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Kar98K Upon Touchdown! (Web Novel) - Chapter 338: Metaphysical Driving Skills, Scary as Hell!

Chapter 338: Metaphysical Driving Skills, Scary as Hell!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Could a missing tire stop one from chasing their dreams?

The answer was obviously a big fat NO!

Liu Zilang wobbled in this car over to where Nvliu was at and hollered at her. “Sister 66, get in! I’ll take you for a ride!”

Nvliu, seeing sparks flying as he was driving over, started having flashbacks of the car flipping back in the field earlier.

Her eyes suddenly started to twitch.

She nervously asked, “This car… Is it really ok?”

“Of course it’s ok.” Liu Zilang answered confidently. “Sister 66, don’t think that this car’s acceleration is slow. When it picks up speed, you won’t even be able to stop it!”

‘Won’t be able to stop it?’

‘Are these words supposed to be comforting?’

In the end, Nvliu, for the third time, decided to believe in this “expert judgment.” She grit her teeth and hopped on.

“Front-seat passengers, please remember to fasten your seatbelts.”

Liu Zilang instantly stepped on the gas and exclaimed proudly. “It’s time to witness what true speed means!”


As the engine of the car started roaring, the car started to wobble along the road.

Once it picked up speed, the entire car started to shake as it zoomed forward.

” What the f*ck, is this an AE86? If you put a piece of tofu at the trunk, you’ll probably get some tofu pudding by the time you reach home! 1 ”

“This is the first time I’ve seen anyone who has the balls to drive a tireless car at this kind of speed. Is this streamer a bloody buffoon?”

After driving a short while towards the seashore, the enticing red smoke of the airdrop could be seen a short distance away.

“Sister 66, do you smell it?”

“Smell what?”

“The fragrance of a fresh airdrop!”


It was at this time, Liu Zilang suddenly shouted. “Wait! Seems like there are some people one step ahead of us!”

Hearing this, Nvliu could not help but widen her eyes.

In front of the airdrop, that was releasing a red smoke trail, there was a small buggy. As predicted, there were two players crouching over there happily looting the airdrop.

“Then, what do we do? Should we stop the car and get an angle on them?” Nvliu asked nervously.

“I can’t stop it!” Liu Zilang replied.

“…” Nvliu was speechless.

Near the seaside airdrop.

“Motherf*cker! You sunavab*tch, how are you so quick?” The player who only managed to loot a single Adrenaline Syringe shouted frustratedly.

His partner, now reloading his AWM, chuckled. “Fap more, the more you fap the faster you get.”


As the two were chatting, the sound of a car’s engine could suddenly be heard in the distance!

“There’s a car coming!”

“Where?! Where?!”

“There! B*tch, did you fap so much that you turned blind? What’s the point of being so fast then?”

“Err… I didn’t notice… Stop talking, attack!”

The two instantly readied their guns and started spraying down at the oncoming car!

“Clink clank!”

As bullets rained down at them, both Liu Zilang and Nvliu got hit by a body shot. The remaining bullets all landed on the car, creating a symphony of metallic clanks!

“Is the car going to explode?” Nvliu, now at half-health, asked worriedly.

Liu Zilang calmly replied. “Don’t worry, we still have our Second Combat Form!”

“Second… Combat Form?”

Before Nvliu even finished, her entire vision suddenly flicked over from the front to the side.

Turns out, from a distance away, Liu Zilang was turning the steering wheel to one side as he pulled the handbrakes, causing the car to turn to the side as it drifted all the way forward!


Instantly, the friction between the tires and the ground caused a loud screeching sound.

However, due to the one less tire, the frictional force on the car decreased quite a bit, causing the car’s drifting speed to be extremely high!

“Holy sh*t! The bastard’s planning on ramming us!”

“Make way, make way! Let me get behind the airdrop.”

“You bastard, you’re running?! F*ck… Make some space for me!”

Of course, the two’s actions were appropriate. Seeing this car driving in like a death prophet and flinging their trunk over to ram them, the two instantly caved in and decided to opt-out of this death sentence.

Otherwise, even if they managed to kill the driver, they would most likely still be squished by the car. They just got the f*cking AWM, if they die before even getting a chance to fire a single bullet, that would be too embarrassing a tale to tell!

However, at this time, a spine-chilling scene suddenly presented itself!

The little orange sedan that was drifting their way suddenly hit a small rock right in front of the airdrop, causing it to barrel roll into the air!

The next moment, the sedan flew past the airdrop with a loud “whoosh” before landing squarely on the two’s head!

The two hiding behind the airdrop heard the sound and looked up to see the black block descending upon them. Instantly, their souls were shattered!

‘Wat the flying f*ck… Is this an acrobatic act?’

With a loud “thud,” the car dropped to the ground!

Instantly, the two players who were hiding behind the airdrop were completely squashed underneath.

Double Kill!

This scene left Nvliu, who was still in the car, and the countless viewers watching the livestream completely dumbstruck…


‘A miracle?’

‘But this barrel roll was too damn accurate!’

Originally, if the car drifted on track and hit the airdrop with the remaining health, no matter how fast Liu Zilang’s reaction speed was, he might not have been able to clutch out of that situation…

However, currently, Liu Zilang had just done a barrel roll with his car and squashed two players like it was nothing.

This had completely exceeded everyone’s expectations!

“Metaphysical driving skills, scary as hell!”

“666, no matter how I look at it, I still can’t learn it! As expected of a Gongshu Driving Academy graduate.”

“Graduate? You must be joking, even if Vic’s driving skills aren’t at Headmaster Sun levels yet, he’s at least at the level worthy of becoming a guest instructor!”

“That’s right! If I remember correctly, the skill Vic just used is called the Gongshu Barrel Roll. It’s a skill that you need to at least be an instructor to master.”

“Pffft— Gongshu Barrel Roll?”

“OMG! Is this that skill that combines the spiraling airflow and the serpentine movements? The one that can make the enemies completely confused over your movement part? That ultimate driving skill?”


In the game, after getting squashed by the falling vehicle, the two’s souls were similarly crushed!

To be fair, they were playing extremely well this round, only to get crushed by a flying car out of nowhere…

That was a soul-crushing defeat.

Especially for the person who just got their hands on that elusive AWM.

He did not even have the chance to fire once!

Not a single bullet had been fired!

At that point, he had the urge to smash his head through his PC screen!

After crushing their two enemies, Liu Zilang and Nvliu jumped out of the car that was resting diagonally on the airdrop.

As Liu Zilang saw that one of the fading corpses had a dark green AWM on his back, his eyes started to sparkle.

He instantly proposed. “Sister 66, I’ll loot the left box and you loot the right one.”

“Why can’t I loot the left one?” Nvliu asked.

” Men left, women right.” 1 Liu Zilang answered simply.


Liu Zilang chuckled as he answered, quickly running over to the box with the AWM, equipping the AWM in his inventory.

However, before he even managed to reload the gun, a flurry of gunshots rang out from a distance!

“Pew pew pew!”

Instantly, as bullets flew straight at them, bloody mist spurted out of Liu Zilang’s body.

His health instantly dropped to one!

“F*ck me… What the sh*t!” He frantically hid between the now-wrecked car and airdrop.

“Clink clink clank clank clink!”

Instantly, metallic clanking could be heard from the other side of the car as black smoke started leaking out of the hood. It looked like it was about to blow.

At that time, Nvliu was so scared that she rapidly ran off to hide.

However, on the other hand, Liu Zilang, who was behind the car, did not even move an inch.

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