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Instant Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 10 - In this situation, to summon her for such a thing

Chapter 10 - In this situation, to summon her for such a thing

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Translator: Thy Unsus

Edit: Thy Unsus

The maid doll, who was staring at the dimly shining wall, inclined her head.

There were no big problems in the progress of the Sword Saint selection, and there were no subjects that should be dealt with urgently. However, several points to worry about existed. Even if it wasn’t enough to remove them one by one, if they piled up too much, it becomes a problem with that.

This place was the tower’s basement.

It was a room made of stone about 10 meters in every direction, with one side opened wide. From there, you were able to confirm the canyon, and the figures of the Devil and its kin. This room existed on the cliff’s edge.

Though the moonlight entered, the interior of the room was dim. However, the image projected onto the surface of the wall was dimly illuminating the area. Information about the tower’s inside and barrier was indicated on that.

This place was the center that controlled the entirety of the tower, and was the place that became the cornerstone of the Devil-sealing barrier.

“What kind of thing is it?” (Sword Saint)

In that place, an old man—the Sword Saint—appeared.

“The process of the selection is favorable. But, there are several parts to worry about. First of all is the situation outside of the first barrier. Movements of several people were observed. The particulars are unknown.” (Maid)

The first barrier was a large structure which covered the tower’s circumference, concealing the tower and the Devil.

There was no way to perceive the barrier from inside to outside, and observation of the circumference’s state of affairs was done by means of periodic reconnaissance. Automatic dolls similar to the maid dolls were being sent in, but nothing was known beyond that there were people wandering around in the surroundings.

“There’s no choice but to look at the situation. It also could be that someone’s just passing through.” (Sword Saint)

But, there wasn’t someone that’d come to the canyon, which was separated from human habitation, with no intentions. It seemed that there was a need for vigilance.

“Next, is within the tower: the deceased on the first day are more than usual. A large part of this is due to Teresa-sama—the roaring swordswoman.” (Maid)

“I was able to expect that it’d result in this when she was mixed. But at any rate, just about everyone will die. It’ll be sooner or later.” (Sword Saint)

“Why won’t you kill everyone at once?” (Maid)

The maid doll asked what she had been wondering about from before.

Souls were necessary to maintain the barrier, and it was necessary for people to die inside the tower to obtain souls. If it wasn’t indirect, then he should have massacred everyone when they entered the tower.

“That’s simple. It’s because the Sword Saint selection is real. There are too many people who die in the selection, so it’s just right to maintain the barrier. So? I don’t think there’s more problems than usual.” (Sword Saint)

“Teresa-sama died.” (Maid)

“You don’t care about who dies, do you?” (Sword Saint)

“No, I don’t. But, the readings don’t match. What appears to be Teresa-sama isn’t included in the spirits that were collected.” (Maid)

“……Hmm. If her death is real, she may have turned into a ghost before the tower absorbed her.” (Sword Saint)

If soul was the energy to drive the body, it was said that spirit was the command tower governing the mind. Both diffused after death, but there was a possibility that the spirit remained as it was, which happened in the cases of high-ranking magicians and swordsmen.

“Teresa-sama’s corpse is being checked, but the cause of death isn’t known.” (Maid)

The current state of the tower could be known in this room, but incidents that happened in the past couldn’t be grasped.

“For now, there is a surplus in the spirit amount needed to maintain the barrier. But, if similar things occur again and again from now on, it might get dangerous.” (Maid)

A good quality spirit could boost the force of the soul many fold. It was an essential element to maintain the barrier.

“There are several years worth of savings at the present time. It isn’t a problem right now.” (Sword Saint)

“Rather, the problem is probably the yorishiro. It will reach its limit before long. This also isn’t ‘necessary’ right now, but it seems like the spare is a little unreliable with three people.” (Maid)

“Hmm. Come to think of it, there was someone who used magic proudly. Can’t we use them?” (Sword Saint)

What the Sword Saint was talking about was the girl who fired her magic at the Devil on the rooftop.

The maid doll checked the girl’s current position.

The girl was resting on the 80th floor. The tower consisted of 100 floors, and she was still far from the 1st floor, but it seemed she was clearing the trial favorably.

“What shall we do?” (Maid)

“Continue the selection for the time being, but recover her when it looks like she’ll die. She’ll be useful if she lives. So, any other points that worry you?” (Sword Saint)

“Yes. There was an intruder into the tower due to a summon technique.” (Maid)

“That feels pretty important, but is it enough to worry about?” (Sword Saint)

“Yes. What was summoned was the body of a woman who doesn’t have any power in particular, and the practitioner amounts to sexual activity.” (Maid)

“They have a lot of nerve. In this situation, to summon her for such a thing.” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint said, as though in admiration. Summoning wasn’t something that could be done simply like that, it required enormous magical power. He probably hadn’t imagined that it would be used for only letting out sexual desire.

“There is one more point to worry about inside the tower. Master is among the candidates.” (Maid)

“Hmm? Your master is me, right?” (Sword Saint)

“No. It is Grand Sorcerer Igleshia-sama, my creator.” (Maid)

“That guy, he fought the devil a thousand years ago, didn’t he? He’s still alive?” (Sword Saint)

“The particulars aren’t known, but I cannot mistake Master for someone else.” (Maid)

“I won’t say ‘I refuse’ to those who come. Do they know that it’s the selection of the Sword Saint, those guys?” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint said, as if amazed.

From what the maid doll saw, those who could be called “genuine swordsmen” among the candidates were half. If they had ability, there were no problems no matter what their background was, but it would be troubling if they weren’t able to use a sword, despite being called the Sword Saint.

“Lastly, about the Devil’s kin. An unique individual is trying to slip out of the second barrier. The estimated time that they’ll break through the boundary is noon three days from now.” (Maid)

What was sealing the Devil was the second barrier, and the central part, where the Devil was, was the most effective. And the effect became thinner the more you were separated from the center. In other words, the kin in the surroundings would slip out from the barrier sooner or later.

For that reason, the Sword Saint hadn’t been able to leave the tower for a long time. It was because the duty of the Sword Saint was to kill the kin that appeared now and then.

“Should I let it be defeated by the candidates? They can try to defeat the kin and play the role of Sword Saint or something.” (Sword Saint)

“It seems troublesome, doesn’t it?” (Maid)

“We have so many people, right? What will be done without using them.” (Sword Saint)

“Who do I need to take into consideration?” (Maid)

“Somewhat useful people who will die in the trial.” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint went towards the largly-made aperture. The maid doll stood next to him.

What the Sword Saint was observing, was the space where the canyon was spherically hollowed out. In the center, there was the Devil and the Holy Queen.

And, in the surroundings were all the kin who had fought together with the Devil.

Their movement wasn’t to the degree that it was seen by the eye. However, they were certainly approaching here.

“A human type? That’s troubling.” (Sword Saint)

The Sword Saint *murmur* muttered.

It was smiling.

It, which was approaching here the most, was something in the shape of a person.

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