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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 551: Lady in Blue

Chapter 551: Lady in Blue

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Mo Wen did not answer. However, Jiang Gujian did not mind either. He looked over at Yin Banshuang and said calmly, “Yin Banshuang, it is not clear where this lad came from. He may even have other motives. If you need a companion, I believe that I am more suitable than him.”

Upon hearing that, Mo Wen raised his brows. He looked at Jiang Gujian with an odd look. What did he mean? Was he trying to create a rift between them? He looked over at Yin Banshuang and a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes.

“Sorry, I don’t actually think you are more suitable than him. Let’s just go our separate ways.” Yin Banshuang looked at Jiang Gujian expressionlessly. She simply had no intention of working with him.

Moreover, it was needless to say but Mo Wen already knew the secret behind the Vital Qi. It was advantageous for her to have fewer people know about it. In other aspects, Jiang Gujian was not a suitable companion either. He was the leading disciple of Weapon Forging Sect. It was hard to say if he harbored any other motives in wanting to collaborate with her sect.

She felt that Mo Wen was most suitable because she had guessed that Mo Wen was not an ancient martial art practitioner from the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Also, he did not have any relations with any powers in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

“Let’s go.” Yin Banshuang looked over at Mo Wen. Then, she ignored Jiang Gujian and disappeared with a flash.

Mo Wen looked at Jiang Gujian mockingly and smiled. With a flash of his figure, he disappeared as well.

Jiang Gujian’s expression was dark as he stood on the spot, looking at their backs as the two of them disappeared completely. Then, he coldly said, “You had better hope I don’t get the chance to kill you.”

“That person just now seemed to be interested in you.” Mo Wen leisurely followed Yin Banshuang. After checking that Jiang Gujian had not secretly followed them, a smile played on his lips as he looked at Yin Banshuang a little teasingly.

“I have no interest in him.” Yin Banshuang did not even turn back. From the beginning until the end, she had been cold. She seemed to not fancy this top talent of Green Ancient Mystery Dimension at all.

“I have a premonition that we will perhaps meet him again in the fifth layer,” Mo Wen smiled and said.

“If we meet again, we would probably be enemies already. With Jiang Gujian’s ambition, if the Vital Qi appeared, he would definitely not let it go. However, your abilities have impressed me. Perhaps, you may not actually be any weaker than him.”

Yin Banshuang looked at Mo Wen. Initially, she had thought that he was only exceptional in his Soul power. However, she now realized that he was not as simple as she thought. She had yet to complete what she wanted to say. If Mo Wen used his Soul attack appropriately, it was possible that he could even have the ability to kill Jiang Gujian.

“You really seem to think highly of me,” Mo Wen said smilingly.

While the two of them were speeding along, there were quite a number of human ancient martial art practitioners, as well as monstrous beasts, on the fourth layer. However, neither Mo Wen or Yin Banshuang cared about them. They stayed far away even if the people encountered monstrous beasts. Meaningless clashes with the monstrous beasts were not a smart choice.

It was not difficult to find the passageway linking the fourth layer to the fifth layer. Very quickly, the two of them had found it.

“Eh, there’s a bloody aura.” Mo Wen looked all around him. It was completely desolate and there was a bloody smell in the air. The passageway which headed deeper into underground had several corpses strewn about it, and they all belonged to human ancient martial art practitioners.

However, in the surrounding area, there were no traces of monstrous beasts wreaking havoc. Hence, the slaughter had clearly not been done by monstrous beasts.

“There must have been a battle between human ancient martial art practitioners here not too long ago,” Mo Wen said, looking at Yin Banshuang. It was very common to see battles happening between ancient martial art practitioners in the Beast Lair. Some were due to personal grudges. However, most of them were to fight for certain treasures, which had caused some to die in their pursuit for these treasures.

“Go on down. There are probably more of these things happening in the fifth layer.”

Yin Banshuang flew down the passageway first. In more dangerous places, one had to watch out for the humans beside them even more. In-fighting happened very commonly in the Beast Lair. Some people did not want to fight monstrous beasts for the treasures. Instead, they had their eyes on the human ancient martial art practitioners who had obtained the treasures. These types of people were very hateful, but there were also many of them around.

Yin Banshuang had just flown down the passageway. Each one was about three meters long. A scary gold-colored sword Qi flew out suddenly from within, clashing right towards Yin Banshuang.

“Humph!” Yin Banshuang let out a cold humph and lifted the Tiger Claw slightly, clashing it directly at the gold-colored sword Qi.

Then, the seemingly normal sword pushed Yin Banshuang back a whole ten of meters. The strength in that blow was shocking.

“Who is that?” Mo Wen’s expression grew solemn. With a flash of his figure, he had flown into the passageway to take a look inside.

Looking 200 meters into the passageway he could only see a lady in blue sitting cross-legged, facing them directly. Her feminine face had a trace of shrewdness and sharpness. Her gaze was fierce and it looked just like sharp swords. When it swept across people, it gave them a cold metallic feel. Mo Wen’s first impression of her of her was that she was a very fierce woman. Her entire being was like a sword that had been taken out of the sheath.

“Who are you and why did you attack my friend?” Mo Wen looked at the woman expressionlessly. At the same time, he extended his hand out to restrain Yin Banshuang who was all ready to battle it out with the woman. The woman was very odd and she gave him a very unsettling feeling. She seemed to be very dangerous. It was not her cultivation that was scary. Instead, there was something else she possessed that threatened him.

