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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Web Novel) - Chapter 193 – Bear-san Gets Mad

Chapter 193 – Bear-san Gets Mad

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As I ran back to the mansion, I kept calling Fina over the phone, but there was no response.

I was practically sprinting at this point and soon reached the mansion.

Where was Fina?!

I saw the guards posted by the gates like usual, and they were really surprised to see me appear so suddenly.

「Where’s Misa?!」


The guards didn’t understand what I was asking them.

Had nothing happened here?

However, if that was the case, where were the girls?

They had gone to check Misa’s flower bed together.

I thought about questioning the guards further but realized it would be quicker to just look for the girls myself, so I ignored them and jumped up all the way onto the roof.

After looking around for a bit, I spotted the flower beds on the left side of the mansion.


I jumped down from the roof and landed next to the flowerbeds, which held many beautiful, blooming flowers.

Only then did I notice that Fina and Noa were collapsed on the ground right next to one of the flowerbeds, and next to them, were the Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear plushies which we had given Misa at yesterday’s party.

「Fina! Noa!」

I rushed to Fina and held her up. She was still holding onto her Bear Phone.


It was clear that someone had hit Fina in the face.

Who would do that?!

I lightly touched her face and used healing magic to make the swelling go away then went over to Noa. Luckily, she hadn’t gotten hit in the face and looked like she had only lost consciousness.

I sighed with relief before quickly realizing that Misa was nowhere to be seen. The plushies we had given her were left lying on the ground, so something really bad must have happened here!


I called for her, but there was no reply.

I really couldn’t see her anywhere.

Had she run away after getting attacked? Or, had she been kidnapped?

If Misa had managed to get away, others would have noticed the ruckus. Based on the guards’ reaction from earlier, it seemed like nobody had noticed anything yet. Otherwise, there would be no way Fina and Noa would be left in this state.

So, in conclusion, Misa must have been captured.

「Yuna, what’s wrong? The guards were surprised when they saw you jump onto the roof… Noa?!」

Cliff finally arrived to the scene and shouted out when he noticed Noa collapsed on the ground.

Following right behind him were the guards and Meshun-san.

「What happened here?!」

「I don’t know. Something bad I presume, as Fina got hit in the face.」

Cliff took Noa out of my arms, so I went back to Fina, who still hadn’t regained consciousness.

Just what on earth had happened here? Was Misa’s life in danger?

「Yuna-sama! What happened here?!」

「Somebody attacked them. Meshun-san, please report this to Gran-san and get people to start searching for Misa. She may still be within the mansion grounds.」

I knew it was most likely pointless, but I asked her to search anyway, since I had just a bit of hope that she still might be here.

Noticing that Gran-san was already on his way over due to all the commotion we were causing,

Meshun-san quickly ordered the guards to look for Misa before approaching him.

Just a moment later, Fina opened her eyes.


「Big Sis Yuna…?」

「What happened here?!」

「Misa-sama… Misa-sama was…」

Fina kept saying Misa’s name as she tightly grasped onto my Bear Suit.

「Calm down. Take a deep breath and explain what happened slowly.」

「Misa-sama brought us here to show us her flower bed. Then, as we were admiring the flowers, a man in a black mask suddenly appeared. He grabbed Misa-sama and dashed away. We… We tried to stop him by grabbing onto the his clothes but to no avail…」

Fina said while rubbing her face. She must have gotten hit then…

「Big Sis Yuna, please save Misa-sama.」

「Meshun-san, take care of Fina for me.」

I gently patted Fina’s head and stood up slowly.

I was about to explode in anger.

I had already reached my boiling point just from seeing Fina’s injured face.

After hearing that Misa was taken away, I could stay still no longer. I couldn’t let this go unpunished.

「Yuna, what are you planning on doing?」

Cliff asked.

I picked up the plushies before answering him.

「What am I planning on doing? I’m going to rescue Misa, obviously. I don’t know who the culprit is, but he took Misa while also hitting Fina and Noa in the process. Do you really need to ask any further?」

Was he stupid? Why would he even ask me such a dumb question?

Crap, I was letting the blood get to my head.

It was all because of Cliff’s stupid question.

I then passed the plushies to Fina.

「You say you will save her, but do you even know where she is? 」

Gran-san said while grabbing my shoulder tightly.

I quietly took his hand off and lifted up my arms.

「Swaying Bear! Hugging Bear!」

I summoned the two of them.

