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Kingdom’s Bloodline (Web Novel) - Chapter 522 - Continuous Fights

Chapter 522 - Continuous Fights

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Thales quietly calmed down while he stood in the training ground. He sensed the increasingly active Sin of Hell’s River flowing through his entire body again.

Ever since his adventure at the Great Desert ended, he noticed that his Sin of Hell’s River had become even more condensed and sufficient for his use. Compared to him only being able to use it for a short period of time in the past, right now, it could be used for a longer period of time.

And after his Power of Eradication faded away, the fatigue and soreness that were left in his body also decreased.

‘As expected, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ Thales thought to himself.

Of course, that did not come with no price at all. Ever since he was heavily wounded by Nicholas, he could not use his left wrist as nimbly and at ease as before. That had more or less affected him in the usage of his shield.

And if the Sin of Hell’s River’s temper was relatively better during circulation, that would be even better.

“Your Highness, I am Jean Luca Kommodore.”

Kommodore was a short but lean and sturdy man. His skin was tan, but his smile seemed bashful. At first glance, he looked like the man next door who was about to turn forty, had seemed to have gone through plenty of rough experiences in his life, but remained gentle and optimistically strong.

Thales noticed that the man would take a peek at the direction where Mallos was from time to time.

“I was a Class One Police Officer at the Central Police Station in the inner city who was tasked to protect important people.” In the face of the Duke of Star Lake, Kommodore put up a great smile, to the point that he looked a little obsequious.

“I was fortunate enough to have passed the assessment and selection to join the Royal Guards.”

“Currently, I am one of your new guards in your team of personal guards.”

‘Police officer.’

Thales took in a deep breath.

Alright, he was also quite familiar with this.

Regardless of whether it was those big shots cops who were arrogant and collaborated with Blood Bottle Gang in Western District, or a certain big lunk of an idiot whose head was not too bright and will have to, unfortunately, go back to inherit his family’s noble title if he lost his job.

But before he could think deeply, the battle in the field had begun!


A dull sound was heard. Thales’ arm-shield clashed into the sharp edge of Kommodore’s sword!

Kommodore did not behave as meekly as Procca previously did. His offense was ferocious, and he took the initiative to attack. It was a complete contrast to the obsequious smile on his face.

Thales moved and swung his longsword. He clashed a few times with his opponent in the air.

When the metal clashed against each other, the Duke of Star Lake who was using hell’s senses discovered that Kommodore’s sword stance was quite standard, and it was not as exquisite as Procca’s, which was enough to counterattack opponents and suppress them after a few hits. It was not as crude as the orcs’ attacks, which was bold, unrestrained, and where they would not be able to retract their attacks when necessary.

The two of them advanced and retreated while they exchanged offensive and defensive positions. They were actually well-matched to each other’s skill for a time being.

That actually gave Thales a surprise.



Thales once again blocked a strike from his opponent with his arm-shield.

He clenched his teeth and secured his footing. The Sin of Hell’s River gushed up. He did not show his weakness at all to his opponent as he deflected his opponent’s attack.

But right at that moment, Thales cursed in his heart.

When he blocked, he could feel that his opponent’s sword strike was light. He did not find it hard to block the slash at all.

As expected, Kommodore nimbly slipped past Thales’ shield when he pushed forward to block the attack. His sword spun on the shield.

In the next second, the Sin of Hell’s River once again exploded in his body, and it brought with it an indescribable urge to fight in him.

But Thales was only barely able to pull his body back in time!



The clear ringing sound of metal clashing into each other and the dull thud of something blunt striking flesh was heard consecutively!


Under the low commotion from the guards, Thales gritted his teeth as he staggered while he retreated. He knelt down on one knee and supported himself against the ground with his shield.

The intense pain and the numbness that came from above his shoulder told him that this round was over.

As an ex-police officer, Kommodore, who was currently one of his personal guards, nodded with an honest smile as he put away his training sword. He did not continue to attack.

Thales panted in pain. He kept on turning his shoulder and arm as he told himself that Kommodore had attacked him with the sword hilt.

