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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 364: Stealing

Chapter 364: Stealing

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Mo Wen did indeed like Shen Jing a little. Perhaps a man had special feelings and was possessive towards a woman he had had a sexual relationship with. Furthermore, Shen Jing was his first woman.

However, he didn’t know how to keep Shen Jing by his side. After all, in the matter of relationships, it was not up to him alone. If he didn’t respect the other party and forced her to stay by his side, what would be the point of it?

Shen Jing’s attitude towards him was neither good nor bad, neither warm nor cold. Moreover, she liked to be difficult with him and would make an unpleasant face intentionally. However, it didn’t seem like Shen Jing detested or disliked him, or was even unwilling to be with him, so it troubled him quite a bit.

At least Mo Wen could feel that Shen Jing didn’t seem to reject him, but there seemed to be estrangement between them from the beginning. Mo Wen didn’t quite understand it sometimes and didn’t know what exactly had happened…

“I don’t intend to discuss how strong or weak you are. Is it because you are strong that you want to possess me?” Shen Jing asked nonchalantly.


“What is it then?” Shen Jing turned back to look Mo Wen in the eyes.

“Because…” Mo Wen blushed a little before saying, “Perhaps… I may have… liked you a little, so I would like to keep you by my side.”

Mo Wen was not a person who was good at professing his love to someone. It was already not easy for him to say it outright. However, there was always a first time. As Mo Wen valued Shen Jing very much, he would say such a thing to her.

“Perhaps? May have? Are you sure you are proposing? With those uncertain words of yours, I have to commit my entire life’s happiness to them.” Shen Jing bit her lips and stared at Mo Wen. This guy’s male chauvinistic mentality is so great that he can’t humble himself completely at this time?

However, Shen Jing’s tensed body relaxed a little upon hearing Mo Wen’s ambiguous answer. At least Mo Wen was not merely possessive of her body. She also knew that with Mo Wen’s character, it was indeed not easy for him to speak of such things.

“Anyway, as long as you know what I mean,” said Mo Wen awkwardly.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Shen Jing quipped softly before turning her head to the side.

“Don’t you know?” Mo Wen asked aggressively with a stern face. He looked like he was going to do something outrageous. Shen Jing actually dared to feign ignorance.

“I don’t know.” Shen Jing continued to stubbornly insist with those three simple words, “I don’t know.”

Mo Wen cast caution to the wind and bellowed with a stern face, “I like you, so I hope to marry you. Are you clear this time? If you are still unclear, you must be a retard!” He was afraid that Shen Jing would continue to feign ignorance, so he added that creative sentence at the end just to shut Shen Jing up.

Compared to the previous soft undertone, this was completely different. The neighbors next door could hear the exaggerated profession of love to her, and they must have been cursing secretly about whoever that lunatic was.

“Lower your volume. You are the retard. I am a retard, so it’s better that you don’t marry me.” Shen Jing looked upset. She walked into the kitchen and closed the door. This lunatic, idiot, insane…

“I’ll still marry you, even if you are a retard. Then, I’ll cure you by making you the smartest person in this world,” Mo Wen said while hugging Shen Jing.

“First, cure your own insanity,” Shen Jing quipped before biting Mo Wen on his chest.

“Alright. Simply promise that we will cure it together in the future.” Mo Wen didn’t care if it was insanity or idiocy, he merely wanted to settle Shen Jing first.

“Who would cure it with you? Stand aside. Are you going to have dinner?” Shen Jing pushed Mo Wen aside as the vegetables in the pan were going to be burned.

“Since you are not saying anything, I’ll take it as consent. You are not going to go back on your words after consenting.” Mo Wen let go of Shen Jing cooperatively before standing aside with a big grin.

While Shen Jing was stirring the vegetables in the pan with a spatula, she was criticizing Mo Wen. “Now, what will you do if I agree? Are you marrying me with your mouth? Didn’t you say that you are a strong man? It’s impossible for a strong man not to have a career of his own. The last time you attended the specialized conference in Charm City, I told you to befriend more celebrities in the industry, but you ended up hiding and missing all day. Now, every day you were playing truant and didn’t obey the rules. I bet you didn’t learn anything this term. You kept telling me about marrying me, but after marrying me, do you have the ability to afford me?”

He was always talking about himself being strong, but she had never seen Mo Wen showing any area that he was strong in.

“Of course, I will feed you. Even ten of you won’t be a problem, not to mention one.” Mo Wen blinked. She actually said that he couldn’t afford his wife and also looked down on him. Now, he was at least a Leader of a Sect. The treasure trove was filled with gold bars that needed more than seven days and seven nights to count. If all were changed into Chinese Yuan, he didn’t know how much that would to be, but it would certainly be a lot.

“You intend to feed ten?” Shen Jing looked askance at Mo Wen with a pair of hostile eyes.

“Ten is nothing. I can even afford 20.” Mo Wen naturally objected.

