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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss (Web Novel) - Chapter 577: Really mad

Chapter 577: Really mad

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He saw her bright pair of eyes, and his denial died in his throat. He couldn’t force it out at all.

Sima You Yue saw Wu Lingyu’s silent acknowledgement as she snorted coldly, said softly, “Senior Brother, if you wanted to come to the devil realm, you could have done so anytime. Why did you have to scheme to get me here?”

Wu Lingyu had never seen her speak to him this way before. It was fine if she lightly scolded him or just raged at him. In the ten thousand beast mountain, she had beaten, scolded and bit him. It was much better than her apathetic attitude towards him.

She was really mad!

He secretly sighed, then said with some grievance, “I didn’t think of this.”

“You didn’t think of this?”

Wu Lingyu quickly continued, otherwise, this brat would get angry again and he would be in for it.

“It was Mo Sha.”

“Mo Sha?” Sima You Yue said with shock, “Isn’t this guy playing dead? How could he have gotten you to plot and scheme to get me here? Furthermore, he hasn’t appeared at all within these few days.”

Play- playing dead?!

“He doesn’t need to appear for me to know what he’s thinking.” Wu Lingyu explained.

“Oh? So you’re saying that your hearts beat as one?” Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows.


What kind of expression did this count as?

Wu Lingyu stretched forth a hand and knocked her on the head, saying with displeasure, “It’s just that we share a soul, so I know what he’s thinking.”

“Hmph, if your hearts don’t beat as one, then it’s just that you’re villains colluding together.” Sima You Yue was still peeved as she glared at him. “When did you collude to hatch this scheme?”

Wu Lingyu pursed his lips, villains colluding together? Hatching a scheme? Why did all her wounds sound so bad?

“We realised that this person was a devil clansmen, and it was during the first time we met him. As to when we plotted to take you to the devil realm, it was when we saw you being kidnapped by Hua Xiu.”


“Of course. Otherwise, you can call Mo Sha out and ask him.” Wu Lingyu quickly tried to prove his innocence.

Sima You Yue looked at him directly and saw that his eyes held no lies. Her anger was slightly appeased, but she wouldn’t let him off so easily.

“Tell me, what did you do during this period of time?” She huffed.

What did she mean what did he do? Wu Lingyu was secretly howling in grief. He had always just gone to do what Mo Sha told him to. He knew that with the two of them carrying her and doing these little things, she would definitely be fuming.

That guy was a good one, all right. He had clearly awoken, but was lying in the Devil Snare bracelet refusing to come out. He had left him alone to face her fury.

“You Yue, I didn’t do anything. I just obeyed what Mo Sha said and left some symbols to mark a certain place, then i went to take a look at another person’s reply in another place.” Wu Lingyu said, “Mo Sha got me to do all of this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know any of it.”

Hmph hmph, you think that you can have a moment’s peace by hiding in your devil snare? By what I said, I showed that I was just following your instructions.

“How long has Mo Sha been conscious for?” Sima You Yue asked.

“He’s been conscious since the Bloody Tunnel.” Wu Lingyu said honestly.

“Ok.” Sima You Yue didn’t say much more, but with a thought, Ling Long appeared in her hand, in the form of a…hammer.

She held the hammer backwards in her hands, saying lightly, “Are you going to come out on your own? Or do you want me to get you out here by shattering the bracelet?”

Wu Lingyu was depressed. This brat spoke to Mo Sha in a way that was different from the way she spoke to him. He could tell that she was closer to Mo Sha.

What hurt him more was that, it was precisely because that year when he was just a stranger, he had forcefully kissed her. This was why he could never draw close to her. Later on, although they were now junior and senior, that merely offset the kiss.

Actually, Mo Sha had also done the same thing. However, at that time, he already knew her for a few years. Furthermore, all these years, no matter how she was hurting, he had journeyed alongside her. That was why she was rather biased towards him as well and didn’t care for that forceful kiss.

Didn’t care for…

If Mo Sha knew about how she thought, he would be peeved as well. Why could she not let go of that kiss Wu Lingyu gave her, but forget all about the closeness they shared with that kiss?

Sima You Yue gave a lazy smile when she saw that the Devil Snare bracelet was not moving.

“I’ve always felt that this bland bracelet was a bit ugly. I’m going to destroy it altogether.” As she spoke, she took the bracelet off and put it on the boulder beside her. She lifted Ling Long and smashed down.

Once, twice…

Wu Lingyu watched as she furiously hammered that bracelet, his mouth followed the hammer’s movements.

After hammering a few times, she saw that the hammer didn’t do a bit of damage.

“Ling Long, aren’t you too useless! Even if it’s just a regular hammer, you should be able to shatter this item, okay.” Sima You Yue lifted the bracelet and turned it around, saying with pursed lips.

Ling Long was immediately grieved. “Isn’t it because Yue Yue’s too weak that I wouldn’t be able to fully draw out my power…..”

Sima You Yue was speechless. However, no matter what, this was the painful truth!

“Sigh, at that time when he was in the soul stone, he surrendered when he saw her hammer. Now that he had created this item, I actually can’t threaten him anymore. Fine then, in any case, he’s woken up and will be getting rid of the contract around this period of time. When that time comes, we will take our own paths. He will be the devil king of others, while we will go back to doing whatever small fries do.”

When Wu Lingyu heard what she said, he had no idea why, but he felt rather sad. It was as if… he was being abandoned.

If he felt this way, that naturally mean that Mo Sha felt the same way. That was why he wasn’t surprised to see a red silhouette appear.

“Didn’t I let you come to the devil realm? Why are you so angry?” Mo Sha furrowed his eyebrows when he saw her pacing around remorsefully.

Sima You Yue stretched forth a hand and threw the devil snare bracelet at him. However, because he was a soul, that bracelet flew past him and landed on Wu Lingyu.

Was she going to continue and vent her anger?

Mo Sha got a little mad as well.

“Hmph, I know that you want to rid yourself of our contract as soon as possible. I contacted you earlier, but you yourself hid, so I couldn’t find you.” Sima You Yue said, “If you had just told me directly that you wanted to come to the devil realm, would I not have brought you here? The two of you are great, huh. You actually distrust me so much. Then you should just cancel the contract right now and the two of you can happily fuse with one another. Leave behind whatever you want and I will go back to the ancient primordial lands myself.”

Mo Sha was initially angry when he began listening to her rant, however, it seemed that she was right. Didn’t he long for this day? Why was it, then when the time came, he continued to remain in the devil snare bracelet, watching her silently? Why didn’t he want to break their contract at all?

He saw her little angry face, and couldn’t stop the rage in his heart. It just happened that a group of devi clansmen walked over and saw them. They had yet to attack when Mo Sha engulfed them in flames in one move.

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