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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Web Novel) - Chapter 147 – Bear-san Leaves The Mine

Chapter 147 – Bear-san Leaves The Mine

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I decided to stop thinking about the two stones I had just obtained and headed back to the upper floors.


There was no use in thinking about something I didn’t understand, especially since it wasn’t something that important.

After going up a floor, I used detection magic to check if there were any golems remaining.

Hmm, there were.

They hadn’t stopped moving with their boss defeated, huh. Well, it was also possible that they had no connection to the Mithril Golem at all. I would be troubled if that was the case, though.

Even though it was troublesome, I had to defeat every golem that was here and see what happened.

They might not respawn, after all.

Still, doing this on my own would be really troublesome…

Just as I thought about asking Jade-san’s party to help me, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear nudged me.

「Will you two help me?」

They cried softly.

「Thank you.」

I hugged them while thanking them.

「Well then, I will take care of the Iron Golems but leave the Stone and Earth Golems to you two, okay?」

The Bears nodded and ran down the tunnel.

「You two get along, okay?」

I only got a kuun from the distance as a reply.

The upper floors were going to be taken care of by Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, so that left only the Iron Golems to me.

The mine didn’t branch out a lot, so this shouldn’t take too long.

I still used detection magic to decide which path to take before storming off.

I crossed paths with the Bears once, and they seemed to be properly disposing of the golems.

When I finished dealing with the Iron Golems, I decided to help them, but all golem signals had already disappeared.

I headed for the entrance and found Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear already waiting there for me, happily sitting side by side.

Yep, they had dealt with them quickly.

「Thanks for the hard work, Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear.」

I thanked them and put them back into their gloves.

As I had expected, having to clean up all of the golems after defeating the Mithril Golem had left me tired. I wanted to get back to the inn quickly and sleep.

On my way back, I noticed some people looking at me curiously but decided to ignore them, and when I got to the inn, Idiot Rangers and Jade-san’s party were already there.

「Yuna, you’re late.」

「I thought you would be fine, Yuna-chan, but you made us all worried by coming back this late.」

Well, that was because I had to clean up the mine, you know.

「It got late while I was defeating the golems.」

「It’s useless to defeat them since they will revive tomorrow anyway.」

Senya-san bluntly said.

「About that, Jade-san, could I ask you to do something for me?」

「What is it?」

「I defeated all the golems including the golem at the lowest floor, so could you check tomorrow if they respawn or not?」

「…I’m sorry, what did you just say?」

「I defeated all the golems including the golem at the lowest floor, so…」

「…Yuna-chan, you’re joking, right?」

「No, I really defeated it, but I don’t know if it will respawn or not.」

I wouldn’t know until tomorrow at least.

「Hey, you, pet over there, stop lying! You’re telling us that a pet like you defeated a golem that the five of us couldn’t? Don’t joke around.」

Idiot Red approached us with a beer in hand. Had he listened in on our conversation?

While I had been cleaning the mine, I had experimented with lightning magic some more, and in order to see the results of my training, I hit him with a light Bear Lightning Punch.


Idiot Red let out a strange voice and collapsed.


Babord’s friends quickly ran to his body.

They called his name, but he didn’t answer.

He just lost consciousness and was still alive, right?

Hmm, had I made it a bit too strong? I had to practice it some more, it seemed.

Well, it was just the right strength for him since he kept mocking me and calling me a pet.

I decided to try to deceive them for now.

「Didn’t he just collapse because he drank too much?」

I said and pointed at the beer that was now spilled over the floor.

Luckily, he had drunk most of it, so not much damage had been done.

「There’s no way Babord would be drunk with just that much…」

「He’s sleeping, though.」

They all believed that I had done something, but they had no proof without even knowing what it was.

Idiot Red’s friends didn’t say anything else and took his big body to his room, so I sat down and asked for a meal.

「Yuna-chan, you really didn’t do anything just now?」

I tilted my head as if I didn’t understand what they were asking me.

「Yes, Yuna-chan, you didn’t do anything, right? Babord only collapsed because he was drunk, right?」

Mel-san was nodding to herself.

「So, Yuna, is what you said before true?」


「About the golem.」

「Ah, about that, huh. I defeated all the golems, including the one at the final floor, so if it doesn’t respawn, we’re done here. It’s up to you if you believe me or not.」

「You’re telling the truth, right?」

「Yuna was faster than us, huh.」

Faster than you, you said… You hadn’t even planned on defeating it…

「To tell the truth, we hit it off with Babord’s party while drinking yesterday. We decided to defeat the golem together since it would be better to split the reward rather than let the country have it.」

「We also decided to take today off and defeat it tomorrow.」

「But I was the one who took the kill, huh.」

I hadn’t known anything about that deal.

