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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 550: Sword Intent

Chapter 550: Sword Intent

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She had not expected that she would meet Jiang Gujian here. Everyone in the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension believed he was the number one expert among the younger generation. He was the number one genius.

She had always wanted to compete with Jiang Gujian, but she had to admit to herself that she was no match for him at this moment. There was a 90 percent chance that she would lose should the two exchange blows.

Jiang Gujian had been the first to break into the Golden Elixir realm. A few years had passed and his cultivation was much higher than hers. Even though he was not yet in the intermediate Golden Elixir realm, he was not far from it.

There had been rumors that Jiang Gujian had fought with an intermediate Golden Elixir realm powerhouse and had been defeated, even though they had exchanged 300 blows.

“Yin Banshaung, I didn’t expect us to meet again in such circumstances. I don’t know how you have offended those elders from the Xingyi Sect, but if you are willing, I can take you there and charge in with you.” Jiang Gujian’s lips curled up slightly, a hint of madness in his eyes. His madness was different from Yin Banshuang’s; it was more hidden and not as direct.

However, everyone knew that should Yin Banshuang nod, he would indeed immediately charge over and kill the elders of the Xingyi Sect with his sword.

This was despite the fact that Jiang Gujian was simply passing by. He had no idea what had happened between Yin Banshuang and the elders.

“You don’t have to get involved in my business. Since when did you like being nosy?” Yin Banshuang said lightly.

Jiang Gujian smiled and then looked at Mo Wen with an odd flash in his eyes. “Who is he?” he asked lightly.

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Yin Banshuang laughed coldly.

“He must also be a young talent to be able to walk with you. He has a Golden Elixir realm cultivation at such a young age. There hasn’t been a genius like him in the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension in a long time. My hands are feeling a little itchy, would you mind teaching me?” A cold smile appeared on Jiang Gujian’s mouth. His figure wavered and a few rays of light appeared before Mo Wen.

He may have asked whether Mo Wen minded, but his actions showed that he did not have any intention of asking for Mo Wen’s permission. He had simply acted.

Crash! The metal sword in Jiang Gujian’s hands buzzed loudly. The sound, which was heavy and metallic, spread. All the rocks on the ground within a thirty-meter radius shattered. A heavy aura descended and gathered before colliding viciously with Mo Wen.

Mo Wen’s pupils narrowed. His expression finally changed.

Sword Intent! The youth named Jiang Gujian understood some sword intent!

It was a standard for swordsman after they entered a sect. Swordsmen who understood sword intent would become terrifying swordsmen.

Yin Banshuang’s expression was grave and her eyes narrowed slightly. She had not expected that Jiang Gujian’s sword skills would have become so terrifying in the short time since she had last seen him. Even she would find it difficult going against his sword.

She did not move but stayed rooted to her spot. She looked at Jiang Gujian and Mo Wen. She wanted to see how capable Mo Wen was too. She had not been able to gauge his ability yet. He was like a puzzle to her.

However, she was not at all worried for Mo Wen because she knew that not even Jiang Gujian could withstand his soul attack. However, she did not want Mo Wen to use that power, wanting very much to see another side of the youth so she could judge whether he was strong enough. It would affect their future collaborations and, ultimately, their success.

If his soul attack was his best skill, then the probability of them succeeding in the harsh conditions of the fifth level was minimal.

Mo Wen looked dispassionately at Jiang Gujian’s sword as it flew towards him. His expression was graver than ever. The power of the sword was almost as powerful as a strike by an intermediate level Golden Elixir realm warrior.

Jiang Gujian had obviously used all his skills; there was no holding back. He had started his attack with a great deal of ferocity. Could he be prepared to kill Mo Wen with one stroke?

Mo Wen’s eyes were a little cold and his aura grew thicker. Tai Yin Qi and Tai Yang Qi swirled madly in his body. He radiated a gold light which disappeared in the blink of an eye, seemingly hidden beneath his skin. Then, a dark light appeared.

The black and gold rays of light interspersed. Mo Wen’s skin changed to a bronze color, making it seem as though he possessed a body of bronze.

The long sword flew toward him and charged forth.

Clang! Jiang Gujian’s metal sword stopped half a meter away from Mo Wen as if it was trapped in stone. Mo Wen put his palms together as if he was an old monk in meditation. He had the sword clasped between his palms. The heavy metal sword did not budge at all in his hands.

Jiang Gujian held his sword, his body floating in mid-air. He was tilted 45 degrees towards Mo Wen. His cold expression finally changed a little.

Mo Wen clasped the metal sword in both hands. Cracks started to appear on his bronze skin. The number of cracks increased and they grew bigger. It was as if the layer of bronze on his skin was flaking off, piece by piece.

Crash! The flaking pieces split loudly and flew into the air. It was as though a bomb had gone off. The pieces spun around Mo Wen as if he was in the center of a terrifying and sudden tornado.

