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Intoxication (Web Novel)




Drama Romance Yaoi

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For He Gu, to be secretly in love is like a strong alcoholic drink. Obviously, once it flows into your system, dizziness, the loss of self-control and suffering will follow closely by, making it possible for anyone to be fatally attracted like moths to flames, and willingly endure the hardships.

While you made sure to not overdo it, I’ve become completely intoxicated…however, for every intoxicated feeling, you will inevitably wake up from it one day.

When Song Ju Han continued to act childish and recklessly destroyed He Gu’s tenderness for him, he had never imagined that the man has already been written into his destiny. Even more, he had never imagined that—the person brought to him by destiny—would one day want to escape…

1109 • 2019-08-27 07:32:02


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 81: Special Chapter 3 : Entrepreneur 32019-08-27
Chapter 80: Special Chapter 2 : Entrepreneur 22019-08-27
Chapter 79: Special Chapter 1 : Entrepreneur2019-08-27
Chapter 78: The Continuing Intoxication2019-08-27
Chapter 77: Dark Memories and The Screwing in The Lounge Box2019-08-27
Chapter 76: Going to the Premiere....Wife in Tow2019-08-27
Chapter 75: Showing Off The Lover2019-08-27
Chapter 74: The Sincere Lover2019-08-27
Chapter 73: You Are Shameless2019-08-27
Chapter 71: Days in Singapore2019-08-27
Chapter 71: Days in Singapore2019-08-27
Chapter 70: Disappear From Just Han2019-08-27
Chapter 69: Saving He Gu2019-08-27
Chapter 68: The Kidnappers2019-08-27
Chapter 67: The One Who Tagged Along2019-08-27
Chapter 66: Confession of the Cold-hearted man2019-08-27
Chapter 65: The Saviour2019-08-27
Chapter 64: Song Just Han A Case of Coming Out2019-08-27
Chapter 63: Ai He Gu= Why Love A Sinner or Love He Gu2019-08-27
Chapter 62: Regret Is An Aftermath2019-08-27
Chapter 61: He Will Never Learn.2019-08-27
Chapter 60: The Sensible Twink2019-08-27
Chapter 59: Showing Regrets When its Pointless To2019-08-27
Chapter 58: Song Just Han The Blackmailer Zhou He Yi The Wannabe Boxer2019-08-27
Chapter 57: The Wolf Threats2019-08-27
Chapter 56: Paying the Highest Price for Stepping on Wolf Tail2019-08-27
Chapter 55: The Tour Guide Who Wanted to Be a Tourist2019-08-27
Chapter 54: Memories In This House.2019-08-27
Chapter 53: Nice Try But Nope....2019-08-27
Chapter 52: Another One Comes Around2019-08-27
Chapter 51: Going Back From The Island2019-08-27
Chapter 50: You Can Hate Me As Long as You Have Me Only in Your Heart2019-08-27
Chapter 49: All Of This Is My Fault2019-08-27
Chapter 48: I'm Unclean2019-08-27
Chapter 47: Fun In Europe... No bastards around.2019-08-27
Chapter 46: The What If? Madness2019-08-27
Chapter 45: Mr. He Are You a Special Agent?2019-08-27
Chapter 44: Nothing is Worse than Being a Mistress2019-08-27
Chapter 43: When a Perpetrator thinks he is a Victim2019-08-27
Chapter 42: Listening to Gu Qing Pei Grieving2019-08-27
Chapter 41:Rare Tender Moments2019-08-27
Chapter 40: Confusion about the word "LOVE"2019-08-27
Chapter 39: Spears Pointing At Me!!2019-08-27
Chapter 38: Just Get Intoxicated and Wake Up2019-08-27
Chapter 37: Everything In A Mess2019-08-27
Chapter 36: A Escape Goat2019-08-27
Chapter 35: I Have Given You Everything...I have No More2019-08-27
Chapter 34: Answer About The Past2019-08-27
Chapter 33: Numbness To Question The Past2019-08-27
Chapter 32: We Are El Finito....2019-08-27
Chapter 31: Brain Smashing Truth2019-08-27
Chapter 30: When Not Even Humility Is Enough2019-08-27
Chapter 29: Bang You're a Brother Bang I have Cancer2019-08-27
Chapter 28: When Your Love is Trampled On!!2019-08-27
Chapter 27: This Twink is On Fire....2019-08-27
Chapter 26: A Fucking Joke2019-08-27
Chapter 25 Mamma Done Told You to Never Lie2019-08-27
Chapter 24: You Have Been Intoxicated For 6 Years2019-08-27
Chapter 23: A Curious Case of Persistent Twink2019-08-27
Chapter 22: Breakup Test drive: Crash2019-08-27
Chapter 21: Meeting The Self Obsessed Ruffian After A Month2019-08-27
Chapter 20 A Whiny Straight and an Annoying Twink2019-08-27
Chapter 19 The One Who Doesn't Knock2019-08-27
Chapter 18: Memories of the Past: A Heartbreak Confirmation2019-08-27
Chapter 17 Memories of the Past:Loosing the V-Card2019-08-27
Chapter 16:Memories of the Past: Caught after Fished2019-08-27
Chapter 15: Memories of The Past: Cat-fished2019-08-27
Chapter 14: Memories of The Past:Caught between Two People2019-08-27
Chapter 13 Memories Of The Past: Meeting The Bastard2019-08-27
Chapter 12 People Whose Calls Screws the Mood2019-08-27
Chapter 11 General Gu You Are Gay?....Yep So are You2019-08-27
Chapter 10 Gu Qing Pei vs Song Ju Han The Curly Haired Bastard2019-08-27
Chapter 9 Carting a Drunk Curly Headed Fuckbuddy2019-08-27
Chapter 8 It's Because I Just Don't Allow It2019-08-27
Chapter 7 He Can Watch2019-08-27
Chapter 6 Goodbye Party and A Surprise2019-08-27
Chapter 5 Two Assholes from The Same Pod2019-08-27
Chapter 4 Loving Unreasonable Man2019-08-27
Chapter 3 General Manager Gu Qing Pei2019-08-27
Chapter 2: I'm Not a Member of Your Harem2019-08-27
Chapter 1: Its A Good Way of Moisturizing (C*m)2019-08-27
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