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It’s Purely an Accident to Love Again (Web Novel)






Yuan Yuan, 元媛


Adult Drama Josei Mature Romance Smut

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4th book in Yuan Yuan’s series 老梗也是梗系列之(AKA We were supposed to have died in a plane crash, instead we transmigrated). The stories consist of three modern settings and three historical.

How can her luck be a “match”?

She decided to say goodbye to the past and start again, but she encountered a plane crash by accident. Even more surprising is — she didn’t die.

And her soul still “borrowed” the body of another person!

Haha, this time she really got a “new life”.

The original owner of this “new body” also coincidently has the same name as her.

And ah, by her previous self, she used to be a delicate, stunning person and a big beautiful woman.

Now she has a head of curly hair plus a round face.

Living as an oriental doll, in school campus just popular as much!

However, although there are pursuers in long line queues

But there’s always a man living in her heart…

Maybe the god of destiny heard the voice in her heart

Actually allowed him to meet her and also started a strong and fierce pursuit of her “new life”!

Just… she thought that she destroyed his happiness at the beginning.

Now, it’s time for her to pay back her debts…

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Epilogue + Extra2019-08-26
Chapter 102019-08-26
Chapter 92019-08-26
Chapter 82019-08-26
Chapter 72019-08-26
Chapter 62019-08-26
Chapter 52019-08-26
Chapter 42019-08-26
Chapter 32019-08-26
Chapter 22019-08-26
Chapter 12019-08-26
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