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Invincible (Web Novel)


The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top. Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture. In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and become a warrior. Huang Xiaolong born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined. However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World
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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1285: Inheriting the Ghost Manor Lord Position2019-12-11
Chapter 1284: Already Said You’re An Idiot, But You Don’t Believe It2019-12-10
Chapter 1283: It’s Useless Even If You Try2019-12-09
Chapter 1282: Ghost Manor Lord2019-12-08
Chapter 1281: Kneel Down2019-12-07
Chapter 1280: Hundred Tribulations Faction2019-12-07
Chapter 1279: Meeting Above the Ghost Sea2019-12-06
Chapter 1278: The Ghost Manor2019-12-05
Chapter 1277: Are You Sure You Want To Do This?2019-12-04
Chapter 1276: Seventh Order Ancient God Realm2019-12-03
Chapter 1275: Yellow Springs Magic Robe2019-12-03
Chapter 1274: You Know My Great-Grandfather?2019-12-02
Chapter 1273: Void Devil Beast2019-12-01
Chapter 1272: Am I Dying?2019-11-30
Chapter 1271: The Relentless Pursuit2019-11-30
Chapter 1270: Ancestor God Realm Master Arriving!2019-11-29
Chapter 1269: We Discovered This Place First!2019-11-28
Chapter 1268: Eidolon Crystalline Rocks2019-11-27
Chapter 1267: The Seven-Colored Metal Fiend Fruit2019-11-26
Chapter 1266: Devil Prison Mountain2019-11-25
Chapter 1265: Go Ahead, Do Your Best2019-11-24
Chapter 1264: Take A Strike From My Palm Too!2019-11-24
Chapter 1263: Wang Yu’s Betrothment2019-11-23
Chapter 1262: Running Into Wang Yu2019-11-23
Chapter 1261: The Void Sky World2019-11-22
Chapter 1260: The Golden Phoenix Pavilion2019-11-21
Chapter 1259: The Enigmatic Yang Thistle2019-11-20
Chapter 1258: Wan Xiang’s Descendent2019-11-19
Chapter 1257: The God of the Sea Grand Ceremony2019-11-19
Chapter 1256: Wangu Ziyi’s Recovery2019-11-18
Chapter 1255: Refining the Phoenix Fire Crystal2019-11-17
Chapter 1254: The Devil World’s Strongest Person2019-11-16
Chapter 1253: Precious Little Darling Long Long2019-11-16
Chapter 1252: Darling Disciple2019-11-15
Chapter 1251: The Aftermath2019-11-14
Chapter 1250: Do You Think You Can Win Against Me?!2019-11-12
Chapter 1249: So Ferocious!2019-11-12
Chapter 1248: Wangu Ziyi Reneging2019-11-11
Chapter 1247: Luo Yunjie Gets Injured2019-11-10
Chapter 1246: What Kind of Fist Technique Is That?2019-11-10
Chapter 1245: Battle With You Wuxin2019-11-09
Chapter 1244: No.1 Vs No.12019-11-08
Chapter 1243: The Day Of the New Disciples Battle2019-11-07
Chapter 1242: Grandmist Parasitic Medium Cultivation Successful2019-11-07
Chapter 1241: Kneel And Apologize2019-11-06
Chapter 1240: It Was First Discovered By My Family2019-11-05
Chapter 1239: About Twenty Beads?2019-11-05
Chapter 1238: Looking For Golden Beads2019-11-04
Chapter 1237: Golden Beads Raining Down2019-11-03
Chapter 1236: Sea Tribe, Guo Gang2019-11-03
Chapter 1235: This Roast Black Dog Meat Is F*cking Fragrant!2019-11-02
Chapter 1234: Blood Sea2019-11-02
Chapter 1233: Five Strikes2019-11-01
Chapter 1232: The Ten Thousand Elephant King2019-10-31
Chapter 1231: A Petrified Divine Elephant2019-10-30
Chapter 1230: Who Is The Big Scoundrel2019-10-30
Chapter 1229: What Regret Tastes Like?2019-10-29
Chapter 1228: The Greatest Divine Artifact: The Ancient Heavenly Court2019-10-28
Chapter 1227: Devil Abyss2019-10-27
Chapter 1226: I'll Give That Old Hag A Few Stabs!2019-10-26
Chapter 1225: Don't Come Looking For Li Lu Anymore2019-10-25
Chapter 1224: You Dare To Attack Us?2019-10-25
Chapter 1223: Get Rid Of Huang Xiaolong Once And For All2019-10-24
Chapter 1222: Bought Away By Force2019-10-23
Chapter 1221: Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell?2019-10-22
Chapter 1220: Destroying Ouyang Family To The Ground2019-10-22
Chapter 1219: Need Not Fear Huang Xiaolong2019-10-22
Chapter 1218: Rushing Back To Dralion Island!2019-10-22
Chapter 1217: Do You Really Think We Dare Not Kill You?!2019-10-22
Chapter 1216: Great Patriarch Xie Li!2019-10-22
Chapter 1215: How Come All These Ancestors Are Resurrected?!2019-10-22
Chapter 1214: Conquering The Nefarious Devil Tribe2019-10-22
Chapter 1213: Defeat Him In Three Strikes!2019-10-22
Chapter 1212: It's Just Huang Xiaolong2019-10-22
Chapter 1211: Heading To The Nefarious Devil Tribe Again2019-10-22
Chapter 1210: Ouyang Family's Expansion2019-10-22
Chapter 1209: How Could He Be So Strong!2019-10-22
Chapter 1208: Duel Field2019-10-22
Chapter 1207: Wangu Dongchen2019-10-22
Chapter 1206: Infinite Circles Commerce Hall2019-10-09
Chapter 1205: Hu Dan?2019-10-08
Chapter 1204: Returning to Green Cloud Island2019-10-07
Chapter 1203: Refining The Sans Devil Stele2019-10-06
Chapter 1202: Battle of the Heavenly Court2019-10-05
Chapter 1201: Breakthrough Success2019-10-04
Chapter 1200: Terrifying Tribulation Lightning2019-10-04
Chapter 1199: Movement A Little Too Big2019-10-03
Chapter 1198: Spiritual Blood Pool2019-10-02
Chapter 1197: Enter Seclusion To Break Through2019-10-01
Chapter 1196: Senior Sister Li Lu2019-09-30
Chapter 1195: Wangu Ziyi2019-09-30
Chapter 1194: Entering The Fortune Divine Kingdom2019-09-29
Chapter 1193: There Is No Threat2019-09-29
Chapter 1192: Actually A High Grade Emperor Rank Godhead!2019-09-28
Chapter 1191: Godhead Inspection2019-09-27
Chapter 1190: I, Zhou Xu, Am Number One!2019-09-26
Chapter 1189: Why Haven't You Admitted Defeat?2019-09-25
Chapter 1188: Absolutely A Cold Element Emperor Rank Godhead2019-09-24
Chapter 1187: Huang Xiaolong Is Second Place For Sure?2019-09-23
Chapter 1186: 100% Strength2019-09-23