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King of Gods (Web Novel) - Chapter 1406 - The God Martial Race

Chapter 1406: The God Martial Race

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“You want to take this Zhao’s head with such little ability?” Zhao Feng scanned the three Ancient Gods, a faint smile on his lips.


The blazing golden wheel in front of him slowly turned, but it seemed like it would never reach him. This sight caused the hearts of the three Ancient Gods to thump in shock.

“Time Intent!?” The three Ancient Gods naturally sensed this energy. But just what level had Zhao Feng’s Time Intent reached that it could stop Ancient God Golden Wheel’s attack?

“This is impossible! How did you…?” Ancient God Golden Wheel’s body trembled as he stared in disbelief at Zhao Feng.

The Blazing Gold Race’s intelligence reports said that Zhao Feng was still a Rank Seven Ancient God. But could a Rank Seven Ancient God so easily neutralize a Rank Eight Ancient God’s supreme technique? Not even ten years had passed, but Zhao Feng had already grown to this level?

“You’re probably the only one, right?” Zhao Feng scanned the surrounding area and saw that there was no one else. This Ancient God Golden Wheel had definitely planned to take all the glory for himself and had come as quickly as possible.


Zhao Feng punched, instantly pulverizing the flame wheel. The Chaos Origin on his fist even devoured some of the energy before returning to Zhao Feng’s body.

“Run!” Upon seeing this, Ancient God Golden Wheel immediately began to flee.

 Boom! Thwish!

A blazing golden light erupted from Ancient God Golden Wheel’s body. By burning his Divine Power, he was able to use a secret art to increase his speed as he fled into the distance.

The strength Zhao Feng had displayed just now meant that even the three of them working together had no chance at victory.

The red-skinned man and the violet-robed woman used Instant Movement to flee in two other directions.

The three of them had chosen to flee in different directions. At this time, they were all betting that Zhao Feng would chase after someone else, allowing the others to survive.

“Think you can escape?” Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly surged with powerful eye-bloodline energy.

 Thwish! Thwish!

In a flash, two Chaos Origin Divine Swords as thick as arms shot toward the red-skinned man and violet-robed woman.

A moment later, the two Chaos Origin Divine Swords had flown several hundred thousand li and shot through their bodies. Screams filled the air as their bodies were blasted into smithereens.

Spatial ripples appeared above a lush ancient forest.


A golden figure charged out of the void and began to flee.

“That was risky! Because Zhao Feng decided to kill the two of them first, I managed to avoid disaster!” Ancient God Golden Wheel breathed a sigh of relief.

“I have to report this matter to the Blazing Gold Race! Zhao Feng must be intercepted and killed before he can return to the Spiritual Race!” Ancient God Golden Wheel’s expression became nervous.

The strength Zhao Feng had displayed made him at least a peak Rank Eight, even a Rank Nine. With such terrifying growth speed, Zhao Feng could not be left alone any longer.

But at this moment, an amused voice came from up ahead; “You still want to kill me?”

“How could this be? You managed to get ahead of me?” Ancient God Golden Wheel seemed to have been given a major fright. His face turned ghastly pale as he fearfully stared at Zhao Feng.

Even if Zhao Feng was incredibly fast, he should have come from behind. How had he suddenly appeared in front of him?


Zhao Feng slowly flew over, approaching Ancient God Golden Wheel.

He had long ago acquired the Spatial Shift skill. Spatial Shift could travel an extremely long distance. When using it just now, he had traveled too far, causing him to go back to find Ancient God Golden Wheel.

“Zhao Feng, then we’ll die together!” Ancient God Golden Wheel clenched his teeth, his face becoming grim and determined as his Divine Power ignited.

Given the grudge between the Blazing Gold Race and Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng would never let him go, so he decided to self-detonate. If he could kill Zhao Feng, that would be even better.

“You want to self-detonate?” Zhao Feng waved a hand.

A strange white energy immediately shrouded Ancient God Golden Wheel. Suddenly, Ancient God Golden Wheel felt like he was in a slow-motion world. His every movement, his thoughts, and even his self-detonation had slowed to a crawl.


Zhao Feng immediately approached the self-detonating Ancient God Golden Wheel, his left eye pulsing with formidable Soul energy as he searched Ancient God Golden Wheel’s soul.

“The two races are actually at war!?” Zhao Feng’s face froze.

The Spiritual Race and Blazing Gold Race had always been in conflict with each other, constantly butting heads. If not for the suppression of the Life Sacred Land, the two races would have gone to war hundreds of millions of years ago. But this time, the Life Sacred Land had failed to suppress it.

For the specific details, one had to go back to the third year after Zhao Feng’s departure from the Spiritual Race. At the time, a major secret dimension appeared in the Ziling Zone. Through various indications, it was determined that this secret dimension was intimately connected to one of the top ten ancient races.

The God Realm Sacred Land of the Ziling Zone got in touch with the four five-star factions, which worked together to lock down this news so they could explore the secret dimension by themselves.

However, the secret dimension’s restrictions meant that only those below the Ancient God level could enter. Thus, the various factions sent their elite experts beneath the Ancient God level inside.

At the final juncture, the Spiritual Race disciples succeeded in snatching an incomparably valuable treasure from the hands of the Blazing Gold Race disciples.

At the start, the two races tried to negotiate, but the negotiations fell through. The races then began to invade and attack each other. It was precisely for this reason that Universal Salvation Hall, originally under the administration of the Spiritual Race, had been occupied by the Blazing Gold Race.

“This Ancient God Golden Wheel doesn’t know much, and it might not be accurate…” Zhao Feng didn’t completely believe Ancient God Golden Wheel’s memories, he only took them into consideration. Once he got back to the Spiritual Race, Zhao Feng would know the entire situation.

