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In a Different World with a Smartphone (Web Novel) - Chapter 337: The Stone Tablet, and the Diary.

Chapter 337: The Stone Tablet, and the Diary.

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“Nice to meet you. Descendant of Alerias Palerius, queen of Palerius Kingdom, Central Palerius.”

“Welcome to this Primula Kingdom, Central-dono. Descendant of Relios Palerius, king of Primula Kingdom, Rudios Primula Palerius.”

The two, both with Palerius as their family name, exchanged a firm handshake.

Since Relios is the second son of Alerias, the two of them are basically descendants of the same man.

It’s a meeting between fellow descendants after their lines were separated for 5000 years.

From the side of Palerius Kingdom, besides the queen, several escort knights as well as Millie West, the red-haired western city representative as well as the descendant of one of Elder Palerius’ four disciples, also came with us.

For Representative West, she came forth and asked to be brought along with us herself. She’s probably worried about their leader going to an unknown land, and in a different world at that.

I’ve already casted translation magic on everyone beforehand so communications are fine.

On a side note, my companions-slash-monitoring-staff this time is the swordsman combo of Yae and Hilda.

“For us who have the same ancestor across different time and worlds to meet, it’s all thanks to Touya-dono. My thanks.”

“It’s nothing. This is something like a matter of course, after all. The matter regarding this world had already been told to the people of Palerius some time ago, too.”

I waved my hands lightly at the king of Primula’s words of thanks. Right, it’s about time I told the other kings back in the Surface World about this side, isn’t it… It’s not just my problem alone, after all.

“These are documents as well as magic texts left behind by Alerias-sama. These are copies, so please feel free to take them.”

“Well, thank you for your kindness. Basic theories on spacetime magic, huh. This looks like it’ll be worth researching.”

Spacetime magic is, so to speak, a magic system separate from the six major attribute magics and non-attribute magic. It seems to have been developed mainly in the direction of magic tools such that even people without the aptitude can use it. The dimensional gate that was on Palerius Island would be the culmination of that research, I suppose.

This world, too, has items that can activate an effect similar to my [Storage] as well.

Like that [Storage Card] the merchant Sancho-san had. If I’m correct, that should be a tool made possible due to the second son of Elder Palerius, Relios, passing down some of the spacetime magic technologies he knew.

In fact, Primula Kingdom is a country that’s pretty passionate about magic research compared to other countries in this world. Its advancements are still far below the level of the magic civilizations back in the Surface World, however.

I also passed a copy of the same beginner’s magic guide I gave to the [Red Cats] last time to Primula Kingdom. I hope they can make good use of it.

“Now that that’s done, Central-dono and Touya-dono, I have something here I’d like the two of you to see…”

His Majesty the Primula King sent an eye signal. Upon that, a middle-aged butler who was standing in the back of the room brought a wooden box forward, and silently set it down on the table in front of us.

The box is around A4-sized… Close to the size of a paint book. When His Majesty the King opened the paulownia box-like box, a pitch-black stone tablet appeared on top of cloth beddings. (Note: paulownia = “kiri”, a type of tree often used in Japan to make a variety of things.)

“This is…”

“Something passed down through our royal family. It’s apparently an article left behind by Relios Palerius.”

The shape is rectangular. The surface of the stone had been polished to such a degree that it was practically shining, and when I looked at it from overhead, it perfectly reflected my face as if it’s a mirror. What could this be, I wonder?

“A mirror… It is not, is it?”

Hilda who’s peeking in from the side tilted her head. It seems like it can actually be used as a mirror, but well, that’s probably not it.

Hearing that, the Primula king laughed a bit while taking out the stone tablet, before passing it to Central-san.

“Try holding that in your hand and passing magic power into it.”

“Magic power?… Ah!”

When Central-san tried injecting magic power into the 1cm thick stone tablet after receiving it, shining red cuneiform-like symbols began appearing on top of it.

After some time passed, the symbols disappeared before appearing again. While the new symbols look roughly the same as the ones earlier, they’re different in places. Those symbols then disappear again before being replaced by another new group. Seems like it’s showing several pages of words in order.

Is this something similar to the communication artifact used by the Adventurer’s Guild, the [Book of Message]?

“Every generation, the one who succeeds as king receives this stone tablet from his predecessor. The characters appearing on this tablet is said to be only understandable by the first king, Relios Palerius, and as such we have absolutely no idea what’s written on it. Some speculated that it could possibly be letters from a language belonging to the world Relios came from…”

I see. That’s why he wanted us to see this. Unfortunately, it’s my first time seeing these characters, though. It’s definitely not the common language we normally use.

“Touya-dono, have you seen these symbols before?”

“No… It’s neither ancient magic language nor ancient spirit language. I havn’t seen this language before.”

