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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Web Novel) - Chapter 150 – Bear-san Is Lectured By Fina

Chapter 150 – Bear-san Is Lectured By Fina

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Author’s note:

I couldn’t keep a good flow of conversation in this chapter, so I’m sorry if it comes across a bit strange.

After leaving Gazar-san’s place, Fina and I used the Bear Transfer Gate to transfer to Crimonia’s Bear House.

「We’re finally back.」

I was finally back at my home, the Bear House.

It should have been a one-day trip; I really didn’t think that it would end up taking several days.

This made me recall game events, though it was a bit different in that case, since the trip ended up being a pain.

Well, I was able to obtain mithril, so I was happy with the outcome.

I had troubled Fina, though.

「Big Sis Yuna, what should I do today?」

Hmm, we had already bought some food at some stalls in the capital on the way to my Bear House, and it was only early afternoon.

「Fina, you’re tired, right? You should go home and take it easy today.」

A ten-year-old girl should be tired after being away from home for several days, and I also wanted a break.

「Come tomorrow morning, and bring Shuri.」

「Bring Shuri?」

Fina tilted her head.

Had I said something strange?

「You don’t have to force her to come if Tirumina-san doesn’t allow it, okay?」

「Okay, see you tomorrow morning then. I will make sure that Shuri comes too.」

「Please say hello to Tirumina-san for me as well.」

Fina nodded.

「Also, Big Sis Yuna, thank you for taking me to the capital even though a lot of terrible things happened this time.」

「You had fun, right?」

Fina showed a complicated expression.

「It was fun, but getting to see the King was a real surprise.」

I knew it. She wasn’t able to enjoy it because of the King…

「I will make sure that we will be able to sightsee the castle without meeting the King next time, okay?」

「Okay. I want to see the garden one more time.」

「It’s beautiful, isn’t it?」

「I want to show it to Shuri.」

「We will all go together someday then.」

「Great. Big Sis Yuna, thank you for taking care of me.」

「Thank you for putting up with me. See you tomorrow.」

After saying goodbye, Fina left the Bear House.

Since I was now left alone, I decided to just stay in today and went to my room to rest in comfort with my Bears.

The next morning, Fina and Shuri arrived at the Bear House.

They were good children and arrived on time.

「Big Sis Yuna, good morning.」

「Good morning, Sis Yuna.」

The two sisters greeted me.

「Good morning, you two. Shall we go then?」

I greeted them back and left the Bear House with them.

「Tirumina-san didn’t mind?」

「Yes, she was fine with it. She wasn’t worried since we would be with you, Big Sis Yuna.」

I didn’t know if I should be happy for being trusted this much or if I should get angry at her being so irresponsible as a parent. I was kind of troubled by this.

「Sis Yuna, where are we going?」

Shuri asked with Fina in one hand and me in the other.

「We are going to commission knives at Gold-san’s place.」

「Commission knives?」

She said while tilting her head.

Oh, I had never mentioned it to her.

「Fina and I got an ore named mithril the other day, so we are going to ask Gold-san to make knives from it.」

I tried to explain in a way Shuri would understand.

「Why am I going too, though?」

「That’s because we will ask for a small dismantling knife that will fit your hands.」

I gripped Shuri’s little hand. Gosh, it was really small.

「But you already got me one last time, Sis Yuna.」

Recently, Shuri had been interested in a lot of things.

Anytime Fina came to the Bear House to dismantle monsters or animals for me, she also came along to look at the process or even help.

When we visited my shop, she grew interested in the bread and other meals that Morin-san and Anzu made, so she now sometimes visited the kitchen by herself.

On top of that, she was also making sure to study, help Tirumina-san, and even help take care of the birds at the orphanage.

She was at an age where many different things started to interest her.

So, since she was interested in dismantling, I had asked Gold-san to make my dismantling knife (which I had never used before), fit Shuri’s little hand.

I thought that making a seven-year-old girl do dismantling work was strange, but she wasn’t against it, and Tirumina-san and Gantz-san didn’t say a thing either. If we had been in Japan, I would have been scolded for giving a knife to a child, but this world was okay with children handling knives when needed.

By the way, I didn’t just let her walk around with the knife. It was stored safely in the Bear Warehouse. She only used it while helping Fina.

I had no idea what Shuri would do in the future. She might follow her father’s footsteps to become an employee of the Adventurer’s Guild and dismantle monsters there. Having a mithril knife wouldn’t be a bad idea in that case.

「This knife will be a bit different.」


Shuri tilted her head again.

Hmm, even if I explained the difference to her, I doubt she would understand.

「This knife will cut better than the one you have right now.」

While I did my best to explain it to Shuri, Fina suddenly entered the conversation.

「Big Sis Yuna, are you planning on having a mithril knife made for Shuri too!?」

「That’s right.」

Even if I got a mithril dismantling knife for myself, I wouldn’t use it, so it was better to get one for Shuri, who would at least sometimes use it.

Fina, though, gave me an angry glare.

「Big Sis Yuna, that’s ridiculous! Did you hit your head or something?!」

「Why did you get so angry all of the sudden?」

It was really rare for Fina to get this loud, and even rarer for her to get angry.

