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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel)






Action Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance School Life

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In his past lifetime, he was an exceptional prodigy who practiced both medicine and martial arts. In this lifetime, on earth, he used his superb medical expertise and extreme martial arts achievements from his past lifetime to excel in the medical field and the ancient martial arts world. He moved his way towards the pinnacle!

A fine youngster, who had been frequently looked down upon due to his poverty, had gone through the cold and warmth of this world to lament laughingly that life was merely so. However, he accidentally awakened the memory of his past lifetime. Since then, for three incarnations, he enjoyed prosperity.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 839: Traitor2020-05-30
Chapter 838: Infiltrating the Sect2020-05-29
Chapter 837: Executive Meeting2020-05-28
Chapter 836: Mysterious Black Shadow2020-05-28
Chapter 835: Dragon City Mystery Dimension2020-05-27
Chapter 834: The Hold Up2020-05-26
Chapter 833: Eight Star Executor2020-05-25
Chapter 832: Hidden2020-05-25
Chapter 831: Vendetta2020-05-24
Chapter 830: The Road beneath Their Feet2020-05-23
Chapter 829: Reviving Mankind2020-05-23
Chapter 828: Punishing Evil and Praising Good2020-05-22
Chapter 827: Scared Me To Death2020-05-21
Chapter 826: Digging up Medicinal Herbs2020-05-21
Chapter 825: Gathering Medicinal Herbs2020-05-20
Chapter 824: Wronged Wan’er2020-05-19
Chapter 823: Third Realm Martial Arts Grandmaster2020-05-18
Chapter 822: Psychedelic Stratagem2020-05-18
Chapter 821: The McAvoy Clan2020-05-17
Chapter 820: Those Who Do Good Will Be Rewarded2020-05-16
Chapter 819: Immaculate2020-05-16
Chapter 818: Su Wan’er2020-05-15
Chapter 817: Divine Spear Destroys the World2020-05-14
Chapter 816: Source Blood Offering2020-05-14
Chapter 815: Huo Clan Old Manor2020-05-13
Chapter 814: Making An Appearance2020-05-12
Chapter 813: A Life for A Life2020-05-11
Chapter 812: The Chase2020-05-11
Chapter 811: Capturing the Vampire2020-05-10
Chapter 810: The Murder of A Woman2020-05-09
Chapter 809: Phoenix Tail Village2020-05-09
Chapter 808: Visiting The Yun Clan Again2020-05-09
Chapter 807: Delegation2020-05-08
Chapter 806: Moon Maidens Selection2020-05-07
Chapter 805: Back to Huatian Palace2020-05-07
Chapter 804: Mirage2020-05-06
Chapter 803: The Primordial Soul Pearl Seal Is Broken2020-05-05
Chapter 802: The Mysterious Father2020-05-04
Chapter 801: The Spiritual Fox Xiang’er2020-05-04
Chapter 800: Coming Home2020-05-03
Chapter 799: Peerless Charm2020-05-02
Chapter 798: The Mystery of Mo Wen’s Hometown2020-05-02
Chapter 797: The World’s Source2020-05-01
Chapter 796: The Immortal End Day2020-04-30
Chapter 795: The God of the Underworld Returns2020-04-30
Chapter 794: Heavenly Reincarnation2020-04-29
Chapter 793: Emperor Wu You2020-04-28
Chapter 792: The Spirit of the Ghost Mother -Xu Qianqian2020-04-27
Chapter 791: Edict of the God of the Underworld2020-04-27
Chapter 790: The Grand Palace Lord Arrives2020-04-27
Chapter 789: The Hades Heavenly Ghost2020-04-27
Chapter 788: I’m Still Alive2020-04-27
Chapter 787: Thousands of Ghosts and Souls2020-04-24
Chapter 786: Discovering Xu Qianqian2020-04-23
Chapter 785: Breaking Out Of Imprisonment2020-04-23
Chapter 784: The Shocking Mo Qingge2020-04-22
Chapter 783: A Fairy Fallen from Heaven2020-04-21
Chapter 782: Cold Spiritual Water2020-04-20
Chapter 781: Going to Taihang Again2020-04-20
Chapter 780: A Person from Fu Sang2020-04-19
Chapter 779: Kneeling Down and Begging2020-04-18
Chapter 778: Bizarre Dragon Claw2020-04-18
Chapter 777: Narrow View of the World2020-04-17
Chapter 776: Mysterious Martial Arts Grandmaster2020-04-16
Chapter 775: Beating up the Sect Leader2020-04-16
Chapter 774: Sparks2020-04-16
Chapter 773: Beg for Forgiveness?2020-04-16
Chapter 772: Leading the Way2020-04-16
Chapter 771: The First Appearance of the Legacy2020-04-16
Chapter 770: Gu Jingman’s Transformation2020-04-12
Chapter 769: Panic2020-04-11
Chapter 768: Martial Art Circle Announcement2020-04-11
Chapter 767: Love What I Love2020-04-10
Chapter 766: Shen Jing Awakens2020-04-09
Chapter 766: Shen Jing Awakens2020-04-09
Chapter 766: Shen Jing Awakens2020-04-09
Chapter 766: Shen Jing Awakens2020-04-09
Chapter 766: Shen Jing Awakens2020-04-09
Chapter 766: Shen Jing Awakens2020-04-09
Chapter 765: Crushing the Arrogant Youth2020-04-09
Chapter 764: Savagely Bossy2020-04-08
Chapter 763: Too Big of a Bully2020-04-07
Chapter 762: Crimson Star Sect2020-04-06
Chapter 761: Persistence2020-04-06
Chapter 760: Whereabouts2020-04-05
Chapter 759: Martial Arts Grandmaster Hall2020-04-04
Chapter 758: Shen Jing was Poisoned2020-04-04
Chapter 757: Xu Qianqian Has Disappeared2020-04-03
Chapter 756: Cause and Effect2020-04-02
Chapter 755: Counter Suppression2020-04-02
Chapter 754: Virtuous Deeds Will Be Rewarded2020-04-01
Chapter 753: With Members Of The Huatian Palace2020-03-31
Chapter 752: Blockade Along The Way2020-03-30
Chapter 751: Return2020-03-30
Chapter 750: Uniting The Green Ancient Mystery Dimension2020-03-29
Chapter 749: The Legend Of The Sacred Gourd Recognizing Its Master2020-03-29
Chapter 748: Kneeling and Begging2020-03-28
Chapter 747: Powerless2020-03-27
Chapter 746: Reunion In The Snow2020-03-27
Chapter 745: Disturbing The Venue2020-03-26