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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (Web Novel) - Chapter 291 - Bear-san, got lost..

Chapter 291 - Bear-san, got lost..

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While I was playing with Flora-sama, the King was worried about the preparation for the trip.

[There is a town right before the desert, but it’s still better to prepare in advance.] King

Apparently the King wants me to prepare for departure today before leaving tomorrow.

The Bear Box contains a large amount of ingredients, and there are enough food in the Bear House even if I shut myself for several months.

Also I have the Bear House so I didn’t need to prepare camping and other stuff.

But the King doesn’t know about the [Portable Bear House for Travel] so he is kinda worried.

And so he’s telling me to prepare.

The King worriedly said to me, , but well I’m gonna go serious starting tomorrow so it’s fine.

After playing with Flora-sama, I went back to the Bear House in the capital.

And after getting inside my room, I immediately dive on the bed.

While having fun playing with Flora-sama, the sun has already set.

Well, Hugging Bear and Swaying Bear are with me so its fine even if I’m late.

In the first place, it was impossible to leave today because it was already late at night.

While lying on my bed, I took out the Bear-Phone.

I then grabbed the bear-phone and put some magic while thinking of Fina.

After a while, it got connected with Fina’s Bear-Phone.

{Yuna-oneesan? } Fina

[Are you free right now? ] Yuna

{Yeah, Shuri is helping mom to prepare dinner, and dad hasn’t come home yet, so I’m free. } Fina

I asked her to make sure that there are no people when using the Bear-Phone. So even if she receive a call, I told her that its fine not to answer it if its not possible.

{So, did something happened? } Fina

[I called you because it seems that I’ll be gone for quite a while. ] Yuna

{Work? } Fina

[Yeah, the king asked me to do a little job for him. If there are any problems with the store or with the sea, be sure to contact me. ] Yuna

Fina, who knows about the Bear Gate, understood what I am saying so she quickly respond.

{Okay I understand. I’ll tell my mom as well. Oh, right. I have a request Yuna-oneesan. } Fina

Fina voice from Bear-Phone sounded like she just remembered something.

[A request? ] Yuna

It’s kinda rare for Fina to make a request.

She usually have a hard time to say it.

{Can we bring my dad along as well?, he’s been insisting non-stop, I told my dad I haven’t got Yuna-oneesan’s permission, but he’s still keeping at it, so can we please bring him along? } Fina

Surely it would be a pity for Genz-san who’s working alone in Crimonia, while the rest of the family went on a trip.

I am sorry to make you feel lonely because you married Tirumina-san and made a family.

[If the guild gives him a day off from work, then sure. ] Yuna

{Really! Thank you very much, Yuna-oneesan.} Fina

I heard Fina’s cheerful voice from the Bear-Phone.

Well it’s not because of Gentz-san’s tantrum or anything, but it could be dangerous for children to be left alone. Even if there are adults, they’re mostly women.

Even if the Bear-Suit is an all-purpose equipment, its still difficult to supervise all the children.

Let’s ask Lurina-san and Gil-san to work as an escort and take care of the children. The children knew about them so they shouldn’t be scared.

Gil-san is especially popular with boys. he looks strong and cool.

Gill-san sometimes goes to the orphanage and says he is playing with the children. It’s a mystery why were they on the same party. Lurina-san, Gill-san, and that goblin-duo.

[But tell him that he will take care of the children. ] Yuna

{Yup. I’ll tell my dad. } Fina

I wanted to talk to Fina a little longer, but Gentz-san came home from work and they will be having a meal, so I decided to hang up.

{I’m sorry, Yuna-oneesan. } Fina

[Don’t worry about it.] Yuna

{Yuna-oneesan, good luck with your work! } Fina

When I hung the Bear-Phone, I decided to go to bed early and leave tomorrow.

The next morning, I was awakened by the Bears in their cub form, I got up while rubbing my eyes.

It’s still dim when I look out at the window.

The sun has just risen.

Bear-Cub wake-ups are useful when you want to wake up in the morning, but sometimes they try to wake me up by getting on my face, I couldn’t breathe and it’s quite painful.

[ Swaying Bear, Hugging Bear, Good morning. ] Yuna

After saying hello to the Bears, I went down and eat lightly and then left the capital.

When I left the capital, I summoned Hugging Bear. I usually summon Swaying Bear first, but today I felt like summoning Hugging Bear.

Hugging Bear is approaching happily.

[Thank you, Hugging Bear. ] Yuna

I pet Hugging Bear’s head and then climb on it’s back.

Let’s go to the unfamiliar land of desert!

Hugging Bear begins to run south after replying with .

However, a desert?

I’ve been there in the game world but I have no experience in the real world. I’m looking forward to it a little, because I haven’t gone to Tottori Sand Dunes.

But what kind of place is the desert?

Basically, is there a game-like monster or is it hot in there?

It reminds me that HP could reduce if you’re not wearing a heat-resistant equipment when going to deserts and volcanoes.

In that respect, Bear Equipment is safe because it has a heat-resistant effect.

The Bear costume is likely to be the strongest equipment in the game world, but whether or not it will be worn is a different story.

Even though it’s a game, Bear costumes are embarrassing.

And in the game, unlike this world, I had strong weapons and armor, so I don’t have to forcibly wear it.

Hugging Bear runs on the road.

The King said that if you follow this road, there will be a town.

There seems to be a way to get to the desert from that town without a doubt.

It is not displayed on the Bear Map, unless it has been explored, so the destination is unknown.

If we go off the road, we may lose sight of our destination.

I sometimes use my Detection Skill, to see if there is a person’s reaction.

