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King of Kung Fu in School (Web Novel) - Chapter 20 Kevin Was the Last One

Chapter 20 Kevin Was the Last One

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Chapter 20 Kevin Was the Last One

Kevin asked. "Carl, he don't steal your money. Besides, he actually stole from a bad person in order to help the poor."

"The country will judge whether the person is bad. Even if he is, should he deserve to be stolen? Even if he gains money illegally, his money should belong to the country." Carl said righteously.

"Shouldn't everyone praise the thief for his chivalrous spirit?"

"Chivalrous spirit? That's ridiculous. Only a fool will believe that there exists people who really rob the rich to help the poor. I will definitely try my best to help the police catch this thief." Carl swore.

Kevin thought to himself. "Damn it. why does nobody praise me for doing good deeds? Is this world different from mine? My good intentions are actually criticized." Kevin was very depressed since the result was completely different from what he had imagined.

At this time. Uncle Lewis walked into the reception room and said to the five candidates. "Everyone, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Now that Mr. Edward is ready for the interview. Ben, you're the first one."

"Okay. Uncle Lewis." Ben smiled at Uncle Lewis.

When Ben arrived in London. Uncle Lewis personally went to pick him up.

Ben walked into Edward's office. "You must be Ben."

"Hello, Uncle Edward."

"Ben, please take a seat. I've heard of you before, but I don't expect that you will really come." Edward excitedly shook hands with Ben. Edward wanted to test if Ben was really that powerful, so he suddenly held Ben's hand more tightly.

Ben smiled and pushed away Edward's hand with internal force. Edward was shocked and realized that Ben was indeed an expert.

"Uncle Edward. you're welcome. I only follow my mentor's instruction to protect your daughter."

"Good. I'II rest assured if you can protecther." Edward was very excited. Ben was undoubtedly much stronger than Edward.

"Second. Carl." Ten minutes later. Uncle Lewis shouted.

Carl walked to the office next door. "You must be Carl." Edward said hurriedly.

"Hello, Uncle Edward."

Edward held Carl's hand and smiled. "Commander Clinton really introduces a good candidate to me. Sit down please."

However. Carl said, "Uncle Edward. actually Ben is strong enough to protect your daughter, so I'll quit. I'm sorry."

Edward sighed. "Carl. I'm really sorry. Benis invited by my father."

"Uncle Edward, you don't need to apologize. I understand. I'll explain it clearly to Commander Clinton."

"Alright, thank you."

Carl immediately walked out of the office.

"Third, Larry."

Then Larry entered the office next door.

Edward just looked at Larry and smiled. "Larry, sit down." Edward knew that Larry actually wanted to get his daughter, so he definitely wouldn't hire Larry. However. Larry's father was the deputy leader of the Dragon Gang. one of the three largest gangs in London, so it was a bit difficult to reject Larry.

Larry smiled and sat down. "Edward. I won't beat around the bush. I felt sorry that your daughter was attacked last time. So what do you think of my being your daughter's bodyguard? Of course, my father also wants me to protect your daughter." Larry specifically mentioned his father to pressure Edward.

Edward said. "Larry. thank you for your kindness. My daughter already has a bodyguard, so you can leave."

Larry's expression turned cold, "Edward, are you sure you don't think it over? I'm afraid my father won't be happy."

"Thank you for your kindness."

"Humph." Larry said angrily. "Edward, you will regret."

"The three largest gangs aren't so powerful to threaten everybody in London. Besides, your father is only the deputy leader. You can leave now."

Larry left angrily. He didn't expect that Edward would reject him.

"Fourth. Andrew Hill." Andrew walked out of the reception room.

There was only Kevin in the reception room.

Kevin felt that.

When Andrew entered the office. Edward smiled, "You must be Andrew. Please sit down."

"Hello, Uncle Edward."

"Your headmaster admires you very much. No wonder he recommends you to be my daughter's bodyguard." Edward said.

Andrew hurriedly said. "Have you already made the decision?"

Edward smiled and said. "Yes, so I have to apologize to you. I've already called your headmaster."

Then Andrew said anxiously. "Uncle Edward, I'm really suitable to be Sally's bodyguard."

"Andrew, just because you are too suitable. You are the school hunk, right? My daughter is the school beauty, so I don't want something I don't like happen."

Andrew smiled miserably. "Uncle Edward actually thinks I'm not good enough for Sally, right?"

Edward didn't say anything.

"Goodbye." Andrew stood up.

Edward said. "I'm sorry. I hope you can understand."

"I won't give up chasing Sally."

Andrew left.

Uncle Lewis came to the reception room and shouted. "Kevin, it's your turn."

Kevin said. "It's finally my turn. Why am I the last one? Normally, the last one is the most important one. Hahhah, I'm hopeful."

Uncle Lewis secretly snorted at Kevin. Kevin walked into Edward's office.

Edward did not stand up to greet Kevin or shake hands with Kevin.

Kevin smiled. "Hello, boss."

"You must be Kevin." Edward asked. "Yes. Mr. Edward. When can I start working?"

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