At that moment, he used his own shield to block Kommodore’s sword, but he did not block the hilt of his opponent’s sword.

The cross handguard on the hilt of his sword moved like a shadow. Kommodore seized the moment when Thales pushed his shield forward to block the attack. He seized the chance when Thales pushed his arm forward to spin over furiously.

If it were not for Thales’ swift response, that hit could have struck right in the vital spot on his rib beneath his arm.

Then, he would basically forget about standing up again.

‘But since that was the case…’

Thales sucked in a deep breath.

‘Ah… my shoulder really hurts…’

The Northern Military’s Sword Style also allowed its users to use the hilt to suppress their enemies. But that was only when both sides were in a stalemate or when other means could not effectively replace other offenses. It was rare to have someone like Kommodore who would set up all this just for the situation of utilizing the hilt of the sword.

At the side of the training field was Doyle. He blew his hair toward the sky before he nudged Glover.

“Oh, that strike that Jean used… I’ve seen it before during the time when we were bullying newcomers back in the Defence Division… all in all, he’s not someone easy to deal with.”

Glover snorted gently.

The guards discussed in low voices. Some of them let out soft barks of laughter.

While observing the battle, Mallos turned his head to the side. He seemed to be pondering over something.

Kommodore did not continue to attack. Instead, he politely waited for the duke to pull himself together.

“I am truly sorry, Your Highness.” He had his longsword in his hand, and his smile did not fade even by a little. “But I believe that you would not want me to go easy on you, am I right?”

‘Damn it.’

Thales exhaled. He sensed the Sin of Hell’s River gushing up to his shoulder to ease his numbness and pain.

It was only then that his left arm felt slightly better.

“Jean worked his way up here from the police station.” Mallos’ voice, which was no longer unfamiliar, traveled into his ears again.

“His experience and skills in fights at the streets and back alleys are very rich.”

“Strictly speaking, his skills belong to the new school of thought that emerged in this country in this century, it is the idea of learning how to fight through actual combat. It is especially popular among the mercenaries, knights, and new nobles. It is known as the ‘new trend’.”

Thales turned his head around. Just as he expected, the watchman folded his arms across his chest. He looked as if he was being entertained.

“And in the past ten years, the knights of the new trend had also obtained quite a lot of experience from the war inside and outside the country. They also obtained a lot of experience from mercenaries. They only wish that their skills were suitable for battles, longed for victory and survival, which is why it is very flexible in terms of style. It is not confined by standards, and it is a blend of hundreds of martial arts.

“Of course, the new trend has also been constantly criticized by other schools of thought. It is disorderly, its style is chaotic, it is short-sighted, and there is no focus within it.”

The watchman gently smiled.

“On the contrary, it was also the hardest to handle. You will never know what sort of surprise would come to light.”

‘New trend?’

Thales slowly evened out his breathing. He once again placed his focus on Kommodore.

Kommodore remained smiling honestly.


While Thales thought about this, he suddenly remembered someone.

‘Black Sword.’

The teenager was reminded of the man back at the Cliff of the Sky in Dragon Clouds City. His defense, escape, luring of enemies, seeking opportunities, and suppression of enemies…

He thought about how many methods he could cook up to fight against the Air Mystic without being at a disadvantage. He also remembered how he had “carried” (Thales had been trying to look for a better transitive verb for this), and charged right at multiple monsters in Shield District in the direction of the Hydra Kilika.

While he thought about this, the Sin of Hell’s River had once again become a tempestuous storm in him, as if it was not contented for suffering in the first round.

“Sir, you flatter me. I am just a…” Kommodore responded to Mallos with a cheerful look.

But before he could finish what he wanted to say, Thales’ attack had arrived right before his eyes once again!


The sword strike that Thales delivered through clenched teeth was blocked by Kommodore with familiar ease. Kommodore pressed forward right after that and thrust forward.

The teenager knew that his opponent had hundreds of means to strike. He swung his sword in his hand to block. He also retreated agilely in order to prevent himself from suffering the same trick.