“Get out. Get out of my sight. You are an eyesore standing there.” Shen Jing held the spatula in her hand while pushing Mo Wen out of the kitchen. It’s just annoying to look at this guy.

“Wifey, we have already agreed today that you will marry me…” Before he could finish speaking, the door shut behind him with a loud bang. Out of sight, out of mind.

Mo Wen laid on the sofa for a while before a table of sumptuous food was ready. The food that Shen Jing prepared was very delicious, and she had obviously learned culinary skills. It would be better if she could be gentler, then she would simply be a good woman at home.

Mo Wen was eating while thinking in his heart. Even now, Shen Jing is still unwilling to give me a smile. She has a stern face and her chopsticks are stirring the rice in her bowl aggressively, as if she has enmity with that bowl of rice.

“Wifey, eat some more.” Mo Wen was especially attentive, constantly putting food in Shen Jing’s bowl. However, in Shen Jing’s eyes, when a person was especially attentive for no reason, he must have something evil up his sleeve.

Indeed. After they had finished their meal, Mo Wen laid on the sofa and said naturally, “Xiaojing, this place is going to be our home in the future. It’s good that there are two rooms in this house, so a room can be for the children while the other room is for us.”

Shen Jing had just come out of the kitchen after cleaning up. When she heard his words as she walked out, she nearly stumbled onto the ground. This guy actually intends to cohabitate with me now!

“Quickly get lost, since you have finished your dinner,” Shen Jing said angrily. This guy is too outrageous. A teacher and a student cohabitating brazenly… it would be terrible if it was known publicly.

“Why should I get lost? This is my future home,” Mo Wen said with a reluctant look.

“Can you spare a thought for me? I am your teacher now. If you stay at my place, how am I going to face everyone in the future?” Shen Jing sat next to Mo Wen bitterly and stretched out her hand, intending to push Mo Wen off of the sofa. However, she was such a dainty woman, how could it be possible for her to move a big man?

“Why should we care about what others think, as long as we love each other?” Mo Wen answered unconcernedly.

“Little boss, I beg you, alright!” Shen Jing wished she could bite this bastard to death. She was so helpless that she even addressed him as “little boss.”

“Then kiss me once.” Mo Wen took the chance to raise a condition.

“I’m not kissing you.”

“I’m not leaving until you kiss me.” Mo Wen sprawled himself on the sofa without any intention of moving.

“Can you change a condition?” Shen Jing cried helplessly.


Shen Jing blinked and asked Mo Wen, “Are you going to tell me that I will not require you to account for your truancy in the future? Or do I have to prepare a meal for you whenever you are here?”


“What then?” Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen sternly. Is this guy going to raise some ridiculous condition again?

“I will kiss you instead.” Mo Wen wrapped his hands around Shen Jing’s slender waist and placed his head on her bosom.

Shen Jing rolled her eyes and wished to immediately pass out.

“I’ve already changed once. Can’t change again.”

“I will kiss you then.”

Shen Jing smiled helplessly. Why is this Mo Wen like a kid? She took a deep breath and suppressed her bashful feeling. Her face moved close to Mo Wen’s before she shut her eyes, determined to kiss Mo Wen.

“Xiao Jingjing, I will come again another day. Don’t miss me.” The corners of Mo Wen’s mouth curled into an evil smile. Then, he kissed Shen Jing’s lips lightly before standing up and running out of the apartment. I can’t stay in this place any longer, or I might be in big trouble…

Shen Jing laid on the sofa while her eyes were in a daze. She didn’t regain her composure for some time. Moreover, she didn’t fly into terrible rage like Mo Wen had expected. She lifted her hand to touch her lips and after some time, she said softly, “My first kiss was actually taken like that. This little devil.”

Previously, although Shen Jing had a sexual relationship with Mo Wen by mistake, it happened when she was not fully conscious and didn’t have any awareness. Moreover, that day she didn’t experience her first kiss. Today, Mo Wen stole a kiss from her, which meant that her first kiss had been stolen.

The next morning, Mo Wen actually went to class, as he still hadn’t gotten through to Qin Xiaoyou’s phone, and it had been turned off the entire time. He started to realize that something was wrong. Hence, he went to class in the morning to have a look. If he couldn’t find Qin Xiaoyou, something must have happened.

As he walked past a flowerbed towards the teaching building, he met a familiar figure. That figure was as quiet as a shadow with a mysterious temperament that was out of this world. She had a few books in her arms and was walking gently towards a teaching building.

Mo Qingge!

Mo Wen’s eyes narrowed as delight flashed in them. She had finally appeared. Some time ago, she had had an outbreak of Massacre’s Host, so she had left the school alone and hadn’t returned for a long period of time. Mo Wen was worried when he didn’t see her and even thought that something must have happened to her but unfortunately, he hadn’t managed to find her. Mo Qingge didn’t like people to meddle in her affairs, so he could only wait quietly for the outcome.

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