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I’m Not Shouldering This Blame (Web Novel)


One day, the stuntman found that acquaintances and unfamiliar people were looking for him through various channels. Even someone from a certain department of the country came—

Team Leader of an abilities group: Comrade Jian Hua, on behalf of the nation, I want to tell you about a newly discovered world secret.

Protagonist: What?

Team Leader of an abilities group: In fact, our world is a book.

Protagonist: WTF?

Team Leader of an abilities group: And you will be the last villain of the seven volume novel series.

Protagonist: …

See title for the protagonist’s mood.

Book Character A: You and I are good childhood friends. Shouldn’t I be the white moonlight in your heart?

Protagonist: …

Book Character B: I treated you kindly, so shouldn’t you trust me completely?

Protagonist: …

Book Character C: I’m so considerate while busy. As good friends, shouldn’t we be rolling around on first base?

Protagonist: …

See title for the protagonist’s mood.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 175 (END)2019-12-31
Chapter 1742019-12-31
Chapter 173: Teaser2019-12-31
Chapter 172 - On a beautiful sunny day.2019-12-28
Chapter 171: Disastrous Package2019-12-05
CHAPTER 170: SERIOUS2019-11-04
Chapter 168 - 168: START FILMING2019-10-30
Chapter 167 - CANNON FODDER2019-10-29
Chapter 166: Preparations2019-10-28
CHAPTER 165: BEING NAMED2019-10-27
CHAPTER 164: WRONGED2019-10-27
Chapter 163 - LIVELIHOOD2019-10-27
Chapter 162: Worry2019-10-27
CHAPTER 161: AIRPORT2019-10-27
Chapter 160: Future2019-07-16
Chapter 159: Godfather2019-07-11
Chapter 158: Recuperation2019-07-01
Chapter 157: Lighthouse2019-06-15
Chapter 156: Slinking Off2019-06-12
Chapter 155: Blackmail2019-06-10
Chapter 154: Escape Route2019-06-04
Chapter 153: Mission2019-06-03
Chapter 152: Important2019-05-25
Chapter 151: Disparity2019-05-25
Chapter 150: Post-bellum2019-05-20
Chapter 149: Garrison Field2019-05-15
Chapter 148: Deviation2019-05-13
Chapter 147: Return2019-05-11
Chapter 146: So Hungry2019-05-11
Chapter 145: Time Out2019-05-06
Chapter 144: Escape2019-05-03
Chapter 143: Biochemistry2019-05-01
Chapter 142: Siege2019-04-29
Chapter 141: Trend2019-04-29
Chapter 140: Conflict2019-04-22
Chapter 139: Divine Light2019-04-15
Chapter 138: First Love2019-04-09
Chapter 137: Middle East2019-04-08
Chapter 136: Burrow2019-04-08
Chapter 135: Travelling2019-04-08
Chapter 134: Contribution2019-04-08
Chapter 133: Trap2019-04-08
Chapter 132: Nice to Meet You2019-04-08
Chapter 131: Peer2019-04-08
Chapter 130: Nest2019-04-08
Chapter 129: Crack2019-04-08
Chapter 128: Broken Space2019-04-08
Chapter 127: Initiative2019-04-08
Chapter 126: Indulgence2019-04-08
Chapter 125: Clue2019-04-08
Chapter 124: Meeting2019-04-08
Chapter 123: Cause of Death2019-04-08
Chapter 122: Twists and Turns2019-04-08
Chapter 121: Comfort2019-04-08
Chapter 120: Nightmare2019-04-08
Chapter 119: Way to Survive2019-04-08
Chapter 118: Breaking Through2019-04-08
Chapter 117: Reinforcements2019-04-08
Chapter 116: Code2019-04-08
Chapter 115: Lost Contact2019-04-08
Chapter 1142019-04-08
Chapter 1132019-04-08
Chapter 1122019-04-08
Chapter 1112019-04-08
Chapter 1102019-04-08
Chapter 1092019-04-08
Chapter 1082019-04-08
Chapter 1072019-04-08
Chapter 1062019-04-08
Chapter 1052019-04-08
Chapter 1042019-04-08
Chapter 1032019-04-08
Chapter 1022019-04-08
Chapter 1012019-04-08
Chapter 1002019-04-08
Chapter 992019-04-08
Chapter 982019-04-08
Chapter 972019-04-08
Chapter 962019-04-08
Chapter 952019-04-08
Chapter 942019-04-08
Chapter 932019-04-08
Chapter 922019-04-08
Chapter 912019-04-08
Chapter 902019-04-08
Chapter 892019-04-08
Chapter 882019-04-08
Chapter 872019-04-08
Chapter 862019-04-08
Chapter 852019-04-08
Chapter 842019-04-08
Chapter 832019-04-08
Chapter 822019-04-08
Chapter 812019-04-08
Chapter 802019-04-08
Chapter 792019-04-08
Chapter 782019-04-08
Chapter 772019-04-08
Chapter 762019-04-08


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