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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Web Novel) - Chapter 235 – Bear-san Forms A Magical Contract

Chapter 235 – Bear-san Forms A Magical Contract

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The next day, I headed straight to Mumuroot-san’s house, and was met by Ruimin waiting at the entrance.

「Yuna-san, Grandpa and Sanya are already waiting for you inside.」

「And why are you here, Ruimin?」

「They told me that they have something important to talk to you about and that I have to make sure nobody enters the house. They even kicked Grandma out.」

It seemed like they really made sure that nobody would bother us as we perform the contract.

I headed straight to the usual room, where only Mumuroot-san and Sanya-san were waiting for me.

「We’ve been waiting for you, Yuna-chan.」

「All the preparations are already complete.」

There was some kind of green gemstone, possibly a magic stone, in front of Mumuroot-san. It was quite big, similar to the size of the Kraken’s magic stone.

What kind of monster had they defeated to acquire a stone of this size?

Had it been something on the level of a Kraken?

Lost in thought, I sat down in front of Mumuroot-san.

「This magic stone contains a magic script within. All you need to do is pour some of your magic power into it and say the contract terms out loud.」

The process was simpler than I had thought it would be.

I would love to have such a useful magic stone for myself.

Would it be possible if I used a magic stone of my own?

Or, was this some secret art that was passed down by the elves?

「So, what is your request Yuna-chan?」

Initially, I had been planning on telling them about the Bear Gate, but after having a night to think about it, I had come up with something else.

「I want you to keep quiet about my secrets.」

「Your secrets?」


「That’s rather vague…」

「Well, I do plan on adding secrets in over time, is that okay?」

「Yes, that would be okay, as long as the secrets are related to your current ones.」

Anything was possible in a fantasy world, wasn’t it?

I shouldn’t really be saying that when I could be called the embodiment of fantasy myself.

「The only secret of yours that I know of is your Bear-san Panties.」

「That one is also going to be included, by the way.」

I said, giving Sanya-san a glare.

「Wait, Yuna-chan, if your request is only related to your secrets, wouldn’t it be better to just not tell us?」

「I have considered that, but if I don’t do something about it now, it will become a problem later on.」

「Hmm, I guess that could make sense. Anyway, we just can’t tell anyone else, right?」

Well, if they tried to tell anybody, they would fall into laughing hell, so it was up to them.

「Okay, everything seems to be in order.」

「Um, is this okay?」

I asked, flapping my Bear Puppet’s mouths.

「I’ve never tried this with gloves on, but as long as you can put your magical energy into the stone, there shouldn’t be any problems, I think.」

I placed my Bear Puppets on top of the green magic stone, followed by Mumuroot-san and Sanya-san placing their hands on top of mine.

「Pour in your magic and say the conditions of the contract.」

I poured in a bit of my magic and stated the conditions.

「Do not disclose my secrets to anyone else.」

The magic stone suddenly shone brightly, covering the room in a green light so blinding that it was impossible for us keep our eyes open.

I closed my eyes but managed not to remove my hands from the stone.

In only a moment, the light was gone. Wow, it had surprised me so much that I had almost let go of the stone.

Was the contract complete with this, or was there something else?

「That light was amazing.」

「I have never seen anything like it. It is said that the brightness represents the importance of the contract, and this contract gave off a light much stronger than any other I’ve seen before. That shows how important your secrets are, young lady.」

It seemed like Mumuroot-san and Sanya-san hadn’t expected for the light to be that strong.

Was this contract really that important, though? They said that the brightness depended on the significance of the contract, but…

Then again, my secrets included me being from another world, information about God, and functionality of my Bear Suit. There were also plenty of other things I didn’t plan on sharing.

All of that must have affected the contract, raising its significance.

「We completed the contract safely. Now, we need to confirm it works.」

「Confirm it really works?」

「Young lady, don’t you want to make sure the contract works as intended? I must admit, I am also curious about the laughing part.」

「How do we confirm it, though? Just by having you two talk to each other?」

「If we both know the contents, then it won’t be considered a secret…」

Mumuroot-san said, shaking his head, and a moment later, we heard some running footsteps.

「Grandpa! Onee-chan! What was that light just now?」

Ruimin rushed into the room.

「I saw a strong light shining through the windows.」

Ruimin said and looked around restlessly.

It seemed like the light from earlier could be seen from the outside.

「Everything’s okay. We just completed a magical contract with the young lady.」

「A magical contract with Yuna-san?」

「That’s right. Yuna-chan wanted us not to reveal her secrets to anybody.」

「Yuna-san’s secrets…」

She looked at me like she wanted to know as well.

While I was thinking yesterday, I thought about telling Ruimin some of my secrets. Just to make things easier later on.

「Come here, Ruimin.」

Sanya-san called Ruimin over.

「Um, what is it?」

「I’m going to try and tell you one of Yuna-chan’s secrets, so we need you to stay for a bit.」

「It will be an important discussion, so make sure nobody else walks in.」

「That too, but the main reason is to confirm that the contract is working.」

It looked like Ruimin was going to be used to test out the contract.

Sanya-san leaned towards Ruimin’s ear and started to whisper something.

「Yuna-chan’s secret is that her pa-pa-pant-pan…」

Sanya-san seemed to be trying to tell Ruimin about my panties, but couldn’t even finish the word, and started laughing.