At least, it’s not among any of the books within Babylon’s [Library], I think. Since I havn’t seen it before.

Since Relios Palerius was using it, this could be a language from 5000 years ago. Can’t be helped, guess I’ll go trouble the professor again.

While I was thinking that, Central-san slowly opened her mouth.

“This is an ancient language passed down on Palerius Island. It was originally the language of a nameless minor clan, and had been used by the Sage of Time, Alerias Palerius, in some of his secret texts.”

“Is that so! T-then, is Central-dono capable of reading these characters!?”

“Yes. Not just me, the descendants of the four disciples should be able to read these as well. How is it, Millie?”

Central-san passed the stone tablet to Millie-san who was sitting besides her.

“… Yes. Although there are some parts where the structure is confusing to translate, I can grasp the overall meaning. I believe I can do it with high accuracy too.”

Since Relios, the first king of Primula, was the child of Alerias, it stands to reason that he could use the same languages as his father. Still, to go that far to encrypt this, I wonder what’s written on it…

“At first glance, this seems to be a kind of record… No, it’s close to a diary…? Crystal demons… Isn’t this part about the Phrase…!”

“Phrase!? Are information regarding the Phrase written down there!?”

“Most likely… There are some difficult expressions here and there, but if you’ll give me some time, I think I can decipher this…”

When Millie-san stated that, the Primula king took a few bundles of paper and put them on the table.

“These are copies of the characters shown on the stone tablet. Use them if you like.”

“That helps a lot. Can I also borrow some writing instruments?”

Millie-san scanned the pages she was given while writing some notes down at the margins from time to time with a grim expression.

At the same time, Central-san was standing to the side while reading the characters from the stone tablet, while at times showing reactions like nodding or opening her eyes in shock. The rest of us who can’t read the characters can do nothing but glance at them while waiting.

Damnit, I could’ve used deciphering magic if only I knew the name of the language…

Several minutes later, Millie-san raise her head from the paper bundles, and passed them to the king of Primula with a mysterious expression.

While reading the papers with a serious look, His Majesty passed me the pieces which he had finished reading.

This is indeed something between a diary and a record. If that’s true, then the stone tablet must have been something like a personal notebook of the founding king, Relios’.

I read the papers which recorded the bizarre path Relios Palerius had traversed in the past.

Partheno calendar Year 2015, month of Watersky, the 19th day. (Note: month name is transliterated from raw. Month names after this will be as well, so just a heads up.)

•The armies of the crystal demons have already decimated the eastern capital, and is said to be heading towards the imperial capital. Elder brother followed the wishes of our late father, and had already departed towards the “island” together with the disciples and acquaintances. If we activate the barrier at the “island”, the crystal demons should no longer be able to touch us. On the other hand, the people on the island will no longer be able to contact the outside world; however, the situation is already at the stage where such worries would be for naught. If there is a way to survive, we have no choice but to take it. However, to this choice of ours which ensured only our own survival, I still hold feelings of guilt to this day.

Partheno calendar Year 2015, month of Watersky, the 21th day.

•I should be heading off soon as well, to the “island” where the “gate” that father poured a lifetime’s worth of efforts into sleeps. However, right now, I cannot leave the country. I have found something which I must do, like my father. With the help of “him” who came from another world, and that of those two, there is a possibility. We might be able to drive those demons out of this world. It’s only a sliver of hope, but I’ve decided to bet on it. Let’s believe in the strength of “he” who is the master of the [White] and the [Black].

(Note: in the raw, the pronoun used for this mysterious character is masculine most of the time, but it’s possible for it to refer to a female as well. Just laying this out there.)

Partheno calendar Year 2015, month of Earthguide, the 3rd day.

•Due to “his” despair, the powers of the [Black] and the [White] went berserk, and as a result well over half of the crystal demons were banished from our world. However, as a result of the activated power being distorted, I have been made to cross over into a different world. Leaving my family in my old world. I’ve achieved by accident the transfer to another world that father had wished for. I wonder if I can never go back again?

Partheno calendar Year 2015, month of Earthguide, the 5th day.

•It’s unfortunate. This world’s magic-related technology level is too low compared to my former world. I’ve been thrown out, alone, into an unknown world. I do not understand the language as well, so I’m at a loss. I find myself constantly thinking about my former world. The people who’ve isolated themselves on the island, elder brother and everyone else, I wonder if they’re doing well…

Partheno calendar Year 2015, month of Lightring, the 17th day.

•I have been welcomed into a tribe called the Primula Tribe as a companion. The young girl I had saved from a magic beast by chance ended up being the daughter of the tribe

patriarch. (Note: isekai protag!?) Magic is not very well-developed in this world. While I am not even close to the level of my father, I can use magic decently well. Seems that those magics are being seen as unbelievable techniques by them. It’s a weird story. Even though to me, the sight of them wielding mechanical dolls is unbelievable too. They are courageous, appreciative, and friendly. Let’s intrude on them for a while longer. After all, it’s tough being alone.