“You can die now!” Zhao Feng waved his hand at Ancient God Golden Wheel.

Ancient God Golden Wheel immediately returned to normally, but then the process began to speed up.

“No…!” Ancient God Golden Wheel wanted to stop the self-detonation, but he had no time. It was like he had entered a fast-motion world.


In a deafening explosion, destructive golden flames wreaked havoc throughout the world.

But Zhao Feng had left the range of the explosion long ago.

“With my identity exposed, I can no longer use the flying ship,” Zhao Feng sternly said.

Besides that, he could not allow the Blazing Gold Race to know of his true abilities. If the Blazing Gold Race found out that he had risen from Rank Seven to Rank Nine in just a few short years, they would immediately send a God Lord expert to intercept him.

Zhao Feng had worked together with Xin Wuheng to defeat a God Lord before, but Xin Wuheng was the primary force back then while Zhao Feng just launched sneak attacks and held the enemy down. If Zhao Feng tried to fight a God Lord alone, he would only be able to run.

And Zhao Feng’s cultivation speed truly was too quick. If others learned of this, some people would inevitably start to get greedy.


Zhao Feng removed the Ancestral Artifact fragment from his interspatial dimension.

“Is there a way to conceal my cultivation? It’s best if a God Lord can’t notice me.” Zhao Feng asked for instruction.

“That’s rather simple.” The Ancestral Artifact fragment had a very relaxed appearance.

The complete form of the Ancestral Artifact fragment had been created countless years ago. It had experienced much and knew many secret arts. It naturally knew ways to conceal one’s cultivation.

“This is a secret sealing art of the God Sealing Race. Once you comprehend it, you and I will work together to use it. Even a First Heaven God Lord won’t be able to sense you!” The Ancestral Artifact fragment sent a stream of light into Zhao Feng’s soul.

Three days later, Zhao Feng successfully comprehended the God Sealing Race’s sealing art. Together with the Ancestral Artifact fragment, he managed to conceal his aura so that he appeared to be a peak Rank Eight.

After that, Zhao Feng proceeded to use Spatial Shift.

 Bzzz! Thwish!

A spatial vortex began to spin around Zhao Feng. Gradually, the spatial vortex shrank, but the spatial ripples intensified. A moment later, Zhao Feng’s body plunged into the small spatial vortex.

Since he was already in the Ziling Zone and the remaining distance wasn’t great, using Spatial Shift would be faster than other methods.

 Bzzz! Swoosh!

A spatial vortex suddenly appeared, and Zhao Feng’s figure slowly emerged from it.

After using Spatial Shift several times in a row, Zhao Feng would rest for a while.

Three months later, Zhao Feng arrived at the Spiritual Race without incident.

Given Zhao Feng’s status in the Spiritual Race, his arrival set off a storm. Zhao Feng had disappeared for several years without a word and there had been no news of him whatsoever. Many people believed that Zhao Feng had died on his travels or perhaps had been intercepted and assassinated by the Blazing Gold Race.

But now, not only had Zhao Feng returned to the Spiritual Race, his cultivation had reached peak Rank Eight! It was clear that Zhao Feng, who had gone out to hone himself, had encountered some enormous opportunity. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to reach peak Rank Eight in less than ten years.

The first thing Zhao Feng did upon his return was go to find Zhao Yufei, but Yufei was in seclusion within the forbidden zone of the Spiritual Race.

“Zhao Feng, just what did you encounter on your excursions that you have already reached peak Rank Eight?” Zhao Yufei’s master, the Spiritual Race’s Third Elder, asked.

He had been pouring all his strength into teaching Zhao Yufei, stimulating the power of her Spiritual Race bloodline in the hopes that Zhao Yufei could surpass Zhao Feng. Zhao Yufei had managed with great difficulty to encounter an enormous opportunity in the secret dimension, and in her seclusion, her strength was increasing by leaps and bounds.

But Zhao Feng had already reached peak Rank Eight!

“I accidently entered a dimension left behind by the Light Race and encountered many opportunities…” Zhao Feng vaguely described.

“It seems like you and Yufei are extremely lucky people!” The Third Elder emotionally sighed.

“What happened to Yufei?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

Zhao Yufei had probably gone into the secret dimension connected to the top ten ancient races. There had been some news on Zhao Yufei in Ancient God Golden Wheel’s memories, but it was very vague and uncertain.

“She received the legacy of one of the top ten ancient races, the God Martial Race!” the Third Elder somewhat excitedly and proudly said.

The Third Elder had always felt rather chagrined over Zhao Feng’s refusal to be his disciple, but now that Zhao Yufei had obtained the legacy of the God Martial Race, she was certain to surpass Zhao Feng and lead the Spiritual Race into a glorious future.

“The God Martial Race?” Zhao Feng was startled.

The God Martial Race was a mythical race ranked 5th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. It was the race with the greatest comprehension abilities. The strength of this race’s members always far surpassed their cultivation levels, and they could casually understand various kinds of Intent energy. They even found it easier to comprehend Laws compared to other races.

In addition, members of the God Martial Race were all excellent fighters. Their talent for fighting was unparalleled, and they could always reach the peak of proficiency when using secret arts. This was a mythical race of transcendent warriors.

 This is probably the reason for the war between the Blazing Gold Race and Spiritual Race.  Zhao Feng’s heart sank.

The Spiritual Race’s cultivation speed had always been one of the best among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and now that Zhao Yufei had obtained the legacy of the God Martial Race, she had filled in the flaw of comprehension. In probably one thousand years, ten thousand years at most, Zhao Yufei would reach the God Lord level, and she would be a Spiritual Race God Lord extremely skilled in combat. This would be enough to alter the destiny of the entire Spiritual Race.

As the Spiritual Race’s mortal foe, the Blazing Gold Race could not permit this situation.

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