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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 552: The Fifth Level

Chapter 552: The Fifth Level

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“Who are you?”

The gaze of the woman in blue hardened. She had not expected that the youth would actually bring out a Vermilion Bird ring. If it wasn’t a Vermilion Bird ring, instead of an Azure Dragon ring or White Tiger ring, she most likely would never have believed that this youth was also a member of the Huatian Palace.

“Huatian Palace, Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Executor,” Mo Wen said plainly. At the same time, he put the ring in his hand on his finger. The Vermilion Bird ring instantly released a blurry blue light.

“You are a Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Executor? How is this possible?” The woman in blue stared at Mo Wen in shock. Didn’t the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall not accept any men? How could this youth be an Executor from the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall? But the Vermilion Bird ring wouldn’t make a mistake.

The Vermilion Bird ring belonged to Huatian Palace and it was magical. It was akin to the magical instrument of the immortal cultivators.

Normally, only Huatian Palace Executors could possess and use these rings. Even if outsiders acquired the ring through other means, they couldn’t use it. Only the Huatian Palace Executor himself could activate the corresponding ring. So, if the ring didn’t belong to the person, he couldn’t possibly cause the ring to react. Even if he was a Huatian Palace Executor as well, he couldn’t possibly activate another’s ring.

“You are a Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Executor?” The woman in blue stared at Mo Wen incredulously. She wasn’t too accepting of Mo Wen, even though the Vermilion Bird ring was impossible to fake. It was also the case that the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall had exceptions to the rule of no men. For example, Mo Qingtian was a man who had been posted in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

Even Yin Banshuang looked at Mo Wen in amazement. Of course, she knew about Huatian Palace, but she had never imagined that Mo Wen would actually be from Huatian Palace, and from the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall at that.

“Don’t you already know the answer?” Mo Wen said as he nodded his head.

“When did you join the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall?” The woman in blue frowned slightly. Right now, the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall was becoming stranger. If this developed further, in the future, wouldn’t there be men everywhere in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall? Rumor had it that a man had joined the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall not long ago. Now another Vermillion Bird Palace Hall man had appeared.

However, the woman in blue did not treat Mo Wen and the man that had made the exception and joined the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall as the same person. It was because that man was rumored to only be a Two stars Executor. His cultivation was average, not even having the qualifications to enter the headquarters.

As for this youth, he was clearly not of low ability, having at least Golden Elixir realm cultivation. He was obviously a different person from the Executor who had joined the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. The woman in blue naturally thought that this Mo Wen was not that Mo Wen.

“I am called Jin Ying. What is your name?” Jin Ying asked.

This woman in blue was Jin Ying, the team leader of the Yeyuan team who had come with Pei Fengwu and the rest to the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Before she had encountered Mo Wen and Yin Banshaung the group had encountered a big crisis in the Beast Lair and become separated.

“Mo Wen,” Mo Wen said plainly.

Upon hearing this, Jin Ying nodded her head. She did not know what the man who joined the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall was called, so after Mo Wen announced his name, she did not think anything strange was happening.

“We were just passing by without any ill intentions. Letting us pass is not too much to ask, is it?” The reason why Mo Wen brought out his Huatian Palace identity was that he hoped that they could peacefully pass through this passageway. The Beast Lair was full of danger. If they could avoid fighting, they would.

“Seeing that you and I are colleagues, I naturally will not disturb you. However, since you are a Huatian Palace Executor, but you have appeared here, I assume that you have come over for the spiritual fire?” Jin Ying said indifferently.

“That’s right.” Mo Wen nodded his head, not denying it. In the Beast Lair, the number of people who came for the spiritual fire was too many. It did not matter whether he admitted it or not.

“If you want to obtain the spiritual fire alone, it will almost be impossible. Are you interested in joining forces with me?” Jin Ying asked expressionlessly.

She wanted to join forces with Mo Wen not only because he was a Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Executor, but also because she hoped that she could find an ally outside the four-man group from before.

She and Pei Fengwu had grudges in the past, the two of them never seeing eye-to-eye. Among the four of them, Gong Zhangyan’s heart had always been set on Pei Fengwu, so he naturally leaned towards her. If critical moments came along, the probability of the two of them joining forces was very high. Also, Jun Wulei did not seem to have any intention of joining forces with her. So, she had her eyes on Mo Wen. She hoped that she could draw Mo Wen into the team. This way, she could balance it out a bit.

“What do you know about the spiritual fire?” Mo Wen asked.

Right now, he had not even seen the shadow of the spiritual fire. Without knowing the overall situation, he would not be interested in joining forces. Moreover, he and Yin Banshuang still had a promise. The Vital Qi was also something that he could not miss.

“Although I do not know much, I definitely know more than these natives of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.” Jin Ying slightly lifted her chin. Her tone and attitude were obviously somewhat disdainful. She seemed to look down on Green Ancient Mystery Dimension ancient martial art practitioners.

Yin Banshuang’s expression turned somewhat ugly. As a Green Ancient Mystery Dimension ancient martial art practitioner, she naturally could not stand outsiders having such attitudes. But at this moment, causing a scene would not benefit anyone.

Upon hearing this, Mo Wen nodded his head. Huatian Palace had many crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Many people had huge backings. This Jin Ying had such frightening cultivation at such a young age. Her identity would certainly not be straight-forward.

