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Instant Death (Web Novel)


Growth cheats? Infinite magic power? The ability to utilize all archetypes? What’s the point if instant death ends everything with a single attack?

High school senior Yogiri Takatou was on a school field trip when he woke up to a dragon assaulting his sightseeing bus, with the only ones still on the bus being him and his female classmate, the panicking Tomochika Dannoura. Apparently the rest of his classmates had been given special powers by Sion, a woman who introduced herself as Sage, and escaped from the dragon, leaving those that hadn’t received any special powers behind as dragon bait.

And so Yogiri was thrown into a parallel universe full of danger, with no idea of what just happened. Likewise, Sion had no way of knowing just what kind of being she had summoned to her world.

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The chapterAddition Time
Volume 4, Chapter 18: Stop it with the shameless sexual harassment remarks!2020-04-09
Volume 4, Chapter 18: It was like this the last time it happened2020-04-09
Volume 4, Chapter 17: You could have at least let her do something interesting first2020-03-09
Volume 4, Chapter 16: Huh? And what do you mean, I lost? Why did I lose?2020-03-09
Volume 4, Chapter 15: Because I’m invincible? No attacks work on me.2020-02-03
Volume 4, Chapter 14: The ceiling suddenly collapses. Takato Yogiri and the two others are crushed to death2020-01-27
Volume 4, Chapter 13: Ugh. Anything goes with you, huh!2020-01-22
Volume 4, Chapter 12: It’s so warm… No, that is not the kind of thing to be saying right now!2020-01-13
Volume 4, Chapter 11: You see, that’s why I think it’s around time for an awakening event2020-01-10
Volume 4, Chapter 10: I’m sorry, I don’t really get what you’re talking about?2019-12-20
Volume 4, Chapter 9: As expected, not even Dannoura can shoot beams yet2019-12-20
Volume 4, Chapter 8: She’s probably back at home right now munching on potato chips2019-08-20
Chapter 7: The youngster’s ex-girlfriend showed up out of nowhere, so your surprise is understandable2019-07-31
Chapter 6: Mokomoko-san… The electromagnetic waves have finally gotten to you, haven’t they…?2019-06-08
Chapter 5: If that’s what’s going on, then I’m not sure I even needed to be here…2019-03-29
Chapter 4: Just you wait. I’m coming for you right now.2019-03-26
Chapter 3: Ah, Mokomoko-san, you haven’t passed on yet.2019-03-26
Chapter 2: How is someone able to enjoy another world so leisurely…?2019-03-26
Volume 4, Chapter 1: What sort of hobby is the extermination of the human race?2019-03-26
Interlude - Then, shall we try raising the degree of difficulty?2019-03-26
Chapter 18 - Fat ‘humans’ can live for quite a while, can’t they?2019-03-26
Chapter 17 - I, have a methodical personality which likes to keep things tidy and in order.2019-03-26
Chapter 16 - Good evening. I’m called Shion the sage, do you remember me?2019-03-26
Chapter 15 - This, with this, is the new Dannoura Style2019-03-26
Chapter 14 - There’s a feeling like the class that appeared in your heart was ‘I want only myself to be saved’, right~2019-03-26
Chapter 13 - If you want to die so much, then go die by yourself2019-03-26
Chapter 12 - Even though he left it behind like this. You want it?2019-03-26
Chapter 11 - That it became like this finally is due to the three eroge aristocrats, though2019-03-26
Chapter 10 - Ha?2019-03-26
Chapter 9 - ‘The laws of space are disordered’, is there such a feeling, I wonder2019-03-26
Chapter 8 - Isn’t it something that Takatou-kun has done already again?2019-03-26
Chapter 7 - What sort of things happened until now to make him such a rude person!?2019-03-26
Chapter 6 - Although he may not be a bad person, he was a somewhat irritating person2019-03-26
Chapter 5 - The martial arts of a parallel world are too primitive, yet the highly developed Dannoura Style is thought t2019-03-26
Chapter 4 - I don’t think there’s any reason I could win against people with beams coming from their swords!2019-03-26
Chapter 3 - Doesn’t that mean that this world is round like the Earth?2019-03-26
Chapter 2 - For just a bit more, I wonder if I had better continue to go ‘kya~ kya~’2019-03-26
