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Kar98K Upon Touchdown! (Web Novel) - Chapter 337: Vibranium Black Technology!

Chapter 337: Vibranium Black Technology!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A small black dot increasing in size suddenly flew through the window!

At this moment, without having Liu Zilang to tell her, Nvliu had already known what to do.

What else was there to f*cking do… Run away!

Instantly, the two frantically ran towards the exit of the toilet.

Then… They realized that the door frame was not big enough for both of them to pass at once.

The two were mutually body-blocked at the door.


The next moment, an ear-piercing explosion could be heard!


The moment they heard the explosion, the two’s hearts started to beat. It was the same feeling as when one misses a step on a flight of stairs, the horror as they tumble down.

After so much effort surviving up till this point…

Was it really all going to end here?

At this moment, Liu Zilang was already thinking about what kind of smile he should show his stream later, how he should face his viewers and fans.

However, the next moment, he was suddenly stunned.

Despite the loud “boom” from behind his back, his health had not dropped a single bit!

What the heck?

The two looked each other in the eye, before taking a step back in unison.

Thinking back to their pitiful escape, both getting stuck at the door frame, the two could not help but feel embarrassed,

They were both civilized people, why were they so slovenly selfish when it came to that life-or-death situation… Where did all their civility and manners go?

What happened to their humanity?

“Cough cough… What’s up with that ‘nade earlier?”

Liu ZIlang changed the topic.

With that question, the two’s focus shifted back to an important point.

‘That’s right… It’s all that grenade’s fault!’

Otherwise, the two would have been such civil and caring squadmates.

The two turned around cautiously to do some research. Suddenly, their eyes both twitched, as their facial expressions stiffened.

At this point, the toilet looked completely untouched.

Even the motorcycle that was on the brink of exploding just now, weirdly, seemed to be completely undamaged.

The only thing out of the ordinary in this situation was the toilet bowl in this toilet. Thick smoke was slowly coming out of the toilet bowl…

Seeing this, the livestream viewers all started to react.

“Dafuq… It can’t be!”

“Toilet bowl ‘nade container? Are you f*cking kidding me?”

“2333… Looks like Vic and 66’s lives had been blessed by the almighty toilet bowl!”

“Blessed by the toilet bowl? Hmmm… Why does this line sound so off?”

“Can someone tell me what this toilet bowl is made of? How did it completely seal off the Frag Grenade’s blast! Please PM me the answer! URGENT!”

“This toilet bowl must be made of Vibranium, I feel like it’s not just Frag Grenades, this thing can even withstand a nuclear bomb.”

“You mean… PUBG’s toilet bowls and Captain America’s shield are made by the same manufacturer?”

“That’s some hardcore showing-off bruh! I guess it’s time to throw away that old toilet bowl in my house, gimme one of this fancy-schmancy new toilet bowl!”

In the game, after recovering from their shock, Liu Zilang and Nvliu, barely surviving from that last attack, suddenly felt a solemn sense of respect and admiration towards this toilet bowl!

However, at this point, Liu Zilang suddenly heard footsteps coming in from below them…

‘They’re storming the building!’

“Thud! Thud!”



A Frag Grenade and a Stun Grenade were tossed up from the stairway as both of them exploded at the same time!

Along with the loud buzzing noise, it also sent shockwaves down the halls!

However, luckily for Liu Zilang and Nvliu, they were both in the room, so neither of them was caught in the blast radius.

“F*ck! 0 confirmed hits; they should be in the room.”

“Charge! Charge! Charge! Let’s f*ck these morons up!”

The two storming the building were standing one in front of the other, both with their guns readied.


The moment they got to the second floor, the vanguard had started pre-fire spraying down the entire hall.

As gunfire lit up the entire hallway, countless bullets whizzed down the currently empty halls!

“No one, they must be in the room,” one of them said.

However, at this time, the sound of something dropping to the ground could be heard from downstairs.

The other player suddenly reacted as he shouted, “Someone jumped down!”

With that in mind, they instantly lowered their guard as they started pushing towards the room.

They were originally planning on clearing out the bedroom, but suddenly, they heard footsteps coming from the closed toilet.

The two instantly turned around as they charged towards the toilet.

Having the information that someone had jumped down, they just barged in this time around.

‘Hehe… Trying to pull a pincer play?

‘Let me pick of this son of a b*tch first!’

However, the moment they busted into the toilet, they found that the room was completely empty, save for the smoking motorcycle.

The other guy had also jumped out of the window.

‘What the hell… Did they all run away?’

As this thought flashed up in their heads, the figure who had just jumped out the window suddenly turned around midair, hip-firing right at the window before dropping to the ground.

Since he was dropping at such a fast speed, he barely got a few shots in before he hit the ground, most of his bullets hitting the window frame or the wall.

However, these few bullets did manage to hit that already-smoking motorcycle a couple of times!

“Tink tink tink!


Before the two who had just barged into the toilet could react, the motorcycle inside the toilet suddenly burst into a ball of flames, scorching everything around it in a fiery explosion!

The next moment, two new kill notifications appeared over on the killfeed.

“Vic123 killed FatedFriend with vehicle explosion!”

“Vic123 killed FriendlyDontFire with vehicle explosion!”

Seeing this scene, the livestream viewers all went wild!

“F*ck me… That was a bit scummy, don’t ye think?”

“No pain no gain! This mid-air turnaround was too damned epic!”

“I pity those two bros, may the heavens be free of motorcycles and Vic…”

“Saying that the heavens are free of Vic is a bit much… But to be fair, this Vic is probably not going to heaven either way.”

In the game, as the two had been shocked by their explosive death, they were also filled with regret.

When the two were storming the building, they had been listening extremely closely to all the sound cues in their surroundings. For example, the sound of a grenade’s pin being pulled, they would have clearly heard that sound.

If they had heard their opponents throwing a ‘nade, they would not have just barged straight into the toilet.

However, the key issue was, they did not hear jack!

All they heard was one person jumping down, followed by the footsteps over from the toilet. At that point in time, the only logical thing to do was to pick off one of them while they were separated. Otherwise, they would most likely end up being pincered between the two enemies.

However, they obviously did not expect to get gibbed by a bloody motorcycle!

‘F*ck this sh*t…’

At this point in time, the two of them, now turned into boxes, had what could only be described as a “no tears left to cry” kind of feeling.

‘It’s not that we were bad, it’s just that the enemies were too evil!’

After dealing with this group, Liu Zilang and Nvliu once again got back into the building. In front of the holy Vibranium toilet bowl and the flaming motorcycle, they started their looting spree.

Before they even finished looting, they could hear the sound of an airplane’s engine right above their heads.

Looking outside, they saw that as the airplane neared the shore, it suddenly dropped a small black dot.

Although their motorcycle was in a wreck, the two they had just killed must have taken a car over here. The two then started to look for the vehicle in the area,

As expected, Liu Zilang quickly found a nice orange sedan tucked right behind one of the two-story buildings.

However, upon closer inspection, he was utterly stunned.

The car seemed to have a missing tire!

Seeing the airdrop slowly descending from afar, a question popped up in his head.

‘To go, or not to go?’

‘That is the question!’

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