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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 553: Underground Abyss

Chapter 553: Underground Abyss

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“You are unaffected?”

Yin Banshuang looked at Mo Wen strangely. The fifth level was so cold; it was impossible for him to not be affected at all. Even with a strong will and a rich soul power, by rights, Mo Wen should be affected to some degree.

However, it was as though Mo Wen was standing in a normal environment, seemingly unaffected.

“I’m still okay.” Mo Wen nodded his head. Of course, he did not intend to reveal the secret of his Spiritless Clean Fire. Although he still could not use the Spiritless Clean Fire to fight off his enemies, he could use it to easily withstand heat or cold.

Hence, on the fifth level, and even on the sixth and seventh levels, Mo Wen’s ability would be unaffected. He naturally would not reveal this secret to others. It was his advantage.

“You are bizarre.” Yin Banshuang looked deeply at Mo Wen. The more time she spent with this youth, the more mysterious she found him to be. His body seemed to always have an invisible layer around it.

“Come with me. Once we reach the fifth level, I can easily find the place.”

Yin Banshuang swept a glance across their surroundings, and then with a dash flew in one direction. The environment on the fifth level was very dim. There were even fewer luminous mineral rocks here. Under the cover of darkness, visibility was not very good. Even ancient martial art practitioners would have their vision affected in this kind of place.

Compared to the levels before, the fifth level was undoubtedly much smaller. In reality though, it wasn’t that small. It measured at least tens of miles in area.

The two of them flew for around fifteen minutes. The huge abyss in the distance appeared in their current line of sight, like a large gaping mouth in the ground. It seemed to be bottomless and was pitch black inside. It was five to six hundred meters wide and its length was astonishing. One actually could not see the ends.

“At the bottom of that abyss is the hiding place for the Vital Qi. However, getting down there is not easy,” Yin Banshuang said, her expression serious as she looked at the abyss.

The abyss was located deep within the Beast’s Lair; therefore, it had no name. However, it was definitely a horrifying existence. Even Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners found it hard to cross the abyss.

“Huh? There are people around the abyss. And more than just a few.” A strange look flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes. He could sense that quite a number of people had gathered over there. There were more than ten. It was the first time he had seen so many human ancient martial art practitioners gathered together since they had entered the Beast’s Lair.

“What?” Upon hearing this, Yin Banshuang’s expression turned sullen. She sensed that things were amiss over there. There was the aura of so many human ancient martial art practitioners. Under normal circumstances, there would be no one around the edge of the abyss. People would normally avoid the abyss; why would they approach it? Could it be that the secret of the Vital Qi existing in the abyss had been exposed?

Yin Banshuang frowned. She sensed that something was more and more off.

“We’ll find out when we are near,” Mo Wen said plainly. At the same time, he glanced behind his back, seemingly intentionally doing so. A glint of relish flashed in his eyes. Then, he flew decisively towards the abyss.

A few hundred meters behind the two of them, a blue shadow was visible. It was Jin Ying from the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall.

Ever since they had left the passageway, she had been following Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang, seemingly very interested in their affairs.

Suddenly, Jin Ying stopped, her gaze freezing slightly.

“Interesting. Could it be that the fellow has noticed me? That’s impossible.”

Jin Ying looked ahead of her in astonishment. She had sensed Mo Wen glancing behind, seemingly in her direction. Could he still have noticed her when they were so far apart?

She found such a prospect unbelievable! She was proficient in concealment and tracking techniques. In a situation where she was four to five hundred meters away, even a later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner would most likely find it difficult to notice her. If that youth had noticed her, how had he been able to?

“This is getting more and more interesting. Such a pity that he cannot be of use to me.” Jin Ying raised her eyebrows, the corner of her mouth slightly curling upwards. She followed behind unhurriedly. Even if he had noticed her, what could he do about it?

Further ahead, both Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang had already flown to the edge of the abyss.

“This abyss poses a huge threat,” Yin Banshuang said with a serious expression. “There are large numbers of monstrous beasts hiding at the bottom. The air above the abyss also has terrifying blades of wind and streams of cold air. Even a Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner would be exposed to great danger when attempting to fly above the abyss. If one encountered a stream of cold air and got sucked into the abyss, there would be no return from such an end.”

This abyss was very bizarre. The harsh environment was fatally dangerous even to Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners.

On the other hand, the monstrous beasts that lived in the abyss instead became stronger and stronger due to these environmental factors. In this abyss, even a normal fourth rank monstrous beast would be several times stronger than they would in other places.

Under normal circumstances, it was almost impossible for a human ancient martial art practitioner to reach the bottom of the abyss. But the structure of this abyss was very strange. If one was familiar with the abyss and able to master it, there was a high chance of reaching the bottom of the abyss.

The last time Yin Banshuang was in the abyss, she had nearly died, barely escaping alive. But she had clearly grasped the pattern, and from that, successfully made it to the bottom of the abyss.

The reason that she dared to return, aside from being able to prepare a few treasures to overcome the dangers, was because she was now able to rely on her experience of reaching the bottom of the abyss last time. Otherwise, without preparation, she would not have dared to come.

“Why are those people gathered around the abyss?”

Mo Wen looked at what was going on nearby with an odd expression. The few people gathered over there were all human Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners. The people had also noticed their arrival, but right now no one was bothering with the two of them. It was as though they were pretending that the two of them did not exist.

The members of the group were frowning, staring down at the abyss. Their faces looked as though they were eager to try, but they also seemed to be hesitant about something and could not make up their minds. But it was clear that every one of them really wanted to jump down into the abyss.

“Something must have happened in the abyss. I hope they have not discovered the Vital Qi.”

Yin Banshuang’s face was sullen. There was only one possible explanation for a large group of ancient martial art practitioners to gather, and in the Beast Lair at that. A treasure must have appeared here, and it was clearly no ordinary treasure. Otherwise, it would not have attracted so many people.

The people were elders and sect leaders from all sorts of different sects. Some were so famous that even Yin Banshuang recognized them. They certainly weren’t ordinary people.

Mo Wen frowned slightly. If it was only the two of them, the chances of obtaining the Vital Qi were very high. If so many people were after it, it would be much more difficult. He also did not expect that there would actually be so many people in the secret treasure place that Yin Banshuang had kept hidden from others.

“Don’t you worry. They may not have necessarily discovered the Vital Qi. This abyss is very strange. No one knows how much treasure is in it. There could well be something even more precious than the Vital Qi down there. Also, I am the only one who knows the way to the place that gestates Vital Qi. If they do not know the way, even if they know that there is Vital Qi at the bottom of the abyss, they can only stand around and watch.”

Yin Banshuang snorted coldly. She was not too worried about these people. She was the only one who knew the specific location of the place that gestated Vital Qi.

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