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King of Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1403 - Return

Chapter 1403: Return

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

The Rediron Mountains extended for tens of millions of li. The scorching heat emitted by these mountains made it so that anyone weaker than a True God did not dare to venture inside.

At this moment, a very long convoy was rapidly proceeding through these scarlet mountains. Leading this convoy was a gray-haired elder with red skin. His large body was covered in frightening wounds, and his deep eyes appeared rather dim.


A gorgeous woman with a buxom figure immediately flew up to the old man. This woman was none other than the one who had accompanied Ancient God Sundermount to the Antian Zone to find Zhao Feng, Ancient God Stillmoon.

“Grand Elder, are you okay?!” Ancient God Stillmoon asked in concern.

Previously in order to fend off an assault from Ancient Soul Hall, the Grand Elder had used a forbidden art, consuming his Origin to stop two God Lords.

“It’s no big deal,” the Grand Elder looked ahead as he flatly said.

“Our Giant God Hall has suffered grievous casualties. Not even one hundred of us have survived!” Ancient God Stillmoon’s face was tinged with sorrow.

“The sacrifices are worth it. Once Xin Wuheng comes back with the other members of our race, my Giant God Race is certain to rise again!” The Grand Elder’s eyes suddenly became incredibly determined.

The Giant God Race had only lasted until this day because the Ancient God Seal existed. Once the Ancestral Legacy Treasury was opened, the Giant God Race would rapidly ascend once more.

Each member of the Giant God Hall firmly believed that, once Xin Wuheng emerged from the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, he would lead the Giant God Race in its revival. The Grand Elder was no exception.

At this moment:

“Haha, the Giant God Race still wishes to rise again?” A soft chuckle came from the dark red horizon.

“Oh no!” The Grand Elder’s expression froze, and his body trembled.

“Who’s there?” Ancient God Stillmoon’s face chilled as she stared up ahead.

Startled, the other members of the Giant God Hall convoy immediately prepared for battle.


Thirty figures emerged from the churning red mist.

Although there were only thirty of them, ten of them were Ancient Gods while the other twenty were outstanding True Gods.

“It seems like you’ve become unacceptably weak. You actually didn’t sense me beforehand?” Their leader was a slender man with fair skin, his aura cold and sinister while his voice was suffused with evil.


The world instantly turned dark, brimming with cold and wicked energy. Some of the members of Giant God Hall with heavier injuries or weaker cultivations curled up on the ground and began to quiver.

“God Lord Evil Spirit!” The Grand Elder turned grim as he stared at the slender and wicked man. At the same time, he began to exude God Lord power so as to oppose the invisible energy being emitted by God Lord Evil Spirit.

“Grand Elder, your injuries!” Ancient God Stillmoon couldn’t help but look at the Grand Elder.

Normally, the Grand Elder would be far stronger than Ancient Soul Hall’s God Lord Evil Spirit, but not even the Grand Elder had noticed the approach of God Lord Evil Spirit just now. This being the case, it was clear that the Grand Elder’s injuries were extremely severe.

“What did you mean just now?” The Grand Elder grimly stared at God Lord Evil Spirit.

“I’ll just tell you that my Ancient Soul Hall made preparations long ago and has already sent people into the Ancestral Legacy Treasury. At this point, Xin Wuheng and his team have probably all been killed,” God Lord Evil Spirit straightforwardly said, no longer trying to hide anything.

“What? That’s impossible!” the Grand Elder furiously bellowed in disbelief.

The other members of the Giant God Hall also did not believe this and expressed their doubts.

“Haha, how ignorant. If Ancient Soul Hall’s God Lords weren’t occupied with dealing with Xin Wuheng’s team, would all of you have survived until now?” God Lord Evil Spirit’s laugh was rather shrill and made one’s hair stand on end.

Suddenly, a sinister and heavy energy engulfed the hearts of all the Giant God Hall members. It was true; if Ancient Soul Hall had sent two God Lords in pursuit, Giant God Hall would have long ago been exterminated.


