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King of Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1404 - Working Together to Push the Enemy Back

Chapter 1404: Working Together to Push the Enemy Back

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Ordinary Rank Nine Ancient Gods did not dare to recklessly take part in a battle between God Lords. The members of Giant God Hall and Ancient Soul Hall were only watching from the sides.

“Lord Wuheng!” The eyes of the Giant God Hall members were shining. The return of Xin Wuheng had unquestionably inspired hope in their minds that they would be led out of the darkness.

“To think that Wuheng would mature to this level!” The Grand Elder was rather excited as he stared at Xin Wuheng.

Xin Wuheng was only a half-step God Lord at this time, but he had the strength to contend against a First Heaven God Lord. One had to realize that Xin Wuheng was only a Rank Nine Ancient God when he entered the Ancestral Legacy Treasury.

In addition, Zhao Feng’s growth was even more inconceivable. He had risen from Rank Eight to Rank Nine and was even able to participate in a God Lord battle.

“Ancient God Resplendence, just what did you experience in the Ancestral Legacy Treasury?” the Grand Elder couldn’t help but ask.

It wasn’t just Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng who had experienced massive progress. Ancient God Resplendence had risen to become a Rank Nine Ancient God and was seemingly much stronger than an average Rank Nine Ancient God.

“Elder, you should rest first. We’ll talk about these matters later.” Ancient God Resplendence immediately took out some resources that could heal the divine body and soul.

“Soul-Nourishing Grass, Celestial Blood Glass Fruit…!” The Grand Elder was shaken by what he saw.

The resources Ancient God Resplendence had taken out were not just extremely rare, but also extremely old, making them even more effective. It was apparent that Xin Wuheng’s team had come away from the Ancestral Legacy Treasury with an unusual harvest. The Giant God Race truly did have a hope of rising again.


The distant horizon quaked with the explosions from the battle.

“Damn! What a powerful Time energy!” Within the Spacetime Barrier, God Lord Evil Spirit moved extremely slowly.

Zhao Feng’s Space Intent had reached Level Eight, but it had little effect on God Lord Evil Spirit. The crucial part was the Time Intent; although it was only at the peak of Level Seven, the effects were astounding. Moreover, Zhao Feng had the spacetime-type supreme-quality divine artifact, the Spacetime Robe, and also the invisible boost from the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng swung down his right hand once more, sending the broad silver sword hacking down at God Lord Evil Spirit’s body.

At this moment, God Lord Evil Spirit felt like some of the energy in his body had inexplicably been drained away.

“This kid’s Divine Power is incredibly powerful, on par with a half-step God Lord’s! And there’s something strange about it!” God Lord Evil Spirit’s eyes dimmed.

At this moment, a ripple of power that could shake the world appeared behind God Lord Evil Spirit. Five streams of chaotic light had appeared in front of Xin Wuheng, each of them containing the unfathomable energy of a Law, causing the heavens and earth to pale and the sun and moon to reverse.

“Not good! This Xin Wuheng…!” God Lord Evil Spirit’s face contorted in surprise at what he sensed.

God Lord Evil Spirit cared far more about Xin Wuheng over any unusual traits Zhao Feng was showing.

 The situation isn’t good. Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng working together is enough to deal with a typical God Lord. If the Giant God Race’s Grand Elder recovers and joins the battle…  It took only a little thought from God Lord Evil Spirit for him to realize that the situation was incredibly against him.

He was fearless when fighting against Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng, but the Giant God Race’s Grand Elder was an outstanding First Heaven God Lord. As long as he recuperated a portion of his strength, he could join the other two and dominate the battlefield.

As for Ancient Soul Hall, there wasn’t even a half-step God Lord on his side to assist him.

“Retreat!” After weighing the pros and cons, God Lord Evil Spirit made his decision.

 Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The other experts of Ancient Soul Hall began to flee.

“Want to leave?” Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng immediately realized what God Lord Evil Spirit was up to.

This person was more cautious than most. When he saw that the battle was going poorly, he immediately chose to retreat. Another God Lord might have found it shameful to retreat and would chose to keep fighting, but this would only lead to an even more wretched defeat.

“Go!” Xin Wuheng sent forth the five streams of light.

The five streams of light were infused with Law energy, and they began to absorb the surrounding worldly energy to strengthen themselves.


The five streams of light howled toward God Lord Evil Spirit, unleashing immense pressure.

“This attack isn’t simple!” God Lord Evil Spirit’s eyes dimmed.

The necklace of white bones around his neck began to flash, releasing layers of white bones that protected him.


The five streams of light wreaked havoc on the area around God Lord Evil Spirit.

“Xin Wuheng has gotten even stronger.” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but gasp in wonder.

Xin Wuheng now had seventy to eighty percent of the power of a First Heaven God Lord. It probably wouldn’t be long before Xin Wuheng entered the ranks of the God Lords.

 Boom! Swish!

God Lord Evil Spirit, wrapped in his cage of bones, flew out of the five-colored storm and began to flee into the distance.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword, double slash!” Zhao Feng’s other hand also formed a massive sword.

 Swoosh swoosh!

Two Chaos Origin Divine Swords slashed down, shattering the already-crumbling cage of bones and leaving two wounds on God Lord Evil Spirit’s body.

“I, God Lord Evil Spirit, will definitely return today’s disgrace ten times over!” With these final words, God Lord Evil Spirit vanished into the distance.

“Now is the time for Giant God Hall’s counterattack - for you to repay your debts,” Xin Wuheng stared at the distant God Lord Evil Spirit and flatly said.

Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng, by working together, had forced back a God Lord of Ancient Soul Hall. This sight was an enormous shock to the Giant God Hall members.

