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Kingdom’s Bloodline (Web Novel) - Chapter 523: Mutant

Chapter 523: Mutant

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the watchman finished speaking, Jonveled launched his attack at the opportune moment!


Thales received the first horizontal slash.

But Joveled felt that something was not right.

‘Is the prince’s gaze… a little unfocused?’

At this moment, Thales was thinking about something.

It was all thanks to Mallos’ explanation. The teenager understood something.

‘It’s no wonder why I can feel that strange sense of familiarity from Jonveled’s attacks.

‘I see.

‘This is… a battle in the style of Northlanders.’

Thales exhaled, and he recalled with faint nostalgia of the times he received his pummeling lessons in Heroic Spirit Palace, even though he thought that he would never have such emotions toward it.

In his short but rich experience in fighting, there were only three people who really affected his fighting skills with the sword when they taught him through words and the sword.

Two men and a woman, and among them included Black Sword.

Meanwhile, Thales adjusted his footsteps in the real world while he defended Jonveled’s next attack with his hell’s senses.

But his thoughts were working in another timeline. They raced furiously while the Sin of Hell’s River surged.

Black Sword was a mere human, but he faced the Mystics Asda and Giza, who were calamities and existences that were non-humans. He was engaged in a nigh hopeless battle, but he managed to struggle and find a way to live, like a miracle. He even forcibly made his way to victory through a strange sword.

When Thales thought about it, the supernatural qualities and surprising intellect shown in every decision, choice, and movement that Black Sword made in each battle had amazed Thales deeply.

But the number of opponents that Black Sword faced was too low, so he could not be a reference.

Meanwhile, there was another one who affected him deeply…

Thales laboriously blocked the direct thrust from Jonveled, and his muscles moaned painfully from the battle, where he was at an increasing disadvantage.

‘Star Killer.’ Thales thought silently. ‘Yes.’

Soray Nicholas. Thales had cursed this person thousands of times, but he could be said to have helped him to discover a new path.

Thales had personally witnessed the bloody battle between Supreme Class fighters at the Land of Barren Rocks.

Star Killer, this man went up against the Raven of Death, who was equally skilled and dangerous, and perhaps even Yodel and Thales, and he was at a disadvantage from the start to the end of the fight.

He was severely injured, and he was in grave danger. He was at a disadvantage in every step he made, and he nearly died a few times.

But in the end, the leader of Eckstedt’s White Blade Guards turned the tables and won, and it was a wonderful sight to behold.

Thales avoid Jonveled’s powerful and steady slash as if he predicted it. He shook the shield, and he parried the attack that Jonveled launched at him while he used the momentum to strike. Thales did so while trembling.

This made Jonveled feel that there was something off.

‘This time, the prince’s defense seems to be effective, and he’s no longer defending as laboriously and pathetically as before.’

However, Thales was still thinking.

‘Star Killer did not win because of strength, but because of patience, calmness, persistence, observation, and analysis.’

In the most disadvantageous battlefield, Nicholas did not fight to the death like a crazed, trapped beast with no hope.

On the contrary, he received every arrow from Monty with extreme patience and persistence, and he resolutely withstood the pressure brought to him from the absolute disadvantage. He calmly defended the attack by his opponents, which they had been certain could kill him. At the critical moment, he observed the Raven of Death’s unique battling style and habits, and analyzed the most possible choices his enemy might make in every situation.

In the end, Star Killer defeated his enemy in one hit.

Thales thought in a daze. ‘Perhaps Nicholas obtained his famous nickname that shook through the Western Peninsular and was named as one of the Five War Generals, the strongest of Eckstedt’s fighting men, not because he defeated Horace Jadestar through sheer luck.

‘Yes, Star Killer.’

Thales suddenly realized that the Northlander whom he hated the most was the one who affected his fighting style the most.

Thales consciously raised his shield to attack, and he touched the tip of Jonveled’s sword. He suddenly felt something, and he subconsciously attacked with his longsword. This made the opponent feel shocked and gave up on an attack to defend himself.

‘No, not only that.’

‘I didn’t just witness the battle, I also…’

Thales remembered the past. During every outdoor training class, Nicholas showed his skills without hiding anything and bullied him proudly until Thales could only cry and receive his beating without being able to fight back.