It’ll be troublesome if they panic when they see Hugging Bear rushing in.

This is different from the surroundings of Crimonia.

If I ride the Bears around Crimonia and meet some adventurers and merchants along the way, they are no longer surprised, because they already know about the Bears. Some even call out occasionally.

But there are many people from other towns who might get surprised and run away when they see the Bears.

Well, in reality, if a Bear appears, you should run away.

It’s useless to pretend to be dead.

If there is a human reaction while we’re running on the highway, I’ll go off the road and make a detour so we won’t be seen.

But it’s troublesome to do so every time there’s a human reaction on the road.

When I come back to the road, there will be other people, so I’ll have to go around and avoid them.

Well, its a little inconvenient.

I looked at the map, but the destination is still black and I don’t know what is there.

It’s a useful skill, but it’s a little inconvenient to go to a new place.

But it’s true that automatic mapping is easy and helpful.

Going to a new place is fun, but if I know all the locations on the map, It’ll be boring because it’ll take out half of the fun.

I looked at the black map.

Then I looked at the road in front of me.

The road turns slightly to the right.

Looking to the right, there is a forest.

Can I make a shortcut if I go through the forest?

The horse-drawn carriages cannot pass, but Hugging Bear can proceed without any worries.

I’ll try and make a guess as I look at the road in front of me and the black map.

And so, I decided to go through the forest.

No one goes off the road and enters the forest.

I can move at ease for now.

But of course going off the road means, monsters will be detected.

Well, as long as they don’t attack, I can proceed peacefully.

Taking a break along the way, and then continue after switching bears.

we’re really doing fine, aren’t we?

Predicting the way and advancing through the forest.

I didn’t realize that this was that kind of mistake they say in the past, .

I thought it was okay because I have the Bear Map Skill and Detection Magic.. but..

I got lost.

I was thinking that I will somehow see the road on the other side of the forest, but in reality, there will not be a road there.

In the first place it did not passed through the forest.

Maybe the road had an S shape? It’s a ridiculous way to trick a Bear.

For the time being, the sun is about to set.

I decided to take out and set up the Bear House, then stay overnight.

I didn’t thought that I would get lost.

The next day, I’m riding Swaying Bear.

I thought about heading back, but I decided to press forward.

I’ll go left today.

When I was on the road, it was going straight.

So I was hoping that the road will be on the left.

The King only explained that I would be fine if I followed the road.

The King would never have thought that I would stray from the road and nor do I thought that I’ll press forward.

It would’ve been better if you showed me the map before leaving, you know?

Apparently, it’s my mistake when I deviated from the road.

I can’t go back now, so I’ll just keep going.

After a few breaks, I used my map and detection skills.

After using my detection skill, I found a giant hornet.

The giant hornet is a dangerous bee in my former world.

But was it a monster? It’s just a tiny insect.

I hate insects, but I’m a little worried, so I’ll go see them…

…And I immediately regret it.

Detecting a monster, doesn’t necessarily mean seeing it.

A bee is flying in front of me. Moreover, it’s big.

A big bee about the size of a big bird is flying in my direction.

The detection skill written it as a giant hornet.

It is different from the giant hornet that I know of.

The giant hornet I know is about the size of a thumb and not as big as a big bird.

The big-giant-hornet, though the ordinary giant hornet is already terrifying.

How big is the nest size, you asked?

Imagining it will send chills on your spine, though I’m not and expert on insects. Besides, when it’s this large, the horror is truly exceptional.

Flying with a nasty buzzing sound.

Should I defeat it?

But its too bothersome.

When I used detection skills, there were dozens of giant hornets ahead. Is there a nest somewhere?

The giant hornet flew back.

Up ahead, there is a cave with swarms of hornets outside.

Apparently, there seems to be a nest in it.

It was good that its not hanging on a tree or something, the nest is different from my former world.

You might have gone crazy if you saw the nest of that size.

The giant hornets are going in and out while I was looking at the cave.

Yeah, its gross. Let’s annihilate it.

It’s just a nest inside the cave, I can wipe them out using the same method I used in the goblin’s cave.

I’ll make a huge Fire Bear then throw it into the cave very quickly so it will get noticed by the giant hornets.

Then, seal the cave with a huge Earth Bear.

And that’s it.

After that, only the giant hornets flying around the cave will remain.

……Or so I thought.

There seems to be a hole on the side of the cave, and countless giant hornets jumped out.

Ah there is a hole in there too!?

I got swarmed by the giant hornets.

Oh shi-, there’s a lot of them. It’s so noisy. It’s so disgusting.

I made a Tornado around me and it swallowed the giant hornets that are attacking me.

The wings was cut off by the tornado and the giant hornets falls.

The giant hornets that have lost their wings looks awkward.

I closed the hole where they came out and the flying giant hornets were defeated by wind magic.

However, there are several giant hornets flew high in the sky.

Oh, they escaped.

Well, maybe a few.

But I was able to defeat a number of them with my Fire Bear and Tornado.

However, when I saw the giant hornet flying away, Swaying Bear screams cutely.

That’s why I’m at lost. w

Author’s Note:

There seems to be a questionnaire of the following goods on Twitter of PASH!

I’m in charge of PASH!

“Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear” release date so I would like to ask everyone!

Yuna and Hugging bear and Swaying bear are so cute, so I want to make a kuma bear goods someday! What do you want me to make …? It is unclear whether it will be realized …

1. I want to carry it. Strap type such as bust

2, Yuna feeling !? Bear puppets and other things to wear

3, I want to decorate! Three-dimensional objects such as figures

4. No, no, I want to hear a voice! Drama CD

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