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Chapter 9: Continuing, This and That about Royal Palace

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This is a third person with a perspective other than the main character.


The first child of Lightning Princess, Gisserot Orteas was announced as stillbirth, and the Orteas Kingdom was enveloped in sorrow.

However, a new prince will be born in the following year. Moreover, although it is not as good as the mother, it has enough qualities. Overcoming sorrow and meeting expectations, she, “Lightning Princess” has become more popular.

On the other hand, the authority of King Jirque Orteas is disappearing.

There is no noticeable failure. However, there is no outstanding achievement.

Because Gisserot is lifted up, relatively the people had despised the king.

From all side of the busy king, there is only one future.

TL :八方ふさがりの王が縋るのは、ただひとつの光明…

Ten years after Prince Reinhard was abandoned in the forest.

「Your Majesty, are you calling me?」

A beautiful girl with a blond hair and blue eyes visited the king’s private room.

She was 12 years old and has an innocence face appropriate for her age, and somehow bewitching the adults.

「Oh, Marianne, you looks good. Come here, come closer.」 ( Jirque )

「Excuse me」( Marianne)

As the girl bow, she walks in a sophisticated and gentle movement.

「Don’t be so formal. This is my room. Aren’t we father and daughter?」( Jirque )

Tn :I freestyled this sentences

Jirque, who lowered his eyes slowly, has become quite old in the last decade.

When the girl- Marianne stood in a position where his hand could reach, he smiled ear to ear.

On the back of her left hand, there is a King crest.

She is the daughter of the previous queen. Hart’s older sister with a different mother.

「So, why is father calling me at night?」( Marianne )

Sitting next to the sofa where the king sits, Marianne asked.

「Yeah. It ’s about the next local visit.」( Jirque )

「This is my first public service. I will continue to fulfill my role without worrying.」 ( Marianne)

「That ’s good. If not, that guy- Raiace overtake me to take them.」( Jirque )

TL :ライアス do you guys have a suggestion with this name?

「Raiace? But that child is only nine years old. He’s important if something happen to you in the future. What’s mo-」( Marianne )

The next word from Marianne, Jirque stood up with his face bright red.

――Because He is the Prince.

「That bastard doesnt deserve to be the next king!」( Jirque )

Jirque angry shout makes Marianne step back

「The next King is you, Marianne. Not Raiace」( Jirque )

「I am a woman. There is no queen ’s precedent in the kingdom.」( Marianne)

「Then you give birth to a boy and make it the next king.」( Jirque )

「Why do you hate Raiace so much? He’s just a bit selfish, but the quality is much higher than me.」( Marianne )

Marianne’s magic level is not too low. Moreover, the current magic level of 12 years old kids, generally wandering in the middle of single digits, and Marianne is a gem approaching 15.

However, the qualities of Prince Raiace, who draws the blood of Lightning Princess, are more than that, and raising a conspicuously level.

「Be careful with the behavior of that bastard. I don’t know what he’s planning.」( Jirque )

Jirque puts his hand in the pocket and takes out the dagger.

「Take this with you. It ’s has the spirit of [Wind] sealed inside, your main attribute. It also has a function to detect the crisis and deploy defense magic.」 ( Jirque )

The dagger was distorted. The blade is greatly curved and the blade is short and thick. It seems to be difficult to use such as cutting and stabbing.

「Thank you for your consideration. But…」( Marianne )

「Do n’t say that. All of these escorts are my direct subordinate. We should be cautious with them. But the escorts of Raiace are provided by the queen Gisserot.」( Marianne )

「Oh, I see.」 Marianne drops her shoulder.

( The one your father hate the most is your stepmother, not Raiace. But,…)

Marianne recalled that her grandmother, Empress Wang, who was after the previous king, was worried.

It is said in the world that “the king is deceived by the queen’s popularity who want to take over the royal family”.

For Marianne, the queen is an admiration object.

The image of the Saviour hero “Lightning Princess” was strong, and there was no memory of she’s treated badly by the queen although there was no blood connection. Rather, Lightning Princess taught Marianne sword and magic skills as well.

If the queen wants to kill Marianne, it must have been done long ago.

The king no longer had a reliance other than his beloved daughter.

I’m going to raise Marianne as a rival of Raiace in order to stop Gisserot’s conspiracy.

However, this secret talk is counterproductive.

(If you quarrel with each other, it will cause a civil war. For the sake of the country and the people, I must have a relationship with them.)

Marianne decided to make friends with his brother Raiace on this trip with a dagger on her chest.

At the next day.

A knight who is close to the king visited Gisserot. He is the man who serves as the captain of the escort team during Marianne local visit. Of course, the visit of the knight is secret.

「Yes. The situation has not changed, and your Majesty is a“ missed ”person.」( Knight )

「It ’s good to have a sense of crisis, Far from being meaningless, I can’t respond to attacks from the front. This is why the poor man with poor fighting experience…」( Gisserot)

「Our words no longer reach the king’s ears. We are looking only at the highness of the princess, and the political festival has been neglected.」 ( Knight )

「That’s why a knight who reports to the king like you is crawling to me.」( Gisserot )

It’s more important for them to ride the winning horse in the future, even though they say in the mouth for the kingdom.

A knight who should respect loyalty betrayed the Lord by deduction.

For more than 10 years after the Demon King was subjugated, the peaceful era continued for a long time, and the center of the country had fallen.

「The prince is the first to succeed to the throne. Even if Princess Marianne grows to the maximum magic level in the future, it will not be shaken. The next kingdom belongs to you, Queen.」( Knight )

「Yeah, that’s right. Now even if we kill that little girl, there was no benefit. More than that–」( Gisserot )

Ghiszerotte got up loosely and picked up a wine glass. Swallow red liquid. The sharply changing eyes are those on the battlefield. Lightning Princess reveals her murderous intent.

「What’s disturbing is Charlotte Zenfis, who was born with a quality more than me, drawing blood from the royal family. That damn daughter must be removed as soon as possible.」 ( Gisserot )

The knight feels scared on his back and gulped.

「However, there is no obstacle to the plan. However, it is assumed that the consciousness of His Highness will be strongly directed to Raiace-sama, so if it is assumed that some caution is needed.」( Knight )

「Huh. Maybe your Majesty’s “Scared” might be an unexpected obstacle?」

Gisserot turned around and smiled like a girl.

「How about pushing the guilty to Marianne?」

Under the plan, Raiasu is invited Charlotte who close in age, where he was scheduled to pretend her accidental death. Although there is a danger to Raiace, it is strict order to protect only him.

If she care about Raiace, Marianne will come with him anyway. Then use it and blame her for the accidental death of Charlotte.

Hopefully, we can get the king to make a mistake with Margrave Zenfis, the most powerful Margrave.

The king will lose his power and give up everything.

There is still time. I need to gather brains and refine the plan in detail.

The knight asked the cheerful Gisserot with fear.

「By the way, Sir Zenfis has another child. What are we going to do with him?」( Knight)

「Oh, that’s what I said. But he’s a crap with a maximum magic level of 2? Whatsmore, he is an adopted child and it’s okay to throw it away.」( Gisserot )

It is a word reminiscent of Black History for Gisserot. She knitted her brows.

(But on the contrary, it’s rare for two people to have such an extreme crap at the same time …?)

The same as the prince once thrown into the forest. It is understandable that Zenfis who knows it adopted the ordinary people’s orphans. A man who doesn’t look good on his face and is easily tied to emotions.

(Well, even if you think about crap, you just feel sick.)

She doesn’t know why that she stopped thinking.

He is her son who once abandoned and will be the biggest obstacle for Lightning Princess.

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