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Isekai Tensei – Kimi to no Saikai made Nagai koto Nagai koto (Web Novel)


I was a delinquent that died when an accident occurred on a school trip. When I realized it I was the growing son of a farmer in another world. In this world where demons and demi-humans were in the middle of a war, I didn’t have some ability that made me a hero nor did I have magical powers. I didn’t know anything useful.

Then, why was I reincarnated?

Wait a second, when I reincarnated, was the girl who was my classmate that was riding on the same bus also reincarnated in this world? Alright, I’ve decided! I’ll reunite with that girl, and reach her with the feelings I couldn’t express in my previous life.

169 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 124: A HUMAN MONSTER2019-03-25
Chapter 123: Sorushi and Toushi2019-03-25
Chapter 122: A scenario from a sports manga2019-03-25
Chapter 121: Sal mixer2019-03-25
Chapter 120: Okama bar2019-03-25
Chapter 119: Even so, they’re still parent and child2019-03-25
Chapter 118: Fizzy drink2019-03-25
Chapter 117: Pause2019-03-25
Chapter 116: Gyalf2019-03-25
Chapter 115: Pseudo JK2019-03-25
Chapter 114: Obeying the city2019-03-25
Chapter 113: Nevermind, I still got surprised2019-03-25
Chapter 112: Gyogyogyo2019-03-25
Chapter 111: Setting off and something unexpected2019-03-25
Chapter 110: Friend of heaven and earth2019-03-25
Chapter 109: Cosmos2019-03-25
Chapter 108: Happy birthday2019-03-25
Chapter 107: For this day2019-03-25
Chapter 106: Congratulations2019-03-25
Chapter 105: Love2019-03-25
Chapter 104: An overwhelming difference in power2019-03-25
Chapter 103: Immensely curious girls2019-03-25
Chapter 102: Selfless love2019-03-25
Chapter 101: Angel2019-03-25
Chapter 100: Our new starting point is heaven2019-03-25
Chapter 99: Yours2019-03-25
Chapter 98: In my heart2019-03-25
Chapter 97: Been five years2019-03-25
Chapter 96: Getting turned on by my first2019-03-25
Chapter 95: The worst reunion2019-03-25
Chapter 94: Cool beauty2019-03-25
Chapter 93: Unsinkable destroyer ship (lol)2019-03-25
Chapter 92: A farce2019-03-25
Chapter 91: Cake-like sweetness2019-03-25
Chapter 90: Hold hands2019-03-25
Chapter 89: You have done very well2019-03-25
Chapter 88: A nostalgic morning2019-03-25
Chapter 87: A complicated victory2019-03-25
Chapter 86: An adult kiss2019-03-25
Chapter 85: Simple and clear2019-03-25
Chapter 84: Bring to an end2019-03-25
Chapter 83: Can’t bear it2019-03-25
Chapter 82: The real thing and the small thing2019-03-25
Chapter 81: Deadly attraction2019-03-25
Chapter 80: No point if you die2019-03-25
Chapter 79: Showing your real ability2019-03-25
Chapter 78: Start of the performance2019-03-25
Chapter 77: The baddest guy2019-03-25
Chapter 76: Cruel reality2019-03-25
Chapter 75: Raising and dropping2019-03-25
Chapter 74: Lightning and darkness2019-03-25
Chapter 73: Humanity’s resistance2019-03-25
Chapter 72: Friend from the land of dreams2019-03-25
Chapter 71: That’s who Velt Jeeha is2019-03-25
Chapter 70: Why today2019-03-25
Chapter 69: The last time I’m going to think about confusing things2019-03-25
Chapter 68: When should you do it? It doesn’t have to be now2019-03-25
Chapter 67: Concluding2019-03-25
Chapter 66: Banquet of cynicism2019-03-25
Chapter 65: Sulky Baby2019-03-25
Chapter 64: Mission Complete2019-03-25
Chapter 63: Full of amazing women2019-03-25
Chapter 62: Kill or be killed2019-03-25
Chapter 61: Start the revolution2019-03-25
Chapter 60: Introduce yourself2019-03-25
Chapter 59: Just an enemy now2019-03-25
Chapter 58: Actually surprised2019-03-25
Chapter 57: Happily hunting with everyone2019-03-25
Chapter 56: Hunter guild2019-03-25
Chapter 55: Gaining fame2019-03-25
Chapter 54: Debt payment2019-03-25
Chapter 53: Each of our reunions2019-03-25
Chapter 52: Something like that isn’t my problem2019-03-25
Chapter 51: A first in the history of the world2019-03-25
Chapter 50: Reparation for being cheeky2019-03-25
Chapter 49: Taken aback2019-03-25
Chapter 48: My clear distinction2019-03-25
Chapter 47: It can’t be helped2019-03-25
Chapter 46: The advancing world2019-03-25
Chapter 45: Hau muchi iz dis2019-03-25
Chapter 44: The tiger talks about her trauma2019-03-25
Chapter 43: Samurai girl2019-03-25
Chapter 42: Trauma of demi-humans2019-03-25
Chapter 41: Unpleasant2019-03-25
Chapter 40: An important hint from a hoodlum2019-04-10
Chapter 39: The world is fine like that2019-03-25
Chapter 38: Family2019-03-25
Chapter 37: The time has come2019-03-25
Prologue 2: Nostalgic days2019-03-25
VOLUME 1: Characters2019-03-25
Chapter 36: A temporary parting and my way of life2019-03-25
Chapter 35: Even the best kid will become an adult2019-03-25
Chapter 34: I’m not always going to stay being a child2019-03-25
Chapter 33: I’m such a perverted idiot2019-03-25
Chapter 32: You damn brats, I’m a bit angry now2019-03-25
Chapter 31: Princess love battle2019-03-25
Chapter 30: A harmless morning2019-03-25
Chapter 29: Thus, the precocious brat is alone once again2019-03-25
Chapter 28: DOGEZA2019-03-25