The Constellatiates gnashed their teeth in anger, and Saroma could not even bear to watch it.


Every time he faced the Star Killer, be it for survival, for his dignity, to not be beaten up so badly, or to strive for survival under his suppression…


Thales’ longsword hit Jonveled’s weapon again.

At this moment, Thales closed his eyes.

Jonveled, who was near him, noticed it and felt surprised.

The Sin of Hell’s River flooded all over the teenager.

His hell’s senses became more sensitive.

But time seemed to have become slower.

At that moment, Thales slowly sensed something.

When his and Jonveled’s longswords hit, both of their Powers of Eradication surged out together and fought against each other at that connecting point.

One side attacked nonstop, and the attack surged fiercely.

The other side guarded firmly with strong determination.

Thales could feel that no matter what action he took, regardless of whether it was pushing forward, attacking, pulling back his sword, or moving backward, Jonveled’s Power of Eradication would attack nonstop and gave him no chance to catch his breath.

He also had no way to block it.

‘What should I do? What should I do?’

At that moment, Thales closed his eyes and used the responses from his hell’s senses and the Sin of Hell’s River to sense all this.

He quirked his lips slightly.

The teenager came to an understanding.

He, Thales Jadestar, was not a strong monster with a powerful body, a talented person with fine skills, or the main character in some kind of novel about knights who possessed powerful martial arts.

Even though there was a dark part in his mind that screamed, “Come, let out your mystic energy, and you can kill all of them!”

He even did this why shaking his fist and roaring.

He could not suppress the enemy with a hit like Yodel, could not turn something useless into something amazing like Black Sword, or change multiple times in one breath like Nicholas. He could not even be like the Knight of Judgment who could control the battle situation with ease as if he was taking a walk in the park.

But he had at least one advantage. The advantage that Thales refused to admit—he was endurable.

‘Yes. It might not sound good, but when you are beaten too many times, you would indirectly develop a miserable instinct.

‘You would know how it feels when fists and swords fall on you.’

He knew which type of hit was painful but not serious, which hit seemed exaggerated but the effects were normal, and which hit was extremely dangerous and deadly.

And when he bore all these hits, it allowed him to see more things about his enemies and himself, including… How he could counterattack and win, just like how the Star Killer faced the Raven of Death.

‘It does… sound rather familiar.’

Thales smiled in a relaxed manner.

‘That’s right. Isn’t this…’

The Sin of Hell’s River roared in his eardrums, and it seemed to be hitting on war drums, urging Thales to continue fighting.

But Thales pretended that he did not hear that. At this moment, images flashed in his mind.

During the times he never bowed his head while he was a child beggar in Abandoned House…

During the critical moment in front of the vampire at Vine Manor…

During the political game in the Hall of Stars in Renaissance Palace…

Was this not…

During the time he was in grave danger in Dragon Clouds City’s Shield District…

During the time the five archdukes’ dealt him that blow of despair in Heroic Spirit Palace…

During he strove hard in the darkness while he was at the bottom of Black Prison in the desert…

Was this not…

Thales’ lips curled further.

Was this not…

Since he came to the world, he needed to face many difficulties and obstacles, and was this not the way he, Thales Jadestar, survived?

He will first get beaten, and he will survive. Then, he will upgrade himself and look for an opportunity to win.

And in the end, act foolishly?

Get beaten up, upgrade, and act foolishly. Was this Thales’ three-step strategy?

Thales slowly opened his eyes and looked at the world in front of him, where time had almost stopped. He saw Jonveled, who looked surprised.

He smiled in his heart.

‘No, no, no. Be serious. This is a battle.

‘Let’s switch a way of phrasing it, something that sounds nicer.

‘And that is… receive the enemy, observe the enemy, and control the enemy.’

Thales was enlightened.

The Sin of Hell’s River started boiling to the point that it was almost burning.

But in Thales’ mind, that clue became clearer.

It seemed that he was getting closer to some goal.

He knew that this was his Sin of Hell’s River.

His Power of Eradication.

His fighting style, or just like what Ricky had said…

This was himself, Thales Jadestar, or rather…

Thales thought again.

‘This is a basic quality that should be possessed by every strong person.

‘Receive the enemy, observe the enemy, and control the enemy.’

In the next second, the Sin of Hell’s River in Thales’ body exploded!