She kept trying to continue talking but ended up laughing even harder.

It got to the point where she was gasping for breath as between laughs, rolling around on the floor, with tears in her eyes.

Every time she started to say 「pa」another fit of laughter would come over her, so it kind of felt like she was laughing at the fact that I was wearing Bear Panties

Just based on how it looked, she could have been thinking about that and couldn’t stop laughing.

In any case, Sanya-san appeared to be suffering despite just laughing.

Was this maybe even worse than just suffering in pain?

She continued laughing for a few minutes straight before it finally subdued.

「Hah, haaa. Gran-grandpa! This contract is worse than a regular one!」

While visibly out of breath, Sanya-san complained to Mumuroot-san.

「There’s nothing we can do about it. It is as it is.」

Mumuroot-san’s face stiffened up after seeing Sanya-san’s condition. He probably didn’t realize that the consequences of breaking this contract would be so harsh.

「Okay, your turn to test it, Grandpa.」

Sanya-san gave off an evil smile while handing a pen and a piece of paper to Mumuroot-san.

「You’re making your grandfather do something like this?」

「No, no, no. Grandpa just needs to make sure the contract is working properly, right?」

Sanya-san said, holding the pen and paper in right front of his face.

Mumuroot-san couldn’t refuse now. He took the pen and paper from Sanya-san, and began writing. He was probably going to write something about my Bear-san Panties, wasn’t he?

As Mumuroot-san began to write, he got down a few characters before his hand started shaking. A few characters later, he stopped writing, let go of the pen, crumpled up the paper, and then started going through the same punishment as Sanya-san.

Sanya-san began laughing at him, while Ruimin looked concerned.

Hmm, this idea of mine might have been to terrible.

I shouldn’t have suggested something I had gotten off the top of my head.

After a few minutes, Mumuroot-san stopped laughing, sat back down onto his chair as if nothing had happened.

「Ahem, the contract has been bound without problem.」

He cleared his throat once and looked at us.

「I will never say anything about Yuna-chan’s secrets.」

After watching Mumuroot-san go through the same thing, Sanya-san understood what she must have looked like when she had been laughing, and strongly vowed to never do so ever again.

Surely they didn’t want others to see them in this state.

I would have hated it, too.

「Thanks for helping us test it out, Ruimin. You can head back now.」

Mumuroot-san tried to make Ruimin leave.

「Wait, if it’s possible, I want to include Ruimin in the contract as well.」

Ruimin was shocked by what I said.

「Me too?」

Ruimin looked reluctant, especially after seeing what happened to the other two.

Well, anyone would be reluctant after seeing that.

「Why? Are the two of us not enough?」

「Hmm, While there’s nothing wrong with just the two of you knowing, I think it would be better to let Ruimin know as well.」

「Why so?」

「Because the Sacred Tree was in trouble, Ruimin had to suffer quite a bit to get to Sanya-san at the capital. I have a solution for that.」

There was that certain incident that had happened as well. When I had first met her, she was so hungry she passed out.

「What sort of a solution?」

「If something bad happens in the Elf Village again, there is a way for her to contact me immediately.」

I thought about giving Ruimin a Bear Phone.

With that, she could contact me anytime she wanted.

I could also order the materials and ingredients from the Elf Village through her and even have her gather them for me.

If I could use the Bear Gate to travel to and from the village, all I had to do was place an order and then come pick up the order a few days later, so that the villagers wouldn’t get too suspicious of me.

That way, the other elves wouldn’t notice anything weird.

「There was such a method, huh…」

「And, if you warn me, I can easily forward it to Sanya-san as well.」

「You’re going to let me in on it as well?」

「Yup, because I know how much pain Ruimin went through just to get to the Capital.」

「Ruimin, what do you think of this?」

Everyone looked at Ruimin.

「If you tell me, I can easily contact Onee-chan?」

「That’s right, but you would have to go through me first.」

Ruimin thought about it then nodded.

「Okay, please let me in on the contract, too.」

「Are you sure? If you talk about it to anybody else, what happened to us earlier will happen to you too, you know.」

「Onee-chan, that’s no issue at all. Yuna-san is sharing her secrets with us for the sake of the village. I would never trample over her feelings like that, so I won’t have to suffer laughing like that.」

Ruimin told Sanya-san with a serious look.

「Okay, it should be fine then.」

I apologized to Ruimin in my mind. It wasn’t for some cool reason like that.

I only wanted to be able to contact her whenever I wanted food supplies or any other materials.

Ruimin was looking at me with such respect, so I had to keep that thought hidden away, deep down in my heart, even though that innocent look was hurting the core of my soul.

Ruimin then proceeded to bind the magic contract with me without knowing the real truth. Again the room filled with light, quickly finishing the process.

「Well then, Yuna-chan, what is your request?」

「I want to set this thing up, so I need permission to build a permanent Bear House in an inconspicuous place a distance away from the village.」

I said and brought out the Bear Gate.

「Yuna-chan! What is that?!」

「This is a transportation door. If you go through this, you can immediately get to my house in the capital.」

「There’s no way such a thing is possible!」

To prove it, I simply opened the door.

Author’s Notes:

I want a magic stone that can create contracts myself. lol

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