But in the next moment, his hell’s senses suddenly trembled. An ominous feeling came over him once again.

As expected, Thales felt a tremble on his thigh.

He lost his balance!

‘God damn it!’

His Sin of Hell’s River roared.

He did not have time to think even further. Thales used all his strength to pull back and rolled over. He exited the battlefield in an incredibly pathetic manner.


Kommodore’s knee struck the sand heavily, and it emitted a frightening dull thud.

After that round, the guards once again burst into a small commotion.

But the teenager avoided the attack this time.

Thales got himself back up on his feet while he still had lingering fear in his heart. He looked at Kommodore, who seemed a little surprised.

‘A trip?’

Thales was eager to ask if the man had ever learned how to wrestle, or perhaps whether he knew a certain former watchman who also loved to trip others in close-quarters combat.


Thales sucked in a deep breath and stood up straight.

He seemed to have understood something after this round.

Thales could not recognize his opponent’s Power of Eradication.

But he could sense through his hell’s senses that at the moment before the two of them made contact in close quarters, Kommodore’s Power of Eradication had already gained shape. It gathered at one part of his body and was ready to be sent out in an explosive force.

For instance, to be sent to his wrist and the sword hilt, or his waist and footsteps.

Then, when it was combined with his little tricks, when he activated it in an instant, he could cause others to be unable to react in time.

Besides, it was not only his Power of Eradication.

Thales was panting heavily as he looked at the opponent before him.

Just like Mallos said, he had skills he learned from the street, and a flexible style, could fight without being confined to standards, and that his fighting style was a combination of hundreds of martial arts.

His Sin of Hell’s River was reignited, and it was even more vigorous than before.

So how… should he face such an opponent?

Thales took in a deep breath and swept the sand and dust off his body.

‘It’s not that hard, is it?’

At that moment, a shadow from many years ago emerged in his head.

That shadow lifted a golden saber, stretched out his buff body, and treated himself as a weapon.

That shadow descended from the sky. He was sturdy and strong. He ignored all his opponents’ methods and endured countless assaults from his enemies.

The person’s expression did not change, and he did not hesitate. He broke through Ralf’s block, counterattacked and suppressed Wya’s killing moves, broke Raphael’s weapon with a slash, deflected Miranda’s offenses, and suppressed Kohen so much while he fought at full strength that he was forced repeatedly. Kohen did not even have the strength to fight back.

In the end, the shadow arrived before Thales.

He was a burning fire, a wild stallion that ran madly. He went on a rampage all over the place.

He was strong and ferocious.

He pressed forward with an indomitable will.

He broke through all obstacles right before him.

Thales shut his eyes.

His Sin of Hell’s River learned by itself. As he thought about it, it attempted to imitate the Power of Eradication of that shadow, but it was halfway through imitating it, Thales forced it down.


Thales was not Tolja the Fire Knight.

Having the person’s Power of Eradication here would not necessarily bring out such a great effect. Besides, Thales would not be able to withstand using up such a large amount of his energy.

Meanwhile, Kommodore was not the five people who were instantly defeated back then.


In the next second, Thales opened his eyes.

His Sin of Hell’s River continued burning nonstop. It let out crackling sounds as if it was chuckling coldly.

Kommodore remained smiling as he watched the duke charging at him once again.

The guards in the area watched them get closer to each other again, but they were not as focused as before. Some were even yawning.


Two swords clashed into each other.

Kommodore revealed a smile as he launched a twist of his sword that had the essence of Procca’s defensive counterattack to begin his own counterattack.

In Thales’ hell’s senses, he could tell that Kommodore’s Power of Eradication had been charged, and it was ready to be launched.


Thales’ shield once again blocked Kommodore’s blade.

This time, the sword that Kommodore held suddenly trembled.

Thales immediately felt the weak impact on the shield.

He also felt that the Sin of Hell’s River was reminding him of that tremble.

