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King of Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1405 - Change

Chapter 1405: Change

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“Chaos Origin Divine Power is so powerful. If I could use it in an eye-bloodline technique…”

Once he had this idea, Zhao Feng began to experiment. If he could fuse his powerful Chaos Origin Divine Power into his eye-bloodline techniques, he would definitely create an utterly astounding power.

“Right now, my strongest Chaos Origin combat skill is the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.”

To make his technique as strong as it could be, Zhao Feng planned to start with the Chaos Origin Divine Sword, fusing it into an existing eye-bloodline technique or creating a brand-new one.

One year later, Zhao Feng’s flying ship left the Chixing Zone and entered the Antian Zone.

Within the Spacetime Robe, a handsome and mysterious youth stood in front of Zhao Feng, exuding a dim glow that affected the world around him.

This was the new divine body that Zhao Feng had created just now from the branches of the Tree of Time. This divine body was similar to the Time Bodies of the Light Race, but it probably had only twenty to thirty percent of the original’s effects.

And inside this divine body was the soul of Zhao Feng’s fourth clone, Zhao Kong. It had already completely finished fusing with the nearly Quasi God Eye level Eyes of Spacetime.

“Cultivate on your own,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

Zhao Kong’s Soul Intent had reached Rank Nine, but his divine body was only at Rank Eight. However, given the potential of this divine body, it wouldn’t be long before it caught up. When the time came, Zhao Kong would probably be the strongest of Zhao Feng’s clones.

Zhao Feng had also done other things in this long period of time besides making the body for his clone. He had spent the majority of his time cultivating and creating a new eye-bloodline technique.

On this day, Zhao Feng chose the leave the Spacetime Robe and the flying ship.

His left eye suddenly began to pulse with Eye Intent. The Chaos Origin Divine Power in Zhao Feng’s left eye quickly took the form of a miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword.


This small Chaos Origin Divine Sword shot out with incredible speed, immediately traveling two to three hundred thousand li.


The Chaos Origin Divine Sword madly devoured all the energy in its path, increasing its power, and what it couldn’t devour, it destroyed.

“Not bad!” Zhao Feng nodded.

He could now use his Chaos Origin Divine Sword as an eye-bloodline technique, and this skill seemed both stronger and faster when used this way.

However, the ordinary Chaos Origin Divine Sword was a persistent attack that could inflict long-term damage. The eye-bloodline technique Chaos Origin Divine Sword was one-time-use, so it did not have as obvious of a role.

But Zhao Feng had only recently developed this eye-bloodline technique, so it still had an immense amount of room to improve. He could either try to increase the damage of the Chaos Origin Divine Sword eye-bloodline technique or try and see if he could make the eye-bloodline technique deal persistent damage.

“Let’s work in the first direction first and increase the eye-bloodline technique’s power.” After some thought, Zhao Feng entered the Spacetime Robe and continued to develop the new eye-bloodline technique.

In the outside world, another year passed.

On this day, Zhao Feng’s flying ship entered the territory of the Ziling Zone’s Spiritual Race faction.

“I’m finally back! I wonder how Yufei is doing right now.” Within the flying ship, Zhao Feng smiled.

He had left without saying goodbye and was gone for so long that Zhao Yufei was undoubtedly furious.

But when Zhao Feng’s flying ship was flying through a four-and-a-half-star faction…

In a group of palaces down below, two Ancient God Divine Senses swept out. However, because of the flying ship, they could not sense Zhao Feng’s condition.

Within a simple hall, a red-skinned middle-aged man was seated across from a violet-robed woman. The man was a Rank Seven Ancient God while the woman was even stronger, a peak Rank Seven. Moreover, she had a well-rounded figure and a gorgeous appearance.

“This flying ship has a speed equivalent to a peak Rank Seven, meaning that the person within is also at least a peak Rank Seven. However, they should just be passing through,” the violet-robed woman said.

“Peak Rank Seven…” The red-skinned man’s expression dimmed as he fell silent.

Suddenly, however, the flying ship turned around.


The simple dark yellow flying ship flew back to the complex of palaces and stopped.

“It came back?” The woman and man both immediately stood up and left the hall.

“We presumptuously used our Divine Senses to observe Good Sir just now, but we meant no harm,” the red-skinned man said.

After all, this person was highly likely to be a peak Rank Seven Ancient God or higher. It truly had been rather rude for them to use Divine Sense to inspect him.


Zhao Feng revealed himself. A powerful Ancient God aura spread outward, causing the souls of all people below the Ancient God level in the vicinity to tremble in fear, their bodies frozen.

Of course, this was while Zhao Feng was concealing part of his energy and not displaying his full might.

“Zhao Feng!?” The two Ancient Gods were taken aback and stared fearfully at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed, but he said nothing. He was extremely well-known in the Ziling Zone; for these people to recognize him wasn’t strange, but for them to fear him was rather abnormal.

Zhao Feng had noticed this place and returned to it because this was the first faction he had visited when he came to the Ziling Zone: Universal Salvation Hall. And it was precisely through Universal Salvation Hall that Zhao Feng had gotten in touch with the Life Origin Sect and eventually entered the Spiritual Race.

According to what Zhao Feng knew, Universal Salvation Hall was a faction of the Medicine Dao, but when passing through, he realized that the place was immersed in a somber atmosphere, and many of its members were seething with killing intent.

“It’s Zhao Feng! Several years ago, in the gambling match between the two races, he defeated an Ancient God genius of the Blazing Gold Race. He’s probably gotten even stronger now. What do we do?” the red-skinned man messaged the violet-robed woman.