It was vigorous, excited, and had reached its climax.

Time seemed to have suddenly become normal again at that moment!

Jonveled’s surprise expression vanished instantly and turned into a fierce and serious expression.

Thales could feel that when their longswords clashed against each other, their Powers of Eradication roared together!

Jonveled’s attack could be seen again.

But the prince only moved and flicked his wrist.

He drew a circle in the air with his longsword and started to swing his sword following the momentum of Jonveled’s weapon!

When the metals rubbed against each other, an awful sound was heard.

Doyle who was watching by the side could not help but gasp in surprise.

“This is…”

In a flash, both swords were separated. Jonveled’s longsword came charging forward with an unprecedented momentum!

And Thales turned around slightly. His longsword also flashed past Jonveled’s longsword before he struck forward!

Their shadows overlapped over each other in the training field.


A loud explosion rose.

Both of them stopped together.

The Royal Guards who were watching at the side gasped softly in amazement.

Mallos kept staring at the field. He even ignored the voices of the people around him urging him to do something.

Thales gasped in the training field while he sensed his nearly dried up Sin of Hell’s River surge in him in indignation.

He redirected his gaze. At some point in time, the upper part of his shield had already been broken into pieces, and only half remained on his hand.

Meanwhile, Jonveled’s practice sword already stopped at his shoulders. The metal sword pressed against his neck, and he could sense the coldness of the sword on his skin.

Thales’ sword had grazed Jonveled’s shoulder and had shot over by a few centimeters. It stopped in the air.

It did not work.

Thales sensed the soreness and numbness in his body, and he sighed.

He still lost.

The discussions among the Royal Guards grew louder.

But at this moment.

“I am the one who lost.”

Before him, the neat and clean looking knight who was on his thirties gracefully pulled his longsword away and nodded politely.

Thales showed a puzzled look.

“Although I managed to attack your vital point, Your Highness, it was because your practice shield had endured many attacks, so it could not afford withstood any more attacks.”

Jonveled showed a friendly smile and pointed at the remaining half of the shield one Thales’ arm.

He took a step back, sighed, and touched the leather armor over his chest. There was a new scratch over it.

“And prior to this, your sword grazed my neck.”

Thales was stunned.

Jonveled gazed at Thales sincerely.

“Although you only grazed me with the back of your sword…” Jonveled smiled and shook his head. “If it were a real sword, I would have lost.”

An uproar was heard from the Royal Guards.

Thales looked at him with a dumbfounded expression.

A few seconds later, the teenager shook his head. He put aside all the epiphanies he gained in the battle just now and registered the situation.

“No. You did a great job. I almost had no chance of fighting back.” Thales sighed. “Even at the end, you still had some strength to hold back. This showed that you are more powerful than me, so you should be the one who won.”

Jonveled bowed and did not say anything. He only smiled and put down the practice sword before he turned around and left.


Thales cleared his head slightly.

He knew that, regardless of whether it was Procca, Kommodore, or Jonveled, they were only here to spar with him. Besides, the difference in power between them in terms of their status caused them to hold back and be merciless in their strikes.

‘If they had real swords, I would have turned into a

Thales sensed the soreness and swelling on his arms while he looked at the bruises on them…

He could have turned into the prince version of a sliced nut cake, and he would be served in multiple pieces.

The Royal Guards started to discuss among themselves. Mallos turned around and discussed something with Flag Bearer Fuble, who was beside him. They seemed to have no time for Thales.

“He was about to lose just a moment ago, but why do I constantly feel that there’s something…”

Doyle turned his head around in puzzlement while he remained outside the field, but Glover interrupted him.

“He sensed the strength of the hit and made judgments.”

The vanguard whose nickname was Zombie wrapped his arms around his chest, and his eyes sparkled like beacons.

“Jonveled’s attacks were too fierce, and it was unstoppable.

“So, that boy learned from Logistic Officer Procca’s methods, who fought against him just now. He used Procca’s defensive and counterattack style, where he would become more powerful the stronger his opponent was in order to fight against the opponent whose attacks came at him with an indomitable spirit, and he looked for a chance.”

Glover stared at Thales, who sat down in disappointment.

“It’s just that he ran out of strength in the end, and he had bad luck.”

Doyle’s expression froze for a moment.