The people around me made a ruckus when I summoned them in their adult forms, but I didn’t really care.

「Do you two know where Misa was taken to?」

The two of them sniffed the surrounding area, and cried out『Kuun』in response.

I jumped onto Swaying Bear.

「Yuna, wait!」

「What?! 」

Gran-san called out to me even though time was of the essence.

「Please save Misa.」

I nodded, leapt over the fence, and rode off towards the town.

Soon, we reached a populated road, but I didn’t care about the people freaking out when they saw us.

I didn’t know who had done this, but they wouldn’t escape my wrath.

In no time, the Bears brought me to a mansion about the same size as Gran-san’s.


We came home early from the party. Thanks to the chef who had suddenly appeared, all of our plans had fallen apart.

I was pissed.

What had happened back there? Even Father had pulled back so easily.

That wasn’t like him at all. He normally never gave up but rather tricked his opponent into submitting. With a chef like that, he should have made him apologize instead.

Why hadn’t he been his usual self?

When people refused to listen to his orders, he just had to force them to obey him.

Father had always done things that way.

Bribery, threats, and violence. There were plenty of ways to force someone to do your bidding.

Father even kidnapped some children and kept them in the basement. All so that their parents wouldn’t attend that shitty gramps’ party.

Yeah, since the parents hadn’t refused the invitation just from being threatened, so Father had just resorted to abducting their children.

Then, I just had to do the same thing.

I called for Blood and ordered him to kidnap Misana.

「Are those your father’s orders?」

「No, they’re mine. You just have to do what I tell you to do.」

「I don’t mind, but I will be taking payment for it.」

「Yeah, I get it. I’ll pay you, don’t worry. Make sure you capture her discreetly, though. We can’t have them knowing that it was me, or it could get problematic.」

In order to abduct Misana directly, Blood had to take some time.

Based on his report, Misana had gone to help out with a mole extermination, but since there had been adventurers around, he couldn’t just capture her then. How carefree of her to go mole hunting. Well, she wouldn’t get to enjoy herself for much longer, would she?

I told Blood to capture her the moment he got a good chance to, but a few more days passed with nothing happening. I didn’t know if it was because he was incompetent, or if he simply had no opportunities to do it.

Also, how could Father not make a move himself when he had suffered so much humiliation?

All I saw him do was talk to merchants.

The parents from the children we were holding here came, but Father decided not to do anything until that chef left.

Then, all of a sudden, I received a report that Blood had successfully kidnapped Misana.

When I went to get him, he was indeed carrying Misana whose eyes and mouth were covered up.

Now the Faren Gramm family was finished!

I told Blood to leave her in the room next door so that she couldn’t hear my voice.

「She’s not aware that we are the ones responsible for her kidnapping, right?」

「I covered her eyes and mouth immediately, so it should be fine.」

「Okay, good.」

As I started to think about what I should do now, Father suddenly burst in, his expression that of deep anger.

「Randall! You brat, did you get Blood to kidnap Misana?! 」

「Yeah, I’m just doing the same thing you usually do. With this, we just have to threaten that gramps and make him give up his lord status.」

「You fool! It’s not going to go that easily! Nobles are different than merchants. They don’t mind sacrificing a young girl in order to protect their status. If it was me, I would just….」

I didn’t hear the last part, but I understood what he meant.

If it happened to me, he would abandon me. I would do the same thing if Father got abducted, too. Even so, I didn’t think that the naive Faren Gramm family would simply abandon one of their own.

It was right about then that we heard a loud noise coming from the entrance.

Yuna’s perspective:

I got off Swaying Bear and slowly walked to the entrance, with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear following closely behind me.

「Who the heck are you?!」

The guards saw the Bears and drew their swords.

「Where’s Misa?」

I calmly asked them.

Wow, I didn’t think that I could manage to bring out such a calm voice.

「What are you talking about?」

It seemed like they didn’t know what was going on, either.

Since I was intruding anyway, I decided to just hit them with a Bear Punch each, making them collapse to the ground instantly, then stepped past them to the door.

Instead of bothering with knocking, I simply Bear Punched the door, which flew off its hinges with a loud bang. With the door out of the way, it was now easy for my Bears and me to enter.

Besides, this residence would get demolished soon anyway, so they wouldn’t be needing that door.

「Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear.」

The Bears immediately responded and began walking down the hallway; they were guiding me to where Misa was.

