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Lady Cultivator (Web Novel)






Yun Ji, 云芨


Adventure Fantasy Josei Romance Xianxia

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The challenges a female cultivator has to overcome on her life journey are countless.

She mustn’t be lacking in talent, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, and magic weapons. Otherwise, her cultivation would progress too slowly.

She also mustn’t have too many emotions, weaknesses, kindness, and greed. If she has too much of them, she would soon greet death.

Moreover, she must look neither too pretty nor too ugly. Although she mustn’t be s*upid, she also couldn’t be too intelligent.

Being a female cultivator, Mo Tiange naturally has to face those challenges. Nevertheless, being orphaned from a young age had toughened her tenacity and resilience. Neither having what were deemed as waste spiritual roots nor limited resources could deter her spirit. Staying as inconspicuous as possible but never letting an opportunity go was her daily life. Follow Mo Tiange as she embarkes on a journey to survive and achieve immortality in the harsh and merciless cultivation world …

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 356: Renting an Immortal’s Cave2020-01-05
Chapter 355: Robbery2020-01-04
Chapter 354: Left The North Pole Island2020-01-03
Chapter 353: Farewell2020-01-02
Chapter 352: Not an Enemy2020-01-01
Chapter 351: A Reunion in a Foreign Land2019-12-31
Chapter 350: Resolving the Misunderstanding2019-12-30
Chapter 349: A Visitor Drops By2019-12-28
Chapter 348: An Undeserved Calamity2019-12-27
Chapter 347: A Free Market2019-12-26
Chapter 346: A Temporary Residence2019-12-25
Chapter 345: Buddhism and Daoism2019-12-24
Chapter 344: The Lu Family2019-12-23
Chapter 343: The South Pole Island2019-12-19
Chapter 342: Find Her Way At The Volcano2019-12-18
Chapter 341: Preparations for Departure2019-12-17
Chapter 340: Got Permission2019-12-16
Chapter 339: The Decision to Leave2019-12-15
Chapter 338: Bring The Sea Dragon Under Control2019-12-14
Chapter 337: Trade Terms2019-12-13
Chapter 336: Demonic Beast’s Wisdom2019-12-12
Chapter 335: Hunting Sea Beasts2019-12-10
Chapter 334: Middle Stage of the Core Formation Realm2019-12-09
Chapter 333: Mo Yaoqing2019-12-08
Chapter 332: Gained The Magic Weapons2019-12-07
Chapter 331: Broke The Formation and Saw The Real Body2019-12-06
Chapter 330: Looking for the Island2019-12-05
Chapter 329: Going out to the Sea2019-12-04
Chapter 328: Preparing to Go to the Sea2019-12-03
Chapter 327: Going to Linhai Again2019-11-30
Chapter 326: Back to the Secular World2019-11-29
Chapter 325: Inside Story2019-11-28
Chapter 324: Meet Tang Shen Again2019-11-27
Chapter 323: A Message Sent For Help2019-11-26
Chapter 322: The True Meaning of the Nascent Soul Realm2019-11-25
Chapter 321: Problems with Cultivation2019-11-24
Chapter 320: Shui Linbo’s Past2019-11-23
Chapter 319: Offer a Spiritual Panacea2019-11-22
Chapter 318: A Distant Coincidence2019-11-21
Chapter 317: Shui Linbo2019-11-20
Chapter 316: Back to the Sect2019-11-17
Chapter 315: Injured and Imprisoned2019-11-16
Chapter 314: Came Back To The World2019-11-15
Chapter 313: The Nascent Soul’s Celestial Phenomena2019-11-14
Chapter 312: Left Demonic Mountain2019-11-13
Chapter 311: Reached The Nascent Soul Realm2019-11-12
Chapter 310: A Natural Thing2019-11-11
Chapter 309: Cultivation Technique2019-11-09
Chapter 308: Blood Oath2019-11-05
Chapter 307: The Heaven and Earth Fan2019-11-04
Chapter 306: The Biggest Secret2019-11-03
Chapter 305: Restrictions Collapsed2019-11-02
Chapter 304: Father’s Remains2019-11-01
Chapter 303: I Would Never Abandon You2019-10-31
Chapter 302: Nothing Happened2019-10-30
Chapter 301: What Was Going On2019-10-29
Chapter 300: Looking For Her2019-10-28
Chapter 299: A Disgusting Plan2019-10-27
Chapter 298: Master Song Feng2019-10-26
Chapter 297: Heavenly Aromatic Grass2019-10-25
Chapter 296: Nie Wushang2019-10-24
Chapter 295: A Woman In Black2019-10-23
Chapter 294: Xuan Fire Jade Essence2019-10-22
Chapter 293: Nascent Soul Cultivators’ Fight2019-10-21
Chapter 292: One Can’t Avoid One’s Enemy2019-10-20
Chapter 291: Separated2019-10-19
Chapter 290: Matters Related to Cultivating2019-10-18
Chapter 289: The Summit of Tens of Thousands of Feet Peak2019-10-17
Chapter 288: Ground Shaking2019-10-16
Chapter 287: A Two-Point Law2019-10-15
Chapter 286: You Know Nothing2019-10-14
Chapter 285: Two Morons2019-10-13
Chapter 284: Listen to Me2019-10-12
Chapter 283: Venting2019-10-11
Chapter 282: Healing2019-10-10
Chapter 281: Giant Eagles2019-10-09
Chapter 280: Tens of Thousands of Feet Peak2019-10-08
Chapter 279: Old Friends2019-10-07
Chapter 278: Splitting Up2019-10-06
Chapter 277: Pretending To Be Wounded2019-10-05
Chapter 276: The Forest of Ants2019-10-05
Chapter 275: Killing Beasts2019-10-04
Chapter 274: Entering Early2019-10-04
Chapter 273: The Restrictions Disappeared2019-09-20
Chapter 272: Don’t be so Kind2019-09-19
Chapter 271: Arriving at Tiandao Sect2019-09-18
Chapter 270: Hurrying On2019-09-17
Chapter 269: Spiritual Beast Rank-Advancement2019-09-14
Chapter 268: Jing Xingzhi2019-09-12
Chapter 267: An Exchange2019-09-11
Chapter 266: Crystal Soul Jade2019-09-10
Chapter 265: A Trade Fair2019-09-09
Chapter 264: Have to Go to See2019-09-04
Chapter 263: A Fight of Divine Senses2019-09-03
Chapter 262: People Who Journey Together!2019-09-02
Chapter 261: Where the Problem Lay2019-09-01
Chapter 260: A Big Event2019-08-31
Chapter 259: Chores2019-08-28
Chapter 258: Core-Formation Ceremony2019-08-27
Chapter 257: Core-Formation Succeeded2019-08-26
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