“Holy crap, he just selected something suitable on the spot and came up with a strategy?”

Doyle stared at Thales in surprise while he digested his battle experience in a daze.

“So, our duke can think really fast?”

This time, Glover only shook his head without saying anything.

Mallos finally snapped out of his daze when he heard the guards continuously discuss the matter among themselves.

“Then, who will be the next?” The watchman asked faintly.

The Royal Guards who chatting among themselves instantly became quiet.

But Thales’s expression became darker when he heard that.

‘You still want more? I’m about to collapse, you know?’

Thales said indignantly, “Lord Mallos, since you sounded really logical just now, you must surely have good skills.”

The Duke rubbed against the bruises on his arms and gritted his teeth in exasperation. “Why do you refuse to come here and fight me on your own?”

Mallos smiled faintly. “Because I am not good at getting involved in fights personally, Your Highness.”

‘Not good at getting involved in fights personally?’

Thales was stunned, and he immediately thought of another watchman.

“Then, why did they allow you to become a watchman?”

Mallos’ smile still remained elegant. “I am good at battlefield observation, coming up with strategies, and mobilization.”

Thales frowned.

“So, what are you?” Thales snorted coldly and mocked him. “The magic version of Wang Yuyan [1]?”

Mallos narrowed his eyes. “Wang what?”

Thales coughed. “What I mean is, are you not confident as well even when you face an amateur like me?”

Mallos smiled gently. He then looked at the Royal Guards around him, smiled, and he said, “As I told you, I am not good at getting involved in fights personally. If I really fight against you, Your Highness, I will most likely only have a fifty percent chance of winning.”

Thales was so mad that he rolled his eyes.

However, he was already so exhausted that he even needed to accumulate energy to retort.

Mallos looked at one of the Royal Guard members who was very young, “So, how about you, Ness? Do you want to fight against His Highness?”

At this moment, before anyone could say anything, a mature female voice traveled slowly into their ears, along with the sound of high heels.

“Oh, is this what all of you call a martial arts lesson?”

The voice was clear and powerful.

Mallos widened his eyes!

When the Royal Guards heard this voice, they burst into an uproar before they strangely fell silent and turned around silently to face that person.

Doyle saw the newcomer’s appearance. He could not help cursed under his breath before he immediately snapped his mouth shut and hid behind Glover.

Thales turned around, and he was stunned too.

He stared at the area outside the field with a dumbfounded expression to look at the lady who walked leisurely toward him from the corridor. She was a mature, level-headed middle-aged woman with an elegant posture.

Compared to Gilbert and Kessel, she still remained elegant even after six years. She was charming, her hair was as dark as ink, and her eyes were as beautiful as a painting. The signs of age could be rarely seen on her except for some wrinkles.

Her high heels continued to strike against the floor powerfully and rhythmically. Regardless of whether she walked on stone, a lawn, ceramic tiles, or gravel, her pace remained the same as ever, and it never changed.

Thales stared dumbly at the woman.

He watched her pride and valiant gait, which had not been reduced, along with her unrestrained attitude and movements that showed freedom.

She lived however she wanted.

The members of the Star Lake Guards looked at one another at a loss, and they seemed to be hesitating.

However, they started to bow and greet her respectfully under Mallos’ lead.

But the black-haired lady pretended she did not see them. She totally ignored them. She just looked around and had her gaze fall on Thales for a moment before she looked away.

She snorted gently. “Look, what exactly is this crap that you are teaching?”

The Royal Guards felt awkward, but they strangely remained silent, and no one dared to answer her.

“Madam, perhaps you do not understand.” Finally, Mallos, who was their leader, lowered his head and coughed. “We are now investigating and collecting information about the Power of Eradication in His Highness. This is to help him…”

“Then, have you finished the investigation?”

The dark-haired lady tactlessly interrupted him, and she sounded impatient.

“How long do you still intend to beat him up?”

Mallos instantly found himself rendered speechless.

Flag Bearer Fuble, who was behind him, quickly came up to smooth the matter over. “In truth, we have some clues now, but we still need…”

But the lady interrupted him again.

“Oh, so all of you are serious about it.” She walked to the edge of the field and looked around at the people. Contempt flashed briefly in her eyes flashed briefly. “It was not actually you playing house?”

The guards stared at each other at a loss again.