As expected, Kommodore put up a smile, and his longsword craftily slipped past Thales’ shield. He went straight for the teenager’s sword-wielding hand!

But this time, Thales’ mind was crystal clear.

He suddenly understood a little about how he should tackle this battle.

This was just like the epiphanies he gained during the past few years when he wandered about different political whirlpools and struggled to survive under different predicaments.

What was important was not the strength, the weapon, tactics, skills, or even the Power of Eradication.

It was the individual.


The man’s Power of Eradication was similar to Kommodore himself. It seemed honest but was actually smooth and cunning. It always thought of ingenious measures in advance to deal with the enemy. When the time arrived, it would proceed step by step and wait for the results to arrive at its doorstep.


The Sin of Hell’s River gushed up ferociously, and it filled up Thales’ entire left arm!

In the next second, Kommodore was shocked to discover that the prince did not dodge or avoid his attack. He used the most disadvantageous stance to receive his strike head-on.

Thales showed a pained expression. He could not endure the blow, and his longsword fell out of his grip.

The guards exclaimed softly. Some of the people who put some hope on the prince shook their heads.

‘Alright, that’s a move to indicate he had given up.’ Kommodore thought while feeling that it was a pity that Thales gave up.

He moved away to avoid the duke who had lost his weapon.

He could no longer show off the many melee moves he had already planned subsequently.

But it was alright. He had already planned to lose anyway…

But Kommodore’s mind paused at that moment.

Because in the next second, he was surprised to see that Thales’ shield had slipped out smoothly off his arm. Attached to it were a few loosened bands.

It revealed his left arm, and attached to that left arm was a clenched fist.

Meanwhile, as Kommodore stared at the duke’s expression—it was a face enduring pain—he found himself dumbfounded because the duke’s eyes were still as determined as ever.


Another dull sound was heard!

The teenager’s left fist struck Kommodore’s right ribs fiercely!

The strength was shockingly powerful!

At that moment, Mallos frowned while he observed the battle.

Kommodore felt that half of his body became numb for a moment. His right arm lost all feeling.

While he sensed that the situation was not good for him, he saw the duke’s face getting bigger before his eyes as he approached him with gritted teeth.


Kommodore only felt the pain in his forehead. He saw stars, and he lost his balance.


Both of them fell to the ground.

Two heavy thuds were heard echoing in the field. Thales’ shield and Kommodore’s longsword fell to the ground.

A few seconds later, everyone snapped out of their faze.

Kommodore was already lying on the ground.

The ex-police officer was surprised and angry at the same time. He struggled to get back on his feet, but at some point in time, Thales had already sat on his body.

“Your… Your Highness?”

The teenager had his left hand pressed against Kommodore’s throat. His right arm, which previously held the longsword, hung limply by his side. It trembled slightly.

The crowd, which had already relaxed, exclaimed softly once again.

Mallos seemed to be deep in thought beside the field. He would occasionally turn his head around to say something to a guard beside him.

“You did good, Protector Jean Kommodore.”

Thales was panting hard as he faced Kommodore, who appeared to be utterly ashamed and angry. Thales revealed a weak smile and said, “But you let your guard down at the final moment, allowing me to seize the opportunity to strike you down.”

The teenager, who was drained of his strength, stood back up on his feet while he shivered. He looked at Kommodore, who felt too ashamed to show his face. “Just a small hint. Never do that, especially when you are in front of an orc.”

Kommodore could only stand back up and agree to Thales’ words. He did not even dare to look at Mallos. He kept apologizing incoherently and left in a hurry.

It was only then that Thales was able to let out a breath.

The Sin of Hell’s River was still boiling beneath his veins. The momentum gained through its triumph was like the flood behind a great dam. It was ready to pour out at any moment.

But Thales stopped himself from attacking.

The teenager moved backward and turned around while he swayed. He panted while he picked up a waterskin to calm down the surging Sin of Hell’s River.

“Even though Jean had gone easy on him… but… how should I say this…”

Doyle narrowed his eyes and looked at Kommodore’s back while he was too ashamed to face the people.