“Do you have news of the spiritual fire?” Mo Wen asked.

“Four hours ago, the spiritual fire escaped to the sixth level. If no one has gotten it yet, it will probably be at the seventh level by now,” Jin Ying said with a serious expression.

This Beast Lair would get hotter the lower they descended starting from the sixth level. The spiritual fire could unleash its full power in that sort of environment. The reason why the spiritual fire kept escaping downwards was to return to the eighth level. Once the spiritual fire returned to the eighth level, its power would be multifold. By then, it would be too difficult to hunt and obtain it.

Rumor had it that the spiritual fire was a spiritual being born of the eighth level of the Beast Lair.

Right now, many strong practitioners were pursuing the spiritual fire, trying to prevent it from escaping back to the eighth level. But the might of the spiritual fire exceeded everyone’s expectations. There was actually no one who could prevent it from returning.

“How do you know this in such detail?” Mo Wen looked somewhat surprised at Jin Ying. This type of news was supposedly very hard to obtain. Unless the strong practitioners that were pursuing the spiritual fire on the seventh level sent word back, it would be impossible for outsiders to know at all.

“I naturally have my methods. You don’t have to think too much. If you are willing to join forces with me, we might at least have a sliver of hope in obtaining the spiritual fire. Otherwise, with just you, it would almost be impossible,” Jin Ying said somewhat proudly as she lifted her chin.

“I’m sorry, something like the spiritual fire is not a treasure that I can lay my hands on. I have other matters to attend to. Please excuse us,” Mo Wen said as he smiled and rejected her.

Of course, he wanted to obtain the spiritual fire, but he certainly wouldn’t do it with this woman. Together with this woman, his chances of success would most likely shrink a lot.

After saying this, Mo Wen flew into the passageway. Yin Banshuang did not say anything else either, following Mo Wen and flying deeper into the passageway, passing by Jin Ying.

“You seem to know your limitations.” Jin Ying looked at Mo Wen’s silhouette, the corners of her mouth curling into an arc. She originally wanted to use to the spiritual fire to trick this youth into cooperating with her. She naturally did not believe that he truly had the ability to snatch the spiritual fire. However, this youth had actually not fallen for her trick, surprising her somewhat.

If Jin Ying knew that this Mo Wen was that Two stars Executor Mo Wen, and that he had joined the Fengwu team, she would most likely not want to cooperate with him.

“Those two are definitely up to something. There are quite a few mysterious places in this Beast Lair. Maybe I might discover something interesting if I follow them.” Jin Ying smiled enigmatically. After she saw the silhouettes of both Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang disappear, only then did her own silhouette dash forward and quietly follow them.

“Who could tell that you are actually a Huatian Palace Executor?” asked Yin Banshaung indifferently as she cast a side glance at Mo Wen. They were deep in the passageway.

“That shouldn’t be a big deal, should it?” Mo Wen smiled.

“Of course, it’s not a big deal. Among the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension ancient martial art practitioners, many are Huatian Palace Executors. However, to have such amazing cultivation at your age, your background most likely isn’t simple, right?”

“Right now, I am certain that you are definitely not an ancient martial art practitioner from the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. You must be from another Inner world. Are you from the Floating Mystery Dimension or the Peng Lai Mystery Dimension? Only those large Inner worlds could have cultivated a genius like you, right?” Yin Banshuang said as she stared at Mo Wen.

This youth’s talent had obviously exceeded the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension’s standard. With his age, when the Four Geniuses were the same age, who knew how much weaker they were compared to him.

Right now, he could compete with Jiang Gujian. His ability was already astonishing. Most likely in those large Inner worlds, such genius would be top notch.

“I don’t have any background,” Mo Wen said plainly.

Yin Banshuang did not believe what Mo Wen said. However, since he did not say anything else, she did not interrogate him further. After all, she was only cooperating with Mo Wen once. His identity would not affect the mission this time around.

The two of them very quickly flew out of the fourth level passageway, reaching the fifth level.

They had just reached the fifth level when a frightening chill came sweeping towards them. The chill was more than five times that of the fourth level. Having not adjusted to it, they could not help but shiver.

When the chill reached such magnitudes, it wasn’t something that could be withstood by willpower alone. Ancient martial art practitioners without Golden Elixir realm cultivation would most likely not be able to move even an inch in this sort of place. A fake Golden Elixir realm practitioner like Mo Wen was already heavily affected.

However, the chill only lasted for a brief moment. The next moment, it was completely flushed out from his body. A formless flame was burning strongly in his body, unbeknownst to anyone. With the flame protecting him, no chill could approach him.

The formless flame was the Spiritless Clean Fire that Mo Wen was practicing. Although the Spiritless Clean Fire that he had practiced was still very weak, far from being enough to use against the enemy, it was more than enough to dispel the chill.

Yin Banshuang looked at Mo Wen with some amazement. They had reached the fifth level and this youth’s expression had actually not changed, seemingly appearing unaffected. She was at a loss on whether she should be impressed with his cultivation or with his willpower. Even she had trouble withstanding the chill of the fifth level. In this sort of environment, one’s cultivation would be greatly reduced.

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