Hadn’t they all abandoned the idea of defeating it?

「In any case, you did well defeating it on your own.」

「Well, there’s a different method to do it, after all.」

「Ugh, I wish I could have seen your fight, Yuna-chan…」

If you had been with me, I couldn’t have used the transfer gate, though.

「Yuna, I’m sorry, but could you show us the golem? You have it with you, right?」

Hmm, even if they see it up close, they wouldn’t find out that it was mithril, right?

Since I had no real choice, I went outside and took out the Mithril Golem.

「Uhaa, it’s in a terrible state.」

They reacted to the crumbled Mithril Golem.

「How could you put the golem, which even Babord’s party couldn’t defeat, in such a terrible state…?」

「The bear’s strength is incredible…」

「Even if its strength is incredible, could it really put it in such a terrible state?」

When Jade-san tried to inspect the golem in more detail, I heard the innkeeper calling me from the inn. My meal was ready, it seemed.

I answered the innkeeper and put away the Mithril Golem. Since I didn’t want them to inspect it too well, this was perfect timing.

I entered the inn, happy with this outcome.

「Yuna defeating this golem might have had an effect on the other golems.」

「You’re right. We should check it out tomorrow.」

「We planned on going in with Babord’s party anyway.」

「True. If any golems still appear, we can just head straight to where the Mithril Golem was, or search the tunnels if they don’t.」

After the meal, I went back to my room and considered going to the place where I had fought the Mithril Golem.

Even though people didn’t go there, I didn’t really want to leave a Bear Transfer Gate there.

I was tired and wanted to sleep, but if I go to Mireera during the day tomorrow, someone might see me, and that would be troublesome.

I had no other choice but to go now, huh.

I could also do it tomorrow night, but something might happen in between.

Since I had no other choice, I installed a Bear Transfer Gate and transferred to the Bear House in Mireera. I looked outside, and it was already dark, which meant it would be easier for me to move without being seen.

Also, it was great that my clothes were black! It was a Bear Costume, though…

I rushed out and disappeared into the darkness as if I was some sort of assassin.

Like the last time, I left the city; it was really practical to have the Bear House near the city’s edge in such cases. If it had been at the center, I would have had a difficult time moving undetected, even at night.

When I was far enough from the city, I summoned Hugging Bear and rode him to the Bear Transfer Gate. I put away the gate and returned to Mireera as quickly as I could, then transferred back to the inn, changed into White Bear, and dove into bed.

I had Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear with me while I slept, of course.

The next day, Idiot Rangers and Jade-san’s party went to the mines.

I lied about still being tired from yesterday so that I could stay in.

By the way, Idiot Red didn’t remember what had happened yesterday at all. He actually believed that he had fallen asleep because he drank too much, it seemed. Yep, it was great that he was an idiot.

I ate breakfast and went straight back to sleep.

I had done my best yesterday, so I should take it easy today, right?

I was sure that Fina had been enjoying the capital the last few days, so it was okay, right?

I had asked Eleanora-san to take Fina to the castle. We hadn’t been able to sightsee the castle at all last time since we had been caught by Princess Flora. I really hoped she had enjoyed the castle tour.

Well, when I had called her with the Bear Phone, she seemed to have been having fun, wearing beautiful clothes, and sleeping in a luxurious bedroom.

Eleanora-san had also properly showed her around the castle, and she even had the luxury of having a meal with Princess Flora and the King, so the castle tour had been a great idea.

I had also asked Shia to show her around the capital since we had been here during the King’s birthday last time, and the normal capital gave off a different feeling, so she should be having fun.

I had troubled Fina, after all.

She had to fully enjoy herself.

I woke up for lunch, and while I ate, the adventurers came back.

「You guys came back quickly.」

I said and took a spoonful of soup.

「Yeah, we couldn’t find any golems, so we just wandered the mine for a while.」

「I couldn’t believe my eyes… There wasn’t a single golem, even though there had been so many before.」

I didn’t know if it was due to the defeat of the Mithril Golem or the removal of the Bearmonite, but it seemed that the golems weren’t respawning anymore.

「Did this pet really defeat that golem on her own?」

Idiot Red said while looking at me.

Should I electrocute him again?

