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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Web Novel) - Chapter 225 – Bear-san Learns About the Existence of Summoned Birds

Chapter 225 – Bear-san Learns About the Existence of Summoned Birds

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After dinner, Sanya-san asked me if I wanted to stay in her room again, but since I found the Bear House more relaxing, I politely declined her offer and decided to return there before it got dark. I took a warm bath, swapped into the White Bear Outfit, and dove straight into bed, not forgetting to summon Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear so they could keep watch for monsters.

Like usual, it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep in the warm embrace of my bed.

The following morning, I was awoken by the Bears tapping my face. Eating a quick breakfast, I headed straight back to the village. On the way, I ran into some more Volcrows, and quickly disposed of them since it would have been bad if they attacked the children.

Hmm, if there were this many monsters getting through, wasn’t the barrier kind of pointless now?

Also, what exactly did the barrier getting weaker mean?

In games and manga there were many different ways it could happen.

If the barrier was weaved together then holes could appear in certain areas, allowing small monsters to slip through easily.

Or, the barrier could lose its strength and not cover the whole area anymore, leaving big opening for monsters to enter.

Well, even if I knew the details, it wasn’t like I would be able to prevent it from happening. Still, being a person from modern Japan, I was quite interested in how a fantasy setup would work.

Thinking of some other possible causes for the monsters to be able to enter now, I arrived at the village, which seemed rather noisier than before?

Had something happened?

Since I was curious, I decided to listen in on people’s conversations, and from what I gathered, it

seemed that monsters were now also appearing in the village.

I had defeated a few on my way here but this meant there were even more.

The barrier must have gotten considerably weaker over time, now getting to the danger zone.

Wait, would I be fine in this situation?

Often in stories, when an outsider appeared in some village and calamity befell the village, people would begin suspecting that the outsider had something to do with it.

If they started thinking that monsters were here because of the Bear or that the barrier had gotten weaker because of the Bear, that would be a big problem for me, who wanted to befriend them.

I continued my way through the village worried sick about how people would now react to me, but both children and adults greeted me as usual.

I just worried needlessly, it seemed. Still, if one person were to blame me, it was likely that everybody else would agree with them and and follow suit.

As I thought how things could turn out in novels and manga, I came across Sanya-san and Labilata, seemingly headed to Mumuroot-san’s house.

「Sanya-san, good morning.」

「Morning, Yuna-chan.」

After that I also exchanged greetings with Labilata.

「Are you going to the Sacred Tree?」

They had mentioned they were going to try using oil and set it on fire.

「Well, we still have to talk about what to do with it, but for now, we have some other things to take care of.」

「All the monsters that are entering the village?」

Monsters invading the village seemed like the obvious thing they would have to take care of.

「That’s right. Monsters have started to appear close to the village now, and Grandpa called for us to talk about what our next step should be.」

「Can I come with you?」

「I’m sorry, but that would be a bit…」

「I don’t mind.」

I immediately understand where Sanya-san was going but then, Labilata surprised us both.

「I think we should ask Yuna for her help, no?」

Ask me for help?

「Yes, but…」

「If you’re worried about the chief’s reaction, let me handle it. I don’t want to make our guest do our work, either, and understand exactly how you feel, but I believe her help will be more than welcome in this situation..」

「Hmm, you seem to have a better opinion of Yuna-chan now.」

「Yes. We took down some Volcrows together yesterday, and I saw she was quite capable of handling herself. We should also ask her bears for help since they can easily detect hiding monsters. I’ve seen them in action.」

Sanya-san seemed very troubled by Labilata’s suggestion.

Thinking for a while, and switching her gaze between the two of us, she finally spoke up:

「What do you want to do, Yuna-chan? You can say no if you want, but your help would be greatly appreciated.」

Sanya-san entrusted me with the decision, and my answer was obvious.

「Of course I’ll help.」

「Thank you, Yuna-chan.」

Having accepted their request, we all headed to Mumuroot-san’s house.

I had no problem with helping out, especially if it was just exterminating monsters like Volcrows.

I wouldn’t want to see Luca or any of the children get attacked.

「Is the situation really that bad?」

「Yes, and we probably can’t keep it a secret for much longer. We are currently suppressing as many of the monsters as we can, but there are still a lot more roaming around.」

「We have to deal with all of them before returning our focus to the Sacred Tree.」

Once we arrived at Mumuroot-san’s house, we again entered without asking permission and headed straight to the room in the back, where Mumuroot-san and a couple other elves were already gathered. Mumuroot-san immediately took notice of me and turned to Sanya-san.

「Why did you bring our young guest here?」

「I asked her to come.」

「You did, Labilata?」

「I would like for her to help us.」

Mumuroot-san looked troubled by Labilata’s request.

「This is our problem, and not something we should get an outsider involved in.」

「What are you going to do when one of the children gets attacked by the monsters? It won’t be as simple to deal with as getting hurt from playing around. They might even die if we aren’t careful.」

When Labilata said that, silence fell upon the room.

「I understand what you’re trying to say,but is the Young Bear Lady okay with this? There isn’t much we can reward you with.」

「I don’t need a reward. Sanya-san has done a lot for me, so consider this a form of repayment.」

I could think of some things I would like as a reward, namely permission to build my Bear House here permanently, or learning how to make the elf’s bracelet, but I had decided to hold back for now.

If he asked me again after everything was resolved then I would bring those requests up, but no sooner.

It wasn’t a dirty trick by any means, of course, just simple negotiation tactics.

If he refused at that point then I would just give it up for good.

