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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 575: Being Seized

Chapter 575: Being Seized

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Towards Feng Zhi Xing concern on how she had spent those years, Sima You Yue gave him a brief account of her life during the period. She was afraid she’d succumbed prematurely.

At Divine Rank and at the age of over 20 in the Primordial Lands was not considered an outstanding talent. Afterall, many people were born with spirit power. Moreover, there was abundant spirit power in the Primordial Lands such that there were quite a few divine rank over twenty. If environmental contrast was factored in, then the situation would be different.

If one could cultivate to divine rank in a lower continent, then it wouldn’t be easy, especially at this young age.

As a result, even Tuoba Wu Chen who listened on the sidelines was stupefied. Especially, when he knew she was adept in arrays and pill refinement, and even her medical skills were good, he felt the person in front of him was a monster.

Sima You Yue stayed and talked to them for half a day before leaving. When she came out, she saw Hua Xiu once again. Wu Lingyu who was beside her also glanced at him. The expressions in their eyes were different.

Hua Xiu glimpsed nervously at them, wondering how he should react when his identity exposed. He didn’t expect them to directly leave.

At night, Wu Lingyu left his room…

Feng Zhi Xing and their injuries were recovering quickly. Sima You Yue thought that when they recovered, they would return to the Primordial Lands. Never did she expect they wanted to stay behind.

“You Yue, although the Bloody Tunnel is dangerous, there is an array set up here, so it’s relatively safe. As long as you don’t go out, you’ll be safe.” Shan Jing explained. “The commotion from the demon clan is too big nowadays. It’s hard to deal with it safely. As part of the human race, we will naturally stay to help this situation.”

The Bloody Tunnel was divided into several areas, and each area was supervised by a person. Those in charge would alternate, a family clan would be responsible for five to six years. Each area was assigned an ordinal number and a token of delegating their position. When they finished their time, the person at post could delegate another person by sending the red token over.

If those well-acclaimed family did not accept the red token, they would become the enemy of the continent and pursued by all forces. Even if those families were not willing, they still have to. If their strength wasn’t enough, they could employ the help of others with the requirement of enormous rewards.

Or some wealthy families, who’re unwilling to send their family members, hired those who’re willing to defend a period of time in place of them.

There was a saying in the Primordial Lands: If you had a quarrel with someone, send the red token to their home, which was the best way to get revenge, and still be a person of integrity.

Xiong An Ran’s group was coming close their service, which they need to stay for a few more months. Unexpectedly, the demon clan had other plans. They unceasingly sent their people to attack this area. From time to time, some demons were successful in breaking their barrier.

Because of the frequent invasion of the demons, Xiong An Ran could no longer resist them. They sent people to seek help from the area behind them. The Feng family appeared right on time, and they naturally had to stay and help.

The Feng family had been here before. It happened that the team of Shan Jing and Feng Liu passed by, and they were also familiar with the situation here. Now that they knew their friends were in trouble, how could they stand by and watch.

After Sima You Yue was aware of this, she wasn’t unhappy. She just said that if there’s any need, the Egret Clan’s elder could help.

But Xiong An Ran and they didn’t have this plan. In other words, they wouldn’t let Egret Clan come out before they have to. After all, they were here to ensure Sima You Yue’s safety. If something happened to her here, then something would happen to the Roc King as well. At that time, the whole bird clan would come to them for the account.

Sima You Yue originally wanted to stay and watch some amazing fights, but these days, as long as Feng Liu’s party went out, they would tell her not to go out. So, although every time they came back with large or minor injuries, she never once saw that bloody events

One day, she was reading in her room as usual when Wu Lingyu walked in. He saw her and about to speak but hesitated.

“What’s up? Is there a problem?” Sima You Yue laid the book down. She raised her head and asked.

Wu Lingyu pondered for a moment. “I just heard from the people outside that the demon clan sent many people to come here this time. The battlefield ahead is a bit tragic. Your Master went as well.”

“Master went as well?” Sima You Yue closed the book. “Did they say anything about master and the group’s situation?”

“Nope.” Wu Lingyu answered. “But the bodyguard who spoke of this, you know him?”

“I know of?”

“The one called Hua Xiu.”

“Him?” Sima You Yue ribbed her chin and pondered, “If it’s him, then the truth of the news is debatable.”

She and Wu Lingyu both could tell that that person wasn’t human. He was extremely possible to be a demon. What could his purpose be for transmitting this information?

But they hadn’t thought of anything significant when a bodyguard ran in from outside wanting to see Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue heard the commotion and curiously walked over. She witnessed a Feng family bodyguard covered in blood. Her expression changed, and she cried out in alarm. “What happened?”

“Old Master, they were besieged by the demons. They can’t hold any longer. I was on the outer side and carved a bloody path to here. Please master Sima, save Old master, Madam, and Young Masters.”

“My Master went as well?”

“Yes, even Master Tuoba went.” The bodyguard weakly said. Suddenly, a pill bottle appeared in his hand.

“You should rest here.” Sima You Yue summoned Halcyon and climbed on top. Wu Lingyu stood beside her.

“We also want to come. Master Sima, please bring us along.” Several bodyguards uniformly ran over and pleaded with Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue looked at the bodyguards and felt they would feel at peace if they followed along, so nodded in consent. She secretly glimpsed at Hua Xiu.

Since she was going to the battlefield, every Egret Clan elder hurriedly follow along. They would not be able to live if a mishap happened to her!

Halcyon took them forward to the battlefield. Even with his speed, it still took about two hours. Sima You Yue stood atop of Halcyon. She saw the dark inhuman creatures as well of Feng Zhi Xing group fighting valiantly. She felt the graveness of the situation.

“Hurry and help Master.” Sima You Yue told the Egret Clan elders.

The Egrer Clan elders strength was at large; compare to Feng Liu and them, they were much stronger. Once they went over, the pressure on Feng Liu and they lessened a lot.

Sima You Yue took out Fatty Qu’s small steel ball. When she was calculating the best opportunity to throw them at the demons. Suddenly, her arm was grasped tightly and her waist was grasped by another hand as being embraced. She was flown off to the side rapidly.

When she turned around, Hua Xiu’s exceptionally good looking face entered her vision.

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