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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Web Novel) - Chapter 191 – Bear-san Presents the Bear Plushies

Chapter 191 – Bear-san Presents the Bear Plushies

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Since everybody had finished their cakes, it was time to hand over the plushies.

Still, unlike the cake, there was a possibility that Misa wouldn’t like them.

Even if she did, she might act all grown-up and say something like, 『A plushie? I’m too old for things like that.』

It was a bit late to consider this now, but 10 was a delicate age.

Although there were people who liked plushies even after becoming adults, there were also some children who didn’t like them even while young.

「Misa, can I ask you something? Do you like plushies?」

「Plushies…? Yes, I like them. I take good care of the dog plushie my mother bought for me.」

As soon as she said she liked them, Fina and I felt a sense of relief.

「Okay, there’s one more present we would like to give you.」

「You have more?!」

I took out the plushies from the Bear Box and handed the Swaying Bear plushie to Fina while holding onto the Hugging Bear plushie myself. This way, it would look like we were both giving Misa a plushie.

As soon as I took out the plushies, however, somebody else chimed in.

「Wha-what-what are those!? Those plushies!?」「

Noa cried out.

「They’re plushies of Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.」

Noa jumped out of her seat and approached us, her gaze locked onto the Hugging Bear plushie in my arms.

「They’re so cute. They look just like the real thing. Yuna-san, please give them to me!」

「I can’t do that. They’re Misa’s presents.」

「Oh, no… Can’t I have one of them at least?」

Noa looked back and forth between the plushies.

「No. It’s not right to split them up, and they are both meant for Misa.」

I would feel bad for separating Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear even if it was only their plushies we were talking about here.

「Why is it not my birthday today?!」

How could I even respond to something like that? If she wanted to complain, she should go to her parents.

Noa fell to her knees, looking depressed.

「Uuu, I really want the Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear plushies.」

Noa looked really sad.

「Um, do you want them that badly?」

「Yes, I really, really want them…」

She lifted up her face and appealed to me.

「Okay, how about I make another set for you later?」


Noa got energetic again.

「Yes, so please hold yourself back for today.」

Well, I wasn’t the one making them, Sherry was. Besides, I already knew Noa would want them, so I had already asked Sherry to make a set for her.

Hmm, how many sets would she have ready by the time we returned to Crimonia?

Well, I knew Noa would want them, but I hadn’t thought she would react to them so strongly.

「Okay. I’m sorry for being selfish. However, it’s a promise, right?」

Noa apologized obediently while also reinforcing our promise.

Fina and I then finally approached Misa, with Noa watching us jealously. I had promised her that I would give her a set of her own, so could she stop looking at us like that?

「You can go first.」

I said and gestured Fina to give her plushie first.

「Misa-sama, happy birthday. Even though it was just a little bit, I helped make these.」

Fina presented the Swaying Bear plushie, and Misa happily took it in her arms.

「Thank you very much. They’re so cute. Can I really have them?」

「Of course, they’re your birthday present, after all. I’m glad you like them.」

「I’m glad that you accepted them without getting embarrassed. I was worried that you were going to say that you only liked plushies when you were younger.」

「We wouldn’t have given them to you if that was the case.」

「I could have gotten them, then…」

Noa pitched in disappointedly.

「Well then, please accept the Hugging Bear plushie as well. I would feel bad if we were to split them up, so I would be happy if you took care of both of them well.」

I said and presented her with the Hugging Bear plushie.

As I already said, it would be unfair to the real Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear if one was picked over the other.

Even with her small body, Misa managed to hug both plushies tightly while Noa continued to stare at her jealously.

She couldn’t hold it back even for this one day, huh.

「I will take care of them well. Thank you very much!」

Misa said and gave off the brightest smile I had seen from her all day long.

「Misa, you received such cute plushies. How nice!」

「Yes, they’re really nice.」

Misa’s mother smiled at her daughter.

「Oh, but now that I got these Bear-san plushies, I can’t ask you for the favor I wanted you to do for me.」

Misa suddenly said, her hands still occupied with holding the plushies.

「What did you want to ask me to do?」

「You see, I wanted to see Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan again. I was going to ask you to bring them out.」

「You were just going to ask me that?」


「Why didn’t you say so earlier?」

I summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear in their cub form.

「W-what is this?! Swaying Bear-chan and Hugging Bear-chan are small like the plushies!」

「We made the plushies match their size.」

Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear approached Misa, who scooped them up into a hug while still holding onto the plushies, so she was embracing four bears at once.

「Misa, that’s unfair!」

Noa couldn’t hold back any longer and joined the hugging circle, meaning that the Bears were now all sandwiched between Misa and Noa.

Soon after, the two of them began playing with the Bears together.

Misa’s mother looked at them with a smile then turned to Fina and me.

「Yuna-san, Fina-san, thank you very much for all you did today. It’s been a while since I saw my daughter this happy. Misa has been looking forward to seeing you two again ever since she sent out your invitations.」

I was glad that we came to the party, too.