The Grand Elder immediately vomited blood, despair appearing on his face.

“Old fellow, I’ll send you on your way!” With a roar, God Lord Evil Spirit struck out with his palm.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three skeletal evil spirits wearing black robes lunged at the Grand Elder. The evil spirits moved with incredible speed and were cloaked in evil Soul energy, and they immediately descended on the Grand Elder.

 Boom! Bang!

The first evil spirit plunged into the Grand Elder’s soul, the impact sending him flying several li. The second and third evil spirit followed.

“Grand Elder!” Ancient God Stillmoon yelled as she rushed forward.

As expected, their Grand Elder was severely wounded. A random attack from God Lord Evil Spirit was enough to defeat him.

The other Giant God Hall members turned ghastly pale, but they were too weak and had little ability to affect God Lord Evil Spirit’s attack.

The second and third evil spirits were just about to enter the Grand Elder’s soul, but suddenly, a massive ripple of Divine Power erupted from the back of the Giant God Hall convoy.

“Hmph, who said I was dead!?” a heaven-shaking voice bellowed, causing the heavens and earth to buzz.

“Xin Wuheng?” God Lord Evil Spirit’s eyes focused as his face turned grim.  How could this be? How is Xin Wuheng still alive?

“Wuheng?” When the Grand Elder heard that extremely familiar voice, his eyes erupted with dazzling light.

But God Lord Evil Spirit’s attacks were on the verge of reaching him. In his feeble state, the Grand Elder was incapable of dodging.


Ripples appeared in the air, and then a dreamy silver figure appeared in front of the Grand Elder.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

Layer after layer of Spacetime Barriers emerged from the Spacetime Robe, weakening and hindering the two evil spirits. Zhao Feng then extended a hand, firing off dark silver Chaos Origin Divine Power.

 Booom! Whoosh!

The Chaos Origin Divine Power struck the two evil spirits and immediately began to devour them. The two spirits were able to hold for only a few moments before they both vanished.

“Zhao Feng?” The Grand Elder slowly came back to his senses and confirmed that the youth in front of him was Zhao Feng. But hadn’t Zhao Feng only been a Rank Eight Ancient God before? Yet he could now stop the attack of a God Lord?


At this moment, Xin Wuheng’s figure flashed across the sky as he charged at God Lord Evil Spirit. Even before he landed, he had concentrated dazzling white energy on his finger and thrust it forward.

God Lord Evil Spirit grimaced as he waved both his hands, creating two shadowy vortices of Divine Power.


Xin Wuheng’s bolt of finger energy struck one of the shadowy Divine Power vortices. After wrangling with it for a few moments, the bolt of energy shattered into pieces.

“You actually managed to survive?” God Lord Evil Spirit had a confused expression as he asked.

Ancient Soul Hall had sent three half-step God Lords into the Ancestral Legacy Treasury to kill Xin Wuheng and seize the Ancient God Seal, but Xin Wuheng had actually survived and was now before him.

“Let me tell you something - all the people Ancient Soul Hall sent into the Ancestral Legacy Treasury are dead!” Xin Wuheng coldly said.

“That’s impossible!” God Lord Evil Spirit immediately shot back in shock.

At this moment, the other members of Ancient Soul Hall instinctively backed up.

“Nothing is impossible!” Xin Wuheng growled, and then he began to circulate Divine Power and Law energy and fired off several bolts of finger energy.


One massive bolt of energy tore through the gloomy skies to attack God Lord Evil Spirit.

“Half-step God Lord… the power of a Law!” God Lord Evil Spirit’s expression darkened.

Based on the intelligence reports, Xin Wuheng was only a Rank Nine Ancient God, but now, he was clearly a half-step God Lord. If he didn’t know of Xin Wuheng’s true identity, God Lord Evil Spirit would have never believed this to be true.

“Even if your cultivation in your last life far surpassed mine, you’re only a half-step God Lord right now! And you want to battle with a God Lord?” God Lord Evil Spirit’s expression turned savage and sinister.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One skeletal spirit after another emerged from God Lord Evil Spirit’s body, an army of one thousand.