“Retreat now or die,” the woman said expressionlessly. Her voice was not loud and she had the gentleness of a woman. However, there was still a fierce and metallic quality about her.

“Crazy.” A look of anger flashed through Yin Banshuang’s eyes. She already belonged to the insane type and had never expected to meet a woman who was even more insane than her.

Without a second word and without a care for Mo Wen’s restraint, she pounced over in a flash. The Tiger Claw spiritual weapon let out a sparkling white light. With a small wave, five sharp claws flew out. The scary force had caused the entire space around to be distorted.

The lady in the blue skirt continued to sit cross-legged on the ground. However, she flicked her finger gently. All of a sudden, a gold colored dragon flew out from her sleeve. It was like the appearance of the divine dragon. With a flash of the gold light, those five sparkling claws shattered completely.

The gold light flashed once again and headed directly for Yin Banshuang’s throat. Its speed was shockingly fast.

Yin Banshuang’s expression changed slightly. She had not expected that this woman would actually be so strong. That gold colored dragon was clearly not a normal item. Evidently, it was also a long whip type spiritual weapon. Moreover, its level was probably above that of her Tiger Claw.

Naturally, Yin Banshuang was not one who liked to lose. With a turn of her body, she dodged the attack from the gold colored dragon. Then, she grabbed on to the long whip casually and wrapped the five Tiger Claws around it tightly, as if she was prepared to destroy the long whip spiritual weapon.

However, the cultivation of the lady in blue was not average. The long whip was like a living entity in her hand. She grabbed one end of the long whip lightly and with a soft flick, emitted a frightening power. It shook Yin Banshuang so hard that she went flying.

Mo Wen extended his hand to clap. A gentle force appeared behind Yin Banshuang. After getting rid of the force that had affected her, the inner Qi swirled slightly and returned her to her original position.

Yin Banshuang’s expression finally grew solemn. She did not make any more rash moves. The woman was very strong and Yin Banshaung was afraid that she was not a match for her.

“We have no ill intentions towards you. We just want to get through this passageway to head over to the fifth layer,” Mo Wen looked at the lady in blue and said. This woman was not very old, roughly aged between 20 and 30 years old. However, her cultivation was simply frightening.

The lady in blue continued to sit expressionlessly. She seemed to ignore the two of them entirely.

Gradually, Mo Wen’s expression grew cold. He did not want to take on this lady as an enemy. Making enemies without a reason was not good for either party. However, if his words could not get through to her, he would then be left with no choice.

“If I have guessed correctly, those people outside must have been killed by you, right? Moreover, you are injured so you are trying to recuperate in the passageway,” Mo Wen said calmly.

“So what if that is true?” the lady in blue looked over at Mo Wen and there was a killing intent in her eyes.

“Do you think that you will be a match for us both in your injured state? I know that you have a very powerful technique hidden. However, who doesn’t have a trump card if they are able to appear in this place?”

A bright look flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. There were two gold colored flames burning in his pupils. A frightening aura emanated from his body. The surrounding space had seemingly been sealed by him and there was an invisible threat drifting about.

“Such a powerful Soul power.” A look of shock finally made its way onto the face of the lady in blue. She had remained expressionless throughout. Now, even as she looked at Mo Wen who was tens of meters away, she could feel a scary pressure radiating from the body of this youth. The pressure did not stem from his cultivation. Instead, it came from the soul. She had never seen a youth with such a scary Soul power. Even an ancient martial art practitioner with the final stage of the Golden Elixir realm would not possess it.

No, she was afraid that only an ancient martial art practitioner at the peak of the Golden Elixir realm would have such a shocking Soul power! Could it be that this youth was of the final stage of the Golden Elixir realm? How could that be? The lady in blue felt that it was a little absurd. How could a youth possess such a frightening cultivation?

There had to be something wrong somewhere. Immediately, the lady in blue detected that something was not quite right. If he was an ancient martial art practitioner of the peak of the Golden Elixir realm, he would have directly attacked and killed her. Why would he have been so courteous towards her? However, even a Soul power of such strength was already very shocking.

“Who are you?” the lady in blue asked, now having noticed that this youth was rather extraordinary.

“Don’t bother about who we are. I emphasize again. We are just passing by and we have no ill inten…” Mo Wen was only halfway through what he intended to say when he was interrupted. His gaze stopped at the ring on the lady’s hand. There was a ring on her middle finger. On it, there was a flying phoenix engraves. It was emanating a gentle blue light.

The Vermillion Bird Ring!

Mo Wen was stunned for a moment. Wasn’t that the Vermillion Bird Ring that only Executors of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall possessed? He had one as well. However, in order to conceal his identity, he did not wear it on his hand.

“You are someone of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall?” Mo Wen looked at the lady with a little surprise.

“You know about the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall? You seem to have quite a bit of general knowledge.” The lady in blue looked at the Vermillion Bird Ring on her hand, before looking back at Mo Wen. She was not surprised that he could recognize it. After all, there were quite a number of people in the inner world who could recognize the Vermillion Bird Ring.

“It is natural that I am able to recognize it.” Mo Wen smiled and retrieved a ring. It was also the Vermillion Bird Ring.

“Eh, why do you have the Vermillion Bird Ring?” This time, it was finally the lady’s turn to be surprised. She had never expected that this youth would actually have the Vermillion Bird Ring, and be so daring as to reveal it.

Under normal circumstances, if one stole another person’s Vermillion Bird Ring, he would not take it out so casually. However, the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall did not take in males. It was essentially impossible for this youth to be from the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall

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