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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 548: The Frightening Talisman Technique

Chapter 548: The Frightening Talisman Technique

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“Xingyi Sect is absolutely irreconcilable with you guys.”

The few of the Xingyi Sect Elders were furious. Those two young people were simply too much. The Xingyi Sect who was preparing to cause trouble finally understood what it was like to suffer a double loss.

Yin Banshuang smiled coldly and did not seem to have any intention of stopping. Once again, she pounced at another ancient martial art practitioner of Xingyi Sect.

That way, it was counted as a surrounded attack. From behind, the monstrous beast was giving chase. At the same time, two human ancient martial art practitioners were obstructing the way. Even if the few ancient martial art practitioners of Xingyi Sect wanted to escape successfully, it would not have been very possible.

“The two of you have really gone insane. Later on, when the monstrous beast turns around to bite you instead, I’ll see what you can do about it.”

The few remaining ancient martial art practitioners of Xingyi Sect were shaking with rage. It was essentially impossible for them to escape. They could only stop in their tracks and give it their all against those two monstrous beasts. If they were not cautious enough, they would lose their lives in the mouths of the monstrous beasts.

Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang both stood at a slightly further position. Even though they had not gotten attacked by the monstrous beasts, it was because they were masters that could not be offended easily. Anyone who offended the two of them naturally would not have an easy time.

From time to time, Yin Banshuang and Mo Wen would appear from behind the ancient martial art practitioners of Xingyi Sect. However, they would not get too close, so as to avoid being dragged into the battle.

“I’m going to give it my all against you guys.”

One of the Xingyi Sect Elders was absolutely furious. With a huge shout, he retreated from the battle and immediately headed straight for Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang.

Initially, there were three people against a single monstrous beast. Because the Sect Elder had retreated, there were only two remaining. Hence, the burden on them was increased.

However, just as Yin Banshuang had said, as one of the eight major powers, Xingyi Sect had a rather good foundation. They definitely had a trump card in their hands. Previously, they were just unwilling to bring it out. Now, if they still did not unleash it, they would have to pay an even higher price.

The two remaining Sect Elders shared a glance. Each one of them reached for a snow-white colored white jade seal. Then, they threw it into the air. Immediately, the white jade seal grew in size. It reached a radius of 40 meters, looking just like a little pavilion.

Then, the two Sect Elders each reached for a few pieces of spiritual stone. They used all their might to convert the spiritual energy into spiritual power, channeling it all into the white jade seal.

The white jade seal rumbled and shook just like a little mountain. Then, with a roar, it smashed down. The huge monstrous beast was immediately crushed beneath it. Because the ground had been dealt such a huge crash, the rumbling did not stop for a long time.

“Such a strong spiritual weapon!” Mo Wen looked at the white jade seal and felt the need to click his tongue. The power of the white jade seal was probably even above that of Yin Banshuang’s Tiger Claw. It was at least a medium grade spiritual weapon.

On the other side, there were still three Xingyi Sect Elders battling against the seventh level monstrous beast of the intermediate stage. Clearly, those three Sect Elders were the three strongest in Xingyi Sect in terms of Cultivation. However, they were still too weak when faced with the seventh level monstrous beast of the intermediate stage. Under normal circumstances, unless they managed to escape, all three would have died at the hands of the monstrous beast.

However, at the moment, an old man in a purple robe pulled out a piece of beast skin. The beast skin was average looking and yet seemed to be an item from very long ago. There was an ancient aura around it.

The old man looked at the ancient beast skin a little painfully. Then, he gritted his teeth and fiercely it rolled apart. The next moment, a ray of light shot into the sky. There were raging flames carrying the beast skin away with it. It had managed to get rid of the odd cold atmosphere in the air of the fourth layer.

The piece of beast skin started to burn up. The flames grew stronger and stronger. In the end, all the flames congregated to form a giant flame person.


The flame giant was like a living thing as it roared towards the sky, causing the entire place to shake. A frightening destructive aura radiated out of the flame giant. Even the seventh level intermediate stage monstrous beast took a small step back, its eyes full of fear.

“Talisman Technique.” Yin Banshuang’s pupils dilated and her expression changed slightly. She did not expect that Xingyi Sect would have such a treasure in their hands.

According to legend, Immortal Cultivators could train great magical powers in terms of techniques. Their techniques could move the earth and cause the stars to shift. It could destroy the lands and was simply undefeatable.

The Immortal Cultivators would direct their techniques onto items. In the future, they could use trigger these items. These were called talisman techniques.

There were some similarities between talisman techniques and spell talismans. On the whole, they were considered to be the same type of Immortal Cultivation treasure. However, there are also differences between the two. As long as one was a spell talisman master, they would be able to craft a spell talisman. Even if one’s cultivation was very low, they could still craft the simplest of spell talismans. Hence, spell talismans were vastly varied in type and levels. Some of the lower level spell talismans could only be effective against normal people and were completely useless against Immortal Cultivators.

However, talisman techniques were different. To cultivate a talisman technique, one had to first be an Immortal Cultivator who had cultivated a spell talisman before. Moreover, the Immortal Cultivator also had to have a rather high Cultivation. A good and thorough understanding of seal techniques also had to be present. Only then could one direct a technique onto an item to form the talisman technique.

Hence, talisman techniques were far rarer than spell talismans. In the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, there were many ancient martial art sects that had spell talismans. However, ancient martial art sects with talisman techniques were very rare. Even Five Beasts Sect did not have many of them.

