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Chapter (350) Dungeon conquering in a yukata

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I asked Rurina for the party assignment. The ink for the Magic Journalist talisman was prepared by Ririana.

Apparently, when I asked if it was impossible to assign a party without a Magic Journalist, Rurina changed her job to Magic Journalist and leveled it up.

I heard that a Magic Journalist level up by writing words but without a growth cheat, I wondered how exactly did she level up.

“And so I will dedicate myself to discovering and disarming traps but are you sure you want me to receive experience points from everything else?”

Rarael asked. Currently, she was wearing the knit hat my mom used to wear to hide her ears. It was inside the item bag Miri had.

Rarael looked apologetic because she was currently only tasked with searching for and disarming trap in our dungeon conquering.

I was joining in the battle as well since our game was invalidated.

“It’s the opposite. We can fight with ease because Rarael is taking care of the traps. The three of us are defenseless against traps and we still receive plenty of experience points even after distributing to Rarael.”

I receive 20 times experience points when defeating monsters and 4 times when Haru and Carol defeat monsters.

Half of the experience points are distributed to the person who defeats the monster while the remaining half is split among the members of the party.

Because of that, the people who solely focus on support like Rarael receive not much experience points and it is hard for them to level up.

Even though Dispel, the recovering magic that can cure abnormal statuses, can be acquired at Practitioner Lv80, not many people in the world had mastered that spell likely because of the reason above. After all, it was difficult for Practitioners to deal the final strike on monsters during regular battle.

“Moreover, I can release your second job when you enter my party.”

Currently, I had set her second job as the advanced job of Trapper, Trap Artist, on top of her original Elf Bowman job. She was only level 1 now but she would probably acquire skills related to traps as her level increases.

We continued our dungeon exploration and arrived on the second floor.

On the first floor, the traps were only located in the treasure chest and near the stairs but we found four traps on the second floor. And among those four, one of it was even a pitfall.

“Would this lead to the third floor?”

A silver coin was placed on the pitfall that appeared like those floors which suddenly open below you. It was set up to fall when someone approaches to pick the silver coin up.

“It looks that way. We might not come out unscathed if we fell in unawares.”

“Yeah. I might sprain my ankle - - but I’m surprised it could dig a hole. Aren’t the dungeon walls and floor amazingly tough?”

“That’s the special ability of the Trapdoll. Rarael-san, please proceed.”


Rarael deftly removed the frame for the pitfall with a tool. Upon doing so, a white cream-like substance appeared inside the opened gap in the floor and quickly sealed it. Then, the cream color turned into earth color and looked the same as the floor around it.

The newly recovered floor was still soft to the touch.

“Amazing. The dungeon is really alive.”

I heard that the dungeon would absorb anything that is placed inside it but seeing it recover the floor like so surprised me as well.

As I was thinking, I heard the sound of metal scraping against other metal.

A Living Armor appeared. It had a similar shape to the Automata that Daijiro-san developed.

“I wonder if there would be a talisman inside it.”

A certain degree of Petite Thunder should defeat it - - and I took out my Staff of Aklapios but Rarael stopped me.

“Ichinojo-sama, there is a trap inside that Living Armor. Please attack after moving further away.”

“A trap in the armor? All right.”

The Living Armor moved slowly so we dashed away to gain distance.

“Petite Thunder.”

A single blast of Thunder Magic penetrated the Living Armor.

An explosion happened the next instant. It didn’t have significant power but we would have been hurt if we faced it at close range.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Practitioner skill: 「Recovery Magic V」has skilled up to「Recovery Magic VI」】

“Cure Circle - - a wide range low-level abnormal status recovery magic huh?”

I probably could use it if there’s a group suffering from food poisoning.

“Master, magic stone and ingot.”

“Thanks, Haru.”

I took the magic stone and ingot with my right hand and pat Haru’s head with my left hand.

The hem of her yukata was shaking. Her tail was probably wagging again.

Scolding her after I praise her would be counterproductive so I chose not to caution her this time.

“Erm, is Haurvatat-sama going to conquer this dungeon in that attire the entire time?”

Conquering a dungeon in a yukata was certainly strange.

But until now she has not been wearing any special cloth, just her everyday wear.

“Well, for this level of foes, I don’t think Haru will get injured even if the unexpected happens.”

I want Haru to have sturdy armor and shield but her combat style focuses on speed so she can’t wear anything heavy.