Mallos remained silent for a few seconds. “Madam…”

But the middle-aged lady snorted coldly and interrupted him for the third time.

“You.” The dark-haired lady turned her head coldly and looked at Glover, who was baffled and pointed at himself.

“No, not you. I mean the one behind you.

“The heartbreaker from the Doyle Family. Do not think that I cannot see you just because you hide behind that tall man.”

Doyle walked out from behind Glover with a long face and forced himself to smile. “Madam…”

But the graceful dark haired lady just gave an order. Her voice was decisive, powerful, and not hesitant at all. “You, go up and practice with the prince.

“Do what your leader said. Investigate his Power of Eradication.”

Thales, who was immersed in his memories, felt slightly stunned.

Doyle’s expression also changed.

“What? Are you not willing?”

Doyle’s eyebrows twitched.

The lady said coldly, “So, is sparring with Prince Thales… an insult to your family?”

Doyle trembled when he heard that.

He dared not reply. He looked as if he had already accepted death as he walked to the battlefield with a muddled head like a puppet manipulated by a puppeteer by strings. He was about to grab a practice sword as he hoped that this nightmare would end soon when his beautiful wish fell through.

“Wait.” The lady’s voice rose languidly, causing D.D’s foot to freeze in the air. He dared not move. “Use your own sword.”

When these words were said, an uproar was heard among the Royal Guards!

Mallos’ expression changed repeatedly, and he seemed as if he could no longer retain his original indifference.

Doyle turned around in surprise and could no longer care about the fear in his heart.

“U-use… a r-real sword?”

The lady snorted through her nose. That snort even had a pitch. “What else?”

Doyle remained stiff where he stood.

“Hurry up. Draw your sword and go up against him with your life.”

The lady was seen to sweep her gaze over the guards with a cold look.

“Otherwise, you will be wasting your time investigating his Power of Eradication.”

Thales was shocked when he heard that, but he felt warmth at the same time.

‘As expected, even after six years, she’s still…’

Flag Bearer Fuble, who was behind Mallos, had a dark look on his face. He asked Procca, who rushed over from the back. “How did she get in?”

Procca had an anguished look on his face. He waved his hands in resignation and helplessness, “Commanding officer, did you know that she is His Majesty’s…

“In short, no one will dare to try and stop her in all of Mindis Hall, even our brothers.”

Fuble instantly found himself incredibly gloomy.

Thales took a deep breath and looked at Doyle, who did not even breathe loudly after he was lectured, and he took a step forward.

“Madam, I…”

However, at that moment he spoke, the first-grade female official of Renaissance Palace, his father’s lover, and the person who taught him the basics of his Northland Military Sword Style, Madam Jines Bajkovic interrupted him impatiently. “Shut up, brat.”

Thales was instantly rendered speechless.

“How many times have I mentioned in my letter? After you are back, I will test you with skills with the sword.”

Jines walked up to him and saw that Thales was almost at her height now. Her lips trembled a little, and her gaze began to become unfocused as tears pooled in her eyes.

But the female official soon turned her head around, and the tears in her eyes vanished without a trace. “And what are you doing now?”

Jines looked toward another side and said sternly, “Toy swords? Are you playing house? Are you still seven years old?”

Jines glanced at the twenty or so Royal Guards and spoke strictly, “Are you seven years old as well?”

Mallos, who led the Royal Guards, remained silent and said nothing.

“Why are you still daydreaming?”

Jines exhaled.

Once she looked as if she was done venting her anger, she turned to Doyle again. Doyle tried hard to pretend to be a stone pillar in the field. “Go D.D, fight with him with your sword until you see blood or until you figure out his Power of Eradication.”

Doyle trembled and raised his head. “I-I, Madam, this sword is passed down from my grandmother, and it cannot be simply used…”

Jines exposed him mercilessly. “Nonsense. How many times have I caught Old Doyle at Red Street Market when I was young?

“Your grandmother has passed away for a long time. Each time, it is your grandfather who comes out and pays for the bail!”

Doyle trembled when he heard that. He lowered his head and dared not make any sound.

Jines snorted coldly. She tapped against the ground with her high heels, and the sound can be heard clearly as she walked past every Royal Guard.

“How about you?

“You? Or maybe you?

“Use your real sword and spar with him.”