Of course, that did not mean that the talisman technique was definitely stronger than the spell talisman. In reality, there was no big difference between the two. The highest level of the spell talisman would not be any less powerful than the talisman technique. The only difference between them is that they started out differently. Even the lowest level of the talisman technique would be a very threatening thing against an ancient martial art practitioner.

The moment that the flame giant appeared, the seventh level intermediate stage monstrous beast immediately wanted to retreat. Although a monstrous beast was not very intellectual, it could still sense danger.

“Treacherous monster, you have forced me to use our sect’s prized treasure. Go and die!” The old man in the purple robe had a savage expression. He let out a fierce cry and the flame giant immediately took a huge step forward. Then, it waved its fist. The hundred-meter tall flame giant looked just like a shooting star falling out from the sky as it waved its fist.

The seventh level intermediate stage monstrous beast wanted to dodge out of the way. However, the flame giant was simply too strong and did not give it any chance to escape at all. The flame giant’s fist looked like a little mountain that was about to be smashed onto the monstrous beast, causing it to go flying.

Awoo! The strong monstrous beast was thrown fiercely onto a piece of stone. It had fresh blood coming out of its mouth and a burning smell was coming from its body as a huge piece of its skin and fur had been burnt. Inside, a few layers of its flesh had been cooked, and there were still flames burning.

Roar! The flame giant took a step. In just two steps, it had almost arrived in front of that monstrous beast. Its fist crashed down once again and then, with another loud roar, its fists rained down one after the other. The seventh level intermediate stage beast had all of its bones shattered from the continuous blows. Its body completely exploded before turning to ash within the raging flames.

The power of the talisman technique was so frightening.

The flame giant seemed to have used up all its energy in killing the seventh level intermediate stage monstrous beast. Slowly, it dissipated into the air.

Mo Wen looked at the flame giant as it disappeared. He pressed his lips together slightly. He had never expected that an ancient martial art sect would possess such a thing. Talisman techniques were not commonly seen even in the world of Immortal Cultivators. Although he had seen one before, he had never used one.

The technique that was attached to the talisman was simply the most basic of Immortal Cultivators, the flame technique. Under normal circumstances, it was not something very threatening. However, being able to craft the flame technique into a talisman technique was not a simple task on the part of the creator. Even the lowest level of flame technique could demonstrate a very strong power. Against some monstrous beasts, it would naturally be more than enough.

In his last life, Mo Wen had seen a stronger talisman technique. Hence, he was not especially impressed by it. However, he was very shocked that an ancient martial art sect would actually own such a thing. The ancient martial art sects in the inner world truly could not be underestimated.

The Green Ancient Mystery Dimension was merely a very small part of the inner world. There was no knowing what power those ancient martial art practitioners from the bigger inner worlds could possess.

In the blink of an eye, one of the two monstrous beasts had been killed completely. There was still another one being handled by two Xingyi Sect Elders.

As for the Xingyi Sect Elder that had pulled out of the battle area, he had just pounced over at Yin Banshuang, fiercely attacking her with his fist.

If not for the two of them causing trouble, Xingyi Sect would not have lost a Sect Elder. They had also been forced to use their talisman technique which had been preserved for decades.

Xingyi Sect had obtained that talisman technique by chance two generations ago, through the sect leader. It was then hailed as the treasure of the sect. They could only use it when the very existence of their sect was threatened.

Back when they had obtained the talisman technique, it was already one that had been used a couple of times before. Hence, it did not have much power remaining within. At most, it could only be used once more.

Their journey to the Beast Lair this time had essentially used up a whole part of Xingyi Sect’s power. In order to be ready for the unknown, the sect leader had asked for the Sect Great Elder to bring the talisman technique along with him. He also exhorted him to only use the talisman technique when Xingyi Sect was faced with something too big to handle.

If not for Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang, although the group of people from Xingyi Sect would have been in a bind, they would not have been forced to use their talisman technique. Hence, at the moment, all the Xingyi Sect Elders hated the two of them to the core.

“Ignorant of your own abilities!” Yin Banshuang let out a light humph. Then, with a long cry, her body began to transform. Immediately, she grew to over three meters. A frightening power exuded from her body and it directly clashed with the fist of the Xingyi Sect Elder.

The outcome was as one would expect. Yin Banshuang was an expert at power who had cultivated the Five Beasts Sect White Tiger Divine Power. Naturally, the Xingyi Sect Elder would be no match for her when it came to sheer force. He was simply thrown backward, flying through the air.

“You…” The Sect Elder’s eyes widened and he looked at Yin Banshuang in slight disbelief. Initially, he had thought that a young person could not possibly be very strong even with the Golden Elixir realm. There would definitely have to be some gap between them. However, the reality was not like that.

Wait a minute. The Sect Elder had seemingly realized something. How could a young person possibly have the Cultivation of the Golden Elixir realm! In the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, there were only a handful of youths who could have such a Cultivation.

When he looked towards Yin Banshuang once again, his gaze immediately changed. The technique that the girl had demonstrated was essentially the same as the White Tiger Divine Power. Beforehand, the few Xingyi Sect Elders did not think too much in their rush while being chased by the monstrous beasts. Now they finally noticed that something was not quite right.

There was only one person in Green Ancient Mystery Dimension who fulfilled the conditions of having Cultivated the White Tiger Divine Power, a Cultivation of the Golden Elixir realm, and was actually a young girl. That person was the insane girl from Five Beasts Sect, Yin Banshuang.

How could it be this woman!

Although the Xingyi Sect Elder had never seen Yin Banshuang before, he was already certain of her identity.

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