The violet-robed woman stared at Zhao Feng, her expression grim. Even with her peak Rank Seven cultivation, she could not see Zhao Feng’s true level of power.

Zhao Feng was previously a Rank Seven Ancient God, and only a few years had passed since then. No matter how strong he was, he shouldn’t have reached Rank Eight. If they gathered up the strength of all their members, they had a chance of fighting against him.

However, the woman could not see Zhao Feng’s cultivation, which inexplicably made her uneasy. Thus, she decided it was best to not recklessly move against him.

“Zhao Feng has just returned to the Ziling Zone, so he might not know the situation. Let’s hide it from him and try to keep him here while we report to our superiors so that he can be captured!” The violet-robed woman thought of a more reliable plan.

“Okay! If we capture him, we’ll be greatly rewarded!” The red-skinned man began to get excited.

After making up their minds, they immediately messaged all the others so that they would work together to prevent Zhao Feng from getting suspicious.

“You must be Zhao Feng, the number one pride of the Ziling Zone who directly attained Rank Six and broke into Rank Seven after only a few years. This Cheng has always wanted to meet the genius Zhao. Please do not take offense from just now to heart!” The red-skinned man gave a genial smile.

“Young Master, you must be coming back from a journey. Why not stay here and rest a little, giving us a chance to get to know you.” The violet-robed woman adopted a charming posture and spoke in an alluring tone that could melt people’s hearts.

“I truly am rather tired after my long journey. I will have to trouble you two.” Zhao Feng had been carefully examining the two of them this entire time, and he now put away the flying ship.

He felt that there was a big problem with the two of them. Since they wanted him to stay, he would just stay and see what tricks they were trying to play.

The man and woman were both taken aback, not expecting for Zhao Feng to so easily agree.

The red-skinned man looked at Zhao Feng and noticed he was staring at the woman. Smiling, he couldn’t help but message, “It looks to me like this kid is interested in you.”

Although the violet-robed woman was actually rather old, as a cultivator, she had an appearance no different from a young maiden’s. The combination of her charming body with her air of maturity was also something rarely seen in a young maiden.

“Universal Salvation Hall is fortunate to care for Young Master Zhao! Truly, this is a great blessing!” The woman gave a charming smile and invited Zhao Feng inside.

Zhao Feng was arranged to stay inside a palace that was abundant with spiritual energy and fragrant aromas.

Zhao Feng couldn’t be bothered to care. Cultivating this entire journey truly had been getting rather boring, so he really did just take a leisurely stroll around the place to relax.

After resting for two days, Zhao Feng suddenly had an idea about his eye-bloodline technique.

“Chaos Origin Divine Power is extremely tolerant. If I can fuse my Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame into it, not only can I increase its power, I can make it into an instant eye-bloodline technique that would be almost impossible to dodge!”

When he thought about this, Zhao Feng began to try and combine the two eye-bloodline techniques.

However, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword and Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame were both rather powerful techniques. Perfectly fusing them together was not a one or two-day affair.

But after only five days, an abnormally powerful energy, ancient and scorching, descended on Universal Salvation Hall.

 Swoosh! Swoosh!

The violet-robed woman and red-skinned man immediately rushed out.

“Paying respects to Ancient God Golden Wheel! Zhao Feng is within Universal Salvation Hall!” the two of them respectfully said to Ancient God Golden Wheel, who had a glass-like body covered in golden tattoos.

“Now that Ancient God Golden Wheel has personally come, that kid is finished!” the red-skinned man fawningly said.

Ancient God Golden Wheel was an outstanding Rank Eight Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race bloodline. It was rumored that he had once battled with a peak Rank Eight Ancient God for three days and had eventually succeeded in killing them.

“Haha, Zhao Feng, get out here!” Ancient God Golden Wheel looked at the palace where Zhao Feng was staying and heartily laughed.

Ancient God Golden Wheel hadn’t expected for his luck to be so good. The faction he had occupied was closest to Universal Salvation Hall, so he was the first to arrive after hearing the news.


A dark red and scorching sound wave swept through the world. A normal Rank Eight Ancient God in cultivation who was so suddenly interrupted like this would be heavily injured or might even go insane.

“Was this the trick they were playing?” Zhao Feng opened his eyes, his expression cold.


With a flash, Zhao Feng appeared in the sky.

At this time, the two Ancient Gods of Universal Salvation Hall flanked Ancient God Golden Wheel while all the other experts of Universal Salvation Hall had joined together into some sort of strange array.

“Zhao Feng, it really is you! Obediently accept your death!” Upon seeing Zhao Feng, Ancient God Golden Wheel became extremely agitated and immediately swung out with a palm.


A scorching wheel of golden flames spewing out waves of heat shot toward Zhao Feng in a dazzling streak of gold and red light.

“So strong! Is this the power of the Blazing Gold Race?” The red-skinned man was stunned. If it were him, he would have been instantly killed by this attack.

“Ancient God Golden Wheel has gotten even stronger. Even a peak Rank Eight Ancient God wouldn’t dare to take this attack lightly!” The violet-robed woman sensed the powerful ancient aura coming from Ancient God Golden Wheel’s body and couldn’t help but tremble.

But a moment later, the two of them were left dumbstruck. As the blazing golden wheel got closer to Zhao Feng, it suddenly slowed to a crawl, finding even advancing a single inch to be an arduous task. The flame wheel was still slowly rolling, but it felt like it would never approach Zhao Feng.

“You want to take this Zhao’s head with such little ability?” Zhao Feng scanned the three Ancient Gods, a faint smile on his lips.

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