's heart jumped into his throat.

How generous?

It should be said that this was not an ordinary treasure. The amount was enough to make the whole world go crazy. The fact that the God of War had told Divine General Jue and Divine General Zhi to stand guard here already emphasized the importance he sees in this treasure. Otherwise, he would not have actively attacked the Ye clan to seize the imperial palace. However, he wanted to give all this to Ye Qingyu. It was evident that this was well planned out in advance. In other words, the God of War had prepared this generous gift for Ye Qingyu long ago.

Perhaps such a plan was decided even before he was born.

Could it be that when the God of War helped the Snow clan, established the Snow Empire, and even the marriage with the Princess Yu Junhan were also planned? Otherwise, how could he have known that he would have a son and prepared such a tremendous gift beforehand?

“Lord Ye had arranged everything. Gao Diping and Wen Wan were also ordered to assist you,,” Divine General Zhi stated. “It is clear that Lord Ye sees you as his successor. Everything he had done was for you.”

Ye Qingyu nodded.

He could also see this.

The reason the peerless God of War had painstakingly arranged all this was to help him grow and mature. And now thinking carefully, perhaps even the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart] were prepared by the God of War and delivered to his hands through different ways and seemingly coincidental opportunities.

In the eyes of Wen Wan and the other Divine Generals, the peerless God of War was the son of destiny who they truly needed to assist, and the reason why they were so supportive of Ye Qingyu should also be because of the peerless God of War. However, they did not think that by wasting such resources and efforts on him might weaken the peerless God of War's luck and opportunity. If this happens, then will it subsequently affect the task that the Divine Light Emperor had entrusted them?

Ye Qingyu uttered this question.

“This is also a problem we were worried about, but Lord Ye insisted so we had no choice but to comply. However, Little Ye, your performance has puzzled us greatly because your talent and strength are no less inferior than that of Lord Ye. Even the growth rate of your strength has surpassed that of his. Now we really can't tell which one is the real son of destiny,” Divine General Jue explained.

In fact, this questioned also puzzled Ye Qingyu.

He was originally very certain that he is the protagonist of this era. This was not only a kind of self-confidence, but instead was made on the basis of his strength. In the present age there was no longer anybody who could match up to him in strength. The Sky Emperor and other existences were also people of the past. But after listening to what the two Divine Generals said, he began to have a real understanding of the peerless God of War.

Seriously speaking, without the peerless God of War paving the road for him, removed a lot of hidden dangers and obstacles, and even severely wounded the Sky Emperor, making his strength fall again, Ye Qingyu would not have risen so easily.

Is he the hero of this world? Or is it the peerless God of War?

Ye Qingyu no longer had that absolute self-confidence.

Following this, Ye Qingyu was in no hurry to explore the other eighty-nine imperial palaces or find out what kind of amazing treasures were stored there, instead he talked about something else with the two Divine Generals——He wanted to clear all the doubts and confusion in his mind.

The two Divine Generals had gone through numerous reincarnations, almost been through the entire history of the world, and can certainly help Ye Qingyu solve a lot of mysteries.

In addition to questions about the peerless God of War, Ye Qingyu was more concerned about another matter.

“Who was it that created the Dark Realm?” Ye Qingyu asked.

Through some of his previous experiences, he vaguely felt that the existence of the Dark Realm was definitely a good thing. Unfortunately the ruler of the Dark Realm was the Guardian camp, which had always been under the control of the Sky Emperor. This was somewhat contradictory.

“This... according to our investigation, it is the doing of Ye Chongsheng.”

“Ye Chongsheng?” Ye Qingyu was incomparably surprised by the answer.

He originally thought that it was the Divine Light Emperor or the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors who established the Dark Realm. He didn't expect... it to be that strange person.

What kind of cultivation base was required to establish the Dark Realm, which is made up of the wrecklands of different time and space civilizations?

At least Ye Qingyu was certain that he absolutely couldn't do it with his current strength.

“At that time, we were in reincarnation after deciding that Ye Chongsheng had died, and the memory of the previous generation had been completely awakened. And it was only after we had awakened our memories that we learned of the matter of the creation of the Dark Realm, which shocked us completely. Ye Chongsheng is the most mysterious and uncontrollable one among all the candidates we chose to assist. At that time we’re not sure of his original intention of creating the Dark Realm, but were still astonished by his ability. It was a very long project. He cultivated a lot of geniuses to help him, including influential figures and Martial Emperors. In the end, he really was able to accomplish this task.”

