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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! (Light Novel)


Kazuma Satou is a shut in who loves games, and his life ended suddenly… appearing before him is a beautiful girl claiming to be a goddess. Kazuma, who was transported into another world, worked hard to earn a living! He wanted to live a stable life, but was burdened with problems caused by the goddess he brought along to the different world with him. He was even targeted by the demon king’s army!?

938 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Volume 14: Toranora Short story - The One with Azure Lightning Behind her2019-03-26
Volume 14: Gamers short story - The Strongest Devil Summoner of the Crimson Demons2019-03-26
Volume 14: Short Story 1 The Innocent Laugh of a Seedling2019-03-26
Volume 14: Afterword2019-03-26
Volume 14: Epilogue2019-03-26
Volume 14: Chapter 5 And thus begins this Legend2019-03-25
Volume 14: Chapter 4 A Conclusion for these Fated Rivals!2019-03-25
Volume 14: Chapter 3 Peace upon these Momentary Ordinary Days!2019-03-25
Volume 14: Chapter 2 The Truth upon this Man Made Race!2019-03-25
Volume 14: Chapter 1 Divine Punishment upon this Holy Armour!2019-03-25
Volume 14: Prologue2019-03-25
Volume 13 Short Story: The Lap pillow of the false Shopkeeper2019-03-25
Volume 13 Short story: The winter moon is…2019-03-25
Volume 13 Short story: A real magic item!2019-03-25
Volume 13: Chapter 5 Sincere love for this Lich!2019-03-25
Volume 13: Chapter 4 Giving a Goddess’s Blessings upon this Man!2019-03-25
Volume 13: Chapter 3 Gifting Aid to this Stalking Victim!2019-03-25
Volume 13: Chapter 2 Divine punishment upon this Harem protagonist!2019-03-25
Volume 13: Chapter 1 Blessings upon this encounter with the Treasure Island2019-03-25
Volume 13: Prologue (A Challenge to this Lich!)2019-03-25
Volume 12: Short story: On a certain Midsummer’s night2019-03-25
Volume 12 Short story: The unbelievably lucky silver haired thief2019-03-25
Volume 11: Short story 2: The True Aspect of Violence2019-03-25
Volume 11: Short story 1: The Legendary Witch2019-03-25
Volume 12: Epilogue -Like this forever…2019-03-25
Volume 12: chapter 6 Granting Eris’ Divine Protection upon this Crusader!2019-03-25
Volume 12: chapter 5 A Banquet with this Devil Count!2019-03-25
Volume 12: chapter 4 A gesture of love for this orphanage!2019-03-25
Volume 12: chapter 3 Bringing these feelings to a close!2019-03-25
Volume 12: chapter 2 Granting despair for these Upstarts!2019-03-25
Volume 12: Chapter 1 Putting this sickly illegitimate child at ease!2019-03-25
Volume 12: Prologue2019-03-25
Volume 11: Side Story: Regarding the dangers of that skill.2019-03-25
Volume 11: Side Story: ‘The Strongest Skill…’2019-03-25
Volume 11: Side Story: For Iris-sama’s sake2019-03-25
Volume 11: Epilogue2019-03-25
Volume 11: Chapter 5: Starting Over with the Adventurers!2019-03-25
Volume 11: Chapter 4 - Showdown with this Crafty Monster!2019-03-25
Volume 11: Chapter 3: Goddess’ Grace on the Pious Follower!2019-03-25
Volume 11: Chapter 2: Jinchū on this Housemate!2019-03-25
Volume 11: Chapter 1: Awakening of this Lolicon NEET2019-03-25
Volume 11: Prologue2019-03-25
Volume 10: Side Story - ‘Axel’s Number One…’2019-03-25
Volume 10: Side Story - Regarding the Princess’ Adolescence2019-03-25
Volume 10: Side Story - The Goddess, Working Hard.2019-03-25
Volume 10: Epilogue2019-03-25
Volume 10: Chapter 5 - Ending this pointless conspiracy!2019-03-25
Volume 10: Chapter 4 - Praising this Militant Princess!2019-03-25
Volume 10: Chapter 3 - Punishing this Insolent Fiancé!2019-03-25
Volume 10: Chapter 2 - Teaching these Sheltered Ladies!2019-03-25
