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King of Kung Fu in School (Web Novel)








Action Comedy Martial Arts School Life

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Kevin Duke, an 18-year-old martial artist, by accident, is reborn an becomes a high school student who was kicked out of the family. Since then, this king of Kung Fu in school has been sweeping all kings of enemies. The whole world is shaking behind him. P.S. This book has been prepared for many years. it's a total wonderful story. The author has related writing experience for more that 8 years. Recommend heartly!

826 • 2020-06-19 12:12:19


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 51 Meet Shirley Smith again2020-07-05
Chapter 50 Talk to Each Other Alone2020-07-05
Chapter 49 Chris Snyder Case2020-07-05
Chapter 48 Meaning2020-07-05
Chapter 47 Treat Oneself to a Meal2020-07-04
Chapter 46 Call Me Daddy2020-07-03
Chapter 45 He is Not Qualified2020-07-03
Chapter 44 It's Rare to Do a Good Deed2020-07-03
Chapter 43 Here Comes Tiger Gold2020-07-03
Chapter 42 Two tug bottles2020-07-03
Chapter 41 Will You Die if You Don't Show off?2020-07-03
Chapter 40 Be Merciful2020-07-03
Chapter 39 Davis Wanted to Keep A Low Profile2020-07-03
Chapter 38 Someone Was Defeated in One Second2020-07-03
Chapter 37 The Top Expert in the Class2020-07-02
Chapter 36 Punch!2020-07-02
Chapter 35 Were You Great2020-07-02
Chapter 34 An Impolite Person2020-07-01
Chapter 33 We Are in the Same Trade2020-07-01
Chapter 32 Sally Kent2020-07-01
Chapter 31 They're All Trash2020-07-01
Chapter 30 They Are All Experts2020-07-01
Chapter 29 Let Someone Lose Face2020-07-01
Chapter 28 Take That Opportunity to Extort2020-07-01
Chapter 27 She Wouldn't Live Long2020-07-01
Chapter 26 I Would Make You Lose Your Job2020-06-30
Chapter 25 Making a Living2020-06-30
Chapter 24 Get him out of here2020-06-30
Chapter 23 Be Careful. He's Very Good at Martial Arts2020-06-30
Chapter 22 Be Unfriendly2020-06-30
Chapter 21 Appointment Was Required2020-06-30
Chapter 20 Kevin Was the Last One2020-06-30
Chapter 19 Farmer Uncle2020-06-24
Chapter 18 Interview2020-06-22
Chapter 17 The Martial Arts Experts Are Coming2020-06-22
Chapter 16 Have No Sense of Shame2020-06-22
Chapter 15 Robin Hood2020-06-22
Chapter 14 Rob the Rich to Help the Poor2020-06-21
Chapter 13 You Can't Survive without Money2020-06-21
Chapter 12 Meet Kelly Again2020-06-21
Chapter 11 Get Familiar with This World2020-06-21
Chapter 10 Two Villains2020-06-20
Chapter 9 Young Master2020-06-20
Chapter 8 Elsa Ray2020-06-20
Chapter 7 Doing a Dine And Dash2020-06-20
Chapter 6 Drowning His Sorrow in Wine2020-06-20
Chapter 5 The Martial Arts is Too Bad2020-06-20
Chapter 4 A Special Animal in This World2020-06-20
Chapter 3 I Have Learned Martial Arts Since I Was Three2020-06-19
Chapter 2 Writing a Love Letter to School Beauty2020-06-19
Chapter 1 Kevin Duke2020-06-19