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Kanta na Enquete desu (Light Novel)


A number of university students are given a simple survey in which they must watch a number of short films and rank them in order of preference. The reader takes the survey along with them with the short films being told as short stories.

137 • 2019-05-10 22:16:48


The chapter Addition Time
Aisu’s Case2019-05-10
Kozue’s Case2019-05-10
Hotaru’s Case2019-05-10
Harumi’s Case2019-05-10
Introduction to the Participants2019-05-10
After Finishing the Survey2019-05-10
File 24: How to Defeat a Powerful Enemy That Does Not Exceed Human Understanding2019-05-10
File 23: This Time the Ice Age is Real2019-05-10
File 22: The World's Most Enjoyable Lesson?2019-05-10
File 21: Let's Think Up a Romantic Language of Flowers Meaning2019-05-10
File 20: All Sorts of Offerings2019-05-10
File 19: A Unification of Standards is Urgent Business2019-05-10
File 18: Chef Koitarou's Insatiable Challenge2019-05-10
File 17: Attribute Colors for the Palette2019-05-10
File 16: Those Spoken of in Legends2019-05-10
File 15: Better Made than the Real Deal2019-05-10
File 14: Would You Like Something from the Human Face Series?2019-05-10
File 13: How About We Try Taking a Peek?2019-05-10
Midpoint and a Short Break2019-05-10
File 12: A Santa Claus Trained as a Gentleman Thief2019-05-10
File 11: A Girl Arrived as Collateral on an Unrepaid Loan2019-05-10
File 10: Destiny Takes the Form of an Arrow2019-05-10
File 09: Even Matters of Hell are Decided with Cash?2019-05-10
File 08: The Clogging Time Lodes2019-05-10
File 07: A Comfortable Casket for You2019-05-10
File 06: 385D2019-05-10
File 05: Watch Out for New Types of Scams2019-05-10
File 04: Ninja Art – Sleep Diver Technique ©2019-05-10
File 03: By Any Means Necessary2019-05-10
File 02: Please Feel Free to Consult with Us (But Use at Your Own Risk)2019-05-10
File 01: A Computer Virus That Has Been Spreading of Late2019-05-10
Before Beginning the Survey2019-05-10