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Invincible Kungfu Healer (Web Novel) - Chapter 610: Absolute Skills

Chapter 610: Absolute Skills

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Although Bu Xingyi’s power was astonishing, after their first few encounters the power of his attack had been reduced by seventy percent. However, Bu Xingyi believed that even thirty percent of his power would be enough to kill this junior.

Mo Wen’s gaze remained calm throughout. He knew that against a Martial Arts Grandmaster,a failure to remain calm would be likely to lead to his death.

If he didn’t utilize any special method, he could only rely on his calmness and ability now. Of course, he could utilize the pride of this Martial Arts Grandmaster.

He believed that when a Martial Arts Grandmaster faced ancient martial art practitioners like him, they would not fight to the best of their ability straight away. That was because the Martial Arts Grandmaster was so confident in himself, believing that he could easily kill an ancient martial art practitioner like Mo Wen.

That was exactly what Bu Xingyi was thinking right now: he believed that even when his attack was at thirty percent power, it was enough to kill Mo Wen.

A fog enveloped Mo Wen, causing his body to momentarily turn nebulous. The next moment, streaks of starlight dispersed from his body. The twinkling stars were mesmerizing.

The Glory of Cloud! It was the martial arts teaching among the three Glory techniques that only focused on skill. At the same time, it was the martial arts teaching with the strongest defensive ability among those that Mo Wen had learned.

The Glory of Thunder focused on power, the Glory of Wind on speed and the Glory of Cloud on skill. But by extension, the Glory of Cloud focused on defense.

There were two types of defense. One was sturdy and one was nimble. The sturdy type of defense was considered to be a form of fortification. The nimble type was considered to be a form of active guarding. The method of the Glory of Cloud was a very rare method of active guarding. It could utilize its mysterious skills to continuously weaken the enemy’s attack.

All the stars and lights gathered and formed a nebula in front of Mo Wen. The whole process seemed slow, but actually, only took a brief moment.

Bu Xingyi’s fist had yet to hit Mo Wen when it first landed on the nebula.

“Huh?” A glint of incredulity flashed in Bu Xingyi’s eyes. The absolute confidence vanished from his eyes. His expression turned serious for the first time.

When his fist made contact with the nebula, the speed of his attack had actually slowed down drastically.

By rights, his punch was very powerful; yet he could not destroy the nebula. It was as though his attack had landed on cotton, yet it was also as though his punch had landed on rubber with astonishing tenacity. His power was slowing down at a terrifying speed.

If the nebula was just cotton, he could penetrate through it. If it was just rubber, he could crush it. But this was the first time he had encountered such a feeling where his force seemed to be ineffective and his power was constantly reflected back at him.

“Absolute Skills! How is it possible?”

In the end, Bu Xingyi’s final thirty percent of power was depleted in the nebula. But the nebula seemed to have also reached its limit, gradually dissipating until it disappeared.

Bu Xingyi looked at Mo Wen incredulously. This youth could actually use Absolute Skills against him. How was that possible? He was a Martial Arts Grandmaster. He had practiced for more than two hundred years, and this youth was at most just a later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner. The difference between the two of them was like the difference between heaven and earth. How could Mo Wen have possibly used Absolute Skills against him? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Absolute Skills was a term used in duels between ancient martial art practitioners. Duels between ancient martial art practitioners not only pitted their cultivations against each other but also their martial arts teachings attainments.

Under normal circumstances, when the two of them had similar cultivation, it was a common sight for the person who had deeper martial arts teachings attainments to defeat his opponent. Of course, if the difference in cultivation was large, then it would be very difficult to use martial arts teachings attainments to make up for it.

However, there was still one more possibility and that was Absolute Skills.

Absolute Skills described a form of relativity. For example, when the difference between the martial arts teachings attainments of two people was too large, then a condition of Absolute Skills would appear.

In duels, if Absolute Skills occurred, it did not matter whether the opponent’s realm was one or two ranks higher. With the vast difference in martial arts teachings attainments, the person could still defeat the person of higher realm cultivation.

An ancient martial art practitioner like Bu Xingyi, as a Martial Arts Grandmaster who had practiced for more than two centuries, did not need to have his martial arts teachings attainments mentioned.

In this world, it would be almost impossible for anyone to use Absolute Skills against him. Even a Martial Arts Grandmaster with higher cultivation would not have the ability to do so.

For a Martial Arts Grandmaster to use Absolute Skills, the absolute suppression of martial arts, on a later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner was a very simple task.

But for a later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner to use Absolute Skills when dueling a Martial Arts Grandmaster was almost impossible. No one would believe it had happened if they were told so. Moreover, Mo Wen was just a youth. How many years could he have practiced, and how deep could his martial arts teachings attainments be?

However, just now, against the mass of nebula, Bu Xingyi indeed felt the suppression of Absolute Skills. That could only be the suppression from martial arts teachings attainments. Otherwise, it was impossible for such a situation to occur.

“Old thing, don’t think too highly of yourself. There are many capable people in the world,” Mo Wen said coldly.

It would have been impossible previously for Mo Wen to suppress a Martial Arts Grandmaster with martial arts teachings attainments, let alone complete an Absolute Skills suppression. But right now, with the teachings of the Inferno Star Lord, he had come into contact with not just ordinary martial arts teachings, but immortal cultivator rite of passage martial arts that approached the power of Heaven and Earth.

One was a Heavenly path; another was technique. The two of them did not usually exist in the same world.

Even if Mo Wen’s understanding of the rite of passage martial arts was shallow, it was not something that ordinary martial arts teachings would possess. Based on martial arts teachings attainments and understanding, Mo Wen had indeed surpassed an ordinary Martial Arts Grandmaster, stepping onto another path.