When I started to follow them, a man with a toadface stepped out of one of the rooms, along with that brat who had picked a fight with Misa.

So, this was their residence as I thought.

How dumb could this family be? Why would they abduct Misa only to hide her in their own home?

「What’s going on here?!」

「I came to take Misa back home.」

「Who the hell are you?! Also, what are these bears doing here?」

「Where’s Misa?」

「What are you talking about?」

They pretended not to know what I was talking about, so I hit the toad man with a weak Air Bullet.

The man grabbed his stomach and fell to his knees. How could he be writhing in pain over such weak magic?

From this point onward, he would be seeing hell.

「I don’t mind if you don’t tell me where you hid her. I’ll just go and find her myself. I don’t know what I will do to you guys once I do find her, though.」

If Misa was hurt, I would not let them off easily.

「W-what are you talking about?」

The toad man looked at me with a pained expression, but I ignored him and began to walk off.

Just as I passed my Bears, a shadow leapt down from the stairs and shot a fireball at them.

The bears dodged the fireball easily, however.

「Bears can dodge such an attack?」

The shadow turned out to be the man wearing the black mantle.

「Ignoring your outfit and those bears, just who are you? It appears that you’ve noticed I had been watching you.」

The man started to spout out nonsense.

What was he talking about?

「I would never have thought anyone could notice me from such a distance.」

Seriously, what was he talking about?

「Because of you, I just couldn’t find a good opportunity to do it. I was only able to abduct the girl when you left her alone with just two girls accompanying her. And now, you somehow managed to find this place this quickly. I know you were out in town, so there’s no way you could possibly be notified that quickly.」

「Blood! Don’t talk about unnecessary things!」

「Now that this weirdly dressed missy is here, it’s too late to hide it anyway.」

So, this black-clothed man was obviously the one who had kidnapped Misa.

That also meant the he was the one who had knocked Fina and Noa unconscious.

Good thing I found the culprit so easily. Also, he didn’t even have a shred of guilt for kidnapping a young girl. That meant I could punch him without holding back.

「What’s so funny?」

「I’m just happy I found the culprit so easily.」

「Blood, this all happened because you didn’t abduct her quietly without letting anybody realize. Take responsibility for your failure and dispose of this weird girl and her bears!」

The toad man’s son shouted at the black-clothed man.

「I guess it can’t be helped. Normally, that would be an extra charge, but since this was my mistake, I will do it as a bonus.」

After the man said that, he dashed towards me and fired out another fireball without hesitation. I blocked it with the White Bear Hand and shot a fireball back in exchange, but he just jumped back and dodged it.

「You can block magic and then return fire. What an interesting bear you are. I will stop thinking of you as a child and no longer hold back.」

He looked as though he had just found his prey and licked his lips.

Gross. He made me feel sick.

「Blood, don’t use magic so easily! Are you trying to destroy this house?!」

「You say that, but this Bear Missy is also using magic.」

「I don’t care, just deal with this weird bear quickly! Don’t let anybody outside know what happened here. Don’t you lot dare run away, either!」

The toad man shouted past us.

I glanced at the entrance and saw a few guards standing there. Did they think they were really blocking the way by just standing around like that?

They were obviously scared of Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. If the Bears approached them, I was sure the guards wouldn’t really pose much of a resistance.

「I wanted to fight in an open area, but it can’t be helped, I guess.」

The man took out a knife and threw it at me.

However, I was able to see the opponent’s movements thanks to my Bear Suit.

His arm movements. The knife’s trajectory. I could see it all.

I dodged the knife and launched a Bear Punch at his face, but he managed to dodge it.

No way!

He smiled at me. Since I was able to see my opponent’s movements, I could also see their facial expressions well.

His smile only amplified my anger.

Now, I didn’t feel like only hitting him once.

The man brandished another knife, but he was too slow.

I grabbed the knife with my White Bear Hand, making his expression turned to that of surprise. He then put more power into the knife, trying to push it through, but he couldn’t even move it an inch.

It was time for me to strike back, so I put some power into my Black Bear Hand and threw a Bear Punch at him but only hit air.

He managed to dodge it again?!

The man had let go of his knife and put some distance between us. He also shot fire magic at me as a parting gift, but I used water magic to counter it. My magic won, of course. The water quickly ate up the flames, so I decided to send it after him.

Sadly, he only got wet and took no real damage.