“In a real battle, Jean would have lost his throat, but our prince would have lost his right arm as well.”

Doyle shook his head in resignation.

“This is such a reckless attack, and his methods in dealing with Procca just now… As expected, our prince did return from Northland.”


“No,” Glover replied coldly with simple words.

“In a real battle, the prince would lose a little saliva.”

Doyle was stunned for a brief moment.

“What? Saliva?”

Glover’s eyes sparkled as he stared at him.

“After that, Jean will be… beaten into a pulp by us, who will charge at him.”

While the people discussed, the two remained silent for a moment.

“Urgh… do you think of the situation…” Doyle blinked before he nodded awkwardly and continued, “So realistically?”

Glover ignored him, he just turned around.

“But I still cannot see through it.” Doyle stared at Thales as he said doubtfully, “Does he really possess Power of Eradication?”

But if he did not… then how did he manage to do that?

While he was under everyone’s gaze, Thales sucked in a deep breath and put down the waterskin.

As he sensed his Sin of Hell’s River fading away, he felt all four limbs feeling empty, but also excited. He ignored the discussions and the eyes of the people around him as he looked at Mallos, who did not say a word.

Thales was a little frustrated as he said, “Is it enough? Have you identified my Power of Eradication, my dear head of my personal guards?”

Everyone focused their eyes on Mallos.

The watchman had a discussion with the guard beside him before he looked at Thales.

“I believe that I have found some hints, Your Highness.” He narrowed his eyes. “But I am still unable to verify what it is.”

Thales exhaled.

‘Have found some hints, but unable to verify what it is.

‘So that would only mean…’

As expected, Mallos nodded and raised his voice to give an order.

“Mike, you’re up.”

The moment he said those words, the guards looked at each other with shock and bewildered eyes.

It did not take long before a man in his thirties walked out from the crowd of the Royal Guards. His face was smooth. His eyes seemed gentle. His clothes were tidy. Everything about him was groomed nicely.

Thales sighed again. He wondered why time was passing so slowly.

‘Am I going to have to fight continuously?’

“Oh no. The man he summoned is not someone from the Defence Division nor the Logistics Division anymore.” Doyle’s expression changed. He pointed at Mallos in Glover’s face. “That’s not a good sign.”

The man in his thirties walked to the center of the field and greeted Thales in a polite gesture.

“I am Mike Jonveled, Your Highness.” Knight Jonveled, who was known as Mike, might seem gentle and elegant, but his accent had a crude tone to it that Thales was familiar with.

“I joined the Royal Guards officially nine years ago.”

Thales nodded in resignation as a greeting.

Jonveled used simple and precise words. He also spoke tentatively, “By the way, I am left-handed.”

Jonveled removed the sword he wore on his other side and picked up a training sword from the weapon rack.

“My offense will more ferocious and… unpredictable. Please be careful.”

Thales revealed a helpless smile as he began to organize himself again.

“Just hold on for a moment, Jonveled… this family name…”

Doyle who was by the side scratched his head.

“It sounds rather familiar?”

Glover solemnly responded beside him, “Black Jon.”

‘Black… what?’

Doyle revealed a puzzled look.

Glover did not even look at him, he merely spoke silently, “They are a family of executioners during the Red King’s Era. They were once one of the Seven Jadestars Attendants. More than three appointed dukes died in their hands.

“Then, when the Virtuous King was crowned, they were convicted of their crimes one by one during their trial for rebellion. They were made accountable for all of their deeds, and they were stripped away from their titles and feudal lands.”

Doyle revealed an expression that showed he understood.

Glover remained expressionless. “But you should know better than I do.”

Doyle furrowed his eyebrows once again. “Why?”

Glover slowly turned toward Doyle. “Because of Black Jon and White Doyle.”

Doyle was slightly stunned for a moment.

“‘The Red King has two attendants, they caw alone day and night,”‘ Glover said coldly, “Two hundred years ago, their family shared the same surname as yours.”

Danny Doyle blinked.

