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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 549: Escape

Chapter 549: Escape

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The Xingyi Sect elder was shocked. He had not anticipated that he would encounter this madwoman from the Five Beasts Sect.

“You are…Yin Banshuang…” The Xingyi Sect elder’s expression turned ugly. If she was truly that madwoman, it would be very difficult for them to save this situation unless they were to go all the way and kill this woman her and this youth, and then burn their corpses and destroy the evidence. Otherwise, as the woman was the chief disciple of the Five Beasts Sect, Xingyi Sect would not even dare to offend her, let alone make an enemy of her.

Once the Xingyi Sect elder said this, the other Xingyi Sect elders also responded. For a young woman to have such a frightening cultivation was very unusual. In the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, they knew that Yin Banshuang alone fulfilled these criteria.

“Humph, so what if I am?” Yin Banshuang’s facial expression was ice cold. She had no need to hide her identity. There were only six or seven Xingyi Sect elders on the opposite side with important treasures in their hands. If she and Mo Wen went against them, the two of them may even be at a disadvantage.

“Yin Banshuang, although you are a member of the Five Beasts Sect, saying such things is going too far. All of us are human ancient martial art practitioners. Your actions are no different from being on the side of the monstrous beasts.”

An elder dressed in purple robes flew over in a flash. He was Zhang Lingxin, the Xingyi Sect’s Sect Great Elder. Among the six Xingyi Sect elders, his cultivation was the highest, approaching the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm.

He had been the one in charge of the sect’s inherited talisman technique, killing the intermediate stage seventh rank monstrous beast with one blow.

“Old thing, who was it that wanted to shamelessly draw the scourge upon us? How is it that now you bite us back? At such an old age, how is it that you do not know what is courtesy and what is shame?” Yin Banshuang said, concealing her eyes with an expressionless look.

The facial expressions of the few Xingyi Sect elders turned cold and stiff. No matter how it was said, the Xingyi Sect was also a major sect. Although they were far inferior to the Five Beasts Sect, how would a Sect Great Elder let a junior insult him?

What they had done before was indeed somewhat inappropriate, but it was not designed to endanger the lives of Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang. The elders had only hoped that the two of them could help hold off the monstrous beasts that they would not need to take out their sect’s most sacred treasure to withstand the attack. Yet these two people had acted unreasonably, their actions benefiting the monstrous beast and sabotaging their fellow human beings. This time, Xingyi Sect had suffered tremendous losses. How could they hold their anger back?

“Little girl, this is not Five Beasts Sect. Out in the wilderness, you’d had better watch what you say,” an old man said. He had a square face and a green birthmark below his left eye. In his hand was a white jade seal. It was precisely the spiritual weapon that had suppressed the monstrous beast. With an important treasure in his hands, this old man’s status in the Xingyi Sect was obviously high.

“What? You want to kill us off to destroy the evidence? Laughable. With just you? Let me advise all of you how to behave. Don’t cause trouble for yourselves.” Yin Banshuang was not a weakling. The famous madwoman in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension would naturally not bow down.

Mo Wen crossed his arms, not saying anything and having no intention to interrupt.

The few Xingyi Sect elders had ashen complexions. The atmosphere was somewhat imposing. If Yin Banshuang had admitted her fault or even been less harsh, then with her identity and reputation, the Xingyi Sect elders would have stepped back and not pursued the matter any further. After all, they did not want to provoke Five Beasts Sect, and Yin Banshuang was not an easy person to deal with.

But she was so headstrong. Even if the Xingyi Sect elders did not want to pursue the matter further, they could not just back down like that.

The elder with the green birthmark and the purple-robed sect great elder looked at each other and then looked around them. After they discovered that no one else was around, their expressions became even colder.

“Since you are acting so recklessly, then don’t blame us. Do you think this is the outside? You will die in the Beast Lair in vain.”

The sect great elder Zhang Lingxin waved his hand expressionlessly. Five Xingyi Sect elders from behind him immediately swarmed forwards, surrounding both Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang.

“All of you think you can kill me? Laughable!” Yin Banshuang was not fearful at all. Her long hair danced frantically. Her figure, already tall, grew even taller. A beast-like fierce aura emanated from her body, as though she had transformed into a monstrous beast.

Mo Wen glanced at Yin Banshuang but did not say anything. With a flick of his finger, the black flying dagger spiritual weapon appeared in his hand.

With the two of them against six members of the Xingyi Sect, and six elders with important treasures at that, their chances of victory were slim. But the two of them seemed to be of one mind, looking as though they were prepared to fight for their lives.

“Yin Banshuang, as expected you are indeed wild. Then, show me what you’ve got.” The corner of Zhang Lingxin’s mouth curled into a savage smile. He was not afraid to deal with these two youths, but he was afraid that they would escape. So, they were not in a rush to attack, surrounding the two of them first.

Since they had decided, then they could not let Yin Banshuang escape. Otherwise, Xingyi Sect would have a huge problem.

However, looking at the current situation, the two youths didn’t seem to be preparing to escape, instead seemingly wanting to fight with them. This reassured him quite a bit. As long as these two people were not purely thinking of escaping, then he had a way to make sure that both of them stayed.

