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In a Different World with a Smartphone (Web Novel)


After a freak accident involving some lightning winds up zapping him dead, 15-year-old Mochizuki Touya wakes up to find himself face-to-face with God. “I am afraid to say that I have made a bit of a blunder…” laments the old coot. But all is not lost! God says that he can reincarnate Touya into a world of fantasy, and as a bonus, he gets to bring his smartphone along with! So begins Touya’s adventure in a new, anachronistic pseudo-medieval world. Friends! Laughs! Tears! Inexplicable Deus ex Machina! He sets off on a journey full of wonder as he absentmindedly travels from place to place, following whatever goal catches his fancy. The curtains lift on an epic tale of swords, sorcery, and smartphone apps!

555 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 370: The Marriage Interview, and a Stand-Off.2020-02-21
Chapter 369: Two-Country Talks, and People of Similar Interests.2020-02-21
Chapter 368: A New Spark, and Getting a Bride.2020-02-21
Chapter 367: Release, and Liberation.2020-02-20
Chapter 366: Temporary Disbandment, and the Two Crowns.2020-02-20
Chapter 365: Dinner, and the Ruined Fortress.2020-02-19
Chapter 364: The Giant Golden Tree, and the Black Panther.2020-02-19
Chapter 363: The Over Gear, and the Joint Training.2020-02-19
Chapter 362: The Rewards, and the Test Results.2020-02-19
Chapter 361: The Wyvern, and the Miraculous Strike.2020-02-19
Chapter 360: The Fire Lizard Herd, and the Nest.2020-02-18
Chapter 359: Liger Subjugation, and the Night Watch.2020-02-18
Chapter 358: The Test Island, and Blood Liger.2020-02-18
Chapter 357: A Guild Request, and a Mole.2020-02-18
Chapter 356: The Academy, and Rank-up.2020-02-18
Chapter 355: Adventurer Rank, and an Examiner.2020-02-17
Chapter 354: Various Circumstances, and a Precursor.2020-02-17
Chapter 353: Aerial Battle, and Miscalculation.2020-02-17
Chapter 352: Final Weapon, and Hekatonkheire.2020-02-17
Chapter 351: Intrude, and the Magicraft King.2020-02-16
Chapter 350: Bonus Story2020-02-16
Chapter 349: Bombardment, and Hair Removal.2020-02-16
Chapter 348: Owl, and Don’t Interfere.2020-02-16
Chapter 347: The Discussion, and the Mystic Eyes of Recollection.2020-02-16
Chapter 346: Connection, and the World’s Future.2020-02-16
Chapter 345: Confusion, and the Magicraft Kingdom.2020-02-15
Chapter 344: Invading the Bedroom, and Ten Years Ago.2020-02-15
Chapter 343: Test Results, and some Family Planning.2020-02-15
Chapter 342: The Prince, and the Imperial Prince.2020-02-15
Chapter 341: Red Cats Corps, and the Prince of the Fallen Kingdom.2020-02-15
Chapter 340: Combat Training, and a Wish.2020-02-14
Chapter 339: Strengthening Plan, and the Martial God.2020-02-14
Chapter 338: Younger Sister, and the Black [Crown].2020-02-14
Chapter 337: The Stone Tablet, and the Diary.2020-02-14
Chapter 336: [Black Cats], and [Red Cats].2020-02-14
Chapter 335: The Negotiation, and Solving the Problem.2020-02-13
Chapter 334: The Black Butterfly, and the Shadow Lily.2020-02-13
Chapter 333: The Blue [Crown], and a Prince.2020-02-13
Chapter 332: Reunion of Master and Servant, and Gratitude.2020-02-13
Chapter 331: Beach, and the Two Visitors.2020-02-13
Chapter 330: Mikado, and the Spirit of Snow.2020-02-13
Chapter 329: Fishing, and a Banquet under the Stars.2020-02-13
Chapter 328: Egret, and Squid Cuisine.2020-02-13