“Bone-Devouring Ghost Claw!” God Lord Evil Spirit roared.

The countless evil spirits extended the claws from their hands and assumed the form of a sinister ghost claw that slashed down.

 Boom! Bang! Crash!

One dazzling white bolt of energy after another was torn apart by this ghost claw.

“I don’t care how you survived, but since you’ve run into me, I’ll have you die here!” God Lord Evil Spirit sinisterly smiled.

Suddenly, a spatial ripple appeared behind him.

 Buzz! Bzzz!

Zhao Feng extended a palm and sent out a constant stream of dark silver Chaos Origin Divine Power. A moment later, this Chaos Origin Divine Power had condensed into a massive sword.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword, slash!” Zhao Feng swung his right hand down.


The dark silver Chaos Origin Divine Sword slashed down at God Lord Evil Spirit. The sword twisted space as it slashed down, devouring all the energy in its path.

The Chaos Origin Divine Sword was a powerful combat skill belonging to the fourth level of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique.

“A mere Rank Nine Ancient God dares to… wait…” A look of disdain had appeared on God Lord Evil Spirit’s face.

To a God Lord, a Rank Nine Ancient God was an ant-like existence, hardly worth mentioning. But when he was preparing to dodge, he realized that a high-level Time energy had engulfed him. And he even sensed a sliver of a Time Law in this energy.


Zhao Feng’s sword swept down, leaving a deep wound on God Lord Evil Spirit’s body. God Lord Evil Spirit also sensed that many kinds of energy in his body had been devoured by the Chaos Origin Divine Sword. In the process, several dozen evil spirits had also been destroyed.

“Kid, you’re seeking death!” God Lord Evil Spirit’s expression turned cold and sinister to the extreme.

He would have been able to explain away an injury inflicted by Xin Wuheng, but because of his momentary carelessness, he had been injured by a mere Rank Nine Ancient God.

“Die!” God Lord Evil Spirit shrieked.

Suddenly a powerful energy began to gather, causing the world to churn and roil, and then several hundred black-robed skeletons charged at Zhao Feng.

No God Lord would have low-level Space Intent. The attacks of God Lords were all essentially capable of disrupting the surrounding world and preventing anyone from using Instant Movement.


Zhao Feng activated the Spacetime Robe. A light appeared around his body, and then he drew a dazzling arc through the sky.

“This kid is that fast?” God Lord Evil Spirit was taken aback.

Logically speaking, any casual attack of his was capable of slaying a Rank Nine Ancient God. However, Zhao Feng himself was incredibly fast, and he had Time energy to boost his speed even further. Thus, he could even dodge a God Lord’s attack.

Meanwhile, Xin Wuheng activated his Giant God Race bloodline and launched a full-out offensive against God Lord Evil Spirit.

“Five Elements Law-Shattering Palm!” Xin Wuheng fired off a massive palm created from five vortices of energy. Wherever it went, it drove away the sinister and gloomy fog and exterminated the evil spirits.

“I can’t fight in close combat with Xin Wuheng…” God Lord Evil Spirit’s expression darkened.

Although Xin Wuheng was only a half-step God Lord, he could use Law energy. This, combined with his high level of understanding, allowed him to contend against a God Lord.

“Spacetime Barrier!” Zhao Feng saw that God Lord Evil Spirit was preparing to flee and activated his Spacetime Robe, unleashed countless white barriers.

Under the influence of Spacetime energy, God Lord Evil Spirit immediately felt his speed being restricted.

“Why does this kid’s Time Intent also contain a Time Law?” God Lord Evil Spirit once more stared at Zhao Feng, unable to understand his abilities.

Laws were the tools of God Lord. If he wasn’t a reincarnation, how could a mere Rank Nine Ancient God be able to use a Law?

God Lord Evil Spirit could never have imagined that Zhao Feng possessed an Ancestral Artifact fragment. Even if Zhao Feng didn’t directly use it, he could still infuse his Time Intent with a sliver of a Time Law.

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