In reality, however, God Lord Evil Spirit had chosen to retreat because he feared the Grand Elder.

With the crisis averted, Xin Wuheng led the Giant God Hall members elsewhere. The current Giant God Hall needed to rest and then slowly develop and expand.

One month later, the Giant God Hall members arrived at a dangerous place. With the world-changing powers of a God Lord, they were able to carve out a new place for themselves here.

One day, within a secret hall inside the new domain of the Giant God Hall, Xin Wuheng seated himself.

“Brother Zhao, you played no small part in helping us return alive this time!” Xin Wuheng was the first to speak.

This time, none of the upper echelons present had any objections to Zhao Feng. They even smiled at him and showed him respect. Even the Grand Elder had undergone a complete reversal and was now extremely friendly.

Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng had earlier worked together to push back God Lord Evil Spirit. From this one, could see that Zhao Feng’s future achievements might even reach the level of Xin Wuheng’s past life.

Giant God Hall stood only to benefit from forming a relationship with such a genius.

Xin Wuheng began to narrate what had occurred in the Ancestral Legacy Treasury. He gave a rough summary, but he mentioned nothing about Yu Heng. Yu Heng was a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race; if the Giant God Race found out that Ancient Soul Hall had dealings with the Heaven’s Legacy Race, it would suffer a heavy blow to its morale.

“Friend Zhao, our deepest gratitude for helping my Giant God Race so much!” Several of the Giant God Race members present thanked him.

What came next was planning for the future of the Giant God Race. Xin Wuheng’s team had come away with an extremely rich harvest. If used well, the Giant God Race truly could rise again in a short time.

Zhao Feng had little interest in this, so he decided to leave early.

After leaving the hall, Zhao Feng went to find Kun Yun and Nan Gongsheng.

Before the battle, he had given a few trump cards to Nan Gongsheng and Kun Yun, allowing them to easily survive. Moreover, after being honed by this battle, the two of them had experienced massive leaps in strength.

“It wasn’t too long ago that we last saw each other, but you’ve already managed to reach such a level…” Kun Yun was as envious as one could possibly be.

“I was able to survive thanks to you. My utmost gratitude!” Nan Gongsheng had much less to say.

He still regarded Zhao Feng as his rival, but Zhao Feng was so strong now that it was hard for him to catch up.

After spending a few days at the Giant God Hall’s new base, Zhao Feng bid his farewell.

He had not returned to the Spiritual Race once since he had furtively taken his leave the last time. Much time had passed, and he was wondering how Zhao Yufei was doing.

“Brother Zhao, my utmost gratitude for all you’ve done!” Xin Wuheng gratefully said.

The Grand Elder also came to send Zhao Feng off. When Zhao Feng had first come, he had vigorously objected to his presence. To his surprise, however, Zhao Feng had really done as Xin Wuheng said and was of enormous help to the Giant God Race.

The Grand Elder even gifted Zhao Feng a small-scale flying tool before he left. The journey from the Chixing Zone to the Spiritual Race was long and boring, so it would be much better to have a flying tool.


A simple flying tool flew through the air as Zhao Feng set off on his journey back to the Spiritual Race.

The moment he entered the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng noticed something strange.

“Master, I’ve broken into Rank Nine!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon gleefully said.

Moreover, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had only consumed half of the resources Zhao Feng had given it. It still had enormous amounts of room to improve.

In addition, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was no longer a serpent dragon, but a true dragon.

While in the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, Zhao Feng had accidentally come upon a True Dragon Horn, a treasure that could further the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s evolution, so he had Twilight Valley assist him in obtaining it. With the help of the reverse scale before, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had gotten nearly halfway to the true dragon form, and after extracting the pure Dragon Yuan of the True Dragon Horn, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had finally completed its evolution.

After becoming a true dragon, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s talent and potential were further improved.

Zhao Feng went to see how the others were doing. Zhao Wang had reached peak Rank Eight, Zhao Wan had become a Rank Nine, and the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch had become a half-step God Lord.

Zhao Feng did not display any satisfaction at this. After giving a few words of advice, he started on his own cultivation.

Firstly, Zhao Feng planned to form his fourth clone. He had earlier obtained from the God Eye ruins a pair of Spacetime Eyes close to the Quasi God Eye level. If his fourth clone could control this pair of eyes, it would undoubtedly be of great assistance to him.

Less than one month later, Zhao Feng succeeded in splitting his soul, and the Soul Intent of his fourth clone was at Rank Nine.

With regards to the fourth clone’s body, Zhao Feng had made preparations long ago; while reviving the Tree of Time, Zhao Feng had taken one of its branches.

Zhao Feng began to use God Eye Duplication on this branch until he had enough to create a decent divine body.

While duplicating, Zhao Feng split off part of his mind to cultivate the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

The Chaos Origin Divine Sword was a powerful combat skill of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique’s fourth level. Zhao Feng previously only had a basic grasp over it and wasn’t able to fully control it.

The Chaos Origin Divine Sword was not merely a little bit stronger than the Chaos Origin Divine Fist. Moreover, he had a more natural control over the Chaos Origin Divine Sword and could also use it for both close combat and long-distance battles.

While cultivating the Chaos Origin Divine Sword, Zhao Feng also began to slowly improve his various Intents.

In less than half a year, Zhao Feng had complete control over the Chaos Origin Divine Sword. The improvements to his Intents had also strengthened this skill’s power.

“Chaos Origin Divine Power is so powerful. If I could use it in an eye-bloodline technique…”

Once he had this idea, Zhao Feng began to experiment. If he could fuse his powerful Chaos Origin Divine Power into his eye-bloodline techniques, he would definitely create an utterly astounding power.

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