No one replied. They did not even dare raise their heads.

Jines snorted coldly and turned to the leader.

“If that is the case, we should have you go, Mallos.”

The female official said in contempt, “Are you not the loyal servant of His Majesty? The kind of servant who will kill anyone if His Majesty asked him too?”

Mallos remained silent for a few seconds.

In the end, the watchman took a deep breath.

“There is no need, Madam. Our task has been completed. We have already understood His Highness’s Power of Eradication.”

Thales was surprised when he heard that.


‘What? Sin of Hell’s River? The Power of Eradication that Black Sword mentioned should not be shown to anyone?

‘He understood it just like that?’

“The martial arts lesson has ended.”

Mallos showed a stiff smile. “Madam, you may now provide His Highness with his etiquette lesson.”

“My colleagues and I will now take our leave.”

But Jines did not have the intention to let this matter end gracefully. “Oh, really? You understand just like that?”

The female official clicked her tongue and said, “You did not use real swords to cut him, and you managed to learn what his Power of Eradication is when this is not a real battle with real weapons?”

Jines pointed at Thales, and her gaze was cold. “What if you are wrong? Are you going to hit him again?”

Thales felt his heart freeze.

Mallos coughed. He seemed to be used to Jines’ habit of making things difficult for people.

The watchman said stiffly in front of the people, “Indeed, His Highness’ Power of Eradication is very strange, and there is no clear characteristic. There is also a very limited increase in his physical attributes.”

Jines narrowed her eyes.

Mallos looked up, and his gaze went straight to Thales. “But he managed to last through three battles.”

Thales sucked in a breath, and he also put on a puzzled expression.

The watchman said calmly, “Before he was injured, Procca was an elite in the Defence Division. The unique skills he uses in his counterattacks could even severely injure supreme class fighters.

“Even though he is in the Defence Division, but Jean was originally a police officer. The skills he learned in close-quarters combat from the streets are practical and effective. He is skilled in using unexpected ways to defeat his enemies.

“And Jonveled has only recently been switched from a penal officer to a vanguard. The biggest reason behind it is because his attacks are too aggressive.”

The three people mentioned moved slightly.

“But His Highness managed to last through his fights with them, and he did not lose too horribly,” Mallos said systematically.

The watchman schooled his face, and his gaze was like lightning. It was so sharp that it made Thales slightly uneasy.

“Your Highness, there is a very similar Power of Eradication to yours recorded in history.”

Thales was slightly shocked.

‘A very similar Power of Eradication recorded in history?’

He immediately remembered the example Ricky told him when he was still in Blade Fangs Camp.

Those people were seniors that Ricky mentioned had the Sin of Hell’s River, and they were also people who shouldered the mission of their generation.

But what Mallos said next exceeded his expectation.

“Two hundred years ago, a genius of matchless prowess in martial arts and combat appeared in the Jadestar Royal Family.”

‘Jadestar Royal Family?’

Thales raised his head in shock.


‘Did Ricky mention any Jadestars among those strange and fancy names?’

Mallos cleared his throat, and he spoke loudly before the attentive crowd, “That genius of the royal family Awakened to a rare Power of Eradication, and that power allowed him to struggle and survive in countless perilous situations. He could also narrowly escape death.

“It was just like Prince Thales’ power today. It had allowed him to last through difficult situations.”

Thales blinked.


Mallos nodded.

“In the end, that genius became a supreme class legend in his generation. His name spread through the lands, and he is famous even now.”

Jines frowned. “And he is…”

Mallos sucked in a deep breath, and he looked toward Thales. “Indeed, he is the romantic prince who lived freely. He fought through all of Western Peninsular, and he never ran into anyone who could serve as his enemy. He is a legend that lasts over centuries.

“Keira Jadestar.”

The watchman’s eyes shone brilliantly. “The people know him as Enemy of the Wolves.”

The crowd burst into commotion.

Thales was utterly dumbfounded.

‘The legendary prince, Keira Jadestar, Enemy of the Wolves?’

Mallos looked up, and he was stern as well as serious. He said softly, “And the Power of Eradication Prince Keira relied upon to become famous and shock the world is known as the Wrath of the Sea.”

One second. Two seconds. Three seconds.

During that instant, the entire training field descended into a fervor.

