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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Web Novel) - Chapter 223 – Bear-san Finally Contacts Fina

Chapter 223 – Bear-san Finally Contacts Fina

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Labilata was quite perplexed by my Bear House.

「W-what is this?!」

「This is my house.」

「Still, why is it shaped like a bear?」

Most people stopped asking questions after taking a look at my house and outfit. However, Labilata was being quite frank.

I wished I could just not comment on what it looked like, honestly.

「It has the Protection of the Bear.」

Yesterday, I decided to use the same excuse I used with the elf girl to explain for my Bear House. What a useful phrase.

「Protection of the Bear?」

Labilata said, switching his gaze between the house and me. After doing so for a while, he finally seemed convinced and stopped interrogating me. While I was glad that bringing out the Protection of the Bear excuse most of the time ended up being enough to convince people, I still felt weird every time I used it.

「As you can see, it would stand out if I brought it out in the village, so I decided to use this location instead. Not to mention it is quite close to the village.」

From the top of the waterfall, I could even see a bit of the village. If I ran, I could get there in no time.

「True, it does stand out, but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous out here.」

While Labilata had accepted my reasoning, he was still against my choice of location.

Hmm, he was only worried about me, and it would be difficult to assure him.

If I didn’t care about how he felt, I would just ignore his opinion. Heck, I could just knock him out and be done with it. Yet, I didn’t want any trouble and wanted the elves to like me, so I couldn’t do that.

After a short silence, I finally got an idea.

「There’s nothing to worry about since I have these two with me.」

I said and summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, leaving Labilata with a surprised expression.

「Your summons, huh… Are they strong?」

「They’re quite strong, and they will also alert me if any monsters approach us. So, being here won’t really be that dangerous.」

Labilata took another look around and when he turned back to me, I could see his lips curling up into a smile.

「Sanya sure brought home a strange person.」

This was the first time I had seen him smile.

「Okay, feel free to stay out here. Still, I must warn you that it will not be our responsibility if anything were to happen to you.」

Basically, if I were to be attacked, I would have to deal with it myself. Well, I didn’t plan on having elves take responsibility for any damages caused by fighting anyway.

「I’m fine with that. I can handle it on my own.」

Labilata turned his gaze to the village, seemingly assured.

「Oh, that reminds me, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Labilata, and I’m in charge of guarding the barrier. If any monsters appear, please let me know, and we will take care of them.」

I could take care of them myself but nodded in agreement.

At that very moment, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear lifted their heads and cried out.

Was something wrong? I looked in the direction of their gazes and saw something black in the sky.

Was it moving?

Was it a bird?

Still, if the Bears were reacting to it, it must be a monster, right?

I used my detection magic to check and there was indeed a reaction.

It was monster called a volcrow, a bird-type species larger than eagles.

Not to mention there were ten of them flying towards us at high speeds.

「Is something the matter?」

Labilata asked, noticing my strange behavior.

「There are monsters over there.」

Labilata followed my gaze.

「Those are the Orrval Mountains. Could it be volcrows?!」

Labilata shouted when he noticed the dots.

Indeed, it appeared that the volcrows came flying from those mountains, which meant they were most likely living there.

「What about the barrier?!」

「At this distance, they must already be inside!」

The volcrows were now at a distance where we could could see their distinctive red beaks.

In the game, their beaks had poison in them, which caused paralysis on skin contact. That made them quite difficult to deal with.

「Hurry up and hide!」

Labilata instructed me while glaring at the volcrows.

「Are they going to attack us?」

It was possible that their goal laid somewhere else, right?

「They like to attack us elves, so you need to fall back.」

Just as he said that, the volcrows began to descend upon us.

They were diving down at very high speeds, so Labilata already began bracing himself for the coming assault, and I fell behind him to give him support.

Now that monsters were here, I shouldn’t run away and leaving him to fend for himself, but I also didn’t want to get in Labilata’s way.

Labilata shot some wind magic at the volcrows in front, but they quickly dispersed and dodged it completely then spread out and surrounded us.

「You don’t have to worry about me!」

I yelled at him and got ready to deal with any volcrows coming at me.

Labilata briefly looked at me before turning back, only saying, 「Okay」.

Just like Labilata, I also used wind magic on the four volcrows that came diving at me.

As my Wind Cutters flew at them, the volcrows attempted to dodge, but at this range and the speed of my magic, which was considerably faster than Labilata’s, it was more or less impossible for them to do so. They were all sliced in half and dropped to the ground.

I then looked over at Labilata’s side, and saw that he did hit three volcrows himself, but there were still three left. They circled back to the sky, so I got ready for another dive, but they just kept flying away. Labilata tried shooting them down from a distance but sadly fell short.


Labilata sweared and furiously glared in the direction they escaped at.

They had already left the range of my detection magic, so chasing them would be quite hard.

Labilata calmed himself down after a while and turned to me.

「Thanks for helping me. It would be hard to deal with them if you didn’t take four of them down like that.」

「Still, we let some get away.」

「That’s okay. We have other elves patrolling the area, and they should be able to take down them down easily as long as they aren’t taken by surprise.」

Certainly, the volcrows could easily be taken down if one was capable of using magic. They were quite dangerous to those who couldn’t use it, though. Well, elves generally knew how to use magic, so they should be fine.