Then, something happened that he never could have imagined. The two people who had originally looked as though they were about to fight to the death suddenly clashed their palms. A terrifying force sent both of them flying backward, like springs being pressed down and then released. The two of them sprung out like lightning.

Taking the lead, Yin Banshuang flew backward towards a Xingyi Sect elder who was in the group surrounding them. She did not dodge or try to evade, rudely shoulder charging her way through. Caught off guard, the elder could not react in time. It was as though a comet had struck his body, sending him flying hundreds of meters.

Yin Banshuang had not the slightest intention of stopping, directly accelerating and breaching the encirclement.

On the other side, almost at the same time, Mo Wen’s body shined with golden light. His entire being became a golden man, like a golden Luohan. He also rudely and forcefully sent a Xingyi Sect elder flying out of the circle surrounding them. The force of the collision was no weaker than that caused by Yin Banshuang, a woman that had practiced the White Tiger Divine Power.

“Not good! Don’t let them escape!” Zhang Lingxin had not expected that the two people who, before this, had seemed prepared to battle it out, would run at a moment’s notice. There had been no indication at all of what they were planning to do. His expression changed drastically in an instant. He did not know the identity of the youth but just offending Yin Banshuang was difficult to resolve.

Regrettably, the two of them were solely focused on escaping, and their speed was not slow. In the blink of an eye, they had escaped by a few hundred meters. Right now, it was too late for the few Xingyi Sect elders, who had given chase a beat too slowly, to catch up with them.

“See you in the future, Xingyi Sect. I will remember this.” From afar, Yin Banshuang’s somewhat chilly voice drifted over. Everyone knew that this woman held grudges.

The few Xingyi Sect elders immediately had headaches. Right now, this woman had no way to threaten the Xingyi Sect, but in the future, it was hard to say. Also, behind her, she had Five Beasts Sect. For the Xingyi Sect, it was an absolutely frightening hidden danger.

“What do we do?” The elder with the green birthmark looked at Zhang Lingxin with a sullen expression. Right now, if they chased the two of them again, it would most likely be very difficult to catch up. Yin Banshuang having such astonishing speed was one thing, but he never imagined that the youth’s Qinggong was actually also so astonishing. It was even stronger than Yin Banshuang.

They had many people with them, so if it was an upfront battle and both sides were going head-on, they were confident that they could kill Yin Banshuang and the youth. But if the two of them only wanted to escape, they had no way of stopping them.

Human ancient martial art practitioners like them were unlike monstrous beasts. It was impossible for them to journey for a long time at the fourth level and chase their enemies. In such a harsh environment, the consumption of Inner Qi and physical fitness were many times more than on the outside. What was more was that there was hidden unpredictable danger, with powerful monstrous beasts lurking ready to ambush all around.

“We will immediately leave the Beast Lair, return to the sect and discuss this matter with the sect leader,” Zhang Lingxin said with a sullen expression.

If it was an ordinary ancient martial art practitioner, even if she had Golden Elixir realm cultivation, the Xingyi Sect elders would not need to be so concerned. But Yin Banshuang was different. She was someone who could one day stand at the pinnacle of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang had escaped separately. Only after flying a few kilometers did they regroup.

“Those shameless old blokes. Let them just wait and see. Sooner or later I will make them weep,” Yin Banshuang said coldly with a sullen expression.

Although they had not suffered any losses, they had escaped pathetically, causing her to be somewhat embarrassed and frustrated. If it wasn’t for those old things shamelessly trying to involve them, they would not have been involved in so many things.

“If we went all out, it would not be impossible to kill them all,” Mo Wen said calmly with a smile. He had no particular feelings on the matter. Before this, when traversing barren mountains and dangerous lands, there had been times where he needed to run for his life.

“I am not foolish. In the Beast Lair, if we really fought them to the death, in the end, the ones who would suffer the greatest loss would most probably still be us.” Yin Banshuang coldly snorted. Even if they had killed the old things, they would most likely not have had it easy. They certainly would have been injured. In such a dangerous place as the Beast Lair, they would expend their Inner Qi and physical fitness more heavily and that was a dangerous situation.

Despite her frustrations, she did not need to fight those old geezers to the death.

Mo Wen smiled but did not say anything. His eyes slightly narrowed, unintentionally looking at a bush. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Yin Banshuang, you have always been known in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension for being wild. I would never have imagined that the next time I saw you would be pathetically running away.”

A somewhat playful voice came from the barren bush. Then, a dark shadow emerged from the thicket. The figure was slender, very tall but somewhat scrawny. It was a youth dressed in black with a steel sword in his hands. There was still blood dripping from the sword. On the corner of the youth’s mouth hung a cynical smile. His eyes were bright, hiding a glint of defiance that was not obvious. A strong scent of blood emanated from his body, indirectly giving him a savage aura.

“Jiang Gujian!” Yin Banshuang’s eyes narrowed and her facial expression turned cold. She looked somewhat coldly at the youth, her body naturally releasing a savage aura. She seemingly intended to fight him.

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