Volume 3, Chapter 1 - Why should I have to die in such a place!2019-03-26
Extra Chapter - Fighting Game (Another EX)2019-03-26
Interlude - Why is this such a tiresome thing? (End of the 2nd Volume)2019-03-26
Chapter 21 - I was completely spoiled by your mistake2019-03-26
Chapter 20 - How was it necessary for me to cling to you!?2019-03-26
Chapter 19 - Didn’t you say that you were an enemy of the world?2019-03-26
Chapter 18 - Your fortune is the worst of the worst!2019-03-26
Chapter 17 - I don’t know what will happen if I kill space2019-03-26
Chapter 16 - There is a lot of ‘last-boss’ sensation being produced2019-03-26
Chapter 15 - You were mistaken to sell a fight to the other party2019-03-26
Chapter 14 - I don’t have any memory that the discussion has passed2019-03-26
Chapter 13 - If it happens by accident, that situation is a style to enjoy2019-03-26
Chapter 12 - I’m challenged horizontally2019-03-26
Chapter 11 - I’m not a woman tasteless to the point of complaining about how you saved me2019-03-26
Chapter 10 - In this situation, to summon her for such a thing2019-03-26
Chapter 9 - Think of it as a common kind of ghost story at an old inn2019-03-26
Chapter 8 - What kind of sheet video game is it, this parallel world!2019-03-26
Chapter 7 - This appearance is a hobby2019-03-26
Chapter 6 - Without apology stones, I’d be dying2019-03-26
Chapter 5 - Even if celebrities are said to be able to travel incognito, it isn’t known2019-03-26
Chapter 4 - He’s a person that seems decent, but I won’t believe it so easily!2019-03-26
Chapter 3 - It seems it is often the case in a parallel world2019-03-26
Chapter 2 - A scene that looks like it was used for CM insecticide2019-03-26
Volume 2, Chapter 1 - I wonder why all of you are so simple-minded2019-03-26
Interlude - The fact you are seeing this reflection (End of the 1st Volume)2019-03-26
Chapter 37 - It looks like I’m in high spirits by myself!2019-03-26
Chapter 36 - Could you not be satisfied with my body in a situation like this!?2019-03-26
Chapter 35 - I decide what is death2019-03-26
Chapter 34 - Let’s look like Allies of Justice for just a little more!2019-03-26
Chapter 33 - Might be time for some experiments2019-03-26
Chapter 32 - And that's it for Zombie Time!2019-03-26
Chapter 31 - Life's harsh2019-03-26
Chapter 30 - I just need to kill him before he can use it2019-03-26
Chapter 29 - Just what kind of battles was my family planning to take on…?2019-03-26
Chapter 28 - What do you mean you killed ice!? Are you getting philosophical again!?2019-03-26
Chapter 27 - With a level ten times as high that much is to be expected2019-03-26
Chapter 26 - Preserving the crime scene2019-03-26
Chapter 25 - Letting him fondle and lick a little2019-03-26
Chapter 24 - Aren't support classes way too versatile in this world!?2019-03-26
Chapter 23 - It's getting kind of funny actually2019-03-26
Chapter 22 - Magnificent as always, Master!2019-03-26
Chapter 21 - Can't kill what's dead2019-03-26
Chapter 20 - This robot's way too good at understanding its circumstances!2019-03-26
Chapter 19 - Like Nobunaga Oda and Enchou Sanyuutei2019-03-26
Chapter 18 - Mokomoko-san is watching2019-03-26
Chapter 17 - The eyeball's besides the point2019-03-26
Chapter 16 - Of course you'd be able to make a charger2019-03-26
Chapter 15 - My Guardian Spirit Is the Strongest, So Even the Otherworld Is a Cakewalk!2019-03-26
Chapter 14 - No way I'd stay with a guy going on about love hotels2019-03-26
Chapter 13 - Before we get started: everyone in the back, die2019-03-26
Chapter 12 - Is it just me, or are almost all the jerks Japanese!?2019-03-26
Chapter 11 - OK! Understand! Japanese, regular customers!2019-03-26
Intermission - Spontaneous death on the spur of the moment2019-03-26
Chapter 9 - Because your boobs were soft?2019-03-26
Chapter 8 - You can make me a slave! I'll never disobey!2019-03-26
Chapter 7 - Eternal Force Blizzard, target dies2019-03-26
Chapter 6 - And my body falls into that category!?2019-03-26
Chapter 5 - Was that a flying saucer?2019-03-26
Chapter 4 - A skill that makes you popular!2019-03-26
Chapter 3 - Everyone, please listen!2019-03-26
Chapter 2 - My power level is 530,0002019-03-26
Volume 1, Chapter 1 - Die2019-03-26
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