Chapter 327: The Giant Bird, and the Messenger.2020-02-12
Chapter 326: Prepare, and the Three Musketeers.2020-02-12
Chapter 325: Katsudon, and Ende’s Circumstances.2020-02-12
Chapter 324: Mel and Ende, and the Reunion.2020-02-12
Chapter 323: The Senate Chairman, and the End of the War.2020-02-12
Chapter 322: The Senate, and the Guardian Knight.2020-02-12
Chapter 321: Kidnapper, and the Second Imperial Prince.2020-02-11
Chapter 320: Primula Kingdom, and the Transferrer.2020-02-11
Chapter 319: Consideration, and the Soldat.2020-02-11
Chapter 318: Confinement, and Golem Engineer.2020-02-11
Chapter 317: The Elves2019-08-03
Chapter 316: Dimension Transfer2019-07-28
Chapter 315: End of the Lost World and its Administrator (2)2019-07-19
Chapter 314: End of the Lost World and its Administrator (1)2019-07-13
Chapter 313: Hypnotize the Crew in the Drifting Ship (2)2019-07-04
Chapter 312: Hypnotize the Crew in the Drifting Ship (1)2019-07-04
Chapter 311: An interlude, and various speculations2019-03-26
Chapter 310: Reginleiv, and the meteor swords army2019-03-26
Chapter 309: Two advanced classes, and the erosion2019-03-26
Chapter 308: Cold Ramen, and the spirit of sand2019-03-26
Chapter 307: Magic automobile, and the signs of unrest2019-03-26
Chapter 306: Secret maneuvers, and a magic motor2019-03-26
Chapter 305: Two Worlds, and a Point of Contact2019-03-26
Chapter 304: The Maid’s Faith, and the Dwarves2019-03-26
Chapter 303: The Princess Knight’s Feelings, Love(恋), and Affection(愛).2019-03-26
Chapter 302: The world alliance, and the railroad project2019-03-26
Chapter 301: Drakliff Island, and The Silver Dragon2019-03-26
Chapter 299: The Price of the Crown, and the Activation2019-03-26
Chapter 298: The Purple Crown, and the Lunatic2019-03-25
Chapter 297: The Black Market and “Etoile”2019-03-25
Chapter 296: The Magic Training, and the Talent2019-03-25
Chapter 295: The Dimensional Gate Mark-2 and the Color Red2019-03-25
Chapter 294: After the Festival, and a Day Off2019-03-25
Chapter 293: The Third Day, Night2019-03-25
Chapter 292: The Third Day, Evening till Night2019-03-25
Chapter 291: Third day, Afternoon till Evening2019-03-25
Chapter 290: Third day, Morning till noon2019-03-25
Chapter 289: The Second day, Afternoon2019-03-25
Chapter 288: The Second day, Morning2019-03-25
Chapter 287: The Festival, and the First Day2019-03-25
Chapter 286: The Additional Participating Nations, and the Opening Announcement2019-03-25
Chapter 285: Shogi tournament, and the first festival2019-03-25
Chapter 284: Battle guidance, and a freefall2019-03-25
Chapter 283: The Boy King, and the Prodigal Girl2019-03-25
Chapter 282 — The Discussion, and the Paluf Kingdom2019-03-25
Chapter 281 — The Personal Machine, and the Pregnancy2019-03-25
Chapter 280 — The Chief of the “Red Cats”, and the Curse Remo2019-03-25
Chapter 279 — The Capital Alen, and a Golem2019-03-25
Chapter 278 — The Barrier Release, and the Second Visit to the Parallel World2019-03-25
Chapter 277 — The Evil God, and the Cocoon2019-03-25
Chapter 276 — The Help of God, and Reflecting on one’s action2019-03-25
Chapter 275 — The Invocation, and an Unknown Land2019-03-25
Chapter 274 — The Mentor, and the Central Temple2019-03-25
Chapter 273 — The Three Behemoths, and Palerius2019-03-25
Chapter 272 — Opening the Beach Season, and the Behemoth Inva2019-03-25
Chapter 271 — The Release, and the Second Death2019-03-25
Chapter 270 — The Takeover, and Suffering the Consequences2019-03-25