Jiang Gujian was struck and flew several hundred meters backward.

A large crater appeared below Mo Wen’s feet. About half of the ground surrounding him out to a radius of 50 meters radius had collapsed, sinking half a meter downwards. There was not a single blade of grass left on the ground.

Mo Wen remained rooted to the spot. His body shuddered and then calmed down. His face was a little pale, but he quickly regained a healthy flush. There was a slight sweetness in his throat. Blood flowed up but he swallowed it back down.

Mo Wen had inflicted some real damage on Jiang Gujian’s sword. However, although it seemed like Mo Wen now had the upper hand, in fact, he had been injured.

Jiang Gujian’s cultivation was high and he understood sword intent. His strength with the sword was something not even intermediate level Golden Elixir realm practitioners could underestimate.

After all, Mo Wen was not yet a practitioner in the Golden Elixir realm. Even though his inner qi was very close to the Golden Elixir realm, he was not in it. That was the most basic difference.

If he had not cultivated a few types of divine technique, he might not have been able to block Jiang Gujian’s sword.

The bronze body was a martial arts technique that could only be practiced when one practiced the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique at the same time. The Nine Yang Divine Technique could form an indestructible gold body. But the Nine Yin Divine Technique was driven by the Nine Yang Divine Technique and was activated similarly. It could form another indestructible gold body using Tai Yin Qi as the basis.

Only the 34th sect leader of the Ming Cult had successfully cultivated such an indestructible gold body. As such, not many people knew about it.

Mo Wen patted the dust off his body and emerged from the crater expressionlessly. He looked at Jiang Gujian who was floating a hundred meters away and said, “You’d better not annoy me again. Otherwise, I might consider killing you.”

He had been injured because he had not used soul attack and his other hidden trump cards. He had only wanted to test what kind of level the greatest genius of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension had. Now Mo Wen knew that Jiang Gujian was indeed a genius should not be underestimated.

“You are crazy and your ability is strong. No wonder you are working with Yin Banshuang. However, do you think you can kill me? If I had not been injured, you’d have been severely harmed by that sword.”

Jiang Gujian walked through the air, approaching Mo Wen expressionlessly. Even though he had been blasted backward just now, he had not been seriously injured. The wave of energy was but just an aftershock. Mo Wen had used all his strength to counter his sword.

Furthermore, he could see that while the youth had countered his sword and made it look easy, it was not as easy as it seemed.

“You’ve been injured?” Yin Banshuang looked at Jiang Gujian with some surprise. He could use such a terrifying sword stroke even though he had been injured. Then how strong was he at his peak? If she wanted to counter that sword of his, she feared that she would have to use all her strength.

She was also shocked by Mo Wen’s ability. He had been able to block Jiang Gujian’s sword. It was sufficient to say that he was also very strong in other aspects. Furthermore, she knew that the most terrifying thing about Mo Wen was not his combat ability but his soul attack that could go anywhere and almost could not be blocked. It seemed that Mo Wen’s ability was not any lesser than that of Jiang Gujian.

“I’ve been slightly injured. I met a woman earlier. She’s very young and also very strong. I fought with her and it ended with both of us injured.” Jiang Gujian narrowed his eyes slightly. An odd glint flashed in his eyes.

“A young woman?” Yin Banshuang looked at Jiang Gujian in surprise. When had there been such a terrifying young woman in the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension? She had even been able to injure Jiang Gujian, which was something that not even Yin Banshuang could do.

“She is very powerful and her style is very odd. She also has many treasures on her. I am sure that she is not from the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension,” Jiang Gujian said expressionlessly. “You should know something. Everyone powerful has gathered in the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension because of the spiritual fire. Some warriors from the outer worlds have also appeared. If I have guessed correctly, this youth isn’t from the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension either, right?”

Jiang Gujian looked at Mo Wen. He had such stunning cultivation at such a young age. It was something unheard of in the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension. His talent was a top talent even in the Great and Inner Worlds.

Yin Banshuang also looked at Mo Wen. Actually, she had been guessing at Mo Wen’s identity. In the end, she had come to the same conclusion as Jiang Gujian. He was probably not from the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension.

The Ancient Green Mystery Dimension was not that big. It was just a small inner world. If such a startling talent appeared, it would not be able to stay hidden.

Mo Wen gave a noncommittal smile. He did not admit nor deny it.

Mo Wen’s initial guess had not been wrong. The spiritual fire had attracted some people to the small inner world that was the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension. Perhaps there were very few people in the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension that knew of the value of the spiritual fire, but there were definitely some people from other places that knew about it.

It was just that he did not know what kind of people had come. If they were too strong, then it would be more difficult for him to get the spiritual fire.

However, Mo Wen would not force it. He could only try his best. If he did not end up getting the spiritual fire, then he could only say that he did not have the luck to do so.

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