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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel)






Action Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance School Life

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In his past lifetime, he was an exceptional prodigy who practiced both medicine and martial arts. In this lifetime, on earth, he used his superb medical expertise and extreme martial arts achievements from his past lifetime to excel in the medical field and the ancient martial arts world. He moved his way towards the pinnacle!

A fine youngster, who had been frequently looked down upon due to his poverty, had gone through the cold and warmth of this world to lament laughingly that life was merely so. However, he accidentally awakened the memory of his past lifetime. Since then, for three incarnations, he enjoyed prosperity.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 704: Massacre2020-02-26
Chapter 703: Monstrous Youth2020-02-25
Chapter 702: Everybody Knows2020-02-25
Chapter 701: Passing the Stage2020-02-24
Chapter 700: The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear Unsealed2020-02-24
Chapter 699: Only Mo Wen Left2020-02-24
Chapter 698: Partially Deified Soul Power Technique2020-02-22
Chapter 697: Blood Ghost Secret Technique2020-02-21
Chapter 696: Suppressing Chu Yuan2020-02-21
Chapter 695: Devil Bone Runes2020-02-20
Chapter 694: The Pinnacle Beast King2020-02-20
Chapter 693: The Speed of Life and Death2020-02-18
Chapter 692: The Appearance of the Beast Wave2020-02-18
Chapter 691: Giving the Slip2020-02-17
Chapter 690: Five Colored Spider2020-02-16
Chapter 689: Eaten Alive2020-02-16
Chapter 688: Beast King Hunt2020-02-15
Chapter 687: Beast King Island2020-02-14
Chapter 686: Diametrically Opposed2020-02-14
Chapter 685: Task Completed2020-02-13
Chapter 684: Fleeing Hastily2020-02-12
Chapter 683: Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit2020-02-11
Chapter 682: Battling a Beast King2020-02-11
Chapter 681: Twisting the Facts2020-02-10
Chapter 680: Mo Wen Gets Chosen2020-02-09
Chapter 679: The Evil Blood Clotting Claw2020-02-09
Chapter 678: The Three Martial Arts Grandmaster Realms2020-02-08
Chapter 677: Mo Wen Number One2020-02-07
Chapter 676: Return to the Rescue2020-02-06
Chapter 675: Qi of Nine Yang2020-02-06
Chapter 674: Sowing Discord2020-02-05
Chapter 673: Honorary Elder2020-02-04
Chapter 672: Nangong Mingzhu2020-02-04
Chapter 671: Encountering Familiar Faces2020-02-04
Chapter 670: The Seven Great Warriors2020-02-02
Chapter 669: Mastering Martial Arts2020-02-01
Chapter 668: Primordial Soul Separation Technique2020-02-01
Chapter 667: The Highest Reward2020-01-31
Chapter 666: Killing Hou Jingfeng2020-01-31
Chapter 665: Neither Side Stand to Gain2020-01-30
Chapter 664: Tailing Behind2020-01-29
Chapter 663: The Powerful Mo Wen2020-01-28
Chapter 662: Killing the Beast King2020-01-28
Chapter 661: The Primordial Soul Pearl Appears2020-01-27
Chapter 660: Bloodline of the Dragon Clan2020-01-26
Chapter 659: Reaching the Altar2020-01-25
Chapter 658: The Mysterious Bottle Gourd2020-01-25
Chapter 657: Killing the Lord2020-01-24
Chapter 656: Lord Monstrous Beast2020-01-23
Chapter 655: The Rule-Breaking Bottle Gourd2020-01-23
Chapter 654: Treasure Box2020-01-22
Chapter 653: The Realm of Forming the Elixir2020-01-21
Chapter 652: Saber-toothed Tiger Demon2020-01-20
Chapter 651: Light of Recovery2020-01-20
Chapter 650: Special Ability2020-01-19
Chapter 649: Healing Light2020-01-19
Chapter 648: The Utmost Reward2020-01-18
Chapter 647: Game of Death2020-01-17
Chapter 646: The Golden Dragon Sect Comes To Aid2020-01-16
Chapter 645: Crushing the Martial Arts Grandmaster (Part 2)2020-01-16
Chapter 644: Dominating a Martial Arts Grandmaster (Part 1)2020-01-15
Chapter 643: Meeting Bu Xingyi Again2020-01-14
Chapter 642: Brilliant Galaxy2020-01-14
Chapter 641: First Place2020-01-13
Chapter 640: Struggle to be First2020-01-12
Chapter 639: The Sneak Attack2020-01-11
Chapter 638: The Lotus Lake2020-01-11
Chapter 637: The Appearance of Demonic Sky2020-01-10
Chapter 636: The Yinyuan Sect2020-01-09
Chapter 635: Pei Fengwu’s Anger2020-01-09
Chapter 634: The Altar in the High Skies2020-01-08
Chapter 633: Ten Thousand Soul Banner2020-01-07
Chapter 632: Demonic Spiritual Treasure2020-01-06
Chapter 631: The Fighting Spirit Tower2020-01-06
Chapter 630: The Ming Temple’s Number One Genius2020-01-05
Chapter 629: The Ghost Lair Appears2020-01-04
Chapter 628: An Accidental Profound Level Weapon2020-01-04
Chapter 627: The Star Emperor’s Successor2020-01-03
Chapter 626: The Bizarre Manor2020-01-03
Chapter 625: Meeting Pei Fengwu Again2020-01-02
Chapter 624: Trespassing the City2020-01-01
Chapter 623: The Mysterious Tower2019-12-31
Chapter 622: Golden Dragon Sect2019-12-30
Chapter 621: The Ancient City2019-12-30
Chapter 620: The Ocean Depths2019-12-29
Chapter 619: The Beast King Panicked2019-12-28
Chapter 618: Giant Crocodile Beast King2019-12-28
Chapter 617: Gao Clan’s Decision2019-12-27
Chapter 616: The World Is Small2019-12-26
Chapter 615: Probe2019-12-26
Chapter 614: Identity Revealed2019-12-25
Chapter 613: The Gao Clan2019-12-24
Chapter 612: Beast King of the Fire Domain2019-12-23
Chapter 611: Encountering Someone Familiar2019-12-23
Chapter 610: Absolute Skills2019-12-22
Chapter 609: Greed2019-12-21
Chapter 608: Martial Arts Grandmaster Out to Kill2019-12-21
Chapter 607: Lava World2019-12-20
Chapter 606: Thousand Mile Talisman2019-12-19
Chapter 605: Sticking to You Now2019-12-19