「Just who are you? Not only could you stop my knife, but I also lost to you in terms of strength even though you’re just a child. And now, you’re telling me I’m losing in terms of magic as well?」

「I’m not really using my full power, though.」

「Yeah, it’s very narrow here; if we went all out, we would destroy the mansion. Still, I’m frustrated that I’m losing despite attacking first.」

「Isn’t it because you only fight those weaker than you? You’re only fighting me now because you thought I was weak, didn’t you?」

「Of course not. I had thought you had some plans of your own, which is why I had only acted when you hadn’t been around.」

Hearing that made me remember why I was so angry.

「Before I defeat you, let me ask you something. Why did you attack the two girls who were with Misa? For someone like you, there’s no reason to attack two harmless girls.」

「Ahh, those two girls. They were very brave. I was going to grab the girl and run, but those two suddenly grabbed onto my arm, so I had to get a bit rough with them as they clung onto me for their dear life.」

「It’s okay. I shouldn’t have asked.」

It really was stupid of me to ask him that. It just got me more pissed off.

Still, I could imagine how bravely Fina and Noa had acted. They had tried really hard to save their friend. I was glad they hadn’t just abandoned her. I didn’t want them to ever face danger like this again, though.

I would take down everybody here and bring Misa home. I would take Misa back to those two girls. It was the only thing I could do to repay them for their bravery.

I put some more power into the Black Bear Hand.

It would be easy to take them down from range with magic, but I wouldn’t be satisfied with just that. I would make sure to hit them in the face for Fina and Noa’s sake. I would return the favor a hundredfold.

I picked up the knife from earlier and threw it at the man while also kicking off the ground at the same time.

The knife flew very quickly, but the man dodged it without much of a problem. However, I was already at the spot he dodged to. He had reacted well, but I was simply one step ahead of him. I launched another powered up Black Bear Punch right at his face.

I even had to shake off my arm a bit after it.

The man hit the ground hard, and I followed up with a couple more Bear Punches while he was down.

He didn’t get up after I finished. His face was deformed and blood was pouring out of his nose and mouth. I had broken his nose and knocked out some teeth for sure.

The man just quivered on the ground; he most likely wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon.


The toad man’s son shouted at him. The toad man was so shocked the black-clothed man was defeated that he just stared at me.

「You lot, what are you just standing there for? Do something about that weird bear!」

He then shouted at the guards. Some of them drew their swords while some other began chanting spells.

It was to no avail, of course, as I just used wind magic to send them flying.

「Just who are you?!」

「I’m Misa’s friend. I don’t plan on interrupting a war between nobles, but laying a hand on a child like Misa is off limits.」

「I didn’t know anything about this. My son did it on his own.」

Speaking of which, that son of his was missing. He must have ran off when I attacked the guards. I used detection magic to see if anybody looked like they were running. Instead, I noticed two dots approaching us. The idiot son came back, dragging Misa with him.

「Hey, Bear! If you resist, Misana will…」

Before he could even finish his sentence, I shot him in the face with an Air Bullet. Then, I closed the distance between us, took Misa away from him, and smashed his face in with a Bear Punch.

Just like the black-clothed man, he dropped to the ground, and blood started to spurt out of his nose and mouth.

I then turned to look at Misa, who I had just rescued. Her mouth and eyes were covered up with a cloth.

I quickly took off the cloth, only to notice that Misa had tears all over her face.

「You’re safe now.」

I reassured her with a gentle smile.

「Bi-Big Sis Yuna…」

Misa teared up again and began crying, so I held her against me to reassure her.

Only after some time, I noticed that the idiot son’s father was glaring at us.

「I didn’t know anything about this. My son did it on his own.」

「So you’re saying you didn’t do anything yourself?」

「That’s right. Also, do you think you can get away with doing something like this to a noble like myself? This is a crime, and I’m the victim!」

Ahh, I see. It only made sense that an idiot son would have some idiotic parents as well.

Nothing that came out of his mouth had even a sense of an apology.

Maybe I should just hit him too, so he shuts up.

Just as I lost my patience and decided to punch him…

「Yuna-chan, wait!」

Eleanora-san appeared by the entrance.

Author’s Notes:

This got really long.

Still, now we are finally finished with this dumb noble family. w

Also, I managed to finished it off with just one chapter. w

Blood realized that Yuna was not an ordinary person, but he couldn’t see her true power.

Now we will just have to have Eleanora-san and the others take care of this mess. w

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