Volume 10: Chapter 1 - Objecting this Sudden Engagement!2019-03-25
Volume 10: Prologue2019-03-25
Volume 9 Short story: A certain chick’s special move!2019-03-25
Volume 9 Short story: An occasional cliché story2019-03-25
Volume 9: Epilogue II - Dear, big brother!2019-03-25
Volume 9: Epilogue - For the sake of this person!2019-03-25
Volume 9: Chapter 5 Gifting a fateful explosion to this evil god!2019-03-25
Volume 9: Chapter 4 Gifting these gods lacking influence with sincere prayers!2019-03-25
Volume 9: Chapter 3 One night with this red-haired beauty!2019-03-25
Volume 9: Chapter 2 Gifting the slacking adventurers with growth!2019-03-25
Volume 9: Chapter 1 Gifting these peaceful days with happiness!2019-03-25
Volume 9: Prologue (Crimson Destiny)2019-03-25
Volume 8 Short story: To realize a man’s romance!2019-03-25
Volume 8: Epilogue II - After the end of the festival!2019-03-25
Volume 8: Epilogue - Giving thanks and blessings to the goddess!2019-03-25
Volume 8: Chapter 5 Gifting a legend to this town of rookies!2019-03-25
Volume 8: Chapter 4 Gifting beautiful fireworks to the night sky!2019-03-25
Volume 8: Chapter 3 Gifting this talented advisor with responsibilities!2019-03-25
Volume 8: Chapter 2 Gifting this sacred armor with a master!2019-03-25
Volume 8: Chapter 1 Gifting this dragon with glory!2019-03-25
Volume 8: Prologue (Axis Cult vs Eris Church!)2019-03-25
Volume 7: Short Story - Make a show of gratitude every now and then!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Special short story - The Devil and the Forbidden Book2019-03-25
Volume 7: Epilogue II - Chris and Eris!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Epilogue - Welcome back!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Interlude - The devils sneer in the late hours of the night!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Chapter 5 Gifting this bride with blessings!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Chapter 4 Spending one last night with the young lady!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Chapter 3 Lecturing the Girl who Ran Away from Home!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Chapter 2 Gifting the lord of the lake with eternal slumber!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Chapter 1 Gifting this upstart adventurer with peace!2019-03-25
Volume 7: Prologue (The ten million bride)2019-03-25
Volume 6: Epilogue II The dream reposed in the ring!2019-03-25
Volume 6: Epilogue The reward for the hero!2019-03-25
Volume 6: Intermission2019-03-25
Volume 6: Chapter 6 For the sake of becoming a worthy onii-sama!2019-03-25
Volume 6: Chapter 5 Putting a stop to this malicious scheme!2019-03-25
Volume 6: Chapter 4 Gifting the stay-at-home princess with bad friends!2019-03-25
Volume 6: Chapter 3 Serving divine retribution to this handsome chivalrous thief!2019-03-25
Volume 6: Chapter 2 Gifting this quick witted girl with reeducation!2019-03-25
Volume 6: Chapter 1 Gifting our bright future with cheers!2019-03-25
Volume 6: Prologue (Princess of the six flowers)2019-03-25
Volume 5 Short story: A once in awhile explosive date2019-03-25
Volume 5: Epilogue2019-03-25
Volume 5: Chapter 6 I want to be the strongest mage!2019-03-25
Volume 5: Chapter 5 Sending explosions to these damn ruins!2019-03-25
Volume 5: Chapter 4 Gifting a proper excuse to this restless night!2019-03-25
Volume 5: Chapter 3 Taking a rest in this painful village!2019-03-25
Volume 5: Chapter 2 Adding these boisterous animal-eared girls to my harem!2019-03-25
Volume 5: Chapter 1 Giving this grave letter a resolution!2019-03-25
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