「I see. Well, glad to have you here, then. I already received a report from Labilata yesterday that you have already proven yourself useful.」

He expressed his thanks.

Since the chief agreed to letting me help, nobody else objected.

「Now that everyone has gathered here, let’s begin our discussion.」

The chief told everyone the urgent matter of the Parasitic Tree. Those who heard of this for the first time were quite shocked by the news.

「We will take care of the Parasitic Tree, so I ask for everyone else here to please guard the surrounding area, including the village.」

I was asked to summon my Bears to help protect the village.

Well, they more or less just wanted them to keep watch, which was what I had already planned to have them do, so I was perfectly fine with their request.

Still, if I summoned the Bears to close to the village, they might attract the children.

If even one of them approached then surely more would follow, and things would end like they did the last time.

Since I wanted to please the elves, I decided to just make sure to keep Bears out of sight, instead of refusing them.

Just as Mumuroot-san finished giving all the instructions, we could hear someone running through the house towards us, and soon after, a young elf burst into the room in panic.

「Ther-there’s trouble! A bunch of volcrows and wolves have gathered near the vicinity of the barrier!」


Everybody was completely shocked by this news.

「Sanya! Check on the situation immediately!」

Mumuroot-san practically shouted at Sanya-san, who simply nodded and rushed over to the window, where she reached out her right arm. From her bracelet, a hawk-like bird appeared and rested on top of Sanya-san’s arm.

「Please take a look.」

Sanya-san told the bird, and it flew off.

What had I just seen happen?! How had a bird that just come out of her bracelet?

Was it a secret technique the elves were hiding from everybody?

「Sanya-san, what was that just you did just now?」

I couldn’t hold back my curiosity.

「Oh. It’s a summoned bird. Why are you so surprised? You can summon bears.」

Sanya-san could summon a bird, huh, and she kept it a secret all the way until now.

I wanted to ask more questions but managed to hold myself back as now was not the time for that.

「Sanya, what does it look like?」

「A large flock of Volcrows is flying in from the direction of Ollboll Mountain. As for the wolves… they are still loitering around on the other side of the barrier.」

Sanya-san explained with her eyes closed.

Was this that thing from games and manga? An observation skill where you could see through your summon’s eyes?

For some reason, it had me recall a manga where some pervert used a bird’s vision to peek at girls bathing.

Well, Sanya-san was a girl, so there was no issue with that, but if a guy had that skill, I would have to be more cautious.

Hmm, maybe there were male elves who had the skill… I might have to investigate.

「So, no monsters are inside yet, right?」

「Yes. Even the Volcrows now seem to be circling around on the edge.」

Sanya-san reported. What a useful summon she had.

It would be nice if I could also look through my Bears’ eyes.

「Still, I don’t get why…」

「Yes, why are there so many monsters trying to enter the forest all of a sudden?!」

Oh no, was this the part where they started suspecting me?

「What’s happening?」

「Oh, this could be bad…」

Sanya-san’s ominous reaction made everybody turn back to her.

「What is it?」

「It seems like the Volcrows and wolves are trying to get to the Sacred Tree. No, I’m sure that’s the case.」

「They came here because of the Sacred Tree?」

「That makes no sense… They have never tried to do it in the past. Why now?」

「Because of the Parasitic Tree maybe?」

Thinking about it logically, that would make the most sense.

I was just happy they didn’t try to blame it on me or my Bears.

「That could be the reason, yes. Still, we need to deal with all the monsters first, and only then return our focus to the Sacred Tree. If these big groups of monsters get through the barrier, the village will surely be in danger.」

Everybody nodded in agreement.

「How should we proceed, then?」

「Labilata, assemble the men and split them into two groups.」

「Who will protect the village if the worst comes to pass?」

「It will be fine as long as they don’t get through the barrier. We first take on each group in force; we have to subjugate them all before they can enter the barrier.」

「Okay, it shall be done.」

Labilata and the other men all stood up to leave the room, but Sanya-san stopped them.

「Wait, don’t head out yet. There are some Tiger Wolves close to the wolves as well.」

「Even more to deal with…」

Sanya-san took a quick glance at me. Was she trying to ask me to deal with them?

I didn’t mind taking care of the Tiger Wolves, but would the elves be able to take care of both wolves and Volcrows?

If I took them all of them down myself, I could probably keep all the loot, right?

「Yuna-chan, can I leave protecting the village to you?」

Huh? Sanya-san’s request wasn’t the one I had expected.

Sanya-san knew how strong I was, so I was sure she would ask me to help with the subjugations.

「I don’t mind, but don’t you need my help?」

「It will be enough if you can just protect the village for me. Grandpa, please leave the village to Yuna-chan, and let everybody else help with subjugations.」

「You’re going to leave the protection of the village to this weird girl?」

One of the elves asked with clear unease.

「If you think she can’t handle it then just make sure not a single monster get through to the village. Also, I should probably tell you that Yuna can easily take care of monsters like Volcrows all by herself, so there is no need to worry.」

Was it just me or did Labilata suddenly grow to trust me quite a lot?

Sanya-san and now even Labilata both vouched for me, so nobody else tried to object.

「I will also stay behind, so don’t worry and make sure to subjugate all the monsters.」

Mumuroot-san cherry on the cake was finally enough to convince everybody to head out.

Author’s Note:

I had the idea for the summoned bird all the way back at the 10,000 monster subjugation arc.

I just couldn’t decide on who should have the skill.

I remember debating with myself whether to give it to Sanya-san, the summoners from the Capital, or simply to one of the adventurers. Like, how had they even found out there was around 10,000? By using a summoned bird.

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