I just hadn’t expected to be stuck in a dress.

「Please stay good friends with my daughter.」

「We will.」

We replied.

「Yuna-chan, I’m happy you’re making the plushies for my daughter as well, but are there none being made for Princess Flora?」

Eleanora-san asked me while watching Noa play with the Bears.

「They aren’t done yet but are in the making.」

「Huhu, that’s good. If Princess Flora saw them and found out she wasn’t getting any of her own, who knows what might have happened.」

To begin with, I only made these plushies because I was giving them to Princess Flora. So, of course she was getting her own set.

It was just that the order of who I gave them to first got kind of mixed up.

「I’m glad that you’ve given Misa something so nice. Perhaps I should have invited you to my party as well, Yuna. Maybe I would have gotten something nice, too.」

「Gran-san, you also want to get plushies?」

「No, no. I just wanted a surprise of some sort, wouldn’t mind if it was just food. I was curious what kind of present you would give me.」

A present for Gran-san?

I couldn’t think of anything that would make someone his age happy.

Maybe some shoulder-massage tickets? No, no, I wasn’t his grandchild.

What about some antiques, or a rare weapon? His Majesty liked those.

Well, I guessed that nobles liked gemstones, but I, unfortunately, didn’t have any.

I couldn’t think of anything a noble such as Gran-san would like.

Wait… I might have this one thing he would like.

「Gran-san, would you be okay with receiving a decoration?」

「A decoration?」

「Yeah, something cool you can put out by the entrance or at some other place that stands out.」

「Hoho. You are going to give me a present like that?」

「Well, I can. I don’t need it, so let me know if you want to keep it or not before I head home.」

I walked to an open spot and took out an Iron Golem from my Bear Box.

Yup, I picked a tough-looking one.


「What is that?!」

「It’s a golem!」

「Yuna, what do you think you’re doing?!」

When I took out the golem, everybody freaked out.

Some people knocked over their chairs and tried to run away while the others screamed in fright. Some of them even fell on their backs.

Why was everyone freaking out like this?

「Gran-san, don’t you think it would be cool to decorate your place with this?」

I said and knocked on the Iron Golem, but it made no sound as I had my Bear Hands on.

「Yuna, isn’t it dangerous?」

Gran-san asked cautiously.

「What is?」

「Well, that’s an Iron Golem, right?」


Wasn’t it obvious just by looking at it? Maybe it was his first time seeing one; it had been my first time seeing them when I had done the subjugation request, too.

Still, I felt like we weren’t on the same page.

As I tilted my head thinking what the problem was, Fina came over and explained why everybody was so scared.

「Big Sis Yuna, everybody thinks that the golem will move.」

Ah, I got it now. That was why everybody was so shocked when I had brought it out.

Because Fina explained it to me, I now knew what to say.

「This golem won’t move, so you don’t have to worry about it attacking you.」


Everybody was suspicious, so I knocked on it a few more times to prove it.

「Yuna-chan, could this golem be from back then?」

「Mother, what do you mean by back then?」

Eleanora-san clearly meant the time I had gone to the mine for the golem subjugation.

「So, you subjugated this Iron Golem, huh. It’s my first time seeing one in such pristine condition, though.」

Gran-san said and approached the Iron Golem.

What had Gazar-san told me again? When subjugating it, it sometimes ended up motionless after receiving a lot of damage. In my case, I had just destroyed the magic stone inside using Lightning Magic, which rendered it immobile.

「So, how about putting it at the entrance, Gran-san? It would look amazing, right?」

Gran-san and I began discussing where to put it.

「It would indeed stand out. What a fright it would give to the guests who see it! Heh.」

「You don’t want it, then?」

I really thought it would make a good present, though.

「I will take it if you don’t want it, but are you sure? I think that such an Iron Golem would fetch a good price. Even just the metal is worth quite a lot.」

「I’m good. I’ve got lots of them.」

There were still a couple more Iron Golems from my Bear Box. I didn’t have much of a use for them right now.

Cliff clutched his head in his hands while Gran-san and Eleanora-san began laughing in shock.

Misa and Noa, seeing the golems for the first time, came over to take a closer look.

The two of them were still holding onto Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, and their plushie counterparts.

Everybody else, including Zelef-san and Botts-san, just watched from a distance.

Well, it made sense for people to be afraid of Iron Golems.

When I had shown the Iron Golems to the two blacksmiths, they didn’t freak out this badly and didn’t really seem to be that afraid at all. Hmm, maybe I should be more careful when I bring them out next time.

「I knew you lacked some common sense, but I didn’t think it was this bad.」

「I knew it already.」

「Me, too.」

Gran-san acknowledged my lack of common sense while Cliff and Eleanora-san agreed with him. Even Zelef-san nodded.

Wait, wasn’t this a bit strange?

Aside from the Bear Suit, I was a pretty normal girl. I looked at the three girls, hoping they would back me up, yet none of them argued against what Gran-san said.

How could this be?!

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I would like to thank everybody for your support. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

Please continue supporting my work from now on as well.

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