“How did you do that?” Bu Xingyi looked at Mo Wen in astonishment. He did not dare believe that a youth could reach this stage. If word of it got out, it was enough to astonish all the Inner worlds’ ancient martial art practitioners.

“You are but a frog at the bottom of a well. If you don’t understand, you won’t understand, even if I tell.” Mo Wen smiled. He had been helped by the teachings of the will of the Inferno Star Lord which had gradually allowed him to understand the profundity of the rite of passage martial arts. Although this Ming Temple sect grand elder had high cultivation and his martial arts teachings attainments had reached a very high level, it was impossible for him to comprehend rite of passage martial arts.

In other words, even if Mo Wen was willing to carefully teach him, teaching him bit by bit, it would be impossible for Bu Xingyi to master such martial arts teachings. Unless one day when Mo Wen had a deep enough understanding of the three Glory techniques and his cultivation was enough for him to use his will to impart knowledge, only then would it be possible to pass on such martial arts teachings to an ordinary ancient martial art practitioner.

“You must die.” Bu Xingyi looked at Mo Wen with a serious expression. At this moment, his intent to kill Mo Wen was stronger than ever before. If he let such a youth continue to develop unchecked, what sort of situation would appear in the future? He almost did not dare to imagine. Once the youth rose to the realm of Martial Arts Grandmaster, there would most likely be no ancient martial art practitioner in this world that would be a match for him.

Since he had already offended such a person, then no matter what, he could not let Mo Wen leave alive.

“We’ll see if you can kill me first.” Mo Wen chuckled softly, not hiding the condescension in his eyes. If Mo Wen had not wanted to not waste the power of his trump card on such an old thing, maybe he would have already died due to the Thunderbolt Talisman.

“You are indeed talented, I have never seen a talent like yours in my entire life. But neither have I seen arrogance such as yours. No matter how deep your martial arts teachings attainments are, did you expect that it can make up for such a huge difference in cultivation?” Bu Xingyi laughed coldly. From start to finish, he had not believed that Mo Wen could escape from his grasp alive. If Mo Wen was a pinnacle of Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner, combined with his terrifying martial arts teachings attainments, maybe Mo Wen could be unafraid of Bu Xingyi.

But this youth’s cultivation was most likely not even at the later stage Golden Elixir realm. He was at most at the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm. His Inner Qi was rich, but compared to the later stage Golden Elixir realm, there still was a big difference. With such cultivation, even if he had a treasure to hand and no matter how deep his martial arts teachings attainments, against Bu Xingyi it was all useless.

Mo Wen ignored the elder. He indeed was not a match for this him. If Mo Wen continued fighting, he would certainly die at his hand. He had no intention of foolishly wasting any more of his time fighting this elder. He had already thought up a means to escape.

He extended his hand and pointed. A beam of purple light appeared in his hand. It was the Purple Bottle Gourd.

The Purple Bottle Gourd had just appeared when it released an astonishing purple light. The next moment, a purple pillar of light shot up to the sky, directly projecting itself on Bu Xingyi.

“Hmph, such cheap tricks.” Bu Xingyi coldly snorted. Letting the purple light envelop him, he sinisterly said, “Another important treasure. Brat, you are practically a treasure trove. It seems that I have stumbled across a jackpot.”

The treasures on Mo Wen made even Bu Xingyi feel astonished. He had so many, and they were all uncommon valuable treasures.

Bu Xingyi’s figure shook slightly, intending to scatter the purple pillar of light that locked him in. However, he was stunned to realize that he could not struggle free. The purple pillar of light was exceptionally mysterious.

“What is that treasure of yours?” Bu Xingyi’s eyes once again flashed with a look of astonishment. The purple colored bottle gourd seemed to more complicated than he had imagined it to be. From the spiritual power waves, it seemed to only be a top grade spiritual weapon. But right now, he felt as though he was going against a profound level weapon.

How could Mo Wen turn back to bother with Bu Xingyi? Right now, his body was like a thousand-pound weight, furiously falling towards the magma ocean below.


When Bu Xingyi saw Mo Wen trying to escape by diving into the magma ocean, the corner of his mouth immediately revealed a mocking smile. This b*st*rd was practically indulging in wild fantasies. Once Mo Wen was in the magma, it would only be easier for Bu Xingyi to kill him.

“This bottle gourd of yours is very mysterious. Since you have left it behind, then you won’t mind if I take it.”

Bu Xingyi’s gaze looked at the Purple Bottle Gourd. He did not take exception with Mo Wen’s method of using a treasure to hold him back, making minor sacrifices to safeguard major interests. He was not even a little bit anxious. Using such a measly trick to try to escape Bu Xingyi’s grasp was practically laughable.

Bu Xingyi’s body emanated a terrifying force, fully demonstrating his cultivation as a Martial Arts Grandmaster. This time, he crushed the purple pillar of light directly, extending his hand towards the Purple Bottle Gourd.

At the same time, Mo Wen had already dived into the magma ocean with a splash. The temperature in the magma ocean was far higher than the surroundings; however, with Mo Wen’s cultivation and the power of the Dark Soul Pearl, it was not a problem for him.

As soon as he plunged into the magma ocean, he dove deeper frenziedly. With a plunge, his body moved like a sharp arrow and dove a few hundred meters.

Bu Xingyi was in midair and had initially thought that he could easily snatch a spiritual weapon which had been left behind by its master. So, he didn’t treat the situation too seriously.

However, to Bu Xingyi surprise, the Purple Bottle Gourd actually behaved as though it had intelligence. It smashed his wall of Protective Qi and with a dash of purple light, it plunged into the magma ocean, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Everything happened so quickly. Even Bu Xingyi was stunned and unable to respond quickly enough. How could the spiritual weapon escape on its own? What’s happening?

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