「You confirmed that the last golem wasn’t there anymore, right?」

「Yeah, but to take down the golem that the five of us couldn’t defeat…」

「We told you a lot of things Yuna had done before, right?」

「How she defeated the Tiger Wolves, Black Viper, Goblin King all on her own?」

「Well, normally you wouldn’t believe something like that, right?」

Mel-san seemed to agree with Idiot Red’s logic.

I looked around and saw that it wasn’t just Mel-san; they were all nodding.

Well, it didn’t really matter, did it?

「Okay, so does this mean the request is completed?」

I would head back today it it was.

「We have to report to the person in charge of the mine first and consult with him on what to do now.」

Oh right, there must be someone in charge of the mine. I had completely forgotten that they could exist.

Still, reporting to them would probably be a pain.

「Yuna, will you come to make a report with us?」

「It seems like it would be troublesome, so I will leave it to you, Jade-san.」

I tried asking him since I had nothing to lose.

「You’re really…, whatever, if it’s just the report, we can do it. You come too, Babord.」

Oh! I should really ask others to do things for me more!

I was really grateful to Jade-san for this.

「Why me too…」

「If you come with us, the report will be more credible, right?」

「You just have to take the pet that defeated it then, right?」

「Would you really believe me if I told you someone like Yuna completed the request?」

Idiot Red looked at me.

「…I wouldn’t」

「And that is why you have to come too.」

「There’s no helping it, I guess.」

Were they insulting me, somehow?

It wasn’t just my imagination, right?

Well, they were going to do the troublesome report for me, so I should forgive them this time.

Jade-san’s party and Idiot Rangers headed to the person in charge of the mine, so I summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear and took another nap.

I napped for a while, and then the outside got noisy. I opened my window to check, and saw Jade-san’s party and Idiot Rangers surrounded by the residents, who were thanking them.

Jade-san’s party had troubled faces while Idiot Rangers waved their hands.

Jade-san’s party then somehow managed to escape to the inn without the residents following them.

Thinking something had happened, I went down to the dining room on the first floor.

「Did something happen?」


「You see, they believe that we were the ones who defeated the golems in the mine.」

Jade-san’s party then proceeded to explain.

The residents had seen the nine of them on their way to the mine first thing this morning.

They had seen them on their way back.

Then, they had seen them reporting to the person in charge of the mine.

They had even seen that person thanking them.

The news of the golems being defeated then quickly spread…

Yep, I understood how the story went.

「So, that’s why they now believe that we were the ones who defeated the golems.」

「Not to mention this idiot waving his hand as well…」

「Shut up, I only waved because they were thanking us!」

「We tried to explain that Yuna-chan had done it, but…」

「…No one even tried to listen.」

「We’re sorry.」

Jade-san apologized with a bow.

Hmm, the way this turned out wasn’t bad, right?

I didn’t want to be surrounded like they had been, and I didn’t want to be famous either, so there wasn’t really anything to apologize for.

Although, I still wanted to be the one credited for the subjugation at the guild, so I asked them about that.

「I will properly report it was you, of course. Babord, you’re okay with this too, right?」

「Of course. I wouldn’t stoop so low as to take achievements from others.」

「You say that, but you were waving your hand before, weren’t you?」

「I waved because they were calling out my name.」

Well, the request should be finished with this, but since it was late already, I decided to go back tomorrow. Fina was waiting for me, after all.

I shared my plans with the others.

「About that, you see, it was decided that we should wait for a while longer.」


「This is the first time the golems didn’t revive over the night, so we don’t know if it will be the same tomorrow or the day after, right?」

「So, it has been decided that we should stay here for ten more days.」


I couldn’t stay here for ten days.

「Are you kidding me?」

「You can go back, though, Yuna.」

I was relieved to hear that; I couldn’t just leave Fina in Eleanora-san’s care for ten days.

「Since we will be staying here, could you please go to the Adventurer’s Guild and make a report?」

「But what will you guys do if the golem appears again?」

「Nothing. We will leave it to the country. If that golem keeps reviving even when we defeat it, our hands are off.」

Jade-san reinforced his statement by raising his hands into the air.

「Okay, I will go back to the capital tomorrow then.」

Author’s note:

I’m thinking of writing the second volume of the book soon.

I won’t stop posting, but the updates will probably be coming every three days rather than two. I hope you guys can understand that.

This makes me recall when I did my best to update every two days so that you wouldn’t find out about the first volume. I almost went crazy back then. w

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