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Kingdom’s Bloodline (Web Novel)


A lowly child beggar, a noble prince, a monster viewed as the enemy of the entire world. If you possess all three identities at the same time, which identity would you choose to help you earn a better ending?

Thales did not have the answer.

He only knew that he came to a different and magnificent world, and he had to face a future that was as difficult to handle as a nightmare.

The glorious Empire had already been destroyed for one thousand years, the dying royal family suffered many problems, the legendary sacred battle had plenty of conspiracies, the divided world was in chaos.

But Thales had nothing.

The only thing he had left was an unswerving determination to preserve his own identity, bravery which would allow him to survive in a perilous situation, and a belief that he would never submit to principles he did not believe.

“A King does not gain respect by virtue of his bloodline. The bloodline’s glory rests on the deeds of the King.”

Darkness will baptize light. Fire will create true steel. The forbidden prince’s story starts here.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 540: Never Kneel2020-01-14
Chapter 539: Side Story 7: Joint Council2020-01-14
Chapter 538: Magnificent Scene of Hell2020-01-06
Chapter 537: Pretty Boy2020-01-06
Chapter 536: Times Have Changed2019-12-31
Chapter 535: Polaris2019-12-24
Chapter 534: Sorry to Keep You Waiting2019-12-24
Chapter 533: Calm on Iron Spikes2019-12-16
Chapter 532: The Young Kingdom2019-12-16
Chapter 531: Guest2019-12-10
Chapter 530: Alien Star2019-12-09
Chapter 529: Privacy2019-12-03
Chapter 528: Fight Between the Eldest and Youngest2019-12-03
Chapter 527: Holiness Exorcism2019-11-25
Chapter 526: Knowledge of People2019-11-25
Chapter 525: Lustful Woman2019-11-18
Chapter 524: Self-reliant2019-11-18
Chapter 523: Mutant2019-11-11
Chapter 522 - Continuous Fights2019-11-11
Chapter 521: World Class Battle Worthy of Being Written in Historical Poems2019-11-04
Chapter 520: Not Just The Power of Eradication2019-11-04
Chapter 519: Let’s fight2019-10-28
Chapter 518: Discovered?2019-10-28
Chapter 517: Went to High School2019-10-21
Chapter 516: Coincidence?2019-10-21
Chapter 515: Timetable2019-10-14
Chapter 514: Like a Fleeting Cloud2019-10-14
Chapter 513: A Small Favor2019-10-07
Chapter 512: Crazy2019-10-07
Chapter 511: King in the Mist2019-09-30
Chapter 510: Fifteen Minutes2019-09-30
Chapter 509: Anxious2019-09-23
Chapter 508: A Small Spark2019-09-23
Chapter 507: Hometown2019-09-16
Chapter 506 - This Is Just the Beginning2019-09-16
Chapter 505: Protection2019-09-09
Chapter 504: Only One Day Left2019-09-09
Chapter 503: Divided Western Desert2019-09-02
Chapter 502: Six Divisions and Seven Attendants2019-09-02
Chapter 501: Everything Will Be Better2019-08-26
Chapter 500: End of Arc: Duke2019-08-26
Chapter 499: I Have Come in Peace2019-08-20
Chapter 498: Black Lion2019-08-19
Chapter 497: His Majesty’s Blessing2019-08-12
Chapter 496: Never2019-08-12
Chapter 495: Raven Leader2019-08-05
Chapter 494: Destiny is like a Poem2019-08-05
Chapter 493: The Third Party2019-07-29
Chapter 492: Power Comes from Violence (Two)2019-07-29
Chapter 491 - Power Comes from Violence (One)2019-07-22
Chapter 490: Do Something2019-07-22
Chapter 489: Usurp Power2019-07-15
Chapter 488: That Night2019-07-15
Chapter 487: Too High2019-07-11
Chapter 486: You Are Good-Looking2019-07-11
Chapter 485: Too High2019-07-08
Chapter 484: You Are Good-Looking2019-07-08
Chapter 483: Make me Even More… Excited2019-07-01
Chapter 482: Get Yourself A Girlfriend2019-07-01
Chapter 481: A Different Way of Living2019-06-24
Chapter 480: Kill Them2019-06-24
Chapter 479: Exclusive Possession2019-06-17
Chapter 478: Get Me Something to Eat and Drink2019-06-17
Chapter 477: Something Lighter2019-06-10
Chapter 476: Life, Safety and Freedom2019-06-10
Chapter 475: The Warden2019-06-03
Chapter 474: Much… Higher2019-06-03
Chapter 473: I am Not a Devil, After All2019-05-27
Chapter 472: Leaving the Prison2019-05-27
Chapter 471: The True Essence of the Power of Eradication2019-05-20
Chapter 470: The Fate Twins2019-05-20
Chapter 469: So Naïve That You Are Adorable2019-05-13
Chapter 468: The Silent Demon2019-05-13
Chapter 467: Revealed in Flames2019-05-06
Chapter 466: Beheaded2019-05-06
Chapter 465: Truth Swords2019-04-29
Chapter 464: Rebirth (Five)2019-04-29
Chapter 463: Rebirth (Four)2019-04-22
Chapter 462: Rebirth (Three)2019-04-22
Chapter 461: Rebirth (Two)2019-04-15
Chapter 460: Rebirth (One)2019-04-15
Chapter 459: Where the Sun Does Not Shine (Two)2019-04-11
Chapter 458: Where the Sun Does Not Shine (One)2019-04-11
Chapter 457: The Person Who Supported Him2019-04-01
Chapter 456: Nothing at all2019-04-01
Chapter 455: I Hated Him2019-03-29
Chapter 454: More than Half2019-03-29
Chapter 453: It Was Not a Coincidence2019-03-29
Chapter 452: Fratricide2019-03-29
Chapter 451: XX Films2019-03-29
Chapter 450: Two Hands2019-03-29
Chapter 449: Chaos of Armies2019-03-29
Chapter 448: 1 vs 82019-03-29
Chapter 447: Enemy of The World2019-03-29
Chapter 446: Three Calamity Allies2019-03-29
Chapter 445: A Forbidden Name2019-03-29
Chapter 444: Someone Needs An Answer2019-03-29
Chapter 443: Not just you2019-03-29
Chapter 442: Quick Wit2019-03-29
Chapter 441: Missing One2019-03-29