“Wow.” After some time, D.D finally turned his head around awkwardly and numbly. “Is that so?”

‘How did you know that?’

While they were still talking to each other, Thales already had to receive Jonveled’s aggressive sword strikes!

Jonveled was the same as Kommodore, he did not show any signs of politeness and took the initiative to attack.

But this time, Thales’ expression changed at the moment Jonveled delivered his first strikes.

Jonveled was different from his last two opponents.

*Clang! Clang! Clang!*

Three loud sounds rose into the air.

Jonveled’s expression was calm. He attacked swiftly with the sword in his left hand, and he continuously threatened Thales’ chest, calf, and forearm!

Thales blocked three times, and he was forced to take three steps back. Through laborious effort, he blocked the man’s attacks in surprise.

Compared to the elderly Procca and the stout Kommodore, this knight, who had outstanding looks, attacked in a simple and straightforward fashion, there was no flourish in his movements!

This was something he was familiar with. Thales did not even have time to pant, and he did not have time to gain his footing as well when Jonveled’s attacks came at him again!

The Sin of Hell’s River roared indignantly and surged into Thales’ arm, but it could only support him to swiftly defend himself.


Jonveled’s expression was cold, but his longsword became increasingly swifter and fiercer in his hands. He remained firmly on his attack trajectory and attacked without hesitation. The tip of his sword aimed at the spot where Thales had shown some degree of difficulty in defending and where his defense was not exactly stable—the foot he used to stand and his wrist. He attacked nonstop.

The worst thing was that Thales seldom used his left hand to fight against his enemies. To him, each of the angle of Jonveled’s attacks was very difficult to deal with; they caught him by surprise every time and were all difficult to fend against.

And they were even extremely powerful, making it very hard for Thales to parry those attacks. He could only retreat repeatedly to avoid the sword attacks!

This caused Thales to nearly lose his footing and posture during his eighth defense. He had only managed to fend against the attack by performing an incredibly pathetic tilt backward and taking a step backward while the sword almost grazed him.

Even so, the blunt sword which had not been sharpened still cut an inch down Thales’ forearm, and it was incredibly painful.

But he did not have time to rest. Jonveled’s next thrust came at him from the direction where he was grazed!

Thales was forced to grit his teeth and activate his Sin of Hell’s River, which was nearly in a crazed state because it had suffered multiple setbacks.

He moved back again.

And with each step he took backward, Jonveled’s advantage in his next attack will increase, causing Thales’ defense to be filled with more danger each time!

Thales sensed the quivering shield and sword, along with the pain and numbness from his muscles. The more he fought, the more he was terrified.

He was basically being beaten passively, and he did not even have a chance to counterattack.

This forced Thales to remember the time when he was in Heroic Spirits Palace. The Northlanders’ attacks were also as ruthless and swift as this. They did not give him the chance to catch his breath at all.

And Jonveled’s attacks had also clearly shocked the onlooking guards. Many of them gestured at them and discussed something.

Even Mallos nodded repeatedly while he watched.

“What the heck?” Doyle widened his eyes by the side. “When did someone so amazing appear in our team?”

Even Glover was very surprised.

“It’s either his opponent is too weak, or he has been concealing his strength all this while.”

“When we were in Renaissance Palace, I never heard of someone like this in the Vanguard Division before.”

However, Thales did not have as good of a mood as compared to the onlookers’ cheer, which made them so relaxed that they could comment on this matter.

He gritted his teeth with all his strength, and he used his shield to laboriously parry Jonveled’s full-powered slash. Once he did so, he activated his Sin of Hell’s River regardless of the cost, and he finally delivered a counterattack.

In any case, it forced Jonveled’s attacks to slow down a little.

But his opponent only stopped for a moment. His face was not flushed red, and he did not gasp for breath. Immediately after that slight pause, he attacked again, and the battle was pulled back into the rhythm from before.

Thales was almost driven mad!

At that moment, he was like a small ship that drifted in turbulent waters! He tried hard to tug at the sail so that he could make sure that the boat did not overturn.