“Whatever Ye Chongsheng did often surprises everyone. It wasn't bad during the early stage, but later on his ideas and way of thinking were unpredictable. Even if we were the ones who understand him the most, we were still unable to read his thoughts. Moreover, in that long period of disappearance that made us lose confidence, he had reemerged several times, which were precisely during the time we entered reincarnation. Therefore we couldn't grasp his movements right away. And by the time our memory of the new generation had awakened, he had already suddenly vanished again, as if to deliberately avoid us.”

The two Divine Generals wore a strange expression when they talked about Ye Chongsheng.

It was obvious that, even to this day, they couldn't understand the behaviour of Ye Chongsheng or see through this person.

“In that case, why did the Dark Realm fall into the hands of the Sky Emperor?”

“The Sky Emperor is after all an ambitious and ruthless person. His methods are earth-shaking, and perhaps he saw the value of the Dark Realm, so he did not obstruct Ye Chongsheng from building the Dark Realm. However, once the Dark Realm was fully established, he decisively made a move and activated the arrangements that have long been laid out in secret. As a result, some of the people who Ye Chongsheng had heavily relied on and trusted chose betrayal in the end. During the great war, Ye Chongsheng was utterly defeated, and the Dark Realm that he had put his blood, sweat and tears in to create fell into the palm of the Sky Emperor.”

“That happened?” Ye Qingyu was surprised again.

He certainly knew about the betrayal.

In the Dark Realm, Marquis Tingtao Lin Xuan had seen the scene that showed the betrayal of that battle back then. Ye Qingyu also knew about this matter, but, for a long period of time, Ye Qingyu, from all aspects of information, had always thought that the person who was betrayed was the Divine Light Emperor. Who would have thought that...

Who would have thought that the protagonist was actually Ye Chongsheng.

“Moreover, Ye Chongsheng disappeared completely after the defeat in that battle of betrayal,” Divine General Jue stated.

“Disappeared again?” Ye Qingyu gasped.

“Yes, he disappeared again.” Divine General Zhi's expression grew serious. “However, this time, he truly disappeared, and since then he has not showed up in this world again. Later on, Lord Ye came to this world, which also suggests that Ye Chongsheng has most likely fallen in that great battle. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Lord Ye to receive the destiny of heaven and earth and soar to the sky.”

Divine General Jue then said firmly, “In the next several lives, we made numerous investigations and did many verifications to confirm that he has indeed fallen and is no longer in this world.”


Ye Qingyu couldn't help sighing when he heard this.

The Ye Chongsheng he understood from the two Divine Generals was a rather odd person, but was absolutely still a person of peerless talent. Even the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors couldn’t be compared to him. However, in the end, he had fallen from the scheme of the Sky Emperor. This Sky Emperor really is the bane of heroes. He first schemed against the Divine Light Emperor, and then schemed against Ye Chongsheng. He was simply a born schemer.

“After the fall of Ye Chongsheng, the forces loyal to him were exiled by the Sky Emperor, relegated to Sinners, and had to guard the border against Invaders forever. Those who betrayed Ye Chongsheng and chose to stand on Sky Emperor's camp formed the current Guardian camp.”

Ye Qingyu couldn't help frowning, “Why did the Sky Emperor not directly eliminate the forces of Ye Chongsheng?”

“Of course, Ye Chongsheng had some ways of escape. He did not die on the spot, but had some follow-up tricks that even the Sky Emperor couldn’t break.”

Here, all the great questions that Ye Qingyu had in mind have almost all been asked.

Then he asked one of the questions that he most wanted an answer to——

“Where is War God Ye now? Do you really not know?”

Ye Qingyu looked at the two Divine Generals hopefully.

When he sees the peerless God of War, the mystery of his life will be completely cleared, the last bit of puzzlement he has will be solved, and the last contradiction in the logic of the two Divine Generals will also be clarified.

However, both Divine Generals shook their heads.

“We haven't seen Lord Ye since our last half-reincarnation.”

“He disappeared without a trace, and there is no way to reach him.” Divine General Jue shook his head, saying, “And, according to our inferences, especially since Little Yu can rise so smoothly and clearly occupies the world's destiny, it is quite possible that Lord Ye, he... is not in this world anymore.”

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