The Royal Guards quickly talked to each other. Some of them were excited and shocked, while some continuously looked toward Thales.

Jines fell into deep thought as well.

But the main character of the topic stood stunned to the ground.

‘The Wrath… of what now?’ Thales stuttered in his heart.

“I heard that the Northlanders arranged instructors for the prince, and he happens to be prince Horace’s murderer. The Northlanders intentionally used this to humiliate us.” Doyle had snuck back to Glover’s side, and he nudged his companion in shock. “By the looks of it now, did that murderer actually teach him seriously?”

While the crowd was in chaos, Mallos seized the chance to tactfully put an end to this. “My apologies, Madam Jines. That will be all for today.

“As for you, Your Highness, I will read up on information for when the Enemy of the Wolves was still alive.”

Mallos narrowed his eyes. “From now on, we will have an even more specific direction for your training.”

The watchman did not wait for their reactions. He just turned to the entire group of guards. “You may be dismissed now. Return to your posts.”

Mallos had a thought strike his head. “Unless… someone among you wants to talk about the old days with Madam Jines?”

Right when he finished speaking, the Starlake Royal Guards dispersed in an uproar. No one seemed to want to stay around any longer.

Mallos turned his head around and nodded slightly at Jines and Thales.

The female official snorted coldly, turned around, and walked forward.

“Why are you still standing around there daydreaming, brat? You still have a class!”

Thales shuddered, and he snapped out of his shock and puzzlement.

He turned his head around, and he jogged over without caring about his appearance or bearing so that he could quickly catch up to Jines’ high heels.

And while the teenager ran, he mumbled in his heart, ‘What’s going on? Over the past six years, aside from being pummelled brutally every single day while I sweat blood and cried while I grit my teeth to go up against Nicholas as well as think of ways to live under his large, terrifying, and savage shadow, what else did I do to make my Power of Eradication resemble the Wrath of the Sea so much?’

Mallos stared at Jines and Thales leave further into the distance while he remained in the training field that had soon become empty. His expression was slightly dark.

“And you, Procca. Send word.” Mallos called out to Procca, who was the last to leave.

“This time, we can be considered to still not be used to our duties, since we have just been established. But next time, even if His Majesty HIMSELF comes over…” Mallos’ way of stressing on the word “himself” made Procca instinctively nervous.

The watchman turned his head slowly around, and an abnormally solemn light sparkled in his eyes. “…My guards are not to allow him to enter without any obstruction and without sending any word to me, understand?”

Procca experienced a full-body shudder.

He suddenly had a feeling that the usually indifferent and relaxed Officer Tormond Mallos had disappeared at that moment.

Procca quickly nodded respectfully, turned around, and left.

Mallos stared at his back. His gaze was complicated, and his thoughts could not be read.

After a moment, the watchman turned to the only person left beside him.

“Hugo?” Hugo Fuble, the flag bearer of the duke’s personal guards, walked up to Mallos in an inconspicuous and obedient manner.

“Did you make a record of today’s training, including the prince’s Power of Eradication?” Mallos asked faintly.

“Of course.” Flag Bearer Fuble brought out a book, and his eyes suddenly gained a spark of wisdom. “The Wrath of the Sea. I also made a record of Prince Thales’ way of handling the fight as well as—”

But Mallos interrupted him. “A mutation.”

Fuble looked up with a puzzled gaze.

“Add one more line in your record,” Mallos said softly. His expression and tone gradually returned to the cold and indifferent tone he usually adopted.

“Prince Thales’ Power of Eradication is a rarely seen, mutated version of the Wrath of the Sea.”

Fuble blinked and frowned.

“As for the precise direction and characteristics of that mutation…”

Mallos exhaled, and his expression was as calm as water. “It is ominous.”

Fuble was stunned for more than a few seconds.

“Mutated. Ominous… Commanding officer, are you sure?”

He looked at his own notebook and said in puzzlement, “This is for Vice Captain Talon, and he will report it to His Majesty as well as… if our records are unclear and inaccurate…”

Mallos suddenly turned his head around. “Yes, I am certain.”

He firmly interrupted Flag Bearer Fuble. His gaze sparkled in an aggressive manner. “Absolutely certain.”

Translator Note:

[1] Wang Yuyuan: A character in Jin Yong’s novel who knew many martial art skills yet she did not practice any of them.

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