But the water just kept filling up in the boat.

He almost could not hold out anymore!

But his opponent’s Power of Eradication just kept coming at him nonstop. Thales could even see his opponent’s skin sparkling in his hell’s senses!

“Your Highness, you should be very familiar with this style, right?”

Very soon, that familiar voice that sounded incredibly annoying right now rose into the air.

Right when Mallos finished speaking, Jonveled put away his sword and took a step back in a relaxed manner. Perhaps it was because the matter was related to him, or whether it was because he respected his commanding officer, but he stopped attacking.

Thales finally had the chance to catch his breath. He did not need to defend against the attacks arduously, and he gulped in large mouthfuls of air. At the same time, he placed his shield and longsword against the ground. His Sin of Hell’s River surged into his body in a show of great awareness to soothe the numbness and ease the pain from the minor injuries he gained during the battles.

Mallos spoke slowly. He nodded at Flag Bearer Fuble, who was by his side.

“Even though he was born in Central Territory, Mike had a ruthless stepmother. He was sent to his poor relatives in Northern Territory when he was young, and he served as an attendant to a Northern Territory knight.”

Right after he finished speaking, many of the guards cast their gazes on Jonveled.

“Commanding officer, you don’t actually have to mention my stepmother.” Mike Jonveled forced himself to smile.

Mallos smiled at him apologetically. Then, he looked at Thales and said seriously, “Ever since Constellation was formed, the martial arts from the north spread to Northern Territory and Land of Cliffs Region. They absorbed a lot of experience after they fought against the Eckstedtians for years. After years of accumulating experience, they formed their own school of martial arts.”

Thales panted in great pain and shook his head at Mallos to show that he had heard.

“They have the advantage of those Northland barbarians who seize the initiative to attack during the entire battle and uphold the principle of suppressing their opponents, they also retained the traditional skills of the knights of Constellation. They do their best to have offense and defense blend together, and they maintain a balance while they cover for each other’s mistakes. They can switch between offense and defense with firm resolution during especially critical moments.”

There was joy in Mallos’ tone.

“Hence, the knights from the northern faction of the kingdom are known as the attack and defense faction. Their attacks are fierce, and the rhythm is swift, but they can also change between offense and defense smoothly. Their attacks contain defensive maneuvers, and their defenses contain attacks. Anyone who makes the slightest mistake while going against them will lose miserably, to the point that they lose completely and absolutely.”

‘Northern faction? Attack and defense faction?

‘Their attacks are fierce, and the rhythm is swift… Their attacks contain defensive maneuvers, and their defenses contain attacks.’

In any case, Thales’ breathing had become smoother. He looked up in puzzlement to stare at Jonveled, who did not pant at all and was completely at ease.

Jonveled nodded at him respectfully.

“Their standard example would be… I do believe that you must have heard of the Kingdom’s Wrath before.” Mallos wrapped his arms around his chest gently and revealed a title that caused many people to fall into quiet contemplation.

Thales froze for a moment.

‘Kingdom’s Wrath?’

The scene of his breakthrough outside Broken Dragon Fortress many years ago flashed in his mind.

‘Anyone who makes the slightest mistake while going against them will lose miserably, to the point that they lose completely and absolutely.’

The prince sucked in a deep breath.


Thales curled up the corners of his lips.

‘I haven’t just heard of him before, but… Wait.’

Thales stared at Jonveled while he stood in front of him. He narrowed his eyes.

‘No, it’s not just the Kingdom’s Wrath. It’s not just him.’

A few different figures flashed in his mind.

He remembered Barney Junior, who had attacked while gambling with his life in the underground prison, along with Bruley, who lost his ability to speak but had rampaged about like a bear.

‘It’s them.’

“Knights of the northern faction, huh?”

Thales smoothened his breath in the end and stood up.

Mallos smiled. “Your Highness, allow us to bear witness to how you have handled the Eckstedtians’ unique martial arts over the past six years.”

Mallos’ eyes sparkled, and he stared at Thales’ sweat-drenched face.

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