Partheno calendar Year 2019, month of Eveningdark (Note: I tried), the 6th day.

•The conflict between the Primula Tribe and the Zaraza Tribe ended in the Primula’s victory. With this, the Primula Tribe is now the ruler of this land. Before I knew it, I had taken on a role of being something like a mediator between tribes, and have now even taken the daughter of the Primula patriarch as my wife. I who have become the new patriarch gathered the surrounding tribes and formed the Primula Kingdom. I might’ve wanted to make a place that could welcome my brethren from the “island”, who may come here in the future. I want to meet with my elder brother and my other acquaintances. While wishing for that, I continue on with my life.

Partheno calendar Year 2051, month of Firewing, the 17th day.

•In my children’s generation, or that of my grandchildren, or even further in the future… A day may still come when those who secluded themselves on the “island” will pass through the “gate” and arrive in this world. When that time comes, my wish is for the

people of Primula to welcome them. This world doesn’t need anymore lost children like the past me…

I put the paper bundles down onto the table and let out a breath. If this diary is correct, that means Relios had been thrown into this world due to an accident that occurred when the Phrase was banished from this world 5000 years ago.

His brother and other acquaintances shut themselves inside Palerius Island with a barrier while not knowing that the world outside was saved from the Phrase. Over five thousand years, they were forced to find a way to survive while fighting with behemoths…

The Palerius bloodline sure led tough lives…

I had thought the Relios had crossed over into the Reverse World before Elder Palerius had died, but guess I was wrong.

However, there was something that I was more concerned with. I asked His Majesty the Primula king.

“Could the [White] and [Black] mentioned here and there in these texts be…”

“Umu. Probably golems. The [Black] would be the black [Crown], [Chronos Noir]. I’m not sure about the [White], but it’s probably referring to the white [Crown] as well judging by the context.”

As I thought. Elder Palerius, too, received hints towards completing the dimensional gate after meeting the two golems and their master. That Elder Palerius passed away without being able to complete the gate, and his eldest son isolated the island where the gate lies from the rest of the world together with himself and others, while his second son was thrown into a different world…

“However, Touya-dono. According to these records, both the [Black] and the [White] should’ve been left behind in the other world… In other words, they should be somewhere in our world- degozaru ga…”

“Un… I think I heard before that the black [Crown] and its master are in this world though…”

Yuri of the Red Cats had said something like that, I believe. Something like its master being a rival of Nia’s.

How did the black [Crown] make its way back to this world, though? There is the possibility that that’s possible with its power. It would explain how it got to our world in the first place. What happened to the white [Crown], I wonder…

If the white [Crown] has something to do with the repairing of the world barrier, then there’s no reason for me not to search for it.

Also, I think there’s a need for me to meet with the black [Crown] as well.

“Do you know where the black [Crown] is now?”

“Nope. It came to this country a few days ago with its master, however. When I told her things regarding Dr. Elka, she ran out with incredible speed.”

“Things regarding Dr. Elka? Why would she ask that?”

“Oya? Have you not heard from Dr. Elka? The master of the black [Crown] is her little sister, you know.”

Haah!? Oi oi, I didn’t hear about that at all… Say something like that first!

“I talked about things related to Touya-dono as well, so maybe…”

Cutting off the words of the Primula king, the smartphone in my pocket began ringing. After apologizing to His Majesty, I picked up the call; it was from Shirogane, on Dracliff Island.

“Yes, hello. Shirogane?”

“I’m terribly sorry to call in while you’re busy, Touya-sama. There’s a bit of a troublesome situation going on right now…”

“What happened?”

“Ha. An intruder has appeared on the island, and is rampaging around while demanding for us to hand over Touya-sama. A young child with a black golem is shouting ‘Give me back my onee-chan you kidnapper!’ while trying to break her way through the barrier; it’s already on the verge of collapsing…” (Note: this “kidnapper” tag is just going to stay on Touya forever now, I guess.)

Eh? Why did I become a kidnapper again? I mean, I did conduct kidnapping several times already, but. Is this intruder perhaps the little sister of Dr. Elka, the master of the black [Crown]?

I didn’t expect the other side to be coming for me. For the moment, I asked Shirogane to tell the other party to wait a while before cutting the call.

Guess I’ll have to bring Dr. Elka here. The other side seems to be pretty angry too. Still, calling people a kidnapper, how rude. It was she who asked me to bring her along, you know.

Umu… Be it the [Red], the [Blue] or the [Purple], I’ve not met a single decent human being among the [Crown] masters so far. I wonder if it’ll be ok for me to meet her… I’m a bit worried.


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