「I need to head back to the village to report this. What about you?」

「I’ll stay here.」

「Alright, if any trouble shows up, run towards the village, okay?」

Labilata told me and then quickly disappeared into the forest, leaving my Bears and me behind, next to seven dead volcrows on the ground.

Could I maybe make some money by selling them?

Before that, was it even okay for me to take them?

Well, if they ever asked me to hand them over, I would, but for now, I decided to just put them into my Bear Box.

I then turned Swaying Bear and Hugging into their cub forms before heading into the Bear House as it would be much easier to relax there.

The moment I sat down on the sofa, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear immediately curled up by my sides: their default spots when there were no guests around.

After simply relaxing for a while, I took out the Bear Phone and called Fina.

She should be at home right now, helping Tirumina-san with housework, but she wasn’t picking up.

I did tell her not to answer if there were people over, so maybe they had some guests at their house right now

Just as I was about to cut the connection, Fina finally picked up.

「Hello, Fina?」


Great, I managed to get to her.

It was pretty amazing how we could still communicate over such a large distance.

As expected of one of the God’s cheat skills, I should say.

Well, my former world had satellite cell phones, so it was possible to call anyone from almost anywhere, but this was still impressive for this place.

Hmm, now that I thought about it, how exactly did it even work?

「Are you busy?」

『No, I’m fine right now. I’ve just finished doing the laundry and cleaning around the house, so I’m currently resting.』

Okay, she had the time to chat, then.

「Anything weird happened back home?」

『No, not really. How are things on your side?』

「We reached the Elf Village safely.」

『That’s great, you’ve reached it already. I would love to see it one day as well.』

「Do you want to come right now?」

If I used the Bear Transportation Door, she could come straight away.

『If I suddenly appeared, wouldn’t Sanya-san be completely shocked?』

She had a point.

I should bring her along the next time I came here.

Still, to do that, I would have to set up the Bear Transportation Door somewhere close by.

Well, in the worst case, I would just have to use the one I had in Raruuze.

「Anyway, great to hear everything is okay back home.」

『Mhm… Oh!』

Fina sounded like she just remembered something.

「What’s wrong? Did something happen, after all?」

『Shortly after you left, Zelef-san and Eleanora-san came to visit you.』

「Zelef-san and Eleanora-san did?」

It made sense for Eleanora-san to come since Cliff and Noa were living in Crimonia, but why would Zelef-san come around as well?

「Could it be that they needed me for something?」

That was the only reason I could think of.

『They came to check out the shop, but I think they wanted to see you as well, Yuna-oneechan.』

「My shop?」

『Mhm, I think they called it an inspection? They examined the shop and its food.』

Oh right, they had mentioned that they wanted to see my shop in Crimonia. That must have been why they came to visit.

「Did they comment on it anyhow?」

『They complimented the food, saying that it was very delicious.』

Well, with Morin-san’s bread, Elena-san doing her best at making cakes, and the children working hard every day, of course the food was always delicious.

『Also, when they saw the Bear-san dolls around the shop, they just couldn’t stop laughing.』

Rude, why did they have to laugh?

I had made those because somebody said that it would be better if the shop was more bear-themed.

They were really popular with the customers; some even asked if they could buy them to keep as decorations in their homes.

Yeah, it wasn’t really something to scoff at.

「Anyway, was anyone surprised to see Zelef-san and Eleanora-san come all of a sudden?」

『Yes, Mom was very surprised.』

「What about everyone else?」

『Only Mom and I knew who they were. Mylene-san also came in before us but was told to keep quiet. They just wanted to take a look at the shop without making too much of a commotion.』

「And you, Fina? You weren’t surprised?」

『I was a bit surprised, but not as much as Mom.』

Was Fina starting to get used to nobles?

Before, she would get so nervous she couldn’t even talk to them normally.

Well, she had been playing with Noa a lot lately and even attended Misa’s birthday party. It made sense for her to grow more confident.

「Still, why would they come so suddenly? They could at least have sent a message beforehand.」

『I think they just wanted to surprise you.』

Well, anybody would be surprised if they showed up so suddenly.

I was glad they had come to Crimonia to see me, but I would have preferred that they didn’t make it a surprise visit as they missed me because of it.

『They were really disappointed when they found out that you weren’t here.』

I could almost see Eleanora-san’s displeased expression. Was she going to complain to me next time we come across each other?

「Did they leave already?」

『They did. They were only here for two days as they supposedly had to head back to the Capital quickly.』

It seemed like they really had only come to inspect my shop.

『Oh right, they asked me to tell you that they said hi.』

「Anything else?」

『Yes, Mom was mad that you weren’t here.』

This time, it was Tirumina-san’s angry expression which floated into my mind.

Well, it wasn’t my fault that Eleanora-san and Zelef-san had come without warning.

Wait, but wasn’t it my fault that they had even come?

Leaving that aside, I continued to chat with Fina about some random topics before ending the call.

I wished Fina had called me when something like that happened.

Well, even if she had called, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

It wasn’t like I could have gone straight back to Crimonia. Also, I wouldn’t have been able to use the Bear Phone in front of Sanya-san, and even if I could use it, I could have only instructed Fina what to do over the phone. Heck, it would have been a lot more troublesome if Eleanora-san found out about the phone, so maybe things turned out for the best in the end.

Author’s Note:

I want to write about what happened in Crimonia as well.

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