「Do you even know how much a mithril knife costs!? Even I feel anxious about getting one, so it is just ridiculous for you to consider having one made for Shuri too!」

Fina scolded me.

I noticed even Shuri got flustered seeing how Fina got angry so suddenly.

「Ehm, Fina-san? Why are you so angry?」

I didn’t really know why, but seeing Fina like this, I couldn’t help but to add 『-san』 to her name.

「How many of my mother’s monthly salaries do you think just a single mithril knife costs?!」

Fina kept scolding me.

I didn’t really know how much the knives cost.

Gazar-san only charged the price of labor, so I didn’t have any idea how much they cost together with materials.

How much did Tirumina-san earn anyway?

When we had been deciding it, I had just arrived at this world and had no idea how high normal wages were, so I had to ask Mylene-san for help.

It was me, who was living a super-irresponsible life while not caring about money, we were talking about here.

Also, I didn’t even know that mithril existed until not so long ago.

I only knew that it had a high value.

I wasn’t from this world, so it was hard for me to answer your question, you know.

Still, I couldn’t just say that, so I threw a guess at her.

「Hmm, about three months worth?」

Even though this could hardly be relatable, I remembered hearing that an engagement ring in Japan cost three monthly salaries.

「Wrong, that’s way too low!」

She raised her voice again.

Having a ten-year-old get angry at me at a public street was…

「You have no sense for money, Big Sis Yuna! I kind of knew that since the day I met you.」

「I’m sorry.」

We were getting slightly off-point here.

Not that I could point that out with the way Fina was right now.

She also made a point, so I couldn’t really oppose her.

All I could do was keep listening to her lecture.

Honestly, I was surprised that even several Tirumina-san’s monthly salaries couldn’t buy a single mithril knife.

That meant her salary was low, right? I had to give her a raise.

Now was not the time to think about this, though.

「Big Sis Yuna, you should think more before doing things!」


She would just keep scolding me if I tried to refute her, so I obediently apologized.

As I did so, I felt a tug on my arm. I looked to check, and saw Shuri looking up at me.

「Sis Yuna, I don’t need a knife, you know.」

Being startled by her big sister’s sudden outburst, Shuri tried to avoid getting the knife as well.

「You’re right. If I simply give it to you, your Big Sis will get angry, so I will only lend it to you.」

I petted Shuri’s head.

「Big Sis Yuna!」

「It should be okay if I’m only lending it to her, right? We just need to store it at my warehouse. She can use it when she needs it, and when she doesn’t, it will stay at my warehouse.」


Fina still didn’t seem to agree with my reasoning.

「Also, she will only be allowed to use it when you’re present, Fina.」

That was already the case anyway, but it seemed that I finally started to sway Fina.

「Fina, you should also consider this; do you think that even if I made a mithril knife for myself, would I be able to use it?」

I said while thrusting my chest out. (Not like the action could be seen though my suit, though.)

I had tried dismantling once, but I hadn’t been able to do it.

I was able to cut the wolves bellies and such; I had already experienced doing that in battles.

There was no way I could put my hands into those cuts, however.

That was simply too much for a girl born in a Japanese city.

I also hadn’t experienced it in the game since items had been automatically sent to my item box after I had defeated the monsters.

「Big Sis Yuna, you’re an adventurer, aren’t you?」

Yes, I was an adventurer.

Fina looked at me exasperatedly.

I couldn’t do what I couldn’t do, okay?

Giving me a mithril dismantling knife would be like giving pearls to a kuma (buta).

It would be great if my Bear Cheat had given me dismantling skills…

Well, no use in asking for the impossible.

I showed a depressed expression, and Fina started to laugh.

(TL note: Kuma is japanese for bear, and buta for pig…. Yeah, she made a bad pun here…)

「Fufu, it was a joke, Big Sis Yuna. Please don’t get depressed.」


「I already resigned myself to be your dismantler. I would be troubled if you could suddenly do it yourself, since dismantling is the only thing I can help you with. So, it’s okay if you can’t dismantle, Big Sis Yuna. If you had known how to dismantle, we might not have been as close as we are.」

Fina showed a sad expression for only a second.

「 I will dismantle in your stead, Big Sis Yuna.」


「I will help too.」

Shuri declared while still holding our hands.

「Well then, next time I will defeat a dragon and will be counting on you two then, okay?」

「Yes, I will do my best to dismantle it.」

「I will do my best!」

I petted Fina’s and Shuri’s heads.

They were a really cute pair of sisters.

「You still have to fix your sense of money, okay?」

「I will do my best.」

We all smiled.

Fina finally let me off the hook, so the three of us continued on our way to Gold-san’s smithy.

Author’s note:

This makes me remember the moment when I wanted to make her learn the Bear dismantling skill… (Around the second chapter.)

Thinking back on it, it’s great that I didn’t do that. w

Bear Dismantling Skill: Touch the fallen monster with your Bear Hand to dismantle it and place it into the Bear Box.

That’s what I planned on making it look like.

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