“Then she can only wear sturdier cloth.”

“But a sturdy cloth or a soft cloth would be the same when receiving an attack from a sword or magic.”

Furthermore, a thicker cloth would restrict movements so Haru would probably not like it.

“Then it might be better if she wears clothes made with the same method as ours. It would be troubling if it can’t at least defend against swords.”


It was not just me but that was the first time even Haru and Carol heard about it.

It sounded like the Dark-Elf clothes could defend against sword strikes.

“Yes, clothes made using the Dark-Elf secret technique can parry all blunt strikes and slashes.”

“Really? Could I touch it?”

“Yes, feel free to touch anywhere you wish.”

I wasn’t the kind of guy to go ‘If you say so then I’ll touch your breast’ so I touched around her shoulder.

It had a silky feel so it didn’t feel like it could defend against attacks.

“It isn’t heavy?”

“I don’t think it is any different from regular clothes.”


In that case, the speed-oriented Haru and less physically-inclined Carol could wear it.

Furthermore, I wear light armor too but I was otherwise defenseless so I would like to wear it too. Lately, my magic power has gone up too much and I was worried if my clothes would burn from the shockwaves.

That was perfect.

“But isn’t it the Dark Elves’ secret technique? Are you sure you can teach it to us?”

“It was a secret technique to gain any little advantage when we fight to protect the Golden Tree. From the point Ichinojo-sama allowed us to live in My World, we no longer had to keep it a secret.”

“I see. Thank you then. What do we need?”

“The raw ingredients can be harvested from My World so there’s nothing we need. I do plan to request for Pionia-sama’s help though, is that all right?”

“Sure. She has a knack for making clothes after all. If possible, I would like to have clothes that are similar to our regular wear.”

The yukata-wearing Haru and Carol were charming too but regular clothes were still better.

As we advanced further into the dungeon, we came across a room with six treasure chests.

Two of the chests were open while four were closed but I could detect enemy presence from all four of them. They were probably Mimics.

Since I can’t detect the presence of traps.


Haru released a ranged attack.

The chest shattered. The moment it shattered, something black wearing a white mask that resembled a Noh mask came out from the box. That seemed to be the real body of the Mimic.

It was still alive after the chest was destroyed and it looked at us.

Perhaps seeing their companion’s fate, the remaining three chests opened at the same time and the same white mask-wearing black beings came out.

“Disgusting. They look like slimes.”

“The treasure chest is their shell and their content is liquid - - they are said to be an evolved slime. They are just like snails. By the way, scholars have discussed why they wear masks but there is still no conclusion.”

“I don’t know any snails that can survive after their shells are destroyed.”

I retorted Carol’s explanation. A snail without a shell doesn’t become a slug.

“After leaving them alone for a few days, the surface of their body would solidify and turn into the shape of a treasure chest.”

Haru said as she readied her sword.

The trivia regarding Mimics was increasing.

So the treasure chest is something like their skin?


Carol used her magic and immediately one of the Mimic attacked the Mimic with the broken treasure chest. Her Charm magic had caused internal discord between them.

All of them were full of openings due to the unexpected attack from their ally.

“Petite Stone, Petite Fire, Petite Water, Petite Wind.”

I cast four magic elements at the Mimics and they all hit.

Three of the Mimics were down.

“Mimics are Earth and Darkness attribute so they are resistant to it. Their weaknesses are Fire and Light.”

“Then, Petite Light.”

That was overkill for the near-death Mimic and it disappeared in an instant.

“ … Ichinojo-sama is amazing. Normally there should be a cooldown time after casting a spell.”

Rarael praised me with one-third shock, one-third admiration, and one-third amazement.

“Well, although its normally impossible, I seem to be able to ignore cooldown time for magic spells. Although I can’t use the same magic continuously.”

Koshmar-sama said that it was likely due to my possession of 5 jobs.

Using magic at the same time was normally only possible when performing magic fusion using unique skills. I was first able to do so in the town of Belasra.

I made hot water using Petite Water and Petite Fire.

At that time I didn’t know that I was performing advanced magic.

“Ichinojo-sama, my Trap Artist level increased and I can detect trap locations in a wide area.”

“Ah, that’s helpful. Then are there traps around here?”

“Yes, there are some. But the majority of the traps are gathered on the floor below.

Gathered below?

“Do you know around where?”

“Directly underneath this room.”

Directly underneath - - then it’s perfect.

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